10 Best & Trending Instagram Feed and Story Filters in 2021

Best Instagram Feed and Story Filters

While this might sound somewhat frivolous, Instagram filters can really make or break your post. Selecting the ideal filter, and your picture can go all over Instagram. Choose the erroneous filter, and your once beautiful, the promising photo becomes a flop.

Everybody modifies their photos on Instagram. If somebody tells you they don’t, they’re lying. When Instagram influencers rehash their Instagram photos, they apply a filter on top of another filter, and then jazz it up with yet another filter.

None of these people are skilled in photography. And yet, with a bit of sieving, they’re able to take their photos from zero to hero, making the way to a beautiful and consistent Instagram feed.

So here are the best Instagram feed and story filters you’ll really love: 

Instagram Feed Filters


Clarendon Filter

Clarendon is the filter that multiplies light to lighter areas and dark to darker areas. Briefly, what Clarendon does is to “mellow down” your photo, as it marginally increases saturation and contrast, but then augments a cyan tint in pure accent areas and cools down shadows and highlights. Its mid-tones, though, are relatively warm, which let the skin on portrait photos look natural, in spite of being cooled down. It is considered good for Selfies.


Juno Filter

Juno is a great filter, while also being a good movie. It’s quite modest and doesn’t do much more than to faintly manipulate the contrast and brightness of the photo. It also exaggerates the reds and yellows in your picture, making these colors project a bit more than the blues. It’s good for making your picture pop.


This filter diminishes saturation and luminance for yellows, greens, cyan, blues, and magentas, with the omission of the color red, which essentially becomes steeper. Combined with a very slender contrast decrease, Ludwig really augments the vibrance of the reds. It is ideal for portraits, geometric shapes, architecture.


When you need to revitalize your photo, maintain a cool feel, and make it look just slightly washed out, Lark is your best option. It enhances exposure, which makes your picture more vivid, reduces vibrance a bit, which makes it more “calmed down”, diminishes the saturation of reds, purples, and magentas, and improves the saturation of the blues and the greens. It is good for nature shots.


Gingham Filter

Gingham gives an antique effect to your images, as it works by subtracting some color out of the photo. It reduces highlights (by about 48%), lessens saturation (by about 31%), and pertains to a white vignette to the image. This makes a slight haze and provides a subtle warm atmosphere to the picture.


Aden Filter

Aden is famous for its passé, pastel-y look, which works well if you need to assuage harsh lights. It can make strong photos look a bit more subtle, when needed, making them look almost dreamy. Autumn shots come out great with this filter.


This perceptive filter is a suitable choice for faces, as it relaxes images and subtly shifts hues. The famous filter offers colors an extra kick, directing to bright eyes and pretty lips in a selfie.


This filter is described by “a bluish, green, earthy look like nature.” There are no rules on where to use Perpetua, but after trifling around with it, we’d say it works with anything shot in the sun. Perpetua works well with nature shots, especially on the beach. You most likely won’t want to use it with portrait shots as it gives skin a very peculiar tone.


Concurring to one website, this filter was titled after one of the Instagram team member’s dogs. This black and white filter will offer a stronger feel to your shadows. It may be seen as a black and white version of Gingham. Moon works wonders with portraits.


This filter desaturates your image, lightens it up, and gives it a retro feel. Reyes is another ideal filter for portraits, especially if you’re attempting to hide any blotches on your skin. If you typically use another app to edit your photos, you won’t need to do that with Reyes.

Instagram Story Filters

There are plenty of awesome Instagram Stories filters hidden right inside the app. Thanks to Instagram AR creators, there’s now an ample number of new filters and effects that can provide your Instagram Stories photos and videos an upgraded and rehashed look.

And with a wide range of tones, color grades, and effects to select from, it’s easier to choose a perfectly on-brand filter and start clicking pictures all without leaving the app.

Without any additional apps or subscriptions, you can browse the Effects Gallery and use these filters to color correct your footage, add a cool grain or light leak, or help sustain your Instagram appeal on the go!

Retro Cam by love.is.masha

 Retro Cam by love.is.masha Filter

Use this for a Vintage and Filmy Look. Retro filters and vintage photo apps have persisted to style throughout this year – and it looks like this trend isn’t going anywhere.

Retro Film by yanka.onuchina

Retro Film by yanka.onuchina Filter

Consider this effect for a Retro and Filmy Aesthetic, and for another take on an antique-look, Retro Film by yanka.onuchina is an amazing Instagram Stories filter to give your photos an old-school “downgrade”. By subtly combining the color palette to imitate an old film reel and adding in white speckled dust as a cover effect, the finished product is the ideal retro throwback.

Boho Filters by janmahaven

This Instagram Stories filter assortment is bursting with warm tones and a gentle contrast of fall hues. @janmahaven’s collection is impeccable if you’re looking to add an elusive filter to your posts, but don’t want to intensely commit to an overall aesthetic on your stories. With 11 distinct filters to pick from, there’s certainly one present that works for your feed!

Check out these cool filters for your Instagram posts and enjoy sharing it among your circles.

Happy Instagrammy!

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