10 Best Sites to Buy Real Instagram Followers (2021)

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

We all know how popular Instagram is. Millions of people are active on the platform every day. This makes it a very competitive hotspot for brands, companies and individuals looking to become influencers. Since the market is already starting to get saturated it can be hard for people to get above the rest and establish their brand.

Which is why service providers provide services to buy Instagram followers to help people gain some credibility. This can help them promote their account in a better way. Of course, there is no alternative for good posts.

So, make sure you have got that too. Today we are looking at some of the sites which provide services to buy Instagram followers. Research well and get your queries resolved before making any transactions.

Here Is The List Of Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers:


One of the best sites to buy Instagram marketing services, Viralyft offers a select range of Instagram marketing services. From Instagram followers and likes to Post views and Instagram Auto Likes, this marketing service delivers rock-solid results at the best prices. All Instagram services from Viralyft are genuine and targeted at bringing real followers to your account.

Therefore, its retention rate will be high and you will be able to see engagement from your followers. Viralyft does not offer extremely low prices, but given the quality of the services, the prices are well justified. Plus, there is a range of plans – from low priced to expensive ones – and you can choose the one that suits your budget the best.

The price for 100 Instagram followers start from $2.89 and goes up to $94.99 for 10000 followers, and that for 100 to 1500 Auto Likes is in the range of $18.99 to $113.99.

Follower Packages

follower packages

Follower Packages Review

One of the popular social media service providers that many people use is Follower Packages. Let’s start the list with this company. It has been in this industry for some years now and understands every nook and cranny of the business.

The company functions on a team of experts who have 50 years’ worth of collective experience in the field. They understand the cutthroat nature of this industry which makes it difficult for anyone especially newcomers to thrive. But to promote yourself successfully you do need credibility and most of the time it can be hard to get.

This is why Follower Packages has many services that cater to the needs of brands, companies, and individuals. The company guarantees that its services will get you the exposure you deserve. Once you have enough credibility linked to your account or social profile things will start to grow organically and you will not need any help.

Of course, Follower Packages won’t make you popular overnight. If your content is entertaining, relevant, and attractive, and if your contents have good credibility, then people will start following you. The company provides services that will give you the initial push that you need to achieve some credibility.

Follower Packages prides itself in its timely delivery of services. It uses safe methods to improve your stats using genuine and real users. The prices are very affordable and if you have any queries the customer support service will help you out. The price for Instagram followers ranges between $19 for 1000 followers and $119 for 10000 followers.

Social Packages

One of the top sources for Instagram marketing services, Social Packages gets your business the relevant exposure that it needs to become popular. With this Instagram marketing service provider, you can buy real Instagram followers, likes and views at prices that would not break your bank. You can choose from among a variety of packages depending on your budget.

They offer 500 to 5000 premium Instagram followers for $9 to $55 respectively. After you select and package, fill out your profile information (and you are not required to give out your password) and make the requisite payment, you will get your delivered in as few as 1 to 3 days. Post that, simply sit back and watch your Instagram account grow!



The next company on the list is Famoid. It is another popular company among people looking to fast-track their growth online. It has been three years since the company first came into existence. Famoid is a software development firm which has its headquarters in Delaware, United States.

The company has been providing essential software to the industry and has also been quite popular for the social media services it provides to brands, companies and individuals. The business approach that Famoid uses is simple. It builds a good sense of trust with its customers by providing good service.

This helps them satisfy the clients better who then spread the good word about the company. The company dedicates itself in providing services or people to help them get famous. In fact, the name of the company signifies that. Famoid is a made up of two words Famous and oid, which means object.

Together the name means an object that will make you famous. The company guarantees that you will not regret using the services it provides. The platforms that Famoid caters to are Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It provides fast delivery of services and promises higher quality.

Food claims that it works within the terms and conditions of the social media platforms. This ensures that clients’ profiles will be safe while using Famoid’s services. Instagram services provided by Famoid are very popular. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers then the base package price is $5.95 for 250 followers and the max package costs $299.95 for 25k followers.


GetRealBoost offers a hundred percent genuine audience to help their clients get exposure and grow at an affordable price like nowhere. Users get to choose from different packages and select the most appropriate one as per their needs.

The platform not only specializes in offering services for Instagram, but it also offers services for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

In every purchase that users make on the platform, they get various facilities like worldwide page likes, life-time guaranty, 24/7 support, and fast delivery. The minimum package for Instagram Followers starts at $ for 100 Followers and, the max buyable pack is $450 for 50,000 Followers.


If you are looking to skyrocket your social media content on Instagram, then this is your perfect destination. Whether you are an influencer, a startup, or a local business looking to sell online, Venom can be your marketing expert. Using their platform, you can buy premium Instagram followers, likes, comments, and views for your Instagram account.

With 100% real and authentic followers, you can sure say goodbye to automated bot accounts or fake followers. What makes Instagram marketing services from Venium unique is that they guarantee the highest retention rate in the industry.

If not, they will replace the selected numbers with a completely new batch without any extra charges, and the services come backed with a complete money-back guarantee. They deliver high-quality Instagram followers worldwide. Also, you can live track your order after processing the fees. Prices begin from $11.99 for 1000 followers and $9.99 per 1000 likes.


InstaMama is a renowned social media service provider that offers customers with marketing services for Instagram among others. To boost your Instagram presence, InstaMama provides packages for buying Instagram followers, likes and views.

