10 Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers (2020)

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

We all know how popular Instagram is. Millions of people are active on the platform every day. This makes it a very competitive hotspot for brands, companies and individuals looking to become influencers. Since the market is already starting to get saturated it can be hard for people to get above the rest and establish their brand.

Which is why service providers provide services to buy Instagram followers to help people gain some credibility. This can help them promote their account in a better way. Of course, there is no alternative for good posts.

So, make sure you have got that too. Today we are looking at some of the sites which provide services to buy Instagram followers. Research well and get your queries resolved before making any transactions. 

Here Is The List Of Best Stes To Buy Instagram Followers:

Follower Packages

follower packages

Follower Packages Review

One of the popular social media service providers that many people use is Follower Packages. Let’s start the list with this company. It has been in this industry for some years now and understands every nook and cranny of the business.

The company functions on a team of experts who have 50 years worth of collective experience in the field. They understand the cutthroat nature of this industry which makes it difficult for anyone especially newcomers to thrive. But to promote yourself successfully you do need credibility and most of the time it can be hard to get.

Which is why Follower Packages has many services which cater to the needs of brands, companies and individuals. The company guarantees that its services will get you the exposure you deserve. Once you have enough credibility linked to your account or social profile things will start to grow organically and you will not need any help.

Of course, Follower Packages won’t make you popular overnight. If your content is entertaining, relevant and attractive and if your contents have good credibility, then people will start following you. The company provides services which will give you the initial push that you need to achieve some credibility.

Follower Packages prides itself in its timely delivery of services. It uses safe methods to improve your stats using genuine and real users. The prices are very affordable and if you have any queries the customer support service will help you out. The price for Instagram followers ranges between $19 for 1000 followers and $119 for 10000 followers.



The next company on the list is Famoid. It is another popular company among people looking to fast-track their growth online. It has been three years since the company first came into existence. Famoid is a software development firm which has its headquarters in Delaware, United States.

The company has been providing essential software to the industry and has also been quite popular for the social media services it provides to brands, companies and individuals. The business approach that Famoid uses is simple. It builds a good sense of trust with its customers by providing good service.

This helps them satisfy the clients better who then spread the good word about the company. The company dedicates itself in providing services or people to help them get famous. In fact, the name of the company signifies that. Famoid is a made up of two words Famous and oid, which means object.

Together the name means an object that will make you famous. The company guarantees that you will not regret using the services it provides. The platforms that Famoid caters to are Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It provides fast delivery of services and promises higher quality.

Food claims that it works within the terms and conditions of the social media platforms. This ensures that clients’ profiles will be safe while using Famoid’s services. Instagram services provided by Famoid are very popular. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers then the base package price is $5.95 for 250 followers and the max package costs $299.95 for 25k followers.

Genuine Likes

genuine likes

Genuine Likes is a company which is popular for cheap prices and amazing deals. It is good for people who are a little low on budget for their social media promotion. Many people have used the services provided by the company and have liked it. Genuine Likes claims to have satisfied more than 5000 customers.

The company is very young so it is a commendable thing. Genuine Likes claims to be the number one reliable service provider on the internet. Currently, the company is providing services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter.

So, if you end up liking their service for one of your social profiles then you can use the services the company provides for other platforms as well. This will save you time on constantly searching for a better company for different platforms.

When you work with Genuine Likes you get 100% safe and risk-free service. Everything is done within the law and terms and conditions of the social media platforms. So, your account will be safe. The stats that you will receive in terms of likes, followers or views will be from real and genuine users.

The stats will come from users all over the world and so, you don’t have to worry about being given users from a certain area only. The prices are affordable to accommodate clients with low budget for social media promotion. If at any point things go wrong your money is protected by the money-back guarantee.

You can always reach the company’s 24/7 customer support to resolve your queries. The price for Instagram followers starts at $8 for 500 followers. This goes all the way up to $450 for 50k Instagram followers.



Stormlikes is quite a popular choice when it comes to buying social media services. It provides a bunch of services geared towards improving your stats on social media platforms. Stormlikes provides services exclusively for Instagram.

If you are looking for genuine likes, followers and views then selecting Stormlikes can be a good choice. Understanding how the industry of social media service providers is a must for any company looking to do the same. Stormlikes understands that many companies have given a bad Rao to this industry by providing fake likes, followers and views.

Companies create ghost accounts which only serve the purpose of following or liking another user. Such accounts can become problematic for users. If you have lots of fake or bot accounts linked to your profile Instagram might delete them or worse, they might ban your profile. Even if you don’t get banned, people finding out that your profile has multiple bot followers or likes can seriously damage your credibility.

