10 Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram Comments (2020)

Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram Comments

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote your brand or business. Even if you want to become a social media influencer then Instagram is a great place to do that. But the platform has grown extensively and has become content-saturated.

This is why many can find it tough to establish themselves on the platform. Instagram is basically a “more targeted followers, more gain” kind of platform. So, one who has more stats in terms of, targeted following, will have a better chance of growth.

There are multiple services like Buy Instagram comments to facilitate growth on Instagram. Comments are a great way to show that your post is engaging people. Many companies provide such a service and today we are going to take a look at those companies. Research thoroughly before making any transactions. Try to choose the best package according to your goal.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy Instagram comments:


buzzvoice - for instagram comments

The first company on the list is Buzzvoice. If you are looking to promote yourself on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or SoundCloud then you can take help from Buzzvoice. The company designs and curates high-quality services for social media platforms to boost social standings of clients. This can then help promote your brand or content in a much better way.

The company claims to be the best place if you are looking to improve your status on social media platforms. You can buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, Instagram views, or other relevant stats using Buzzvoice’s services. The company uses various methods and marketing techniques to create a buzz around your social profile and thus help you gain more status. The process of ordering is simple. You just choose a package and enter relevant details.

Then you pay for the service and just wait and watch your profile grow. The cost of 10 random Instagram comments is $2.97 and for 500 comments is $59.97. There are multiple packages between these two limits. The cost of custom comments is $2.97 for 5 comments and the max number of custom comments you can buy is 150 for $39.97.


instafollowers - website for instagram comments

The next company on the list is InstaFollowers. It caters to users from multiple social media platforms and helps them improve their social media standings. Though it is primarily known for Instagram it does support other platforms like, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, Twitch etc. You can also get SEO services and Google reviews on the company’s website. InstaFollowers has multiple services for Instagram users.

These services have been curated to help you achieve specific goals on the platform. The company makes the process very easy and convenient for its clients. The website has a user-friendly interface which ensures that you are able to find the specific service you are looking for without much trouble. Besides a comprehensive website the company provides good-quality services to help you gain the credibility, you need to succeed on social media. It has kept the prices to an affordable level to help newcomers with budget constraints.

If you have any queries or at any point, if things do not work properly you can contact the company’s 24/7 customer support team. The company does not require any sensitive information from the clients and take responsibility for the client’s privacy and security.

The package for regular comments starts at 25 comments for $3.83 and it goes up to 5000 comments for $225. The company also has packages for auto comments and real comments. If you want to check out the services before buying you can use the free package too.


buysocialme0diamarketing -website for instagram comments

One of the popular names in the social media service provider industry is Buysocialmediamarketing. It is a company which provides premium services to clients to enhance their growth across multiple social media platforms. The company understands that to stay on top you have to have a solid presence on multiple social media platforms. This is why they have provided various services for a plethora of popular social media platforms. These include Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and SoundCloud.

So, if you happen to have profiles on these accounts and like the services that this company provides then it can become your one-stop solution for your social media needs. The company serves clients worldwide and has been providing a variety of services to them. It claims to have served and satisfied thousands of clients and more companies and individuals are joining their client base every day. The company tries to stay on top of the game by providing services that are of top quality.

The prices have been made very affordable so that clients with limited and low budget can achieve their goals too. The company has various packages for improving engagement stats on your Instagram posts. You can buy Instagram comments for it. The price for random comments starts at $2.99 for 10 comments.

You can buy up to 2000 random comments for your posts for $179.99. If you are looking for custom comments then the price ranges from $2.99 for 5 comments to $119.99 for 500 comments. The company also provides verified comments. It is a costly service. The price of 1 comment is $9.99 and the price for 10 is $59.99.


instapromote.me - website for instagram comment

As the name suggests Instapromote is a company which helps clients promote themselves on Instagram. They have helped a lot many companies, brands and individuals achieve the desired results on this social media platform. The company designs various services to make Instagram promotion easy and convenient for clients. It provides some of the top-rated services you can find online, high-quality promotion for your Instagram profile, various customized promotion solutions and consulting on social media marketing.

Instapromote understands how the social media industry is exploding. The repercussions are being felt everywhere. It is not only changing how people are interacting with each other but also how consumers are choosing to interact with businesses. This has been a boon and a curse at the same time depending on how you have been affected by it. The services that the company provides helps clients get the positive result out of this industry.

