10 Best Social Media Automation Tools in 2021

The global concurrence of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn has massively influenced the online grasp of companies. Statistics reveal that around 42% of the world’s population is active on social media, which roughly adds up to 3.2 billion users worldwide. Furthermore, the number keeps surging with new users connecting every day.

These raising numbers signify the prospect of social media channels for marketers. But leveraging this powerful tool is a tedious task for marketers. Your brand needs to be coherent, accessible, and pertinent on social media.

It is also imperative to track trends, assess the performance of social efforts, and engross constantly with prospects on social channels. Performing all these activities while running several marketing campaigns is arduous, which is why social media automation has a chief role in marketing tactics.

Automation consists of tasks such as disseminating content, planning future content posts, republishing prevalent content, developing trending content, and tracking the engagement on content posts. Some innovative social media automation tasks are social listening and sentiment analysis, which aid brands in engaging with their prospects on a much more significant level.

There are various features provided by different social media automation tools. Let’s look at the basic automation features a tool must offer. Cogitate these as your benchmark while investing in a social media automation platform.

Here are the Best Automation tools:

There is a wide range of social media automation tools present, each posing its own set of automation elements. While some are inclusive tools offering almost all functions collected, some concentrate predominantly on the main feature.

Let us take a look at six of the finest social automation platforms available in the market:



One of the most popular names in the social automation space, Hootsuite has been offering social media automation services since 2008. It is an all-inclusive automation platform that provides full scope for marketers to work around with their social automation.

Features presented by Hootsuite are social scheduling, integration with almost all social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.), custom reports, measuring social ROI, real-time updates, and notifications on brand references. Progressive features also comprise social listening, sentiment analysis, and in-depth reporting for radical campaigns.

Hootsuite also assists marketers with location-based content explorations. The rudimentary features are on hand for a lifetime free account with one user and three social accounts. Higher packages assort from $18, to $650, and above relying on the number of users, social channels, and feature sets.


BuzzSumo is another conventional social automation platform, with a chief focus on determining trending social topics depending on industries, domains, and keywords. BuzzSumo makes it stress-free for marketers to keep track of trending content and measure its pertinence as well as function. This helps marketers influence the real-time value of viral and trending matters.

Features provided by BuzzSumo are post publishing and scheduling, content assessment centered on location, domain, and platforms, incorporation with multiple social channels, and influencer tracking. Some innovative features such as content analyzer, question analyzer, Facebook analyzer, crisis alert, and competitor intelligence tracking are also integrated into the feature set.

You can benefit from the limited free plan provided by BuzzSumo with common content and influencer search capabilities. Additional features and packages commence from $99 to $499, and more depending on the capabilities you desire.


As the name implies, CoSchedule makes it simpler for marketers to prepare their social posts before time. It is a highly suggested platform for social media marketers to handle multiple accounts in one place without stress. It helps in the scheduling of over 60 posts at a time, making it a flawless experience for you to strategize your social calendar.

Other features made accessible by Coschedule consist of the social organizer, headline analyzer, social inbox, analytics, and rearranging of content. It also presents a wide feature assortment for other marketing features such as marketing calendar, asset organizer, and content organizer.

The basic social media management tool can be obtained for a price of $100 per month, which goes up to $300, and more based on advanced features.

Agora Pulse

Another wide-ranging tool that perchance is an ideal social automation platform is Agora Pulse. It provides all the key features anticipated from social automation means.

Features provided by the tool are planning and scheduling social content on various platforms, performance assessment of social content, team collaboration, and reposting. It also assists smart analytics to estimate trends.

Search for the features of Agora Pulse for 28 days with the free trial version, after which you can subscribe to paid plans from $89 to $459 per month depending on the features you select.



If you belong to a social media agency or an e-commerce platform, Buffer is an ideal social automation platform for you. Easy bulk planning and flawless management of various social channels are the main features provided by Buffer.

Budding businesses can depend on Buffer for developing their brand using social media to its paramount advantage. Basic features are social posting and scheduling, social inbox and responses, analytics and custom reports. An easy-to-use dashboard accelerates breaking down of complicated social workflows. Sharing of social data also aids you in collaborating effectively within the team.

Buffer is also a cost-effective tool with a price range starting at $15 per month and going up to $99 per month for larger teams.

Sprout Social

A famous brand among marketers for social media automation, Sprout Social is a thorough social media platform. Its contributions are categorized based on the user-type – enterprise, agencies, and small businesses.

The features kit has social planning and publishing, social conversion tracking, analytics, platform integrations, social community building, and engagement tracking. It also provides superior features such as social advocacy platforms, trend and influencer tracking, sophisticated attribution for campaign measurement, and advanced analytics for social decision making.

