10 Best Apps Like Spotify for Music Lovers in 2021

Best Apps Like Spotify

If you are an early user of Spotify, you may be looking for a new, free music streaming service as the six-month free listening of Spotify comes to an end. However, there are some amazing apps like Spotify that you can try today, to get your dose of music.

Trendsetting music lovers who signed up for Spotify will soon encounter roadblocks when it first hit the U.S. on 14 July 2011. For example, come the six-month deadline to switch to Spotify Unlimited ($4.99 a month) or Spotify Premium ($9.99 a month), Spotify users will only be able to play their favorite songs up to a maximum of five times, and free streaming will cap at 10 hours a month.

There’s no doubt that unlimited access to a huge music library — around 15 million tracks — is one of the features loved by loyal Spotify users. Certain apps include Facebook’s opportunity to build playlists of popular songs (up to 10,000 tracks per list) and social incorporation. Songs that you play appear automatically on your Facebook Profile and toolbar on your screen.

Here is the list of Best Apps Like Spotify :


Pandora app like spotify

Play Store | iOS

Some time ago, the popular Pandora website transitioned to an app for both Android and iOS products. Always a central feature of Pandora was the option to create your own custom radio station, but now you can also use this app on the go. Spotify only allows users to have 20 custom stations, while Pandora allows you to create up to 100 stations, giving you plenty of room to showcase your musical taste.

Pandora definitely has the interface and tools to compete with Spotify. The only real downside of using the Pandora app’s free version is that you can’t listen to as many popular on-demand tracks as you want. The software also establishes limitations for how many tracks you can miss.

That being said, the subscription fee for a premium user account is only $5, which is half the price of a paid plan ($10) for Spotify. Pandora is currently only available in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States due to concerns regarding licensing and copyright.

This is certainly one of the greatest and most inexpensive applications available if you’re located in either of these places. Also, Pandora has just released a rebranded new version of its iMessage chat app which enables you to communicate your contacts with the regular message features.


deezer app like spotify

Play Store | iOS

Deezer, the French music service is another Spotify-like app that lets you listen to music from their extensive library on-demand including both the ability to create a playlist and a cool playlist-rating feature.

Listen to radio stations and get “hear this” access, create your own tool that will show you new music based on your tastes and “flow,” another great feature of the application. If you choose Deezer’s paid subscription you will be able to listen to your music offline from your mobile without any ads or previews interruptions.

If you’re relying on streaming music and want to save space, Premium+ may be worth it. You get high-quality music for $9.99 a month and you can download from any smartphone, with no restrictions on skips.

So you are not going to listen to any advertising. Paying for Premium+ will allow you to save bandwidth while you are not linked to the Internet with downloads and unrestricted streaming.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Play Store | iOS

Google Play Music is another music streaming option where music you already have is free to store-up to 50,000 songs. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can use it anytime. You’ll need to sign up for a $10 a month plan for full access to the rest of the music streaming features.

On the bright side, Google Play Music allows you to buy and download music onto your computer, something you can’t do on Spotify. The main selling points are that, thanks to the licensing and copyright coverage from the main Google Play store, you can download and buy music directly from Google Play Music. This is a choice that many Spotify users always wish they had been given!

Some further details about Google Play Music are as follows:

  • You can play your music one at a time, in shuffle mode, and can playlists Any song can be added to the queue instantly so that you don’t have to add it to a playlist, but the queue can also be integrated into your own playlist at any time
  • Selecting the thumbs up icon while listening will tell Google Play Music that you like a song, and that your library should play more music like that
  • Songs you choose a thumb up will automatically be collected in their own playlist

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Play Store | iOS

Some of the optional Spotify alternatives entries on this page are simply fewer than Spotify alternatives. YouTube’s new music feature, YouTube Music, is in reality a rival that could dethrone the biggest subscription company in the world.

It not only offers all of the same songs as you can find on Spotify (mostly), it also uses AI to dynamically customize the playlists to the taste. This helps that the new owner of the Earth, Google, owns YouTube.

Our favorite aspect is that it allows you access to ALL versions of the song on YouTube, like amateur and many artists’ covers. There are advertisements in the free edition but they’re not worth it. There is also a variant that is based on the internet. You know when you cut off contact with your ex, and start a new dating? Yup, literally that’s what you are using YouTube Videos.

Features Included-

  • AI-powered playlists
  • Access to all of YouTube
  • Huge library of songs



Play Store | iOS

New kid on block Tidal owned by rapper Jay Z is also shaping up to be a Spotify app in the same league. One of the main factors for developing it is to provide a music distribution alternative that benefits musicians because more revenue is offered directly to them, rather than going to the traditional outlets for record labels.

With a catalog containing more than 25 million tracks and more than 75,000 music videos not accessible anywhere else in high-definition and unique video content; Tidal creates quite an impact.

