Blastup Review (2021): Famous for Instagram Marketing Services

BlastUp Review

If you are considering going digital with your business, it is highly unlikely that you would not have heard of the latest and the most popular heavyweights among social media giants, that is the wonder called Instagram. This photo and video sharing social network website has millions of users from across the globe which amounts to its popularity and hype.

In such a case, if you are a business or a social media influencer, looking to take your brand across to the whole world, Instagram is probably the first place to be, on your mind. However, in the vast ocean of real and fake accounts floating on Instagram, stealing specific attention for your brand is no piece of cake.

Getting recognition on social media sites like Instagram requires that you have large numbers of followers on your handle. While your content may be great, it takes a whole lot of time to finally reach a landmark in popularity, where people just begin to recognize you. So, to accelerate this process, you can utilize social media service providers as your basic aid.

Name of Site Rating Avg. Price Range
#1. Social Packages 4.8 $7 – $100
#2. Viralyft 4.7 $2 – $500
#3. Views Expert 4.5 $1.99 – $450
#4. Storm Likes 4.3 $1.39 – $250
#5. 4.1 $1.25 – $300

About Blastup

Blastup, now known as, is one of the best social media service providers that you can use for enhancing your digital presence. Unlike other social marketing websites, Blastup provides customers with only Instagram marketing services.

From this website, you can buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, Instagram views and Automatic Likes. With prompt delivery and high standards of servicing, Blastup is one of the most reliable social media service providers in the industry. And to top it all, their prices are reasonably inexpensive and would not burn a hole in your wallet.

Initially, Blastup opened its services only for registered businesses; now however, their Instagram marketing services are open for public use as well. And if at all you are hesitant about the procedure, they also offer a Free Trial through which you can get up to 50 likes on one of your posts, or split these 50 likes on multiple posts – all of it for free! All you need to do is enter your Instagram username and there you go.

Features of Blastup

Blastup has some unique features, which makes it quite a bit different from other social media service providers. Once you give them the username to your account, they will analyze the content and strategically target the audience that fits best for the brand.

Some of its best features include:

  • 100% Real Followers, Likes and Views

They strategically put your posts on top in Instagram hashtags and hence, gather more organic audience for your Instagram handle. So, if you are surprised by the sudden traffic coming to your account, it is not from automated bots, but real social media users who are truly interested in your content, products or services.

  • Same Day Delivery

Blastup - Same Day Delivery

This is probably the only social media service provider that delivers you the followers, likes etc.. within a matter of minutes of placing an order. Their promptness and lightning speed delivery of results can come in handy if you are trying out a last minute project. And you get this at no extra charge at all!

  • Customer Satisfaction

Blastup is a pro-customer social media marketing service and will above all, ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results delivered for your selected plan. They offer a 100% money back guarantee, should you find the service not up to the mark.

  • Seamless Checkout

Their hassle-free payment process through a secured payment gateway is meant to ensure your privacy and safety. You can use your preferred mode of payment and simply not worry about sharing your bank or card details with the concerned party.

  • Around the Clock Support

Their Customer Support department is always on the go, to ensure that you do not face any issues during and after the entire process of placing an order with Blastup. You can contact them at any time to solve any and all problems with your order, which are very unlikely to be.

  • Free Trial

Blastup - Free Trail

If you are concerned about the credibility of the process, Blastup offers a unique feature to opt for a free trial before making a paid purchase. As mentioned before, the free trial allows you to purchase up to 50 likes for your Instagram post(s), completely free of cost. You only have to enter the username of your account.

Services Offered and Pricing

Blastup is singly devoted to provide prospective customers with Instagram marketing services. Using this website, you can grow followers on Instagram, buy Instagram likes and increase views on Instagram – all of it at prices that you cannot resist. Read on to know more about the packages offered by Blastup.

Buying Instagram followers from Blastup assures you with high quality traffic, coming from authentic Instagram users. As the numbers increase, you can put forth your brand across to thousands of people; and the best part is, their turnaround times are some of the fastest in the industry.

You can get your followers delivered instantly after placing your order, in a matter of minutes! Also, if you see a drop in the followers within 30 days after placing your order, you can expect an automatic refill, free of cost. They offer packages including the  purchase of 100 to 1000 followers.

Price Range: $2.99 – $9.99

Blastup - Buy Instagram Likes

You can buy real Instagram likes for your posts and videos on Blastup and expect instant delivery in a matter of minutes. They offer packages for every budget, starting from 100 and up to 2500 real likes.

Also, one of the unique features of Blastup is Delayed Likes. With this option, you can adjust the speed of how fast or slow you would prefer the likes to reflect in your account. Unlike many other social media services, this feature offered by Blastup, makes your account appear naturally credible and organic.

Price Range: $2.99 – $29.99

Blast up Buy Instagram Views

To get more views on Instagram means that your account will be more optimized in search engines and be more towards the top in Instagram hashtags.

This undoubtedly means that you can obtain popularity on Instagram. Blastup offers instant Instagram views as and when you buy video views at highly affordable costs. You can purchase anything ranging from 500 to 250000 views within minutes!

Price Range: $1.99 – $249.99

Buying Automatic Likes on Instagram means that as and when you upload a new post or video, you will automatically start getting likes without making a purchase altogether.

In this service, the system detects it when you’ve posted a picture and begins to send likes on your account from real people. Also, you can cancel this service anytime that you might like. It also includes the feature of delayed likes and matching views, so that the number of likes displayed are equal to or less than the number of views.

This maintains the trust and credibility of your Instagram account. From Blastup, you can buy 50 and up to 5000 Automatic Likes. The package includes providing Automatic Likes on up to 120 uploads in a month.

Price Range: $9.99 – $349.99

You can also contact their team if you are looking for customized packages for your brand. They will get back to you promptly.

Steps to Buy a Package

You can follow these three simple steps to purchase your desired package from Blastup:

  1. Go to their website and click on the ‘Services’ option in the Navigation menu. Now, select the nature of service you want (followers, likes, views etc.. ) from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select your desired package according to the budget you have in mind or according to the numbers you are targeting.
  3. Enter your username and checkout using your preferred method of payment.


So, if your business is looking for anything related to Instagram marketing, go no further than this social media service provider that is one of the renowned top names in the industry.

Their focus is to get you towards recognition through an honest, authentic, and real audience. Following the processing of your order, should you face any issues with the deliverables, you can hold them accountable. So, if you are looking for genuine ways to becoming popular, try out this Instagram marketing provider to get the best out of the digital world.


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