Best Crossbows: Top 10 to Buy in the USA (2021)

Best Crossbows

If you do not live in a cave, then chances are that you wouldn’t pursue the sport of hunting by using stones! Hunting and archery are experienced best only with the best quality crossbows. A crossbow is a device commonly used to introduce people to the sport of hunting.

Whether you pursue archery for leisure or do it as a professional sport, there are some of the best crossbows in the USA to help you fulfill your hobby. Initially, crossbows were a medieval hunting tool. But with time and technology, there is as much innovation visible in the evolution of this device, as exists otherwise in the world.  

A good crossbow will be the one that provides maximum efficiency, is durable and high performing. Its performance is in turn, determined by the speed that the crossbow delivers. Further, the technical specifications of crossbows vary from brand to brand. For example, the pulling mechanism, cocking and de-cocking system, noise suppression, and trigger quality.

So, before spending your valuable dollars, it is imperative to know what exactly you are buying. And to make your lives simpler, we have done most of the work for you here!  

The following are the best crossbow in the USA that you must buy for your next hunting expedition: 

Center Point Archery Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

Center Point Archery Sniper 370 Crossbows

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This high performing Sniper 370 Crossbow is true, one of the best crossbows in the USA for archery enthusiasts. It consists of a drawn-out axle length of 18 inches and 185 pounds draw weight. Such a build enables the crossbow to deliver a superior speed of 370 feet per second.

Further, it consists of an adjustable stock and foregrip for ease and comfortable fit. Designed for power and precision, this crossbow comes with quad limbs, fitted with a cam and rails system for exceptional shooting accuracy.  

Moreover, its ergonomic design is ambidextrous. What this means is that whether you are left or right-handed, this crossbow is perfect for use by both.

Some of its other components include an anti-dry fire trigger, integrated string suppressors for noise and vibrations free shot, etc. With a price starting from $299, this exclusive piece of weaponry is the perfect reason why you should start archery. Buy it in two military shades namely, Black or Camouflage.  

Excalibur Crossbows Micro MAG 340 Overwatch Camo Package 

Excalibur Crossbows Micro MAG 340 Overwatch Camo Package 

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Your perfect hunting companion, this unique crossbow from Excalibur is a highly sought after one. This crossbow comes with distinct features to improve your archery experience.

Such as, its durable aluminum frame, which makes the crossbow dependable with years’ worth of lifetime. It also consists of a premium anti-dry fire trigger along with R.E.D suppressors to ensure safety and noise-free shooting. Further, it is relatively lightweight making it easy to carry through long hours of shooting.  

The Micro MAG 340 crossbow from Excalibur comes in elegant mossy oak color. It has a draw weight of 270 pounds and a drawn-out length of 13 inches. Besides, it delivers a high performing velocity of 340 feet/second. The price of this product is $599.

Now, even though this might seem overpriced, given the popularity of Excalibur crossbows, you are spending your money on the right product. Your package will arrive consisting of these add-ons – 4 Scope Rings, 3 Arrow Quiver, and 3 Quill Arrows.  

Center Point Archery CP400 Crossbow Powered By Heli Coil Technology

Center Point Archery CP400 Crossbows Powered By Heli Coil Technology

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The Archery CP400 crossbow from CenterPoint is one of the best crossbows to purchase for your hunting pursuits. It comes with a CNC machined CAM system with a unique Heli Coil technology to ensure perfect balance among the cams. Its custom-designed riser with aluminum rail and folding stirrup allows for complete maneuvering in the field.  

Safe and compact, this crossbow delivers a high performing speed of 400 feet per second. Further, it consists of an extremely narrow axle to axle width of an incredible 6 inches when completely drawn-out. 

The product is designed for both aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, it combines amazing power and down-range accuracy with a stylish but durable build. Quite affordable for a package, this crossbow from CenterPoint comes at a price of $670.

The whole crossbow package includes three 20-inch carbon arrows, a quick-detach quiver, three 32mm illuminated scopes, and a rope cocker. Carry this hybrid crossbow to your favorite hunting spot and experience an adventure of a lifetime.  

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow with Multi Line Scope

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbows with Multi Line Scope

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Are you just getting to know the world of archery and hunting? Then, this might be the right choice of the best crossbows in the USA. Firstly, it comes with a patented reverse draw technology to create an elongated stroke for faster shooting.

Secondly, the AcuDraw Pro Scope that comes as an optional accessory with the product ensures safe and silent cocking. Plus, this is fully integrated into the stock. Further, its lightweight aluminum design comes with added cushioning to reduce wear and tear.  

The RDX 400 crossbow from Wicked Ridge features a unique Reaper Cam system. This allows the crossbow to shoot up to a stellar speed of 400 feet/second and deliver consistent down-range accuracy. Also, it comes with integrated noise suppressors and a Dry Fire Inhibitor in the trigger for extra safety.

The product comes as a whole package including an integrated string stop system, three-pack Wicked Ridge XX75 arrows, and 3 arrow quiver and the 3X Lighted Pro View Scope, which is an optional accessory. 

TenPoint Viper S400 Hunting Crossbow Package

TenPoint Viper S400 Hunting Crossbows Package

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One of the best crossbows in the USA, this product is a must-buy if you are a hunting enthusiast. The Viper S400 is one the shortest forward draw crossbows that delivers a whopping speed of 400 feet per second.

It comes with a solid build containing a micro-trac barrel to reduce the contact between string and rails. This further reduces the wear and tear of the string and hence, a longer string life. Its advanced roller, sear design trigger results in high shooting accuracy, while maintaining better trigger control.  

