10 Best Bulk URL Opener Tools in 2021

Bulk URLs Opener Tools

A lot of us have come across some of the other work in which we are supposed to open a lot of URLs at once. It might even be so that we have to repeat it multiple times a day. This can get very tiresome and take a lot of time to finish. Say, you are analyzing some websites to enhance your SEO rank and put your company in a better position.

Most businesses require an in-depth analysis, plotting, and decent execution of their plans to reach success. This is where bulk URL opener tools come to our rescue. They open each link in a new tab or a new window upon clicking. They become a necessity for non-experts and act as a well-owning tool.

Here is the list of top 10 bulk URL opener:-

URL Opener.net

Url opener - top 10 bestmulti url opener.png

Are you tired of those tricky situations which require you to constantly open new URLs? Well, then, URLOpener.net is here to help you. It is just the tool you need to help you with such tough situations. It acts as an all-rounder solution for all your worries. It is one of the most efficient yet intuitive bulk URL opener tools available on the internet which allows you to open multiple URLs within a few seconds. However, it comes with one shortcoming – it is pretty time-consuming.

To access this blessed bulk URL opener tool, what you must do is go to the online bulk URL opener tool, put in your list of URLs in the space provided and click on the “Open all URLs” button. That’s it. Now all you have to do is wait for a few seconds and let the tool do its job.

It will open all the web pages that you have put in. The tool respects your privacy and hence, you can be assured that no records of your URLs will be kept. The fact that none of your information is collected (not even your email ID) comes to show that their practices are genuine.

Now, you may want to know as to why you should use a bulk URL opener in the first place when you can easily get access to multiple browsers. That is because, with the bulk URL opener, it does not matter whether you are working on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – it will make the process very smooth and easy for you. The only thing that you would need is a browser. You must sign up and log in to begin. Don’t worry, they do not ask for any of your personal details. Also, it is a completely free tool!

We all know that too many ads on the home page make it look untidy and cluttered. That is why this bulk URL opener tool has very few ads to make up for a good user experience. They always keep their focus on keeping the user experience smooth and good.

The best fact is that there is no limit to the number of URLs that you can open with this tool. You can easily open multiple or bulk URLs as per your needs and requirements. You can do this without any worries because URLOpener.net is a very secure and trusted tool. You can ensure this with the help of the “HTTP” certification.

Even though there is no maximum bar to the number of URLs you can open, it is advised to keep it till 20 at a time for a butter-smooth experience. If you try to exceed that, then you will face difficulty in navigating.

Your computer/laptop might even freeze due to the heavy load on the processor and cause unwarranted damages to the machine. This bulk URL opener can handle all sorts of web links so you do not need to worry about whether it is a shortened application or anything else. Lastly, you can access this URL opener directly online without any hassle of installing an extra extension or downloading an extra application on your browser.

Bulk URL opener

Bulk URL opener - 10 best bulk URL opener.png

Bulk URL Opener is an online bulk URL opener tool that is very simple and easy to use. It is a desktop application and browser extension which lets you open a bulk list of URLs in just a single click. Here, you can easily create and store a list of links that you wish to use.

As and when you need, you can load them directly from the drop-down menu which is available on the extension page. This way you can open a large number of links in a very short time. The extension is available for both Chrome and Chromium in the Chrome Web Store, on Github for the free and open-source version, and Firefox as an add-on. Moreover, it is completely free and very simple to use.


10BestSEO’s - best bulk URL opener Tool.png

This is another A-grade bulk URL opener tool called 10BestSEO’s. With the help of this tool, you can open an entire bulky list of URLs all at the same time. You just need to paste the URLs properly in the box and submit it.

When you press “Open All”, all the websites will pop up one by one, and then you can choose to open whichever individual URL you want. But then again it is advised to not open a lot of tabs on the browser as it can slow down your computer or laptop.

This bulk URL opener tool is very simple to use and increases productivity by allowing researchers, SEOs, or any website visitor to open a bulky list of website URLs or a block of text.

It saves your time and as a content writer or Search Engine Optimizer, time must be of great essence to you. This bulk URL opener tool makes sure that you get your work done in a short amount of time and thus, keeps you on track to meet your tight deadlines.

Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL opener Chrome - 10 Best bulk url opener.png

This is the next bulk URL opener tool which is actually an extension for the Opera Web Browser. It allows you to open multiple URLs at the same time in tabs or windows. What you must do is either enter the individual URLs in separate lines or paste the whole list. Then, you can click on the “Open All” button and wait for the application to automatically open all the web pages in new tabs or windows based on your settings.

If there is any URL that does not follow the scheme, then it will automatically default to HTTP. This releases you of any tension about the scheme of the URLs as you won’t have to worry about their format anymore. This goes to show that the application is very smart and makes it easier for itself to cope with the bulk URLs.

All you have to do is simply enter the meaningful portion of the URL and then you will see that it has been converted in HTTP format. There is only one shortcoming that it comes with – it works only on the Opera Browser.

Website planet’s multiple tool opener

Website Planet - 10 best multiple url opener.png

Website Planet’s multiple tool opener lets you enter and open bulk links at the same time. It is a very flexible tool which is completely free to use and works with all major browsers. But what you must take note of is to not open too many links simultaneously as it can come off as a shock to your computer and slow it down.

This may even lead to freezing of your screen and forcing it to shut down and restart. At this point, you stay at the risk of losing your previous unsaved work. If you want you can easily paste your URLs one by one by separating them with commas or space.

Since it is such a versatile tool, it is essential to keep certain settings in check. For example, it should allow pop-ups from commonly used websites. You must also have a web browser that supports JavaScript, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Midori, and Chrome.

