25 Best Snapchat Account to Follow in 2020

Best Snapchat Account to Follow

There’s no doubt that Snapchat is a brilliant place for your mates to post the silliest moments. Yet Snapchat has also drawn global companies, celebrities, and patterns following its launch in 2011. The device has far more to say than just watching what stuff your friends are up to. You will catch breaking news, admire creative artworks, and even some amazing laughs. And all from the warmth of a sofa.

When you’re hunting for any of Snapchat ‘s strongest pages, read on. If you want to find cool people to follow on Snapchat, amusing people to follow on Snapchat or truly fascinating people, it doesn’t matter, we have you covered. We mention the hottest Snapchat accounts in this article that you should start following right now. 

Lifestyle & Celebrities

DJ Khaled

dj khaled - follow on snapchat

DJ Khaled might not be the traditional design, but he redefined the celebrity influence on Snapchat in a single-handed manner — and other companies can benefit from him. More than a year after DJ Khaled first learned about the device in March 2016, it was announced that his Snapchats gained about 3 million to 4 million viewers daily.

Which is the origin thereof? Firstly, his video shooting style is genuinely successful. He enjoys combining boring daily activities — like putting on deodorant and watering his plants — with humorous commentaries and one-liners. The mix of pass-like backstage subjects, funny one-liners, and friendly emojis use allows Khaled ‘s account quite shareable and followable.

Will Smith

Will Smith - follow on snapchat

Will Smith has moved from one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood to a social networking influencer in the last five years, all while still keeping his place as a chart-topping star.

Though he’s produced work for YouTube and Instagram, in a new, original project, Will From Home, he has finally taken his media skills to Snapchat. Will Smith is trapped in his house due to world affairs and will be premiering new episodes every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to inspire viewers to stay in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger - follow on snaochat

The terminator and governor give only one but two terms of a backstage pass: Entertainment and politics. Read more on what it means to be a movie screen actor and a successful leader. If that’s enough, you’ll see plenty of fun selfies in the gym too.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest - on snapchat

When you’re an actor, so you don’t need to go any farther than Ryan Seacrest. Even with his entertaining red carpet appearances, he finds it his job to send us all a lengthy glimpse at others in the limelight. Yet what if you might just take a closer look? Until the next major award ceremony make sure you track Ryan for a more personal peek at your favorite celebrities.


driven - follow on snapchat

The three people behind PTG365 also entered Snapchat to build this Snap First, a multi-million dollar car dealership company with locations around the country. See as these businessmen supply actors and wealthy clientele with their personalized vehicles using little but their mobile and sheer passion. The series only debuted in February and has already appeared on their display clients such as Swae Lee and Rich the Kid.

Keep It

keep it - follow on snapchat

Directly from the same name’s first Crooked Media series, Keep It’s a snap display discussing anything in culture. Keep It is one of the strongest shows for those involved in combining web media with Hollywood movies, from the new movie and album launches to celebrity Twitter wars. The Snap presentation draws the clips from host Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel and transforms it into a series of bingeables.

Bobby “Hundreds” Kim(@bobbyhundreds)

Bobby Kim is a co-founder of famous L.A., commonly recognized as Bobby Hundreds. Streetwear company, Centuries. He is already well established on social media for living high. Join him and you can see some photos of the group behind-the-scenes. You will even get to see the police arrest him. His daily life is sort of a wild game.


Due to the robust editing resources accessible from Snapchat, snaps can be so many more that the fact requires. Some users have also turned to perfect their snap editing skills into their company.


chino - follow on snapchat

That’s Well … Chino. This snapchatter has one tag, like Madonna or Cher, but does not belt out ballads of influence. Yes, with his nose placed in the center, he pops out the elaborately illustrated movie and television scenes. If you enjoy films, you might be having a kick out of what Chino has to give.

Christine Mi 

Christine Mi - follow on snapchat

While she leaves her mold sometimes, Christine loves to take selfies and then sketch popular pieces of art around her gorgeous profile. Why wouldn’t be the highlight in the painting?

Georgio Bassil 

Georgio Bassil - follow on snapchat

The unique theme of Georgio’s snap artist is to add whimsical creatures to the images. He is so skilled at making lovely characters that in a Pixar movie his creations could be at home. Further to the fact, there is nothing like them out there. Each photo you see is an event completely special.

Audrey Spencer 

Audrey Spencer - follow on snapchat

As a case the punny snap name of Audrey isn’t enough of a justification to pursue her, she has cats too. Yeah, we came to the subject of animals. You didn’t think you ‘d get to a Social Network post without kids, did you? And sketches to match, Audrey presents them in cute design.

