15 Best Instagram Automation & Scheduler tools in 2021

Best Instagram Automation Tools

In this age of social media, everything takes place in an instant. It has given an equal opportunity to every person for becoming famous. Hence, anyone can achieve fame with the right strategy.

Instagram, being one of the most popular platforms can help people earn millions. For this very purpose, we’ve written this article. Here are the top 15 Instagram Automation Tools that will help to scale up your online business, increase your reach and maximize your followers.  

Here Is The List Of Some Best Instagram Automation Tools.:

 Stellation media

stellation media - instagram automation tool

Probably, this is the most popular Instagram automation service that takes care of your needs on this social platform. Highlights of this service include 100% Fully Automation, targeted followers & exposure, no requirement of technical knowledge, and 24/7 support & tutorials.

The hallmark of this product is ‘Mass Story Engager’ which lets your account appear in a long list of users. These are the users who posted Instagram stories through the mass voting, viewing & dm features of the agency. Moreover, it has got an advanced analytics tool that allows you to segment data by 7,14,21 and 30 days.

Apart from this, you can take control of your daily view stats, follower growth, top posts amongst others. The major benefit that you’ll receive is the ease of operation (intuitive interface).

This will come in handy for beginners. Take advantage of IPv4 private proxies with unlimited bandwidth. You’ll also get an account manager and Live Chat & Support. You can choose three different packages- light, standard, and premium as per your requirements.


instagramer - instagram tool

Yet another popular automation tool for Instagram is Ingramer. The best part about Ingramer is that it does not require any special download. It works in a simple way and set up your first promotion in a matter of seconds. The website is optimized to enable mobile friendly experience for people who prefer smartphones.

Salient features include Auto Likes, Follow and Unfollow, Targeting of hashtags, locations and usernames, Smart Analytics Instruments, Al-Optimization Search Function, etc. It has got a ton of features to be precise. You are free to choose a specific niche.

The company will help you in case you don’t have a specific niche (You can use the hashtag generator for this purpose). Subscribe now and become the captain of your Instagram ship.  


nitreo - instagram automation tool

If you prefer one platform that will provide you with all the features that are needed to start, run, and grow your Instagram, then Nitreo is surely for you. The company ensures that your follower count does not diminish at any stage. Further, it will lower the hassle pertaining to a social media growth service.

Let’s have a quick look at the features. Subscribers get a super easy set-up, audience targeting, better engagement, etc. Besides this, all the results will be real and genuine. This implies that there are no bought followers and no fake accounts.

The company claims itself as a hands-free tool for Instagram growth. You should consider Nitreo if you want organic followers on Instagram. Automate your account in just 5 steps. The company ensures its clients a 14-day growth guarantee.


hashtags for likes - instagram automation tool

As the name suggests, this service takes advantage of hashtags. As you may know that hashtags have the real edge when it comes to reaching on social media. Especially on this video platform, hashtags play a vital role. Celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs have to choose the right hashtags for a global reach.

To unlock a full suite of tools, you should definitely go premium. Perks include trending hashtags, smart algorithm, customer success manager and the analytics dashboard. Even your research can be automated. Further, your security worries will fade as you’ll get bank level security with 256-bit SSL encryption.


upleap - instagram automation toolThis service is for those people who want to get their hands dirty before actually stepping into the automation world. You’ll get a 3-day free trial. According to the company, you’ll be able to engage your followers, gain social influence, and benefit from the time saving feature.

Your account manager will fetch you the best results. Moreover, there is another exciting feature called the engagement boost that you can use to grow with other relevant Instagrammers. Track your progress regularly and get help from a dedicated support team. Subscribe to Upleap today to take a giant leap into the world of social media.


stroamlikes - instagram automation tool

Real likes & followers is what people desire these days. So, what’s different about this service? Well, the company ensures that the likes are authentic and from active members of the community. Characteristics include cost-effectiveness, immediate results, customer support, tailor-fit pricing and monthly billing method.

Stormlikes provides you three options- 50 likes, 100 likes and 500 likes. You can opt for a customized package in case your requirements surpass the above pricing options. Apart from this, you can also purchase views and followers. Subscribe today to get the true worth of your money.


social viral - instagram automation tool

The company claims users will get instant results which are certain once an account has more followers and/or likes. Another advantage that will accrue once you start this service is friendly pricing. Complete customer support will always assist you no matter what the situation is.

The company assures that this state-of-the-art process is risk-free. This implies that never at your account will not get banned due to inactive followers. The company updates its policy constantly to maintain compliance with Instagram.

Your account will be monitored by the company for a few weeks to ensure the maintenance of the target number of followers. For getting real and high-quality followers, this service is recommended. You can retain your followers for an extended period.


followadder - instagram automation tool

Do you want to put your Instagram network building on auto pilot mode? If yes, then Followadder would accomplish this feat for you. Some of the salient features are scheduled automated photo posts, searches by location, hashtags, creation of exportable lists of users amongst others. What’s more? You’ll be able to easily manage multiple Instagram accounts in one place.

