15 Best & Creative Ways to Sell on Instagram in 2021

Instagram is the largest digital, social community with more than 1 billion social media profiles using it each day. From sharing photos and videos to selling products or becoming an influencer, Instagram’s ever-growing trajectory has made it a hub of possibilities for people of all ages, across the globe.

Owing to a large community that this platform hosts, Instagram has become a sort of an online market for businesses to sell their products or services, reach their target audience, and drive the graph of sales.

In fact, small businesses largely leverage this social network to convert Instagram followers to potential customers, boost digital earnings, and eventually become a bigger brand.

There are numerous ways to sell on Instagram; it solely depends on how strategic and creative one can get. The following are some of the proven, innovative and creative ways to sell products on Instagram that can definitely escalate your digital presence and product sales.  

Here are the Best Creative Ways to Sell on Instagram:

Convert to a Business Profile 

Insta Business Profile

Converting to a standard Business Profile from a Personal Account, a free feature by Instagram, gives you access to multiple beneficial options to help sell your products, such as Instagram insights.

This feature will show you profile metrics including website clicks, profile visits, impressions etc.. You can also track the location, age groups, gender and active times of your followers. Further, you can obtain a thoroughly analytical view of how your individual posts or stories are performing.  

Combined well in aggregate form, this extremely useful information can help you create more personalized products for your customers or help you more strategically expand your target audience for greater product sales.

Other important features that a business profile enables are Story Links, through which you can add links to your website, landing pages, or even other posts/stories on your Instagram to increase engagement; and a Call To Action button, which appears in the Bio of your Instagram profile and allows the audience to call, email, get directions or shop from your business.  

Use Instagram Ads 

There is no better way of Instagram marketing than to use Instagram Ads to sell products on this platform. With Instagram Ads, you can decide your budget, choose where your ads appear, for how long you want them to run, and what kind of audience you want to target.

You can personalize your ad campaigns to suit your business’ requirements. Instagram can be extremely useful regardless of whether yours is a small or an established business, for you can set a befitting budget for your business. 

The easiest way to use ads on Instagram is to promote individual posts. Further, you can also get insights about which ad campaigns are working, by clicking the ‘View Results’ option at the bottom left corner of your ad.

You can also choose to send these ads to your followers via Direct Messages, which is in fact, a proven way to increase e-commerce sales. To drive followers to purchase your products, you may also use a call to action button such as ‘Shop Now’ along with your ad.  

Add Product Links in Instagram Stories 

Instagram Stories are highly visible and their popularity is not a hidden fact. With several million stories posted daily on Instagram, businesses have found Insta Stories as the new creative way to sell their products on Instagram.

These are beneficial in several ways – they allow you to engage with your followers more frequently and on a personal basis; by showing products in action, promotion offers or displaying new products, Stories on Instagram can exponentially increase traffic, that can be converted to a potential market. 

Plus, by adding links to Stories, you can direct users to your website, or e-commerce portal. For added visibility, you can add a short text, calling the customers for action. When people click on the links in your stories, the Instagram algorithm organically ranks your businesses higher in search results and hashtags.  

Instagram-only Offers and Promotions 

If you offer exclusive discounts or sales, solely for the users who follow your Instagram, then not only will your business drive its product sales, but also intrigue other social media users to head to your business profile. Add the discount or promo codes in the caption, comments or in Instagram Stories to encourage users to click on these links to avail the offer.  

Pro Tip: To drive more audience to your brand, you may also create the teasers for exclusive Instagram promotions on other social media networks. This will encourage people to check out and even follow your brand on Instagram, in order not to miss out on future discounts and offers. More organic followers means more engagement and therefore, better search rankings in the Instagram algorithm.  

Partner with Instagram Influencers 

Promoting your business or its products through someone who already has a considerable following on Instagram, is a win-win situation for both, the influencers and the brand.

Establishing partnerships with Instagram influencers to promote your products is one the most contemporary ways to sell on Instagram. When users see that your products are actually put into use by real life people, it automatically builds up authenticity and customer trust.  

If you are a small business or startup with a limited budget, you can partner with micro-influencers on Instagram who have followers in the range of 1000 to 100000.

Investing in Influencer marketing can reap fruitful results provided you are setting out clear goals and a targeted strategy in line with the niche of your business, to make the affiliation feel as natural as possible.  

Add Store/Website Links in Instagram Bio 

When people check out an Instagram profile, the first thing they look at is the bio in your profile description. In fact, this is the perfect place on Instagram to include links to your website or e-commerce store.

Therefore, using this space wisely can prove profitable. You can create custom call to action buttons with a unique URL to your website, indicating customers to shop for products, or subscribe to your newsletter, get in touch with you or directing them to your e-commerce store.

With this addition to your Instagram, you will also be able to track how much of your website’s traffic is coming from Instagram. If you do not have a website, you may also use this space to lead your followers to specific sponsored posts such as those that include your product catalog, product links, or to-be-launched products, etc..  

Personalized, Post Happy Customer Stories

When social media users see your product actually being bought and used by real persons, it gives your business a human connect and credibility.

Therefore, posting customer testimonials and reviews can be of twofold advantage – one, it shows that people are actually buying your products and two, when customers share their experiences of using your product, it gives others a fascination to purchase your brand’s products.  

Also, you can ask your customers to post their reviews on their own timelines and tag your business profile. Doing so, creates an effect of personalization that the followers can relate to.

This will undeniably, increase your reach on Instagram and also lead to better search rankings. And needless to say, more happy customers means a more successful business.  

Post Demo Videos, Tutorials 

Posting how-to-use product demos and DIY tutorials are some brilliant ways to sell on Instagram. A majority of customers buy products that have a crystal clear message or use.

