10 Best Apps Like TikTok You Should Try Once in 2021

Best Apps Like TikTok

A great many memorable apps have come and gone in the age of social media. Some have stuck around while the others have lost their way in oblivion. TikTok, previously known as Musically, is one of the most famous apps that exist today. With thousands of users joining the trend each day, this app has taken the online world by storm. Below we have reviewed some other apps like tik tok.

TikTok is basically a video editing and social networking software that helps you to film your videos and share them with the world. To make it as fun as possible, you should incorporate background music, dialogues, makeup filters, and much more. This feature is used for most people to display their abilities in music, dancing, acting, and humor.

It’s here to stay and entertain us for better or worse, every day. I got your back though if you’re looking for an alternative.

Take A Look At Some Of Tiktok ‘s Best Video Editing / Social Media Apps:


Lomotif App

Lomotif was originally only released for iOS but ultimately the app migrated to Android. Its functionality is similar to TikTok-you can add and edit videos using tools such as trim, slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, etc. There is also the possibility to add background music and effects to further improve its quality. Using the multitude of makeup filters, stickers and emojis to really reach the target to draw fans

Showcasing your talent on this app will help you to attract followers and make friends. You may also work with other friends to create broader ranging images.

Lomotif’s other interesting feature is its Birthday and New Year. Creating a video at such times would raise your profile and increasing your visibility on social media.



Another TikTok-like app, Cheez operates in nearly identical fashion. Within the app edit your videos, add background score, peppy filters and more to engage with your user base. However, unlike TikTok, Cheez often emphasizes on elements of vlogging, not just dance, singing and satire.

The app also has a system of rewards, where users receive a prize for receiving a certain number of followers or if their posts go viral. If you just want to see the talented people on this forum instead of taking part, you’ll still get rewarded!

Cheez also lets you invite other users to ‘fight’ where you can test each other’s talents. Don’t hesitate to try Dance-off when in action. It’s an in-app game designed to involve the users more.

Vigo Video

Vigo Video

For the time being, TikTok may be the undisputed king, but Vigo Video certainly is getting some stiff competition. This mobile video editing app works a lot like Snapchat and Vine where users can share 15-second-long videos and showcase a variety of talents like dancing , singing, comedy, beauty, cooking and more. Since the time frame is so short, the videomakers are challenged to showcase their best stuff.

The filters are infinite, like makeup filters that render you appear even more attractive, even out the skin color, erase blemishes. However Vigo’s best feature is the monetary aspect. If you have enough followers, you can earn some serious money and your video gets lots of likes, shares and comments.

What are you waiting for, then? Download the app, and have a blast!


likee app

LIKE is another regular video editing software that is gaining popularity little by little. It works like TikTok and allows you to lipsync music and dialogs to create short, witty and funny videos. You can also make one long clip by stitching several videos. To make the video more engaging and to amass more fans, install filters and stickers. Add external effects, such as slow-motion or speed up the video as per your taste.

The only problem that you may face as a LIKE user is that if you are a new consumer, you can not go live. For this there is a method of leveling in operation. Everything else works just fine, barring that minor nuisance. Besides providing an extremely rich range of filters, the software also helps you to combine several videos into a single film, speed up or slow down your clips, as well as crop and trim images.

The app has gone viral since its launch by accumulating a million downloads both on ios and android platforms and has played a key role in creating viral content, integrating with the present growth trends in social media.



In Japanese, the word Kwai means sweet, and is a common and culturally important word there. Like the word, KWAI is an adorable social media app that enables its users to shoot short, cute videos where they can sync their favorite songs, film dialogs and much more.

Most popular KWAI videos are generally in the beauty blogging, funny videos, dancing, prank videos, lipsyncs, and magic illusions categories. This software also comes with a program of incentives. The more you amass followers, the better the prizes.

The app frequently hosts challenges and fun contests to make the users more interactive, Through using this link, you will keep up to date with the new viral patterns, too. Another fascinating characteristic of KWAI is the functionality of “stories.” Yes, you can share stories here, just like Instagram and Snapchat, which stay up to 48 hours instead of the standard 24 hour period.

Make inspiring videos, create a following, and make new KWAI friends. It’s available on platforms such as iOS and Android. If you’re looking for an alternative to Tiktok, KWAI won’t make you disappointed.



FUNIMATE, like TikTok, is another run of the mill social networking device. Here, lipsyncing to songs, dramatic dialogues, and funny jokes are the norm-something Tiktok users will already know. To make things more accessible to the public, incorporate slow motion, emojis, text, and more.

Loop photos, not unlike Instagram, are another common phenomenon on FUNIMATE. Collaborations with other apps get you more fans and a greater profile online. Participate in challenges, contests, and special events to make things more interesting and stand out.

FUNIMATE is still relatively new in the market, so too many people have yet to saturate it. If it is popular, getting a major follower might propel your social networking popularity much further. Funimate features over twenty advanced video effects which transform ordinary everyday moments into magical viral music videos. Additionally, you can add as many text or stickers as you like to a video, and you can quickly add humorous commentary to any video you capture with this device.



If you want to stop crowd thinking and do something special, then Firework is your spot. Its functions are similar to TikTok but the focus is more on video quality than followers. So, you can become a sensation just with the right clip and content. With the help of the amazing in-app editing tool, trim, edit, crop, add background score and more. Lipsyncing to music is still popular here, and all that jazz is done with better taste.

