10 Best YouTube Travel Vloggers Across the Globe in 2021

Best YouTube Travel Vloggers in the World

Oh, how we yearn to behold the majesty of the world with our own eyes! And oh how we mourn that we hardly have money to get through the month… so the best we can do is spend hours and hours watching some of the best travel vlogs on YouTube. And boy! There sure are plenty of travelers who try their best to help us experience whatever they’re experiencing.

There are many travelers who started in poverty or who had to sell everything possible to travel across the globe. Doing this takes guts, time, and dedication, they also have to make sure that they are earning while traveling so that they don’t get stuck anywhere. In this article, we’ll learn about the best YouTube travelers who boast a huge fan base and who offer top-notch quality videos from across the globe.

Further ahead you might observe that this article is written in Subscribers ranking format, this happened because there was no other way to rank them. Do note that subscribers are prone to rise and fall like stock markets.

Here Are The YouTube travelers across the Globe!

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens - youtube travellers

Let’s kick start this article with Mark Wiens (Migrationology) who as of July 2021 has a whopping 6.39 million followers and 1,081 (and counting) videos on YouTube! Mark Wiens is originally from Phoenix (Arizona U.S.A) but now he is based in Bangkok and travels frequently (well duh!) with his wife.

I firmly believe that there’s no better way to understand a country or a region than through its cuisine; and it’s the same ideology behind Mark Wiens’ channel. He travels throughout the world just to taste all the delicious food that the country has to offer.

Now you might be like “that ain’t really travel!” Even though we spend more time stuffing ourselves with delicious food than in gazing at the monuments. Mark had a bumpy start and struggled to make a living, but it all changed when his first ebook “Eating the Thai Food Guide” but even after that, it took him 3 years before he was financially stable.

Today, Mark’s blog Migrationology is a massive hit and his videos are quite mesmerizing, fun, and informative to watch. The best thing about Mark Wiens would be–he never wastes food (unless it’s super spicy even for him); this is the ultimate respect for any culture as a foodie. Apart from food, you’ll also find DIY City guides on his channel, his channel and style kind of reminds me of “Street food around the world” from Fox Traveler…

Fun For Louis

Fun For Louis - youtube travellers

I always thought Fun For Louis was the most famous travel YouTuber till I found Mark Weins; although Fun For Louis is on the #2 spot on here, in my heart it is still the #1, why? Because his videos are thrilling and 10/10 times will make you want to pack your back and go on an adventure.

Fun For Louis was launched by Louis Cole back in December 2012 but Louis started his road to fame with another channel called “Food For Louis” which was downright insane and often cringe-worthy due to Louis’ roadkill eating, dead frog-eating, live scorpion eating, and live goldfish eating (got him arrested) stuns. That channel often made you wonder, this dude is nuts! But kept you hooked.

When he started Fun For Louis, it was an entirely different experience, Louis was so dedicated to providing great content that practically sacrificed sleep. His playlist is also quite impressive with different sections for different adventures, like cycling from London to Africa, world flight, adventure Africa (my personal favorite), solvey, world destinations, and a bunch of others.

The best thing about his channel might be the 360° videos! They make things so much more interesting, it also makes you feel like you’re actually there with him. As intoxicating his channel and his adventure are, they came to an end a year ago.

Well an adventure can’t last forever, can it? Now he lives with Raya (from Raya was here) in California and has re-started “food for Louis” but has taken down the gross content and went vegan. Louis Cole has been named as one of the most influential travelers.

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky - youtube travellers

The third spot in this article has been occupied by Drew Binsky (Real name: Drew Goldberg) and I believe that Drew might dethrone “Fun For Louis” in the most Subscribers battle in the upcoming year. Currently (as of August 2021) Drew Binsky has 1.79 million subscribers which are a tiny bit behind Louis, but the most surprising thing might be that Drew only has 751 videos on YouTube, which is less than half of Louis’ (FFL has 1,830 videos on YouTube).

Drew grew up in Arizona and so did Mark Wiens, although Mark was from Phoenix while Drew from Scottsdale. Drew went to the University of Wisconsin and has a double degree in economics and entrepreneurship. Funnily enough, much like Mark, Drew also took up a job of teaching English but in South Korea.

During this time he visited 20 Asian countries and in 2015 he finally quit his job and became a full-time traveler. To date, Drew has visited 191 countries across the globe and has set 2x Guinness World records for visiting the most UNESCO World Heritage site with-in 24 hours and for the fastest suitcase packing.

