10 Best Twitter Growth Tools Ruling in the Market (2021)

Best Twitter Growth Tools

Being a micro-blogging site where tweets are restricted to 280 characters, Twitter’s usage of brevity style divides it from other social networking companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Twitter is a way to think quickly, and even though the social network doubled the message character cap from 140 to 280 characters, only 1% of tweets reached that 140-character cap. Shifting in this ocean of Twitter resources and seeking a decent bargain might be a very difficult job, so we did the dirty work for you!

To make the most of the network, all the internet advertisers and citizens trying to increase their revenue or expand their influence need to learn about these Twitter resources.

Managing this strong network with these resources that every power user needs to learn about could be more enjoyable and efficient. The obstacle for social network advertisers is to find out how to cash in on the game.

This is where social media marketing strategies are launched intended to help you expand your Twitter following. Let’s look at 10 of the strongest resources to improve your Twitter fans.

Here are the Best Tools for Twitter growth:



Crowdfire provides a user-friendly interface, with cool and easy use of the ios device. Later it had all the apps like supporting and unfollowing non-followers etc. As I said, all such apps are gone since Twitter was pressured to do so.

Therefore, if some app includes such functions, they’re breaking the laws of Twitter. Don’t use such apps, is our suggestion. When you stop using those, you won’t be able to restore your account. They made that very clear.

Crowdfire has recently introduced some much stronger functionality. Only the Crowdfire Plus package (the lowest option) also requires 10 social networks to be connected. 

Any cool new features are, now you can plan posts on social media (Crowdfire also recommends scheduling content to your social network based to your interests/topics), plan posts in bulk, attach and manage team members, monitor your @Mentions, react to certain mentions right inside the Crowdfire app.

Social media analytics is the most important feature. Given all the requisite post analytics, social network profile analytics, and competitor analytics in one location, you will spend less time searching and more on marketing.

Isn’t that cool? You don’t need to search the numerous applications or websites. All the necessary features and analytics for social media management are on Crowdfire here.



Tweepi is one of the strongest resources for quick rising Twitter followers. Sadly, you will no longer be able to use the free edition, after you have reached their cap (the cap is 60,000 followers).

This is a device that provides you with a broad range of filtering tools that you couldn’t find elsewhere on the internet. You can find the best accounts to track filtering by location, language, count of followers, and ratio, etc. But now it’s a two-step process following new Twitter accounts.

As of improvements, it introduced Twitter API in 2017, where you can no longer follow filtered accounts directly through the Tweepi. “Lead” icon modified to the “Watch Set” column. Clicking on the “Follow List” tab would immediately attach your user to a private Twitter list.

Go to your Twitter account and locate the list named “tweepi-pending-follow.” Follow the Tweepi-curated group leaders instead. It has never been so quick to unfollow accounts that don’t have a decent bio or profile pic. So, you’d earn more Twitter followers with Tweepi (engaging and niche-specific followers) while keeping a stable account without fake followers.


Owlead is a forum for automating the following method and for your account acquiring targeted and actual Twitter followers. This one, though, is the strongest. The platform’s magic takes place behind the scenes, with smart and custom filters that enable you to limit an audience based on:

  • Keywords in bio
  • Language In English
  • Localizing
  • Gender

After narrowing your target, Owlead will start following 50 users per campaign on autopilot from your target (and unfollowing if necessary). You will customize the campaigns from 1 to 5. I was messing around with the app and in 8 days I acquired 685 new fans, pretty impressive yeah! The app also provides a dashboard with important details about your latest activity:

  • Growth of fans.
  • Win followers with Owlead and without.
  • The follower’s value.
  • Your followers’ Value Ratings.

Owlead has a cool 10-day free trial preview, go ahead and check it out and draw your conclusions regarding this development resource on Twitter. You’ll need to choose a contract from $19 to $99 a month during the trial phase.


No list of social media management tools is complete without mentioning Hootsuite, a tool loved by marketers around the world for social media marketing.

Hootsuite’s beauty lies in its flexible functionality, which enables you to seamlessly maintain several accounts through a wide spectrum of social networking channels. Like other Twitter control applications, Hootsuite helps you to handle several accounts-perfect for sub-brand organizations or businesses.

Hootsuite lets you manage your Twitter presence from a single dashboard, monitor conversations, tracklists, and increase your audience by:

  • Planning tweets.
  • Usage of UTM codes to track the material where most traffic reaches.
  • Tracking the @mentions.

Hootsuite frequently offers a variety of useful tips on different topics like how to use the site to expand the Twitter following. Hootsuite’s plans begin at $19/month and go up to $599 for businesses needing the complete experience.