Unlike several other social media growth websites, their services are 100% genuine and authentic, for they bring in traffic from active Instagram users and not from automated bots or ghost accounts.

Quick, efficient, and qualitative, the services offered by InstaMama come in a wide range of budgets. For instance, the price range for 100 to 10000 Instagram Followers is from $6.5 to $215.5. They highly prioritize customer satisfaction and will go over and above the way to ensure that users receive the best possible deliverables, effective results, and complete value for their money.


More likes and followers on Instagram feeds the audience’s herd instincts and brings in even more numbers to your Instagram channel. Friendly Likes helps your business achieve just this. By using this Instagram growth service, you can buy active Instagram followers, real likes, views and comments for your posts.

All the followers or likes or comments that you will get after placing the order will be from real Instagram users and not from spamming bots. They also provide the option to split the likes and views on different posts as per your requirement.

The price for buying Instagram followers starts from $3.90 for 50 followers and that for other services begins from as low as $2.90. You will begin to see the results reflected in your account almost immediately and within 12 hours of placing the order. If at all you are not satisfied with the deliverables, you get 100% money back.


This is perhaps the best place to buy Instagram followers and to do social media promotions for Instagram like a pro! Whether you are an individual influencer, or a business, if you are looking to get instant and quality exposure for yourself on Instagram, then go no further than this marketing provider.

Here, you can buy Instagram followers, likes and views from a source that is trusted by experts. They offer two basic packages to buy real IG followers namely, HQ Instagram Followers and Premium Instagram followers; the prices for 100 followers in these packages are $4.90 and $5.90 respectively.

You can set your delivery speed to natural or instant as per your preference. With the backing of years of industry experience, buying Instagram growth services from CheapIGFollowers will not disappoint you.

Buy IG Likes Fast

If you are on the lookout for quick yet genuine numbers to display on your Instagram channel, then this is where you should head. At Buy IG Likes Fast, you are given the promise of high-class services at reasonable prices and absolute privacy.

Whether you wish to buy Instagram followers for business or for increasing your influence on the platform, this marketing provider has you covered. Apart from buying Instagram followers, you can also purchase Instagram likes and views starting at only $1.99 for 50 likes or views.

You can also split the likes on a given number of posts. With fast delivery and a money-back guarantee, this website is your place to be for all things Instagram.

Insta Hero

This is one of the best sites to buy Instagram marketing services and get authentic results. They provide a quick and easy method of generating real Instagram followers, likes, views, and custom comments. Offering high-quality followers, real likes and real comments from real people, Instagram promotions from Insta Hero come with the guarantee of providing 100% satisfaction.

If and when you face any troubles or concerns with your order, you can avail of their 24/7 customer support. With authentic Instagram users who display active engagement with your posts, the retention rate of the followers will be high and absolutely no harm is done to your account. You can pay for your order using PayPal or credit card.

Socials Growth

Another among the platforms that offer promotional services for Instagram, Socials Growth is a trusted social media marketing website that delivers real results and immediate growth. Using this website, you can buy active Instagram followers, likes, auto likes, and views, all of which are backed by a lifetime retention warranty.

All the followers or likes that are directed to your account are from real and active Instagram users who form a part of their inbuilt customer base that they have developed over four years. They have a variety of plans and budgets on offer.

The price begins from $14 for 500 followers and goes up to $560 for 40000 followers. Plus, the more followers you buy from here, the more discount you can avail. Once your account gets the initial kickstart, organic growth will follow on its own.



Stormlikes is quite a popular choice when it comes to buying social media services. It provides a bunch of services geared towards improving your stats on social media platforms. Stormlikes provides services exclusively for Instagram.

If you are looking for genuine likes, followers and views then selecting Stormlikes can be a good choice. Understanding how the industry of social media service providers is a must for any company looking to do the same. Stormlikes understands that many companies have given a bad Rao to this industry by providing fake likes, followers and views.

Companies create ghost accounts which only serve the purpose of following or liking another user. Such accounts can become problematic for users. If you have lots of fake or bot accounts linked to your profile Instagram might delete them or worse, they might ban your profile. Even if you don’t get banned, people finding out that your profile has multiple bot followers or likes can seriously damage your credibility.

This is the reason Stormlikes provide high-quality services which are from genuine and real users. The team tries its best to do everything possible to ensure that each stat you receive, be it followers, likes or views, is from a real user in the community.

After all, you are here to improve your stats and not get banned. Here, at Stormlikes, the delivery of services is on time and it is affordable to fit the right budget constraints. The company has good customer support which is there to help you out. The price of 100 Instagram followers is $2.89 and the maximum number of followers that can be bought at a time is 25k for $279.99.


This is one of the most sought after websites to buy Instagram marketing services for your channel. Their diverse range of services includes Instagram followers, likes,  auto likes, comments, views, IGTV likes, views, comments, Instagram Reels promotions, and more. One of the unique features of InstaFollowers is that it offers few services on a Free Trial basis.

If then, you are convinced about the service offered, you can buy more paid services from a variety of packages on offer. Simply go to their website, enter the link of the post you want to get free likes, comments or views on and there you go.

You will begin to see the results reflected on your post almost instantly. Plus, their website and systems are protected by SSL Certificate, which means that your personal account would not be at risk and all its privacy and security ensured.