Cyrene Quiamco

Cyrene Quiamco - follow on snapchat

Cyrene was once a Verizon web builder and is now a full-time snapchatter. That’s right, via the shake, she makes a living entertaining others. Be able to attract her intricate and vivid scribbles. Yet it’s her “celebrity selfies” where she sketches thorough photos of everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Bruno Mars next to her own, that set her apart completely.

Geir Ove Pedersen

Geir Ove Pedersen  - follow on snapchat

Beware. You may be the focus of one of the next Geir pictures. Using his Snapchat illustration abilities he loves to take casual images of strangers to make them exceptional. Think of it as a virtual reality company, the Geir.

Steven Paananen

Steven Paananen - follow on snapchat

Okay, perfect. He is not a snap guy, specifically. Steven usually doesn’t post elaborately dressed snaps. We decided to include him here though because in his way he is an artist. Steven is a “Balloon Artist Juggler Unicyclist Photographer” based in Massachusetts. He’s fond of seeing people happy and spreading the smiles through social media. And frankly, who isn’t amused by this kind of job title?

Lifestyle Lessons

You may have done it with cute and pretty and you want something you can use. Look no farther than those representing gurus.

Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho - follow on snapchat

When you’re reading a 1000 job list of the best Snapchat accounts to track, you may need to get off the sofa. We did get you. Cassey is a queen in health, who makes it her Snapchat task to inspire (and move) others.

Naomi Davis 

Naomi Davis - follow on snapchat

Naomi is a lifestyle writer who loves blogging about becoming a happy Big Apple mum. She’s complaining about her three babies, her insane city, and how she’s trying hard to manage everything.


FailArmy - follow on snapchat

There is no lack of “fail” videos online, but FailArmy has aggregated some of the strongest material on the site that we’ve ever seen. They ‘re among the best in the world, making some of today ‘s greatest online failed montages.

Each episode is sure to make you laugh over and over again. In a style that goes back to the laughter of America’s Funniest Home Videos, each moment you launch the feature, it is sure to be a success. 

Erica Domesek

Erica Domesek - follow on snapchat

Erica’s is the most useful Snapchat account on this site. She’s built a reputation for herself as an authority on DIY (do it yourself). Furthermore, she can share with her fans everything she learns, including design tricks, tasty recipes, and behind-the-scenes photoshoots.

Bench mob


benchmob - follow on snapchat

Snapchat’s demographic skews younger and whether you’re either in high school (or college) and want to see some of today’s world’s most exciting youth athletes, Benchmob is the ideal tale to watch. Designed to showcase user-submitted videos from across the US, you’ll see students from high school doing impressive power feats.


If you love playing, viewing, or following video games, you owe it to yourself to make sure you keep up with the latest headlines about gaming, eSports, and anything else that affects the scene.


TryHard - follow on snapcaht

Through satire and stories and serious facts in the eSports industry, TryHard is the perfect place to gain exposure to all the headlines through Overwatch and Fortnite to Rocket League and Call of Duty, there’s all you may like in the eSports world. There are reports, quizzes, and a lot of jokes, which makes it worth checking out.

Mojo Plays (@Mojoplays)

A full original show focused on YouTube’s WatchMojo page, MojoPlays is counting down the top ten on every gaming list you may think about. The first season aired last fall, where the series featured Fortnite’s top ten dances, making it an outstanding kickoff season for what is a well worth subscribing display.

FaZe Clan (@FaZeclan)

This community of eSports teams, formerly known as FaZe Sniping is one of the most successful in the world. They were formed in 2010, and are popular for their Counter-Strike plays: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Fortnite, and Overwatch along with other competitive shooting games.

The squad has raised more than $6 million from tournaments alone, so you can test their reports on your phone by flipping through their Snap videos.

Name Me If You Can (@namemeifyoucan)

The exclusive story mode of Snapchat will give way to all sorts of apps, including the option to play some fun guessing games while swiping through your everyday stories.

Call Me If You Will ask audiences to guess the right response from trivia questions about their favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel characters, and several other products. There’s lots of fun to be had, from naming the character accurately to recognizing the “false” version.


The regular roundup of Snapchat’s own best Snaps from around the planet is practically a must-follow. Snaps of the Day offers you the best snaps each day, from competitions to brand-new filters. — the episode is quick, enjoyable and it gives you a few different themes to choose from every day.

We ‘re as shocked as anybody else has taken Snapchat so long to deliver such a simple concept, so it’s a fantastic way to remain updated about the program.

Those profiles are just the tip of the iceberg, so it doesn’t imply you ‘d have to click through them. Check them out, to see how much more Snapchat will be than just posing to talking.

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