You have to update the posts at the best time of the day to earn more Twitter fans. Else the intended market does not see the Tweets. Buffer helps plan our Tweets according to our niche and the target to get the best visibility and interaction.

When you want to easily gain more Twitter subscribers, try using Buffer to plan at least five tweets a day. Ten is better than ever. Buffer provides a software plugin to install content from the internet on the social network. Just click the Extension button when you’ve come across a content worth sharing.


Audiense is a common Twitter management platform at the business level and is accessible to ordinary users like you and me. This is a Twitter approved company and it swears by any novice or pro-Twitter person.

Audiense provides apps to enable you to get the best out of your Twitter page. We love discovering the influencers to talk to, choosing the best time to tweet for full CTR, running automatic Direct message campaigns to mention only a few of their very helpful apps.

You will follow, unfollow & find users like-minded twitter users quickly too. Here is one resource that you will be using to make the most of your Twitter profile. Note, this one is not for those with a light head. 

Manage Filter

ManageFlitter also provided identical functionality to Crowdfire, and Twitter has dropped several of the in-app apps. Nonetheless, you can also notice some nice things from your Twitter account, including cleaning Fake/Spam fans.

We use ManageFlitter to clean (unfollow) my Twitter accounts because filters like no picture profile, bogus, and inactive function sleekly than any device.

Even if the functionality of Crowdfire and ManageFlitter are pretty much the same, our experience reveals that the behavior of the filters and the Twitter growth levels differ significantly.

To achieve full access to your Tweets, ManageFlitter provides sophisticated analytics and exclusive functionality including “PowerPost”.

If you manage several of your customers’ Twitter accounts, consider pricing and the various features these tools offer. A mix of two methods also functions best to manage to account for customers. Unfortunately, they’re not offering this free plan now, but you’ll see that for this price, Pro and Business plans are the best.


With 280 characters at your disposal, Twitter pushes you to hit the target. So, usually, this is a positive thing. It’s crucial what you say but how you say it will also influence your performance.

Using a high-quality picture may be the difference between incredibly positive interaction and completely zero. For concise and visually appealing content a Twitter card may be very useful.

With TwitHelper you can build a Twitter card in seconds. The app also markets the interest by rightly claiming that image tweets earn 150 percent more retweets on its homepage.

Other common figures are going about, with Buffer reporting that “Those without tweets with picture connections are having 2x the interaction limit.” Twitter also makes it obvious that using photographs will improve interaction by claiming “Images in Retweets show an improvement of 35 percent.”

We already know directly that utilizing photos will improve interaction through social networks and unlock new doors. When creating ready images on Twitter via TwitHelper there are three steps to follow. Find a screenshot of the context, or share your own.

This is your image’s “ground floor,” and the foundation for your Twitter wallet, with TwitHelper offering millions of copyright-free images. You may be crying about the kids. There’s a wide range, of thousands of pictures, irrespective of the subject.

You can insert any text as an optional step, to overlay the image. You may want to write your blog post’s title to the picture. You’ve also got something important in mind. Anything you come up with can be quickly added to any Twitter card. For a Twitter wallet, TwitHelper will play a significant part in through interaction, but only if you use it to your benefit.

Revive Old Post (Plugin for WordPress)

Revive Old Post

This is one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins on Twitter. This plugin tackles your blog’s biggest issue of managing old evergreen material. When you have activated the app, it can update the article on your Twitter timeline automatically.

The plugin was originally only designed for Twitter but now it also supports other popular social networking networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr & Xing due to user demand.

The free plugin comes with the simple auto-tweeting features. The real value is in the pro version that also automatically tweets the featured image. It’s no brainer that the picture performs very well with tweets.


Nuzzel is the device for raising noise from twitters. You will figure out certain tweets (news) that are posted by a specified number of your twitter buddies using Nuzzel. This means you’ll filter the noise down and find some messages you shouldn’t forget. Nuzzel is helpful for all Twitter users who choose to search the latest messages to read or reshare on their page.

You may even customize Nuzzel to access the digest of such messages, and more regarding linking it to utilities such as Wallet, Instapaper, and the buffer app. They do have an update for ios that you can access. We haven’t downloaded the device so far, but the reports seem positive.


When there are people involved in what you have to suggest on Instagram, so you never have to wonder second. Here they are. You just have to find these. Ideally, you’ll be able to develop your Twitter following with the aid of the resources above and, most significantly, improve interaction with your fans.

While reading this post, you might have said to yourself “This works just with major companies who already have a huge following.” Don’t let that little voice slow you down. Such resources will help everyone through their interaction on Twitter. No matter what the total number of followers is. The strategy you used in the past is not the same now. You may use these resources to increase interaction instantly if you are committed to it.

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