Genuine Likes

genuine likes

Genuine Likes is a company which is popular for cheap prices and amazing deals. It is good for people who are a little low on budget for their social media promotion. Many people have used the services provided by the company and have liked it. Genuine Likes claims to have satisfied more than 5000 customers.

The company is very young so it is a commendable thing. Genuine Likes claims to be the number one reliable service provider on the internet. Currently, the company is providing services for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud and Twitter.

So, if you end up liking their service for one of your social profiles then you can use the services the company provides for other platforms as well. This will save you time on constantly searching for a better company for different platforms.

When you work with Genuine Likes you get 100% safe and risk-free service. Everything is done within the law and terms and conditions of the social media platforms. So, your account will be safe. The stats that you will receive in terms of likes, followers or views will be from real and genuine users.

The stats will come from users all over the world and so, you don’t have to worry about being given users from a certain area only. The prices are affordable to accommodate clients with low budget for social media promotion. If at any point things go wrong your money is protected by the money-back guarantee.

You can always reach the company’s 24/7 customer support to resolve your queries. The price for Instagram followers starts at $8 for 500 followers. This goes all the way up to $450 for 50k Instagram followers.



Famups focuses a lot on satisfying their clients by providing the best services to boost their social media growth. This particular business approach works for them and they have helped many people achieve their social media promotional goals.

Famups wants to boost all your social media connections by providing services to enhance your growth on the various platforms. The services that the company provides cater to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, IGTV etc.

The company uses various methods and alternatives to grow your stats in an organic way and increase client engagement on your social profile. The company believes in evolving over time and uses the latest technologies in the market.

It uses advanced methodologies and digital round maps to facilitate digital marketing and bring traffic to your social profiles. Of course, the promotion will not be of much use if your audience is temporary. So, Famups uses ways to ensure that your audience can convert to long-term clients.

If you are looking to improve your credibility by buying genuine likes, views, subscribers, followers etc. then consider checking out Famups. The company delivers services in time and takes responsibility for your safety and privacy. The services will work and produce reliable results. If things go wrong you can always rely on the 24/7 customer support service.

The price range for Instagram followers start at $7 for 500 followers and go up to $430 for 50k followers. The delivery of the services start within a day and can take a long time depending on the order. You don’t want to gain 50k followers all of a sudden. It looks fishy. Research well before making any transaction.



Krootez is a company which is really passionate about taking its client’s social media goals to the next level. The company exclusively works on providing services for Instagram. So, if you are looking to improve your growth on Instagram or gain some credibility then consider checking out Krootez. It is popular among various Instagram users who have received satisfactory service from the company.

It might turn some people off that Krootez only serves one platform since you need to look elsewhere for services for different platforms. But Krottez tries to excel in one platform and focuses all its energy and resources doing that. Using its services you can grow your Instagram profile stats with genuine users.

Bad accounts can really cause problems for your profile. You might get banned or people might not trust you. So, Krootez tries to provide premium quality accounts to provide likes, views and followers to its clients. This will give you a good boost in ranking and you will gain the credibility you need to promote your content.

The premium accounts that Krootez provides consist of microblog accounts which regularly post stories and interact with other profiles. If you are feeling some doubt about the retention rate then don’t worry. Krootez provides a refill period of one month. If your follower count drops for some reason the company will refill the difference.

For $3.99 you can get 20 real Instagram followers. The max package costs $139.99 for 10k followers. The cost for active followers starts at $4.99 for 50 followers. The max amount of active followers that can be bought is 10k for $139.99.



Idigic is another company which provides services exclusively for Instagram. It has been providing services for the social media platform for some time and has helped many people achieve their Instagram goal. The company understands the difficulty of increasing follower count on Instagram.

It is very tough for people to get lots of followers who will interact with your posts. If you want to achieve popularity on Instagram you need to have a lot of targeted followers interacting with your accounts. But unfortunately, it is not very easy. It takes a lot of time and effort to build up a reputable following.

This might not be good food companies, brands or individuals who want to grow on Instagram quickly to promote their products or become influencers. This is where Idigic steps in. It provides various services to Instagram users to boost their growth on the platform. The services that the company provides for Instagram are to buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram views, and buy Instagram followers.

Besides just providing these packages the company also provides a detailed report pertaining to your Instagram following. Idigic sells six different packages for Instagram followers and depending on your budget and goals you can choose the one that will help you.

The cheapest package on the site is priced at $2.95 for 100 followers and the costliest package is priced at $39.95 for 5000 followers. These will be high-quality followers and you get automatic refills as well.


This is without doubt, the best place to buy Instagram followers and other marketing services. Here, you can buy real IG followers, likes and views for your Instagram channel that will make a difference to your account.

They simply do not bring empty profiles or automated bot profiles to your account, but bring high quality audience who have active profiles on Instagram and are regular users of the platform. From Blastup, you can buy Instagram followers, real likes, views and automatic likes for your page or posts in just three simple steps.

Blastup also offers a Free Trial, so that you can test the services for suitability before actually buying them. The prices start from as low as $1.99 for Instagram likes and views and $2.99 for Instagram followers.

Audience Gain

This social media marketing services provider is specifically for businesses. If you are looking to buy Instagram followers for business, then this is the destination for you. It provides professional marketing services including premium Instagram followers, Instagram likes, auto likes and video views.