When making videos on Firework, it is crucial to follow the latest viral trends. If you are playing right with your cards, you could win cash prizes. There are weekly video challenges with a mighty reward, which further encourages users to regularly interact with the app. So if you have one-of-a-kind skill and you can grasp the audience pulse, Firework is your app.



That list would be incomplete without Dubsmash, the real creator of a social media platform based on video editing. TikTok is also Dubsmash ‘s son, and it would be blasphemous not to have it here. T began as a fun app where users would lipsync to popular film and TV dialogs, the popularity of which mushroomed into TikTok and all the other applications that you see on this page. Its success testifies to over 100 million downloads.

Continuing with the current times, Dubsmash has added music variants, filters, emojis, and text overlays to make the current userbase more attractive. It began as a fun app where users would lipsync to popular film and TV dialogs, the popularity of which mushroomed into TikTok and all the other applications that you see on this page. Its success testifies to over 100 million downloads.

Continuing with the current times, Dubsmash has added music variants, filters, emojis, and text overlays to make the current userbase more attractive. The newsfeed is divided down into two pieces, helping you to view the latest viral topics and see what your friends are up to. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to return to basics. So, if you’ve been frustrated of using TikTok, then give Dubsmash a chance.

Music Video Show

Music Video Show

Another app that is gaining popularity in the online community is the Music Video Show, also known as the Video Show. You can not only shoot and edit videos, but you can do everything under one minute. With thousands of built-in music options to choose from, you’ll always have something fun and intriguing to experiment with. You can also browse millions of interesting viral videos posted by different users here.

Agreed, it’s not as fancy on this list as TikTok or the other apps but it does its job. Simplicity is where Music Video Show gains points. It’s easy to shoot videos with its smooth interface, and add scores to the same. If you’re new to this field and just want to dabble right now, then this app is perfect for you.


Triller app

Does auto-editing sound attractive to you at the click of a button? Well, it’s just that Triller does. Using its unique algorithm, this stunning video editing app and social media platform automatically edit your videos. Now you don’t have to think about illumination, filters or having the right soundtrack; Triller has taken care of it. Her moniker, after all, is, “You do, Triller does the rest.”

Popular celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, Justin Bieber and Rita Ora frequently use this device to share their videos on major social networking sites such as Instagram and Snapchat. Just exhibit your talent and you’ll get your video on a plate. It’s this super easy and user-friendly interface that gives such a good name to Triller within the online community.

That app is still in its infancy, though. You can’t accumulate an impressive following on this app, but you can use it as a fantastic accessory to other major platforms. If you want to work with your friends this app is a great choice as it offers powerful video collab features. Triller, however, is not a networking platform, as it is merely a video editing app that has no aspect to the community.

Video Star

video star


Have you ever wanted to star in a famous music video? Ok, the visions can be fulfilled now. Video Star is a unique video editing application that lets you create fun, awesome music videos. You can perform these tracks with an inbuilt library of famous songs, and share them with the world in an instant. Would you want to try something crazy and perform the whole video backwards?

No trouble. Do you like slow motion, screen freeze or other interesting effects? You’ve got Video Star covered. You can make your music video as dazzling as you want with incredible features like cloning, green screen and a lot more.

With fairly beautiful ratings and totally pleased buyers, Video Star is cementing its position as one of Tiktok ‘s strongest alternatives. However, the software only allows music footage, rather than vlogging or other video type types. Currently available on both iOS and Android, it is free to use but includes purchases made in-app.



You can’t go wrong with MuStar for making spectacular music videos and indulging in lip-sync song fights. In terms of song set, if there was a head-to – head fight between TikTok and MuStar, the latter could prove to be a hands-down winner. So, if you always want to have the luxury of a huge database of songs to choose from, I would recommend you give this video editor in mind.

As for the results of the film, I think MuStar is on par with TikTok. But unlike the video platform owned by ByteDance, MuStar has a pretty intuitive UI that makes it a bit smooth-sailing for exploring videos. Overall, it’s a pretty decent substitute for TikTok and I think you ‘d love to have a go at it!



Although byte on the market may be relatively new, it’s all covered to take away the crown from TikTok. You heard that right, hey! Dom Hofmann who also developed Vine has created byte for those unfamiliar. Byte actually enables you to capture videos for up to six seconds, opposed to the fifteen seconds of TikTok (1 minute if you upload per-recroded images).

But it also features a personalized feed, notifications, and profile, just like its more famed rival. It lacks remixability, augmented reality filters, and TikTok boasts transition effects, however. As for UI, it’s snappier and more intuitive than its rival. Long story short, byte may not be a fully featured alternative to TikTok right now but it has the promise of dominating the landscape.



Facebook’s highly ambitious IGTV may not have set the stage on fire or, for that matter, removed TikTok’s spotlight (as intended), but it’s enough to claim to be one of TikTok ‘s best apps. What’s putting this video-sharing platform ahead of the curve in Instagram integration.

So, you can use your Instagram account to sign in to this app and watch the videos from the creators that you are following. And you can browse through a cleverly curated collection of trending videos with the Discover tab. I find IGTV smoother and faster in speaking of the UI. Now, you ‘re not going to be caught in the loading loop that was synonymous with TikTok for several years.


There you are! So, these are some highly-rated applications like TikTok, which you can use to create and explore awesome short videos. Do you find any notable names that are missing from the above lineup? Have free time to let us know.

Just in case you plan to switch to TikTok rivals for good, I would recommend that you check out our full TikTok account deletion guide without losing data. And if you’re looking for stunning lights to illuminate your clips, then head over to this roundup.

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