Two of the most unique features of this hunting crossbow are the revolutionary AcuSlide and Range Master Pro Scope system. While the former makes for an ultra-smooth and silent cocking as well as safe de-cocking, the latter ensures optimum light gathering and down-range precision.

The two stainless steel rollers of the AcuSlide system allow the trigger box to swiftly glide inside the barrel. Combine this with six arrow quivers and three Evo-X Center Punch premium carbon arrows to get the complete package at $1499.  

Ravine R29X Predator Crossbow Package R040 With Heli Coil Technology

Ravine R29X Predator Crossbows Package R040 With Heli Coil Technology

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This product takes the crossbow technology to the next level. The R29X Predator crossbow from Ravine uses advanced technology to deliver a stellar speed of 450 feet/second. Now, this is higher than many other crossbows out there in the market. It comes with an integrated silent cocking system and equipped with Heli Coil technology.

Further, it consists of a cocked axle to axle length of 6 inches, making the product compact to carry. Its well-balanced limbs give you the divine experience of accurate target shooting and efficient performance.  

The Predator crossbow from Ravine provides an ergonomic grip and is easy to maneuver in the field. So, even when you are using hunting equipment from tight spaces, it ensures full comfort as well as control. The product, which is priced at $2599, arrives in a whole package that is completely worth the money.

It contains accessories including 6 Ravin .003 arrows and field tips of 400 grain total, a quiver with a mounting bracket, and a removable draw handle. Moreover, the package comes to you fully assembled. This means that the only thing left for you to do is – to hunt! 

Bear X Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package 

Bear X Intense Ready to Shoot Crossbows Package 

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Bear X is one of the best crossbow brands that exist in the USA today. And therefore, its hunting equipment is a must-have for shooting enthusiasts. This crossbow from BearX exceeds every expectation that you might have from your shooting bow.

Measuring 10 inches while cocked and 14 inches while uncocked, it is designed to perfection for powerful performance and precision. Further, it comes with a tough and rugged build, making it an ideal crossbow for long term sporting hunting adventures.  

One of the best crossbows in the USA, the Bear X Intense delivers a superior speed of up to 400 feet per second. Like other crossbows in our list, this too comes with an anti-dry fire trigger to prevent dry firing.

Moreover, this product is fairly easy to assemble and fully adjustable on-field. The other components of the crossbow package include 3 Bear X Truex arrows, one illuminated scope, and a 4-arrow quiver. Besides, there is also a cocking rope, along with a rail lube or string wax that arrives with the package. All this will come to you at an affordable price of $363 only.  

Bear X Constrictor CDX Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

Bear X Constrictor CDX Ready to Shoot Crossbows Package

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The Bear X selection makes for some of the best crossbows in the USA and this product well testifies this claim. The Constrictor CDX crossbow comes with a draw weight of 190 pounds.

Measuring 10 inches while cocked and 14 inches while uncocked, this crossbow delivers a blazing speed of 410 feet/second. Further, its dual mount string recoil suppressors system provides noise-free shooting. Therefore, you can remain stealthy by reducing excess noise and vibration on the field.  

Whether you are an archery pro or want to pursue the sport of hunting for leisure. This crossbow is ideal to use by both, for it is designed for comfort and control. The Bear X Constrictor ready to shoot crossbow package includes 3 Bear X Truex bolts, an illuminated scope, and a 4-arrow quiver.

Besides this, other accessories that come in the package are a cocking rope, along with a rail lube or string wax. You can buy this crossbow in two prominent colors, namely Strata and Stoke and at an affordable price of only $499.  

Bear X Constrictor Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

Bear X Constrictor Ready to Shoot Crossbow Package

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This crossbow from Bear X is similar to the one mentioned above. The only exception is that it comes with an additional feature. That is, it contains an ambidextrous top mount 5 arrow quiver for custom quiver placement.

Other than this, all its measurements are the same. A draw weight of 190 pounds, 10 inches wide cocked length, and 14 inches wide uncocked length. Like its predecessor, it delivers a superior speed of 410 feet per second. So, even if your target is far away, this crossbow delivers a powerful stroke up to a greater distance.  

With its efficient performance, durability, and compact build, this crossbow is suitable for use by both amateurs and professionals. This is what makes the product must-have hunting equipment. The Bear X Constrictor crossbow package arrives at you at a price of $599.

In the package, you will also get the crossbow accessories. These accessories include – 3 Bear X Truex bolts, an illuminated scope, adjustable quiver, and cheek pad, sling, cocking rope, and rail lube or string wax. You can buy this crossbow in multiple finishes namely Stoke and Strata. 

PSE Archery Viper SS Handheld Recreational Shooting Crossbow 

PSE Archery Viper SS Handheld Recreational Shooting Crossbow

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Are you looking for options of the best crossbows in the USA for outdoor sports or recreational purposes? Then, look no further than this handheld shooting crossbow from PSE Archery.

This efficient crossbow is easy and fun to use and designed for target shooting speed up to 215 feet/second. The Viper SS handheld crossbow comes with an added safety lock through its integrated cocking mechanism. This mechanism not only ensures safety but also makes the crossbow fast and easy to set up.  

Further, it has several other useful features to back its powerful design. These include a track-style and adjustable sight pins for precision shooting, an anti-dry fire trigger for safe shooting, and more.

This product also comes with a durable fiberglass body, finger safety guards and three included Frenzy bolts. If you are someone who wants to get started with the sport of archery for recreation, then go ahead and buy this without a second thought.   


So, are you planning on giving the sport of archery or hunting a shot? Then, this complete catalog of the best crossbows in the USA is all you need to get started. Select from among the best pieces of weaponry with these crossbow packages and own the sport like none other.

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