Active Campaign Review – A Digital Marketing Platform (2021)

Active Campaign Review

ActiveCampaign, which begins at $9 a month, has a lot to deliver as a one-stop email marketing program, including unrestricted communications for any of its programs, third party integrations, and a range of auto-responders.

This results in a very chaotic design which at first sight can be challenging to take in. ActiveCampaign (starting at $9 a month) also provides a fairly limited, 14-day free trial, with most rivals providing at least 30 days (but it does not include a credit card at least).

Action Campaign

ActiveCampaign has a broad online support tool library and onboard facilities, where you can get assistance by live chat, but not by phone. In several cases, it is comparable with Campaign Watch, but in certain places, each bests the other.

Look at our Editors’ Preference choices in this group for the best email marketing experience: campaigner and MailChimp, both of which provide live help, and great features.


pricing of active campaign

Unlike many other email marketing services, As you can see below, ActiveCampaign often applies its capabilities to campaign automation. The organization organizes the proposals according to the number of customers you want to meet. Plans for up to 500 contacts and unrestricted emails continue at $9 a month.

You will upgrade to a Plus package at each subscription point and includes many benefits including Customer Relationship Management ( CRM), a custom domain, and custom branding.

This is also a Business package that involves a person devoted to the company, onboarding, and more. Plans run all the way up to 100,000 contacts; you should ask ActiveCampaign for a personalized schedule if you need more.

In general, you should vote for $29 per month for 2,500 contacts, $45 per month for 5,000 contacts, etc. Both options provide unrestricted emails, except Campaign Monitor, which provides both simple plans with restricted emails and comprehensive plans that are more costly.

Through charging quarterly, you can take 15 percent off the monthly cost; furthermore, ActiveCampaign does not provide pay-as-you-go options, like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

Features Of Active Campaign:

  • Easy Set-Up

ActiveCampaign provides a free 14-day trial with no credit card necessary. What you need to get going is your business name and your email address.

Next, you set up a password and then pick the software you ‘re searching for – it provides marketing automation, CRM, and sales automation in addition to email marketing. Then pick how many connections you have and whether you need some assistance setting up your profile.

On first sight, the Dashboard appears daunting. It’s hard to find out where to start first. Along the right rail is a stream for social interaction, including mutual posts, unsubscribes, prices for clicks, and more. Description of the political operation is to the left of that. Part of the uncertainty is that when you click into it, it’s loaded with sample details that vanishes.

It offers you an image of what the screen would feel like when you’re up and going, but doing it on the first login is shocking. It’s also frustrating because ActiveCampaign still provides CRM and other apps you might not be intending to use, which may pop up on the dashboard if you choose the free trial anyway. Your key choices are around the top of the screen: addresses, promotions, lists and  other non-email marketing features.

  • Best Marketing Automation

marketing automatic

ActiveCampaign is amongst the industry ‘s strongest methods for campaign automation. However if it is not as comprehensive as our Editors’ Choice Tools Pardot and HubSpot, ActiveCampaign is more than adequate to help most companies meet simple and moderately nuanced objectives. The platform provides hundreds of pre-constructed workflows, which can be adapted to the unique needs

You are driven by an interactive step-by – step navigator through the workflow development process. The tool is drag-and-drop at any point, so with dozens and dozens of choices you’re never mired in endless scrolls like Zoho Campaigns and SendinBlue, like you are. Workflows are triggered by one of 22 communication stimuli (a web page is accessed, it’s the birthday of somebody, Matt opens an email, etc.)

  • Adjustable Workflows

Adjustable Workflows

ActiveCampaign allows changing workflows simple, without needing to abandon the blueprint of design. For example: In the system you will build emails directly without needing to switch back and forth from the dashboards for automation and email campaigns. That sounds easy, but we noticed that half of the tools we checked were lacking this function back.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign is one of the few automation platforms you can incorporate Short Message Service ( SMS) into a workflow. The Split Action function of the tool helps you to check A / B on everything: notifications, wait times, SMS versus email, or other custom action that you have generated within the tool.

Split Action also helps you distinguish the kinds of rewards that users get depending on when they join the workflow; this is a good way to encourage early birds through time-sensitive promotions.

  • Bypass Automation

Bypass Automation

The “Goals” function of ActiveCampaign helps you to skip those workflow levels if a client takes an activity that you would like them to undertake. For eg, if anyone makes a transaction during the first stage of a diet program, you may add the Objectives tag to miss the communication to the workflow upsell or resell process.

Achieving a target is one of the beginning prompts that ActiveCampaign offers, and you can connect someone to a new process immediately if they complete the process as they reach the objective. You may even apply an End Management rule which will take everyone out of a workflow.

  • Automate Sales

automatic sales

The platform also combines natively on the Pro level and higher for ActiveCampaign’s CRM program. This helps you to simplify the distribution process by introducing them to the CRM roster after they have signed up for a contract. The connections should be delegated to individual sales staff. You should incorporate relationship-driven assignments, or observations, such that from ads to sales you are continuously in touch.

Sales teams will label transactions as earned, which would then cause a new system to move people from selling to sales to sales.


  • Unfortunately, ActiveCampaign is already at the forefront of the industry in terms of the capacity to upload content on social media, and to function inside the medium to perform search marketing analysis, and to use search marketing data to develop strategies (something that Pardot does in a brilliant way).
  • ActiveCampaign does not deliver an update for iOS or Android, which is entirely inappropriate. Aside from these small quibbles, if you concentrate on dynamic and collaborative workflows, ActiveCampaign certainly worth a trial run.
  • The downside is that sometimes it can be confusing to use; fortunately, its resources for help are abundant, and if you’re really lost you can open a live chat with support.

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Subscriber List

To connect and track subscribers press the Contacts key. You will import and export CSV files from here, or import them from a third-party provider such as Asana, Base CRM, Zoho CRM, and several more. This is another field where Campaign Control, which has no involvement with third parties, is strongest. Contacts may also be copied and pasted into a document or inserted one by one. However, much like Campaign Monitor, you may build a list before you add any contacts.

You ought to assign it a name when you build a chart, including the company’s mailing address for the footer, client URL, and a notice letting subscribers know why they obtain the email (this may eliminate spam complaints from forgotten users). After uploading you will have to map fields by using the paste method. You can even opt out of importing a specific sector. I tried to add email, name and date of birth. It recognized email but not the other two, but I managed to build custom fields quickly. Even you can add contacts to scan quickly.


Despite a range of third-party integrations and personalized auto-responders, most customers should be pleased despite ActiveCampaign ‘s offerings. Its beats a nose out of the popular Campaign Monitor, but it also doesn’t deliver the quality of support that you can find on Campaigner and MailChimp.

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