Multiple URL Opener

Multiple URL opener - 10 best Bulk URL opener tool.png

Multiple URL Opener is a very convenient and one of the best productivity tools out there. It is quite similar to the other options in this list as it also provides the facility of opening multiple URLs of websites with a single click of a button.

You just need to copy the list of URLs and paste them in the blank text box area. Every individual website URL must be entered in separate lines. Then you must click on the submit button and view the list of valid URLs. Once that is done, click on “Open All” and open all the URLs at once.

The best part about this tool is that it works with numerous browsers that support JavaScript, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. There is no maximum bar for entering the number of websites.

However, it works best with a little less number of websites. Moreover, you can use this tool without installing any multiple URL browser extension. All you have to do is simply add it to your shortcuts and use it as and when you need to.

Open Multiple URL

Open Multiple URL - 10 best Multiple url opener.png

Bulk URL Opener for Multiple Links or Websites is one of the best bulk URL opener tools that are used to open multiple URLs at the same time. This is because when we try to open multiple URLs, it becomes tedious having to open one by one individually. It is tiresome and very time-consuming.

This tiredness irks you manifold if your work lies in the digital marketing field that requires you to constantly open new tabs or windows. Most of the time, you will find yourself opening the same pages over and over again, more than once or twice a day.

At such a point, you would begin to wonder if it would be easier to copy all the URLs and then paste it in a single blank text box and have them all open for you with the single click of a button. It just sounds so hassle-free and easy, doesn’t it? On top of that, there is no maximum limit to the number of URLs that you can open. You can easily open bulk (say, 20-25) URLs at once with just a single click of a button.

Once you do that, all of the listed URLs open in different browser tabs or windows. This goes on to say that this bulk URL opener tool is very easy to use and is also free of cost. Moreover, you do not need to download any app or extra extension to use it. You can simply use the online version anywhere you have stable internet access.

This will especially come to your aid if you are an SEO webmaster, web data research and mining expert, content writer, or creator. This is because, in these professions, you generally need to keep a lot of tabs or windows open and keep having to open more. So, if you only take out a few minutes and make a list of your commonly used URLs, then you can simply paste it into this tool and open it as and when you need it.

Apart from this, there are a lot of other benefits to having a tool such as this to make the best out of things. This is a one-click, no-nonsense, no-install required tool that has the potential to become a part of your everyday life. There is a lot to this tool that

SEO experts, content writers, web researchers, and employers can benefit from. For example, SEO experts may need to check the page speed, simultaneous connections, site-related factors, site load time, and more.

You can open this bulk URL opener tool on any updated website browser of your choice, such as Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Linus, and iOS devices. Moreover, it is also supported by browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. So if you try to open a lot of URLs and links at the same time, your web browser may freeze and your system may shut down for a few seconds.

Wtools URL Opener

wtool bulk url opener - 10 best tool for bulk url opener.png

Wtools’ URL Opener is an A-grade bulk URL opener tool. It solely serves the function of making everything easy to handle. It will help you save time by performing the task of opening multiple web pages by clicking on the URLs individually. This tool can open a lot of links at the same time, thus you won’t have to constantly worry about opening the next one.

The best part about this bulk URL opener tool is that it knows which links are on your website. Thus, it allows you to weed out the bad links and promote the quality ones. You may use Wtools’ Bulk URL Opener to ensure that your site has got rid of all the redirecting links to spam or low-quality content.

To achieve this, all you have to do is paste your multiple link URLs in the blank text area and click on the “Open Bulk URLs” button. You will find all your links opened in a new window. It is a very simple and easy-to-use tool.

Free Bulk URL Opener

Visio spark - top 10 tool for multi URl opener.png

URL Opener is a bulk URL opener tool that lets you open URLs in bulk with just one single click of a button. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to open multiple pages at the same time with just one click of a button. It saves you a lot of time from not having to click on each URL separately to open them.

This is because opening one new window and pasting each link and doing the same thing over and over again is a very time-consuming process. Thankfully, this tool is here for your rescue. It gives you the solution to this big problem and helps you so much.

What you must do is move your mouse to the text area and start typing the commonly used URLs. You can also copy the links from text/CSV or any other document and paste them into the blank text area. Then just click on the “Submit” button and there you have it – hundreds of links opened at once.

This tool also shows the total number of errors and the number of invalid URLs present in your list. It, then, goes on to remove them when you click on the “Submit” button. Your invalid links also count. For example, if your URL does not have a “dot…”.Then, you must click on the export to CSV option.

The best part about this tool is that there is no bar on the number of URLs that you can open with this tool. However, it will slow down your computer a lot if you open multiple URLs at once. Another shortcoming that this tool comes with is that if JavaScript is blocked on your browser, you will not be able to work with this tool.

Freelinkping Multi URL Opener

freelinkping - 10 best tool for multi url opener.png

Freelinkping’s multiple URL opener allows you to open bulk links in a single window by simply pasting the web URLs in the text box. Then you can click on “Open Links” and ensure that the browser is not denying any pop-ups.

It is a free bulk URL opener tool that helps you to save time on the internet by allowing you to open multiple URLs with just a single click of a button. Your browser will instantly open all the tabs and windows with one link open in each one of them. It is a must-try tool for you!


This article talks about all the tools which serve the single function of bulk opening multiple URLs. These tools allow you to save time and energy. They also enhance your efficiency and effectiveness at work. All of the above-mentioned tools serve the same function so any one of them will help you achieve your goals.

What you can do is test all of them and then opt for the one which suits you the best. You can also choose whether you want to use the convenience of an extension or the online version instead.

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