When you buy Instagram followers from Audience Gain, you are signing up for getting real interaction on your Instagram page, from the people who are genuinely interested in your content. Also therefore, they will show a high retention rate and will almost never disappear. They have a wide range of packages for each of the services that cover a broad amount of budgets.

The rates begin from $8 for 500 followers that comes from real Instagram ads. This means that you get truly safe and natural promotions in the price that does not create a hole in your pocket.


With premium quality and instant delivery, ActiveIG is one of the best Instagram marketing services providers. Their Instagram services do not just bring temporary traffic to your account, but also bring engagement, visibility, exposure and eventually, social media success for your business or Instagram channel.

From ActiveIG, you can buy Instagram followers, likes, views and automatic likes from high quality profiles that are active users of Instagram. Buying Instagram packages from this site ensures complete privacy, guaranteed satisfaction with the deliverables, and 24/7 follow up support.

Their services are designed to create an active brand presence on Instagram that will take your account to the next level, in a totally hassle free process. The price for buying Instagram followers from ActiveIG starts from $7.99 for 500 followers.

Build My Plays

Build My Plays is a top rated social media marketing company that offers premium marketing services for businesses as well as individuals. With its incredible marketing services, you can kickstart your Instagram journey and build your brand’s presence, establish credibility and get real exposure on Instagram.

From this site, you can buy high quality and targeted Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, IGTV views and automatic likes at prices that you prefer. The costs begin from $0.0125 per follower, $).012 per like and $0.009 per like per photo (automatic likes).

It is a trusted name among Instagram growth providers that gives top priority to customer satisfaction. Plus, they guarantee complete retention and offer money back on all packages that fail to meet your expectations.

Social Followers

Do you want a real, relevant and targeted audience for your Instagram channel? If yes, then Social Followers is your one stop solution for all things related to Instagram marketing. It offers expert solutions for Instagram marketing by providing authentic and real IG followers at affordable costs.

With their premium services, you can make your presence online recognized and also, gain exposure and reach the right audience. Social Followers is highly customer centric, which means that they will put in all the effort required to deliver the results that you desire. They ensure high standards of quality, follow up support and retention rates.

All their strategies are personalized for each customer, which means that there’s some good news for your brand! The prices start from $89.99/ month for one account, $159.99/ month for two accounts and $224.99/month for three social media accounts.


Get the best marketing services for your Instagram channel with premium quality promotions offered by Trollishly. They offer a variety of packages to give you the best value for your money. Instagram services from Trollishy are as varied as it can be. They offer everything from Instagram followers, likes, comments, views, automatic likes, IG Reels likes and views, IGTV likes, views, impressions and several more services.

Also, they can help to get your Instagram account verified. All the traffic directed to your Instagram page will be from real and authentic Instagram profiles who are genuinely interested in your content.

Therefore, they will show a high retention rate as compared to other sites that offer similar services. The prices start at only $2 for 100 followers. With fast delivery and a promise of high quality, Trollishly is your expert solution for Instagram.


Trusted by hundreds of celebrities, small businesses and thousands of Instagrammers, Instagram promotions from Instapple is just what you need to become popular on Instagram. They offer packages for buying Instagram followers, likes, views and comments that are 100% safe and natural. All of their services are certified for quality and comply with Instagram’s policies.

This means that your account would not get into any trouble after buying any service from Instapple. One of their unique features is that they provide instant deliveries starting in just about 1 to 2 minutes.

This can be helpful if you are posting occasion-specific posts, offers, etc.. that can reach a greater audience. The price bracket ranges from $1.89 for 100 followers that go up to $249.89 for 50000 followers.

SMM Villa

SMMVilla is a trusted site for buying premium Instagram followers and other promotional services for your channel. It offers genuine and selected Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, IGTV views, Instagram Story views, and more.

However, please keep in mind that when you buy Instagram followers from SMM Villa, some of the traffic coming to your account might be from ghost accounts as well.

Hence, the engagement rate may not be up to the mark. Nonetheless, if you are simply looking for high numbers on your Instagram profile, then you can avail of services from this provider. The prices for Instagram followers start from $5.90 for 250 followers. With fast delivery and a guarantee of total customer satisfaction, Smm Villa is the best site to buy followers on Instagram at cheap costs that won’t break your bank.


Glowinsta is a complete social media marketing hub and offers top quality Instagram marketing services for business as well as individual profiles at the best prices. At Glowinsta, there is a range of services and budgets to choose from. You can buy Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, saves, impressions, IGTV likes, views and comments, Instagram Reels promotions, and much more.

Their services are quick, efficient and reliable and come with a guarantee of refill if you see a fluctuation in the numbers on your account. With ensured privacy and protection, you can easily make payments via credit or debit cards or PayPal while purchasing a package.

Plus, they also provide free, live chat support to resolve all your queries and grievances. They have attractive packages beginning from just $3.51 for 100 Instagram followers.


ManagerGram is primarily an Instagram marketing service provider that offers the best services to boost your presence on Instagram and build engagement among your followers. It specializes in Instagram marketing and provides comprehensive solutions for the same. You can buy Instagram followers, likes and comments, views, IGTV services, and more using this provider.