As mentioned earlier, Drew started in 2015 and since then has uploaded videos regularly till he had to stop due to COVID-19, although he still posts every now and then. The most fun thing in Drew’s channel would be living on $10 or $1 in certain places in the world, which is quite informative if you’re stuck in any country with low bucks in your pocket.

5 months ago Drew made an announcement that his adventure will come to an end soon, but before that he will be visiting 7 countries and these videos will be really long (like 90 mins long) and that he’ll end his journey in Jamaica.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate - youtube travellers

Kara and Nate, this couple is well known for traveling 100 countries. These full-time travel Youtubers, belong from Nashville. It all started in January 2016, when they sold their cars, moved out of their apartment, and boarded for Tokyo with a plan to travel as much as they can in 1 year and return back to Nashville and settle down.

But as they are on this list, you must have guessed that things didn’t go according to their plan. Since then they have been sharing their crazy adventures with us like sleeping outside in Antarctica, climbing an active volcano, sleeping on the side of the mountain, and much more. And today their channel has gained 1.68 million subscribers with 738 videos. Other than Adventure you can check their websites for travel hacks.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing La Vagabonde - youtube travellers

I envy the people who can ride boats/ships without suffering a serious case a sea-sickness and we all envy people who can practically live on ships and travel the world. Anyways, the #5 rank in this article goes to Sailing La Vagabonde, who are perhaps one of the most unique YouTube channels, why?

Because their channel revolves around sailing across the globe! Sailing La Vagabonde was started by an Australian couple named Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu back in 2014. The channel revolves around the couple sailing in their sailboat (Beneteau Cyclades) named La Vagabonde across the ocean. They say, although it is slightly more cost-effective than flying, it is perhaps more dangerous than flying, so one needs to be prepared for anything and everything.

Due to their Massie online success, they managed to get their hands on a 45ft Outremer catamaran, which is now named La Vagabonde II and is way safer and reliable. Since receiving their new yacht, they’ve visited 45 countries and over 40,000 nautical miles!

The couple says that anyone can sail but they need to do their homework and break ties with the land. Anyways, once you start watching their channel, you’ll realize that it’s easy to land a woman if you have a ship that can sail. Also! While the majority of the travelers are home stuck, our Sailing trio is still sailing.

Nas Daily

Nas Daily - youtube travellrs

Now! You might probably disagree that Nas Daily is one of the most popular YouTube travelers, but you would agree that he is quite famous on Facebook. Nas Daily was actually founded and raised on Facebook by Nuseir Yassin but now Nas Daily is available on YouTube and they’re quite famous.

I don’t know why, but it’s quite nice to see your favorite vlogger on YouTube instead of Facebook… Nas Daily has uploaded only 321 videos on YouTube and most of which happen to his old videos from Facebook. Despite this, Nas Daily has 1.44 million subscribers on YouTube, Nas Daily was launched in 2016 after Nuseir quit his job at Venmo.

Nas Daily’s specialty, “One-minute videos” is usually suggested by his followers. Nas Daily also includes information about some of the most remote places and information that the majority of people hardly know. Nuseir believes that Facebook lets you be more personal with your viewers, which is why he rarely posts on YouTube. But we YouTube loving folks sincerely wish that Nas Daily becomes more active on YouTube.

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The Bucket list family

The Bucket list family - youtube travellers

Number 8 in this article is the bucket list family aka the Gee family, this family is one of the rare jewels according to me. The Bucketlist Family was started by Garrett Gee, Jessica Gee (I really want to make a Gee joke but…) and their 3 kids (Manilla, Dorothy, and Caliban).

Their adventure began in 2015 (was 2015 a year for travelers?) When they sold almost everything of monetary value to fund their travel, Garrett also sold his company (Scan) to Snapchat for $54 million. They set for their journey with $5000 and two (then) kids in tow. Their journey was supposed to be a six-month journey but plans changed and now this family of travel journalists has traveled over 75 countries in the last 5 years.

Garrett and Jessica along with their 3 kids have 1.11 million subscribers and over 115 million views on their channel. The Bucket list family now have their online interactive TV series called Traveling home and recently they bought a nice house in Hawaii to settle down.

But this doesn’t mean that their travel stories are going to stop, they will continue on their Adventures and explore the beautiful world together. And they will also keep sharing their experiences and become an inspiration for many of us. They as well as we are still grateful to the decision they made after stepping out of their comfort zone.