Let your customers know precisely why your products are unique, what are some unique ways to use them, and mainly, how your products can be of use to them. By posting demo videos or tutorials, you not only encourage customers to take a look at your products but also possibly buy them.  

For instance, if you sell apparel on Instagram, then you can show your customers various outfit ideas using your collection of clothes if you sell cosmetic products, you can post makeup tutorials, or if you sell food products, then you can post recipe tutorials using the materials that you sell. Demo videos are beneficial as they reveal how exactly a product has to be used and this can be the game-changer for your business.  

Create an Instagram Store 

If you have a product ready catalog to showcase your products on social media, then Instagram shopping can be a handy tool. For this, you can make your Instagram posts ‘shoppable’.

This means that although your Instagram feed will look like an organic one when users click on an image and tap to view the products that are tagged, they would see the product name and details. Further, when they click on the pop-up tags, they will be directed to the product details page or to your website.  

Instagram shopping feature allows businesses to tag the products that are available for sale and lets users purchase them directly within the app. Creating a shoppable Instagram store could reflect a big boost in sales provided you are using it strategically.

To make it easier than ever, you can simply import Shopify’s plugin called Shoppable Instagram galleries to your business profile on Instagram.  

Reveal the Process Behind Creating the Products 

Instagram stories are the place where you can be most creative and what better way to show your audience, what goes behind creating your product?

Posting behind-the-scenes videos or post stories of the processes involved in manufacturing or curating a product is a proven way to engage more audience. Plus, when you do so, you give the audience a testimony that your products are sustainable and produced via an environment-friendly means.  

This builds customer trust and authenticity, which is the never-failing formula for a business’ success. When more people see how you create your products, the more impressionable they become of your brand and will possibly buy your products.

A popular example of this tactic is the famous Nescafe Gold ad, in which they show a backward procedure outline of the steps involved in making a great cup of coffee.  

Create Product Teasers Ahead of Launch 

Piquing interest in what is to come is among the best ways to sell on Instagram or in fact, on any other platform. When you post product teasers ahead of its launch, it is a general tendency that people will head to your profile on the day of launch to check out the actual product or collection. Not only will this increase traffic, but also lead your followers to check out past products.   

To get the best out of this step, you can also give your audience pre-order discounts, or other early bird offers to motivate them to buy the products. Get your customers excited about what’s coming! You may share little glimpses of future products or some exclusive information and your sales are sure to reach sky heights. 

Add Engaging, Witty Captions 

The best way to attract followers to your Instagram business profile is to nail the caption of your posts. A compelling photo that is not accompanied by a striking, catchy caption can be a major drive away for the audience. Therefore, putting a qualitative caption requires as much thought and effort as goes into posting a flawlessly designed photo. 

With captions, there are numerous creative possibilities that can do the trick for your business. For example, you can use funny and witty prompts encouraging the followers to post a comment, post-life stories, or add any call to action, (and not necessarily pitching your products in all of them!) such as asking them to visit your website, or watch a video, read an article or look through your new product collections, etc..

This will encourage people to engage more with your posts on Instagram, giving your business a personal human connection. Posting unique, captivating captions indeed makes for some of the most incredible ways to sell on Instagram.  

Use Hashtags Wisely 

Hashtags on Instagram can literally make or break your business. Using the right hashtags at the right time can do wonders for the rankings of your post.

For example, as a social media user, if someone is searching Instagram for the images of designer fashion, what will make your post rank higher in the vast number of search results, are the matching hashtags. Learning the art of using hashtags can let your products reach potentially millions of people.  

While using hashtags, always remember that neither too many, nor too few hashtags, but only the right ones do the trick. To select the most relevant ones, check out what the Influencers in your niche are using and which hashtags people are most searching for.

But at the same time, you should also watch out for the hashtags that might be stuffed with too many posts, because this will bury yours and may make it invisible among the other posts included in the hashtag. You can also use Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools to find the hashtags that best suit your brand.   

Flaunt Products with Attractive Backdrops 

Designing how your products appear on Instagram makes a big difference in sales, for the users are first intrigued to check out your products only when the thumbnail appeals to them.

The ideal background for displaying your product would be such that the main product stands out distinctly. Indeed, one cannot deny the value of creating stunning graphic photos for Instagram, for this is what first leads followers to check out the products on a profile.  

The backdrop and overall design of a product photo should, of course, be in sync with the overall brand theme. Simultaneously, you must also ensure that each photo is the focal point and unique from the overall catalog.

Great designing and photo editing can drive more traffic than ever on your Business profile and for doing so, you can use Instagram photo editing apps for generating great visual graphics.  

Encourage Customer Interaction and Engagement 

Users’ engagement on an Instagram profile determines how popular it is going to be in the long run. Better the interaction and engagement, better your business profile is favored by the Instagram algorithm.

Including a call to action in captions, comments or Stories is a great way to build engagement among your followers and pique interest in your products.  

Other ways to build engagement can be to host giveaways, photo contests, live videos, discounts for commenters, replying to commenters, and so on.

Doing so would not only boost traffic on your Business profile but also encourage users to take a look at your products and even buy them after coming across them regularly.  


To be true, there is no end to the ways to sell on Instagram, for there is no limit to innovation, creativity, and marketing tactics that one may utilize for promotions. Increasing sales on Instagram can instantly boost your business and collect profits for it.

To do so however, requires the right target audience to recognize your brand who would naturally take interest in what you offer. The aforementioned are a few selected and tested creative ways to sell products on Instagram, that are sure to drive traffic your way.

So, if you are serving what people actually are on the lookout for, then, without a doubt, your sales graphs are ready to become steeper! 

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