Besides, they also offer an exclusive Instagram VIP Plan which includes monthly Instagram followers and automatic likes on unlimited posts and starting at only $27.5 per month. All the followers, likes, comments, etc.. coming to your Instagram account will only be from premium quality Instagram profiles only.

The delivery usually starts within 24 hours. With affordable prices, complete account security and top-class customer support, Instagram marketing solutions from ManagerGram are just what you need to become famous.


If you want to boost your presence and authority on Instagram and make your voice heard on the platform, then SMM Sumo is your destination to be. Here, you can buy active Instagram followers, likes, automatic likes, comments, and views at affordable costs. You can target the audience based on country-specific regions or can also purchase worldwide traffic.

When you buy a package from SMM Sumo, you can be assured that all the audience coming to your account will be real and authentic Instagram profiles and not any ghost accounts, fake profiles, or automated bots.

One of the unique features which make SMM Sumo a top-rated name among social media marketers is that they guarantee a replacement or refill up to two years after purchasing an order! This means that there will be no duping at their end and you can sit back and simply watch your account grow. Packages start from only $5.


This is one of the best sites for Instagram marketing for businesses. It is the perfect social media growth weapon for your business with which you can outrank your competitors in a speck of time.

Appsally offers expert solutions for increasing the digital presence of your brand or business on Instagram. From here, you can buy services to boost Instagram traffic, conversions, engagement rate, and more.

What makes Appsally a unique provider of Instagram promotions is that their team consists of hand vetted, in-class marketing professionals that will help you to grow your account organically with zero interference of bots or fake profiles.

Also, they offer a 15 days refill warranty and a money-back for if your expectations are not met. All you need to do is enter your Instagram URL and pay the requisite amount. Now, you can sit back and watch your brand become famous in just a matter of time.


If you go after quality above everything else, then chances are that Likes.io is going to be your most preferred destination for Instagram marketing. With real followers, real engagement, and real growth, Likes.io provides exceptional services at affordable prices.

You can buy premium Instagram followers, likes, and automatic likes to boost your presence on Instagram and grow organically. Its smart targeting feature allows you to target specific audiences based on hashtags, location, gender, and interests.

The real likes and views on your Instagram account will boost interaction and engagement, thereby improving search engine rankings. With its safety and security assured, you will never have to worry about your account being put at risk. Also, you can select your delivery speed from gradual or instant. The prices start from just $3.95 for 100 followers and go up to $299.95 for 25000 followers.


Why do I need to buy followers?

You only need to buy followers if you have trouble finding followers on your own and you think that the main reason for that is your credibility. People want to follow people who post relatable and good content and have some amount of credibility in terms of followers or likes. If you can do that on your own then there is no need to buy followers. But if you are having some trouble you can always increase your stats to gain some credibility.

Is it safe to buy followers?

Yes, it is as long as you are buying from a reputable source which is not providing you with tonnes of fake or bot accounts. Many sites will market themselves as cheapest but when you buy from them they will give you fake and not accounts. These accounts will be deleted by Instagram and your follower count will drop. In the worst-case, your account may get banned.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

The logic behind buying Instagram followers is simple – it makes your account more popular on social media and also, in the search engines. When more people follow and engage with your Instagram account, the Instagram algorithm ranks your account higher in searches and so do the search engines such as Google.

When you have more followers, you or your business are likely to appear more influential to the audience. This will not only bring more followers to your account but also prove profitable for your business as when you put products on sale, there will be more potential customers who could buy your products. Buying Instagram followers is also a quick and efficient way to kickstart organic promotions if you are a startup, or new to social media.

 Is It Safe To Buy More IG Followers?

Buying Instagram followers is not completely safe. Although it gives you big numbers to flaunt on your Instagram account, it is basically just that – fake numbers. Plus, with Instagram making its terms of service stricter and purging the platform of millions of fake accounts by the day, the followers that you buy could disappear out of the blue any day.

You could even get blacklisted by the brands if they find out that a major portion of your follower base is from spammed bots. Also, because buying fake followers violates Instagram’s policies, your account could lose access to Instagram’s features or could outright be suspended from the platform.

Is It Illegal To Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

Technically speaking, no. It is not illegal to buy Instagram followers from fake accounts. But, it could have unfavorable consequences for your brand. When you buy Instagram followers for business, you are basically taking a shortcut to become famous and reaching a greater audience.

If you get caught for buying followers, it could severely affect your reputation and you could lose your existing followers as well. You could also get banned from Instagram. Also, fake followers are just numbers and will not show any engagement on your account.

This means that Instagram’s algorithm will not prioritize your content and nor will the search engines. So although it is not illegal to buy fake Instagram followers, they will not add much value to your account, besides displaying large numbers.

Is Buying Instagram Followers A Good Idea?

When you buy Instagram followers, the key idea is that only ‘real’ followers have ‘real’ value. If you buy active Instagram followers that are real and engaged, only then can you expect the full worth of your money. If you do buy real IG followers, then it indeed, is a good idea, because –

  • More the followers on Instagram, the more influential you will appear.
  • Your Instagram visibility will grow exponentially.
  • You will have more visitors than ever on your website or ecommerce stores.
  • Your followers are your potential customers. Your brand’s sales will increase.
  • Buying Instagram followers is quick, easy, and cheap.
  • It will give your business an edge over your competitors.

Therefore, buying Instagram followers is a good idea, but only when they are real. They will add tremendous value to your account and make you famous and influential within a short span of time.

