10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes and Followers (2020)

Sites to buy Facebook Likes

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Our buddy Mark made something so revolutionary that it changed how people spend their time online. That stats say that more than a billion people are on Facebook which is just insane. So, it is pretty evident why people would want to promote their brand or themselves on this platform.

If you are just starting out then it can be difficult to get through and above the average crowd so you can buy Facebook likes and followers to help promote your page or profile better. We decided to talk about some sites which are on the business of providing services for Facebook. But always research and contact the company and solve your queries before making a by transactions.

Here are some of the best websites  to buy Facebook likes and followers:


social viral

Social Viral Review

Social-Viral is a company that promotes services primarily for Instagram. The services of Instagram are displayed on the homepage of the company’s site. But it also provides services for other platforms as well like Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok. These services have also had many clients which the company claimed to have satisfied with good quality and affordability.

Social-Viral’s approach has stayed the same over the years. The quality of service should be good and the clients should be satisfied. Many celebrity influencers have used the services of the company as claimed by it. The likes, followers and other stats that it provides are real. You can start witnessing the results within a few hours of buying. Depending on the size of the order it might take time to complete. But it will start within a few hours of the purchase which is what various companies do too.

These services have been designed in a way to help suit businesses which have tight budget constraints. So, the services have been made inexpensive and affordable. Facebook can be a good place to promote your brand. If you are looking for followers then the price starts at $6 for 100 followers and the max price is $227.39 for 10000 followers.

The likes start at $3.99 and $2.99 for 50 post likes and page likes respectively. The upper limit is $15.99 for 2500 post likes and $74.99 for 2500 page likes. Please research more and contact the company before buying any package.


Famoid website

It has just been three years for Famoid in this market but it has started making quite a reputation for itself. This is because of its approach to business. It values its clients a lot and wants to create a trustworthy relationship with them. Honesty and transparency can go a long way. If you end up satisfying a client there is a higher probability of them returning to do business with you again.

Also, word of mouth will be in your favour. So, Famoid works towards satisfying the client’s needs by providing high-quality service and timely delivery. Famoid understands that to become popular you might need to target multiple social media platforms. This is the reason it has created services for some of the topmost social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

So, if you have social profiles on those platforms and want to boost their cred then you can use the services of Famoid. The company is bent on providing services that will make the client famous. The name of the company is made from famous and oid (means object).

So, the total name translates to an object that will make you famous. If you have been looking for Facebook page likes then Famoid has a few packages for you with the starting price being $28.95 for 250 likes. Thou can buy up to 2500 likes for $169.95. Post likes start at $12.95 for 100 likes and go up to 1000 likes for $58.95.


Fampus website

Famups is a company that many of you will come across while searching for social media service providers. It is very popular and provides a lot of services and caters to multiple social media platforms. Doesn’t matter whether your profile is on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or SoundCloud, Famups works to make sure you get the boost you are looking for using its services.

These services will help you enhance your social profiles and help you drive more traffic towards you. The company’s approach is to use organic ways to help you out in your endeavours concerning social media promotion and marketing. Famoid uses various techniques which are advanced and digital round maps to implement social media marketing to boost the social media growth of the customer.

When you use Famoid for your social media needs it will help you gain longer-lasting relationships with your audiences. Using the latest ideas and masterpiece actions the company brings you services to boost likes, reviews, followers across the various social media profiles. Famups promises timely delivery and holds responsibility for safety and privacy needs.

The costs have been kept affordable and the customer support team is ready to help you out. The range for Facebook likes is $18 to $220 for 500 to 10000 likes respectively. Facebook followers’ packages start at $12 for 200 followers and $55 for 2000 followers.


GetRealBoost website


A good company to look into for your social media boost or promotional needs is GetRealBoost. It is a company which has been around for some time. It has got a good client base by pricing good service to the clients. The company claims to provide only genuine stats to its customers. These stats can be anything from genuine views to genuine likes to genuine followers etc.

The company basically approaches this business in a way in which it can make social media marketing convertible and convenient for its clients. The likes, views, and other stats that you buy from the company come from all over the globe. This can help you if you are looking to make sure you can promote your content worldwide. The platforms that GetRealBoost provides services for are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

So, if you have social profiles across these platforms and want to improve your online presence then you can check it out. The team that works behind the scenes for this company have arrived from different places. But the thing common with them is that they have become experts in their field. Now, they are using this expertise to help you get success.