VagaBrothers - youtube travellers

So the next we got on this list are Vagabrothers, the duo of Marko and Alex Ayling. They launched their YouTube channel in 2012 when they moved to San Sebastian. And 6 months later they won a contest of filmmaking, the Biggest Baddest Bucket List. Guess what was the reward?

They won a six month trip around the world while producing a  YouTube travel show called BBBTV (Yeah dream come true). They traveled around 25 destinations in 25 weeks and since then they started working as Vagabrothers full time.

They have gained 1.04 million subscribers and more than 76 million views with 428 videos. They use their storytelling and videography skills to make their vlogs entertaining, inspiring, and at the same time informative and useful.

They try to promote understanding of different cultures through their traveling videos. They have shared incredible experiences with us in the form of different series. You can find some great tips on their channel too.

Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest - youtube travellers

Number 10 on this list is “Flying the Nest”, this incredible travel vlog was started by an Aussie (travel-loving) couple back in 2015, and with-in just 5 years they have managed to gain a huge fanbase on YouTube and Instagram. As of August 2021, they boast 876k subscribers and 1,086 videos on YouTube.

Stephen and Jess who just like many others left their jobs to nurture their dream and passion for traveling. They made traveling a full-time gig instead of day-dreaming about traveling. They have been inspiring others through their blogs and YouTube videos. By sharing everything from the hotels where they stay, the best things to eat, and all the unique things one can do in each country; they try their best to make their audience experience what they are experiencing.

After traveling for a year from Feb 2015- Feb 2016 where they created videos to recount their experience, they returned back to their home penniless (well, traveling is costly), they decided to use their skills to make flying the nest a brand. Steven utilized his knowledge about marketing and SEO into practice and brought forth Flying the Nest!

Wolters World

Wolters World - youtube travellers

No. 11 on this list is Wolters World, the most honest-to-god traveling channel that you definitely need to check before preparing for your next adventure. Mark Wolters and his wife Jocelyn with two children explore different parts of the world and try to help people to travel better and today they have 691k subscribers, with 1.8k videos and over 155 million views on their channel!

Mark started this channel to help travelers, after having a bad experience in Italy where he wasted a day of his vacation because he went to a place that a guidebook made sound incredible, this mishap gave birth to Wolters world back in 2009 Wolters World is run by a pretty normal family, what I mean with normal is that they have their jobs, they try to save money by making sacrifices like avoiding dining out and other stuff.

Mark’s day job is of a university lecturer, traveling isn’t a full-time job for him it’s just his hobby to help people with travels. They don’t sugar coating traveling destinations, don’t use drones, avoid extra fluff, don’t copy from other travel vloggers. They share their mistakes, tips (for packing, budgeting, and planning), and advice.

They discuss food, people, and culture of different locations of the world. Their enthusiasm is contagious while their friendly personality and great information make videos interesting and unique. Their dos and don’ts series, things that you’ll love and hate, and other tips will make you Eveready, and you don’t have to watch 30+ min long videos for quick tips. Over-all it’s a must-watch channel before travel.

Mr. Ben Brown

Mr. Ben Brown - youtube travellers

Last but not least! Mr. Ben Brown! Mr. Ben Brown’s channel is run by Ben Brown, a photographer, and filmmaker from London. He made a career out of his travel addiction by documenting his travels. Which made him have 675k subscribers and 1.25k videos on YouTube.

Ben grew up in England, he wanted to become a world-class kayaker but in 2012 he turned his focus to photography and filmmaking but perhaps he announced that he is moving more towards spirituality and healing now. But we can’t miss the exciting travel videos which are there on his channel. The most daring project that he took was the journey to the world’s most remote place, the Arctic.

And his Visual series where he showcases breathtaking and existing adventures through cinematography, Motovlogs series, and live streams are worth re-watching too. He travels and shares the experience from his point of view, and at the same time inspiring his brownies to pack their bags and travel. Mr. Ben Brown and Fun for Louis have tons of videos together and are quite fun to binge-watch.

It’s sad that both of them don’t travel much anymore but I’m glad that they had their adventures and shared it with us in great detail. Now it’s time for us to pack our bags and go have our own adventures but after COVID ends till we stay home and stay safe.

Author’s note

Thank you for hanging out and putting up with your author dearests’ babbling. I feel like I’ve left out many other interesting YouTube travel vloggers but sadly, I couldn’t add them all due to the restrictions. Of course, if you have any issues with our ranking or anything else, do drop us a comment downtown.

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