Tidal only provides paying app users with multiple subscription options available ranging from $10-20 a month to be able to stay true to its word and provide a premium quality streaming facility. While somewhat more expensive, you can sign up for a free trial to see if it’s worth paying you a little extra.

Tidal lets you cast into intelligent devices. This is a widely used platform that has expanded its artist library rapidly in recent years. His selection is as competitive as that of Spotify, except for podcasts. When you like the notion of material that is unique and early-release, then Tidal makes sense.



Play Store | iOS

IHeartRadio offers more than just streaming music; it’s also a live radio application. The versatility of live radio is a good complement to the normal functions. Of course when it’s live you can’t skip show segments or songs!

This app is very similar to Pandora, because it allows users to create their own radio stations. All songs are played in full in terms of listening to the music on the live stations, and you don’t have to pay extra to get access to the full music library.

It’s a common option for on-the-go users to be able to download radio and music from your computer, with the opportunity to show all forms of radio and musical artists by genre.

iHeartRadio is well recognised for its free service featuring thousands of live radio stations, streaming AM and FM, and the ability to create your own personalized site, close to Pandora. Today, the service launches a new function that blurs the boundaries between online radio and the usually premium-only alternative of utilizing playlists for all devices-both free and paid: Playlist Radio.



Play Store | iOS

Slacker Radio is the proper name for that app. It doesn’t offer real radio stations, but it feels like a real radio station because you can put together huge playlists and even write comments between songs. If you have selected the paid membership in Slacker you can use the music on demand to listen to all your favorite tracks.

Although it might not be as big as Pandora, it has a fairly good music collection and it’s certainly one of the better selected services at the lower end of the price spectrum, at $3.99 a month.

It is with a Radio Plus package, which offers you the ability to listen to music offline, ad-free, even with infinite skips – which most radio services have not yet been able to introduce. The $9.99 / month subscription package offers you full access to the radio station construction software and all the other apps.

Slacker Radio’s new edition for Android is showing yet another graphic redesign. The company’s previous update (earlier this year) added vibrant colours, more white space, and a tiled interface to the device, but with full-bleed visuals and an overall dark theme of gradients and transparent paneling, this change brings it in quite a different way.



Play Store | iOS

I’ll be a bit biased and announce this is my favorite music streaming app. When Soundcloud regained a meaty iOS upgrade in 2014, more people began to take note of this music streaming app.

As a streaming app, SoundCloud has flourished because it is heavily linked to social media. This means that any listenable track can be easily shared one click away. Sometimes free downloads are made available through file sharing, or you can download music directly from online stores.

At Soundcloud you have the option to follow other users- you will search and share new content by clicking the home button above to get a music-based stream, showcasing what has been shared and reposted by others you are following. To get songs on your personal Soundcloud stream account, just press ‘like’ to attach songs to your ‘list set’ and ‘repost’

Build virtually infinite playlists (to make the device run properly, it is best to hold lists under 250 songs). While becoming a SoundCloud Go customer, they make sure you don’t have to have any paying advertising for $9.99 / month, even if they’re rare relative to many music sharing services when selecting a free option for the service.

It also allows you exposure to other popular music charts that can only be used as a demo because you are a free-user because of copyright and advertising regulations.


Songza is an app that shows you playlists focused on listening behaviours. There’s also a time of day that will ask you what you feel like listening to and thus give you playlists to match your mood, as opposed to allowing you to search for individual artists or songs only.

With a smooth, vibrant ui that makes it simple to scroll through playlists, the software is completely safe. There are no ads on the web, so whether you want a playlist, you can either save it or click back and see what you’ve been in most lately.

After being bought by Google, the Songza app moved to Google Play in January – read on to find out all the features now available as it is transition. Things are certainly looking for Songza, although it’s not as traditional as other music streaming apps – it provides you anything unique and if you’d like to do the search you can, but why bother when you know Songza will play what you like?


Sound hound

Play Store | iOS

SoundHound has an audio detector that enables you to figure out what music you ‘re playing in, lets you identify songs you’ve heard before, or sometimes songs you haven’t heard yet, since it recognizes what you’re in.

Easily stream or download music from a comprehensive library and if you want to add it to a playlist, import music from your phone. A easier but still nice gui to use and you can get it from the Windows or Google Store for free. Click here for more awesome free streaming music apps.

The children will use SoundHound to scan and find new songs. SoundHound identifies a song children they are listening to with one tap. And for entertainment, children should sing or chuckle a melody, and the device would perform a “singing search” to locate the song and the artist.

The search results are comprehensive, giving song and artist information including albums, purchase links to iTunes, YouTube videos, an artist page, etc.


Although it may sound that Spotify has it all, if you don’t pay for a subscription, the capabilities of the software are minimal. We have compiled a list of apps offering additional features and benefits that might best suit your music tastes.

Fortunately, there are lots of great music apps out there to make sure you get the best experience possible. Read on for 10 best apps like Spotify which help millions of people get access to their favorite music each day.


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