You will get good quality at a low cost when you deal with GetRealBoost. The company has multiple packages for Facebook likes starting from $15 for 200 likes and going up to $250 for 10k likes. If you are looking for followers then the packages start at $9 for 200 followers and range goes towards $100 for 4k followers.

Follower Packages 

Follower packages

FollowerPackages.com Review

One of the popular companies which have been out there for some time providing services to people who want to boost up their social media game is . The company has a team which has a collective experience of over 50 years which they use to give the clients the best quality service at a good and affordable rate. Follower Packages understands that social media is growing exponentially.

This is the reason why it is difficult for businesses to get their start online. This becomes increasingly hard if you have a lower budget. So, the company created a bunch of effective services that will help enhance the online growth at an attractive price range.

Follower Packages is confident that once you start getting that organic growth your numbers will grow naturally without much help. Because according to the snowball effect, you can gain more organic growth if you gain more credibility.

All the company does is give you the initial push and materials to promote your brand, service or content. The platforms that the site caters to or provides services for are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud. When you work with the company you get trustworthy results which are delivered on time.

The rates are good and the customer support is there to solve your queries. The post likes for Facebook, start at $10 for 100 likes and $79 for 1k likes. There are other Facebook like packages that you can check out on their site.


Venium website

The next site on the list is Venium. It is another popular site to get services to help you grow your online social profile. We know that social media is booming and there’s lots of stuff that is going on. This can make things pretty complicated. So, the approach that Venium is taking is to be simple, efficient but effective.

This way you get less hassle while growing your business or enhancing your social cred online. Being smart and relevant to the situations the company created services to provide good quality social media service to clients so they can reach their goals. The company is honest, transparent and straightforward in dealing with clients. The company has been around for nearly 20 years and over time has become better at what it does.

It has been able to satisfy more than 265k clients and that if true is a good feat. The platforms that Venium produces or creates services for are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. If you are looking for page likes Venium has four packages which start at $14.99 for 250 likes and go up to $104.99 for 2500 likes.

You do have to know that these likes are not targeted as they just expose your content to worldwide audiences. But these likes will be real and safe. It will also improve Ranking. If you are looking for posts and photo likes they package start at $3.99 for 100 likes and the costliest pack is $24.99 for 1k likes


Fbskip website

Fbskip is a site which has been primarily providing services for Facebook. It is evident from the name of the company and even the website homepage. But they do provide some services for Instagram and YouTube. So, if you are looking for YouTube views or Instagram followers too then you can use the site. The company has been in the social media marketing industry for 4 years.

During this time they dealt with multiple clients and learned a lot of things and got more experience. The company believes in providing quality service for people and providing reliable and responsible support. It only works with people who have good qualifications and are skilled in this field. This helps them provide much better service to clients. But since the market is always changing one cannot stay static. This is the reason Fbskip welcomes change and upgrades themselves.

The company also encourages clients to voice their opinions and suggestions to provide a much better experience. Since the law and terms of conditions and service of the various social media platforms are changing frequently Fbskip tries to keep up with it so that the clients can get the best possible service. The price for Facebook pages likes ranges from $5 for 100 likes to $1080 for 50k likes.

These likes are from a worldwide audience. The VIP page likes starts at $10 for 100 likes and max you can order at once is 2k VIP likes for $140. You can also get US target audience for that price. Post likes start at $5 for 100 likes. They have a bunch of different packages for these. The above-mentioned one was for cheap photos. Head out to their site to find out more.


Do I need to buy likes for my page?

It depends on how good you are at promoting your content. If you can get people to like your page and grow organically then you might not need much help. But if you are having some difficulty promoting your page then getting a few likes can help you boost your credibility and thus get followers organically. This of course very much depends on the content you post. If people are not liking what your page is doing then nothing will work.

Is it safe?

If the likes are from genuine Facebook users then there’s no problem. But if you get a bunch of bit accounts to like your page to promote content then there might be a problem. It is not just the fear that Facebook might ban your page or delete it but also that you will get a bad rap online. This can seriously hurt your credibility. So, research well and work with those sites or companies which actually provide real stats.

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