The standard package provides basic features onsets from $99 per user per month, which encompasses up to $249 per user per month reliant on the features used.


If Instagram is the center for your business, then Kicksta is a perfect choice, as a social media automation tool that is designed specifically for Instagram, it will not only raise your engagement steeply and grow your following but save you the time it takes to make that happen. They’re not doing anything out of the usual, just liking and commenting on targeted posts, but it’s all on autopilot. 

Here are some of the main benefits of using Kicksta: Get real engagement and followers, instead of trying to game the system, or worse, buy them. Preclude 15 hours a day contest on Instagram! Develop your account 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

Pursue audiences by hashtags, gender, location, and more. Keep your account preserved. Kicksta has been around since 2015 and is aware as to how to follow the rules.


Earlier, Crowdfire was just a tool to handle Twitter and Instagram followers. Though, it has lately got a major update and has come out to be one of the most superior automation tools in 2018.

It doesn’t matter if you are handling a brand’s existence or would like to uplift the reach of your personal content, Crowdfire will definitely meet your prerequisites.

Crowdfire also lets you explore those Twitter users who are inactive so that you can unfollow them if you want to. You can also assess the following of any other user with its “Copy Followers” feature.

The developed posts feature searches for the best content you can share with your viewers. The tool can spontaneously perform cross-platform content posting and advises the ideal time for posting it as well.


Most marketers whine these days about the existence of so much noise on social media. In order to function brand monitoring and keyword analysis, they often need to devote a lot of time and effort.

This is exactly where Socialert can assist you. The tool will make the procedure of social media listening unproblematic with tons of additional features. You can easily trail hashtags and keywords on a real-time basis. The tool will inform you whenever a certain keyword is cited so that you will never miss a conversation.

In this way, you can simply collect user-generated content, perform brand monitoring, look for industry-related influencers, and so much more. It can help you enumerate the reach of your content. You can sift results on the basis of time, location, sentiments, etc. The tool offers in-depth reports that can be saved in a CSV format.


In a nutshell, Pocket is similar to Pinterest for content. It is a freely accessible Chrome extension that can enable you to save any content. Already used by millions of users across the world, the app has accumulated over 2 billion posts so far.

You can put the content of your choosing in your Pocket account and retrieve it anytime and anywhere, as per your ease. It is incorporated with 1500+ platforms like Twitter, Pulse, Flipboard, and more. The tool also has an iOS and Android app in addition to a Chrome extension. Therefore, you can access the saved content as per your needs


  1. Content Publishing

One of the most common features of a social media automation tool is to broadcast content directly on various social platforms. These tools assist integration with your social channels and let you select the channels you wish to publish content on.

Once you develop the message, the tool should display a preview of the content on your social channels. This feature is valuable as you can easily publish content across many channels at one time.

  1. Scheduling Posts

Another important feature offered by social media automation tools is timing future posts. This enables you to plan your social content strategy in advance, so you can make the best out of your social media platforms.

It also lets you know when your audience is active on social platforms and allows you to post at those times irrespective of your schedule. Tools extend the scheduling of posts up to more than a month.

  1. Easy-to-use Dashboard

Social media automation is a vibrant process that assimilates with various channels, users, and content. This is why it is essential to sustain a simple and clean dashboard on your automation tool.

You need to capitalize on an automation platform that offers an easy-to-use user interface that permits easy accessibility to all necessary elements.

  1. Republishing Content

Regularly building new and innovative content is a tiring process. Hence, marketers need to repurpose, republish, and repost existing content. This can mean using owned historic content or curated content shared by pertinent channels. Your social automation tool must expedite easy reposting of content, as well as curating relevant content.

  1. Automated Responses

Social media channels let your prospects and customers directly engage with your brand. It is imperative for your teams to respond instantly, regardless of your time zones.

Automation platforms let you set up preset responses for messages received on your social channels. This benefits in keeping your prospects engaged despite the absence of agents at any time. Make sure you select a social automation tool that stipulates a feature to create automated responses.

  1. Analysis

Your automation tool must pursue all your social platforms and be prepared to measure and scrutinize the functioning of your social campaigns.

This helps you highlight efforts that make a difference in augmenting your social engagement, brand building, and conversions. Hence, stout analysis and reporting is an essential feature of social media automation.

  1. Social Media Ad Automation

Marketing on social channels like Facebook and Instagram offers brands with prospects to convey the value of their products and services based on interests, behavior, location, etc.

Hence, it is imperative for your automation tool to offer vigorous ad automation functionality to build, implement, and assess social media ads.


Every marketer must execute social media in their marketing campaigns and what superior way to do it than with automation. Social media automation is an idyllic way to control social media channels for the progress of your business. Select the right automation tools and trail these best attempts to get the most out of social automation.

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