How Can I Grow Real Instagram Followers?

Building a genuine follower base on Instagram is a gradual process and it may take months and years to grow real Instagram followers. The best way to generate a massive following is to post original, unique, and good quality content consistently. When you do so, your followers come back to your account more often and hence, engage with your posts frequently.

As a result, the Instagram algorithm will favor your posts that may appear on the much aspired-for Explore page on Instagram with the potential to reach millions of Instagram users who could be interested in your content.

Besides, there are many other ways such as following related accounts, commenting frequently, hosting giveaways, hashtags researching, stellar designing, and more to bring real Instagram followers to your account.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy?

Buying Instagram followers is quick and cheap. You will not be required to spend a fortune and will get good results in return for a small amount as low as $2 to $10 for about 100 followers.

However, please keep in mind that any third-party services that offer extremely inexpensive rates for buying followers will deliver audiences from fake profiles or bot accounts which will not help you with building engagement.

When you buy real, authentic followers, you are in fact, buying a stellar marketing strategy that will help you grow your Instagram account. Now while this strategy may cost significantly more than simply buying bot accounts, the tremendous organic growth that you can achieve through this makes it worth it.

Will My Engagement Increase On Instagram?

If the followers that you buy are from genuine sources and really interested in your content, it is needless to say that they will interact with your posts frequently and the engagement on your page will increase.

They will not only engage with your posts by commenting, sharing or tagging but will also be retentive. This means that you would not see a drop in the number of followers in the future.

However, if your Instagram followers are just air in the bag of chips, then they may soon disappear from your account because basically they are just spammed bot accounts. Fake followers will not display any engagement or interaction on your Instagram account. Rather, they are merely inflated numbers that will make your account ‘seem’ influential to bye passers.

How Do You Get Popular On Instagram?

The answer to this could take a whole thesis. But to put it briefly, followers and engagement is the answer to get popular on Instagram. More number of followers means that your account appears more influential and you will keep on attracting new followers organically by the day and eventually become popular. But, only followers and no engagement is a recipe for disaster.

The two should run hand in hand. If your followers do not interact with your posts, your account will get buried by the Instagram algorithm. So, your account will be as good as non-existent on the platform and will have no visibility despite having a huge number of followers. So, to get popular on Instagram, you should post quality content, follow related accounts, comment frequently and always keep your followers engaged.

Will Instagram Delete My Fake Followers?

Yes, it is possible that Instagram will delete your fake followers. Instagram’s terms of service are against buying followers from third party services. Instagram constantly purges the platform of fake profiles. Therefore, if you buy fake followers, chances are that they may all disappear any day.

In 2018, Instagram updated its policies that are now totally against fraudulent third party websites that sell followers from bot accounts, or fake profiles. Plus, if your account gets caught with a large number of followers having fake profiles, brands could blacklist you, you could get a warning from Instagram or your account could even outright get removed from the platform.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Real Active Instagram Followers And Likes?

As you know, the Internet is afloat with numerous third-party websites that claim to sell real and active Instagram followers and likes. But you would be surprised to know that most of these are simply fake – the followers that they direct to your Instagram accounts are just automated, spammed bots.

Several businesses, influencers, and celebrities buy Instagram followers – the trick is to do it right. A genuine and authentic service will be able to provide you with a stellar marketing strategy to enable your account to grow organically. To find the best place to buy real active Instagram followers and likes, we have done most of the work for you. You can read about these best websites for Instagram likes and followers here.

Pro Tip: Always select a website that offers a Free Trial. In this way you can test the services and see if they suit your purpose. This also saves you from scams.

Will Buying Instagram Followers Affect My Instagram Account?

Buying Instagram followers that are inactive and bot accounts will not make much difference to your Instagram account in terms of engagement.

Your posts are only going to be visible to avoid because the followers that you had purchased are not actually real people. So, if you promote your products or use your Instagram account for business and recognition, it is very less likely that you will get it from buying Instagram followers.

However, buying Instagram followers could affect your account in the negative as you could get banned from Instagram or get blacklisted by brands, who will never collaborate with you in the future. Your reputation might go for a toss and you could also lose the few real followers that you already had.

How Many Instagram Followers Is Average?

The average number of followers on an Instagram account varies on the type of Instagram account that you have. If yours is a private account, the average number of followers should be between 150 – 200. When the follower count crosses 1000, the account has more potential for sales and affiliations and your account falls in the category of micro-influencers.

If you wish to be considered as a full-fledged influencer, the average follower count on your Instagram should ideally be above 15000. Anything more than half a million Instagram followers and you are already a star! Further, please note that the ratio of a number of followers to the following is also accounted for when brands are looking for influencers to collaborate with or while deciding the category of the influencer.

What Will My Followers Look Like If I Buy Them?

If you buy Instagram followers, they will look like boosted numbers on your account. These accounts are usually automated bot accounts that are created specifically for the purpose of selling Instagram followers.

Usually, they will have a profile picture and a few contents on their feed, posted by the handler to make the account look real. Another telltale sign is that their own followers are significantly low as compared to the number of profiles that they follow.

And although they will increase the numbers appearing on your account for a certain period of time, they are as easily likely to pass by like the wind. Hence, do not be surprised if you cannot see the 10000 followers that you had bought when you wake up the next morning.