Engage with the right audience. Create brand awareness and activity with the help of automated photo commenting, liking and like backs. If that was not enough, you can also increase your google search ranking. Publish or schedule posts as per your desire.

Take advantage of this service to increase sales, web traffic, brand awareness and self- promotion. There is also a software for Social Influencers called Automated Instagram Profile Management Software which is available at a nominal price.


ektor - instagram automation tool

A glance at Ektor reveals username targeting, mass story viewing, proxy support, app emulation, etc. You can choose between three packages- premium, pro and basic. Customers get a stealth mode which means that nobody will ever come to know about the followers.

And you will not be banned from using Instagram. Organic growth can be achieved by Engagement with real and relevant users. As per the developers, their algorithm adheres to Instagram rules and limits. Remember that Ektor will not hurt your trust-score. Even if you get banned, there is a refund policy too.


trusty.co - instagram automation tool

Trusy will fetch you an opportunity to scale and monetize your Instagram presence. Truly effective growth strategies will take your account to the next level. The service runs a giveaway through an influencer or celebrities page, so you can ascertain the level of followers that you can get.

Unravel the secrets of social media promotion convey instant credibility in your industry. Adopt the strategies that are blowing up 7 and 8 figure businesses, major brands and influencers across the world. Choose from a range of packages such as Micro Influencer, Influencer and Personal Brand/Business.

All three packages have different benefits and pricing. According to the company, the retention rate is 80% even after the promotion is over.


media mister - instagram automation tool

Media Mister offers its clients a wide range of social media enhancement services. You can easily boost your profile and give your business a competitive edge. Strategic social media promotion is suitable for your needs. You can buy likes, views, Impressions, saves, mentions and even comments on Instagram.

Further, this agency meets the budgets of every customer with flawless consistency. The company says that the services are designed to make an ongoing improvement to way your pages and profiles perform. The company even promises a money back guarantee in case of non-satisfaction. Subscribe today and outperform the competition.


kicksta - instagram automation tool

Yet another powerful organic growth tool for Instagram is Kicksta that is trusted by thousands of users. You have to follow a series of steps that include following similar profiles, auto-engaging with their followers of others’ profiles (celebs/personalities/agencies of similar nature) and getting followed back.

You can add relevant profiles to get maximum exposure. The company claims that this technique is better than buying stuff including followers or likes as it lowers chances of spamming. You can opt for a Standard or Premium plan that have different benefits.

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee if you become dissatisfied with the service. Get started today and gain authentic followers to establish your presence globally.


followers up - instagram automation tool

Widen your reach today by increasing your followers. You are free to select the right package from a long list. Your order will usually get delivered within an hour. Your social media accounts will definitely benefit from this service. Users can contact the support team if any issue arises.

Apart from this, a 100% money-back guarantee is assured by the agency. Like the previous one (agency), it has got a refund policy. Multiply your follower count today and establish your presence.


combin - instagram automation tool

With the help of Combin, users can attract new Instagram followers, plan & schedule Instagram content, etc. Ensure that you analyze, engage and grow your audience in the right manner. Besides this, you can plan and schedule Instagram content.

Upload your images in bulk and plan stories and posts for auto-publishing this content. Moreover, the service will manage multiple accounts simultaneously. However, the upper limit of accounts is 15 for a single computer. Engage with your community with the engagement activity automation.

Another useful feature is the monitoring of outcoming, incoming activity and audience growth. It is recommended that you search for specific or relevant hashtags. Combin has got a refund policy in case you’re not happy. Subscription can be cancelled anytime up until the day of the next scheduled payment.


ampfluence - instagram automation tool

This service serves the motto of engaging real and targeted followers with your brand. These targeted followers are trusted customers who will have a high affinity for your brand. Let your customers know who you are so that they value your presence.

Ampfluence researches your target market, evaluates the content being posted and what’s working in your industry or your social sphere. Finally, it identifies the accounts which your competitors would follow. This is possible only through consistent social interactions- liking, following, commenting, etc.

The biggest upside over its competitors is that it does not use bots, scripts, or automation software. This directly implies that the team is 100% compliant with the terms & conditions of Instagram. Above all, the whole process is 100% transparent and confidential. Grab the attention of users and target them in the most effective way. You can go for any pricing plan that you like. Lastly, Ampfluence serves most of the services.   


These were the best Instagram Automation Tools. We hope that this article will help you to choose the best tool/service for your account. We recommend a thorough analysis of various factors including price, reliability, customer support, reviews, etc. before buying a subscription. Some of them can be tested before purchasing. Don’t forget that organic likes and genuine followers will help you in the long run. The decision lies on you.


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