This is the reason Stormlikes provide high-quality services which are from genuine and real users. The team tries its best to do everything possible to ensure that each stat you receive, be it followers, likes or views, is from a real user in the community.

After all, you are here to improve your stats and not get banned. Here, at Stormlikes, the delivery of services is on time and it is affordable to fit the right budget constraints. The company has good customer support which is there to help you out. The price of 100 Instagram followers is $2.89 and the maximum number of followers that can be bought at a time is 25k for $279.99.



Famups focuses a lot on satisfying their clients by providing the best services to boost their social media growth. This particular business approach works for them and they have helped many people achieve their social media promotional goals.

Famups wants to boost all your social media connections by providing services to enhance your growth on the various platforms. The services that the company provides cater to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, IGTV etc.

The company uses various methods and alternatives to grow your stats in an organic way and increase client engagement on your social profile. The company believes in evolving over time and uses the latest technologies in the market.

It uses advanced methodologies and digital round maps to facilitate digital marketing and bring traffic to your social profiles. Of course, the promotion will not be of much use if your audience is temporary. So, Famups uses ways to ensure that your audience can convert to long-term clients.

If you are looking to improve your credibility by buying genuine likes, views, subscribers, followers etc. then consider checking out Famups. The company delivers services in time and takes responsibility for your safety and privacy. The services will work and produce reliable results. If things go wrong you can always rely on the 24/7 customer support service.

The price range for Instagram followers start at $7 for 500 followers and go up to $430 for 50k followers. The delivery of the services start within a day and can take a long time depending on the order. You don’t want to gain 50k followers all of a sudden. It looks fishy. Research well before making any transaction.



Krootez is a company which is really passionate about taking its client’s social media goals to the next level. The company exclusively works on providing services for Instagram. So, if you are looking to improve your growth on Instagram or gain some credibility then consider checking out Krootez. It is popular among various Instagram users who have received satisfactory service from the company.

It might turn some people off that Krootez only serves one platform since you need to look elsewhere for services for different platforms. But Krottez tries to excel in one platform and focuses all its energy and resources doing that. Using its services you can grow your Instagram profile stats with genuine users.

Bad accounts can really cause problems for your profile. You might get banned or people might not trust you. So, Krootez tries to provide premium quality accounts to provide likes, views and followers to its clients. This will give you a good boost in ranking and you will gain the credibility you need to promote your content.

The premium accounts that Krootez provides consist of microblog accounts which regularly post stories and interact with other profiles. If you are feeling some doubt about the retention rate then don’t worry. Krootez provides a refill period of one month. If your follower count drops for some reason the company will refill the difference.

For $3.99 you can get 20 real Instagram followers. The max package costs $139.99 for 10k followers. The cost for active followers starts at $4.99 for 50 followers. The max amount of active followers that can be bought is 10k for $139.99.



Idigic is another company which provides services exclusively for Instagram. It has been providing services for the social media platform for some time and has helped many people achieve their Instagram goal. The company understands the difficulty of increasing follower count on Instagram.

It is very tough for people to get lots of followers who will interact with your posts. If you want to achieve popularity on Instagram you need to have a lot of targeted followers interacting with your accounts. But unfortunately, it is not very easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up a reputable following.

This might not be good food companies, brands or individuals who want to grow on Instagram quickly to promote their products or become influencers. This is where Idigic steps in. It provides various services to Instagram users to boost their growth on the platform. The services that the company provides for Instagram are to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views, and buy Instagram followers.

Besides just providing these packages the company also provides a detailed report pertaining to your Instagram following. Idigic sells six different packages for Instagram followers and depending on your budget and goals you can choose the one that will help you.

The cheapest package on the site is priced at $2.95 for 100 followers and the costliest package is priced at $39.95 for 5000 followers. These will be high-quality followers and you get automatic refills as well.


Why do I need to buy followers?

You only need to buy followers if you have trouble finding followers on your own and you think that the main reason for that is your credibility. People want to follow people who post relatable and good content and have some amount of credibility in terms of followers or likes. If you can do that on your own then there is no need to buy followers. But if you are having some trouble you can always increase your stats to gain some credibility.

Is it safe to buy followers?

Yes, it is as long as you are buying from a reputable source which is not providing you with tonnes of fake or bot accounts. Many sites will market themselves as cheapest but when you buy from them they will give you fake and not accounts. These accounts will be deleted by Instagram and your follower count will drop. In the worst-case, your account may get banned. 

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