Will It Work If I Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, but not permanently. As mentioned above, buying Instagram followers works only when they are real, active and engaged. Otherwise, they are simply like air in a bag of chips.

If the followers that you buy do engage with your posts, then it can fuel your organic marketing, improve your search engine rankings and make your profile reach across to thousands of new users who would be genuinely interested in your content.

As a result, the numbers on account will multiply and show relevant interaction as well. But without engagement, they are just that – numbers and will not help you in increasing sales, ranking higher in search engines, converting leads, etc. So, if you want to make your Instagram work, the key idea is to buy real Instagram followers that will engage, even if they are small in number at first.

How Do Companies Deliver Instagram Followers?

When you buy followers for Instagram from genuine third party services, they promote your Instagram account through strategic marketing, to the audience who would be interested in your content. This takes place through hashtags, affiliations, sponsored promotions, or through targeted Instagram ad campaigns whose aim is to bring relevant audiences to see your account.

When this target audience views your profile and finds your content worth looking out for, they will naturally begin to follow you. Gradually as this process continues and you already have a follower base at your disposal, you can multiply those numbers rapidly by organic marketing through Instagram ads, hashtags, etc.. This is how companies deliver Instagram followers to really grow your following.

Will I Lose The Followers That I Buy?

Perhaps yes. Instagram constantly removes fake profiles and spammed bot accounts from the platform. So, if you buy followers from third party websites, it is highly likely that they are automated bot accounts and may disappear any day out of the blue. Moreover, your account itself can get suspended from the platform if a large number of your followers are fake.

And since, when you purchase Instagram followers, you are basically only buying inflated numbers for your account, they cannot be trusted to show retention. As such, the followers on your Instagram account might fluctuate or drop significantly not long after you have received your complete order. Plus, you could be scammed and not receive any replacement or refund of the money that you had paid.

Does Buying Instagram Followers Help In Growing Business?

Yes. But only if the followers that you buy are real. More Instagram followers actually mean more people who are regularly seeing your content. It makes you appear more influential and may even get more website visits to your business. Eventually, more Instagram followers can become your potential customer base and help to increase sales, and rank your business higher in search engine search results.

However, this will only work if the Instagram followers that you have bought are real and active. Otherwise, you are pretty much promoting your business in avoid. The effect could be contrary as well. If your account gets identified as having fake followers, it could make your reputation go for a toss and you could get blacklisted by brands. In fact, you might even lose the existing real followers that you already had.

Does It Affect My Organic Growth?

When people see that your brand or business is already well established on Instagram and has thousands of followers, they are more likely to follow your account as well. This is called the bandwagon effect. The Instagram community measures your visibility and authenticity with the amount of your current following.

If you buy premium Instagram followers that show high retention, it is bound to attract even more followers and become noteworthy in near future. However, please note that this will only be the case if your audience shows interaction and engagement with your posts. Otherwise, you will simply be shouting out into the void. So, buying followers that are genuine, active and engaged will significantly increase the organic growth of your Instagram account.

Do I Have To Give You My Instagram Password?

Most of the sites that sell Instagram followers do not require you to share your password with them. They will simply ask for your Instagram URL and direct followers over there. There are other websites that increase your Instagram followers through an exchange system. This means that they will follow relevant profiles in the same niche from your account and bring in more potential followers for you by saving your time. In this case, you will have to share your Instagram password with them. However, it breaches the privacy of your account and may put it at risk. Therefore, we do not recommend availing services from such websites that ask for your Instagram account password.

How To Buy Followers On Instagram?

Buying followers on Instagram is fairly simple. Firstly, set the visibility of your Instagram account to the Public. Now, go to a particular website from which you want to buy Instagram followers. Explore the range of packages that they offer and check out for specifications such as the number of followers, pricing, delivery time, and so on.

Select an appropriate package that suits your requirements the best. Enter your Instagram URL and pay easily using your preferred mode of payment. Once your order gets confirmed, you can simply sit back and watch the followers dropping in on your Instagram account starting in as little time as an hour.

How Can I Pay For Buying Instagram Followers?

When you buy Instagram followers, paying for them is totally hassle-free. After you select a package and enter your Instagram URL, you will be directed to pay the requisite amount. Several third-party Instagram marketing service providers accept payments through PayPal or credit and debit cards.

However, the payment method will vary from website to website. Before making a purchase, you should definitely check whether the payments are secured through an SSL encryption certificate or not, in order to protect confidential information such as your card details and so on.

Do They Also Provide Targeted Audience?

Yes, some third party Instagram marketing services allow you to target the accounts based on demographics including age, gender, geographical locations, country, language or through hashtags, keywords, interests of the audience and many other factors. This helps to get your product across to the right audience and to those who would buy them. You can target your desired audience and the followers that will be directed to your account will really be from your target audience – the people who would genuinely be interested in your content/products. However, not all sites offer the option of targeting and instead, direct either local followers or worldwide followers to your Instagram account. So, based on your requirements, you will have to check beforehand whether a particular website allows targeting the audience or not.

How Long Do They Remain?

If you buy Instagram followers from authentic sites that devise a stellar marketing strategy customized for your brand, then only those people who are genuinely interested in your content will come to your profile and therefore, will show high retention and will not drop in the future. On the contrary, if the followers coming to your account are just spammed bot accounts, then you can be sure to say goodbye to them in a short span of time, perhaps even less than a month. Either they will unfollow your account in future or high chances are that Instagram will suspend them because they are fake accounts. So if you buy cheap and fake followers for Instagram, do not be surprised if your following drops from thousands to tens in a single day.