These services will help you enhance your credibility on Instagram by boosting your stats. This can help you gain an audience much faster as people will be willing to follow you if they see others are doing so too. Of course, your posts have to be good or if you are a business you have to make sure your products are good quality and can hold their own in the market. Instapromote has geared its business approach towards customer satisfaction

It provides quick delivery of services so that you can see the results as soon as possible at competitive rates. The 24/7 customer support team is always there to help you out. The company does have packages for Instagram comments. The price ranges from $2.95 to $99.95 for 10 comments to 1000 comments respectively. If you are not satisfied with the orders you can always contact them for a refund.


poprey -website for instagram comment

Popeye.com is a social media service provider which helps Instagram users boost their presence on the platform. The company has curated various specific services for this. These services can be used to boost various stats of your Instagram posts and profile. This, in turn, will help you gain more credibility which will make more people engage with your posts and profile.

The company understands how Instagram works and what people generally want to see and interact with. Becoming popular on the platform has been easy for brands, companies and individuals who were already famous and had a fan base online. This made it difficult for newcomers to establish themselves. Many influencers spend months to try and get more people to engage with their posts.

It takes a lot of time and effort to increase your follower count. Targeted followers are the backbone of popularity on Instagram. So, if you do not have that there will be no one to see your posts. There are a plethora of services which can help you improve your chances of gaining lots of followers and Poprey.com aims to provide those services. The company believes that it is not hard to get popular on Instagram.

With their services, you don’t have to spend hours and months trying to accomplish this feat but rather a few days. Using the services you can increase engagement on your posts which will make the Instagram algorithm show your posts to other users.

If they like your content they will like, comment and even follow you. Poprey.com promises to provide high-quality service at lower costs so that you don’t end up paying a fortune. It has multiple packages for Instagram comments for different budgets and goals. The price starts at C$4.30 for 25 comments and goes up to C$269.90 for 5k comments.


mrinsta - website for instagram comment

Mr. Insta is another popular company providing a number of services to help clients realize their social media goals. The company has been providing various services for a few years now and have been able to satisfy clients with good quality of service and affordable rates. Mr. Insta provides services for a number of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Each of these platforms has its own set of services from increasing followers, likes, views to increasing plays, downloads comments and much more. If you happen to like the service and business approach of the company you can stick with them for your other social media platform needs.

But even though the company provides a number of services for a bunch of different platforms it is still primarily known for the specific and multitude of services it provides for Instagram. You can buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, Instagram views, comments, package deals, automatic likes etc.

They have a free plan for getting Instagram followers. You can use it to check out the site’s services. All you have to do is register and activate the free plan. The site will then ask you to follow profiles of your interest and that’s it. You will then get free followers for your account. A good business plan of the company so that they have various monthly subscription packages along with one-time purchase packages.

The monthly plans will increase your stats (be it followers or likes or any other stat) by a certain number every day or every post. The price for Instagram comments starts at $15 for 10 comments. The price goes up to $85 for 100 comments. It is a bit on the pricier side but the company personally writes each comment and makes it relevant to your posts.


The last company that we will take a look at is Appsally. The company offers a multitude of services to boost your digital marketing. It is a sort of marketplace which has been specifically curated for maximizing your growth. When you use the services of the company you can get connected to a plethora of best marketers who are frequently used by many of the hyper-growth companies.

You might not directly get the user interface of the site as it is very different from the various social media service providers that we saw on the list. This is because Appsally does not limit itself to social media platforms. It provides all the services that a company, brands or an individual needs to grow themselves online. They have SEO services to improve your rank. There are reputation management services, Influencer marketing and many more.

So, most services that you require to facilitate boosting online presence you can find at your fingertips on Appsally.com. But don’t worry the process of choosing packages is still simple. You can use the search bar on the site to search for the service you want. Once you have pressed enter you will get the required packages for that specific service. Choose the one that you want. Enter the relevant information and pay the required amount.

The company provides a 15-day warranty wherein you get a free replacement order if your order drops. Also, if things do not go right you can always get your money back. The company has packages for Instagram comments as well. The price for custom Instagram comments starts at $18 for 80 comments and the price of the maximum package is $243 for 1280 comments. They have a combo for likes, followers and comments as well. You can check that out too.


Why do I need to buy Instagram comments?

Comments show the amount of engagement your post is creating. The more the number of comments on a post the more it is perceived as engaging. It helps gain you some credibility to better promote your posts and account. If you have no trouble generating engagement on your posts then you do not need to buy comments. But if you want to increase engagements faster, then you can opt for this service.

Which comments to buy?

Buy top-quality comments from reputed service providers. They to bug custom or verified real comments. If comments look too generic or fake then it can give a bad name to your profile. So, research well and choose wisely.

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