How To Select The Best Site To Buy Instagram Followers?

The Internet is full of third party social media marketing providers that sell Instagram followers. But you would be surprised to know that most of these are simply fake – the followers that they direct to your Instagram accounts are just automated bot accounts and will soon disappear. When you buy real, authentic followers, you are in fact, buying a strategy that will help you grow your account.

Now, while this strategy may cost a bit more than simply buying followers from bot accounts, the tremendous organic growth that can be achieved through this, makes it worth it. A fully managed service for increasing Instagram followers will be able to provide you with a cohesive marketing strategy that will eventually enable your account to grow organically. To find the best place to buy Instagram followers, we have done most of the work for you. You can read about these best websites for Instagram followers here.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Order?

With most of the third-party websites that sell Instagram followers, likes, views and more, the order starts getting delivered in a matter of few hours. Depending on the number of followers that you buy and the delivery speed you choose, you will be able to see the numbers dropping in on your Instagram account right after you pay the amount and your order gets confirmed.

For example, if you buy 500 Instagram followers, you will probably see them on your account within the same day that you place an order; if you buy a greater number of followers, say 10000, then the delivery time will range between 48 – 72 hours approximately. The delivery times also vary from website to website, so the best way to know how long will it take to deliver your order is to read the specifications of your order on the website from which you are buying followers, likes, comments, views, etc.

Some Guides Related to Buying IG Followers:

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Who does not like a large follower base to flaunt on their social media? After all, it is primarily the ‘number of followers’ on your Instagram account that demonstrates the social proof of your prominence as a brand.

There is no counter to the fact that more followers in a way, display credibility and build a reputed brand image to back up and add ignition to your marketing strategies. But like everything in the world, more Instagram followers also do not come as a bed of roses.

A lot of businesses, individuals, or influencers rest on third-party social media marketing agencies to buy Instagram followers instantly. Now, even if you discover the best place to buy Instagram followers, you are basically doing something against Instagram’s policies, that is ‘buying’ followers.

When you buy Instagram followers for business purposes or even individual profiles, you are basically taking the shortcut to becoming popular on social media. Now, as good as it sounds, it may have consequences that can be unfavorable for your business.

Read on to know what are the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers for promoting your business :

Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

Kickstart Organic Promotions

When people see that your brand or business is already well established on Instagram and has thousands of followers, they are more likely to follow your account as well. This is called the bandwagon effect.

The Instagram community measures your visibility and authenticity with the amount of your current following. If you buy premium Instagram followers that show high retention, it is bound to attract even more followers and become noteworthy in near future.

Your Competitors Are Doing It

Believe it or not, a majority of businesses today are resorting to buy Instagram followers. And chances are that your competitors are already promoting themselves on Instagram.

This owes itself to the fact that there is already so much competition floating on social media. To build a brand and make a digital presence, people are looking for fast marketing alternatives and buying followers for Instagram is their quick solution.

Demonstrate Social Proof

More followers on Instagram can make your brand look influential and authoritative, and there is no denying it. It makes your brand appear important, which naturally instigates an audience who are not your current followers to check out your content and even become your new followers. This helps you to display proof of visibility and you may strike many deals based on your following.

Quick, Easy, and Cheap

With social media marketing agencies, to buy Instagram followers instantly is no big deal. Once you select a suitable package and make the payment, you will see followers dropping in on your Instagram account in no time. Plus, it will not create a hole in your pocket as it does not require you to spend too much. At extremely affordable rates, you can buy active Instagram followers and watch your account grow.

You Could Get Recognized

More followers on Instagram mean that your brand has more chances at getting recognized. If you have active and engaged followers, it could significantly improve your search engine rankings and help your business get leads and conversions and above all, get recognized.

Once you have a considerable number of followers on Instagram, you can use a stellar marketing strategy to multiply those numbers and build a genuine follower base. The only difference that buying followers would make to your organic promotions is that it will make it more effective and accessible to a greater audience.

Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

Unsteady Engagement Rates

If the audience that comes to your account is not real or temporary, they may not show any engagement on your account. They will not interact with your posts at all and may even drop in the later future. Hence, even the best place to buy Instagram followers does not actually guarantee best engagement and retention of the audience. Without this, the numbers on your account are basically just that – numbers.

You Could Lose Credibility

When you buy Instagram followers for business, you are basically taking a shortcut to becoming famous and reaching a greater audience. If you get caught for buying followers, it could severely affect your reputation and you could lose your existing followers as well. You could also get banned from Instagram. (But if celebrities are buying Instagram followers, you may at least give it a try!)

It Would Not Add Quality to Your Account

When you buy Instagram followers, you are basically buying digits to demonstrate social proof. Whether these followers are actual and real Instagram users is at best, a mystery. They can very well be from automated bots, or system generated ghost accounts. As such, they may not display any engagement and hence, your account will be just all quantity minus the quality.

It Could Be a Scam

When you buy Instagram followers for business from third party agencies, you cannot be sure whether you will get the promised results or not. The sites could very well be a scam and you could lose out on the money spent, nonetheless a small amount, without getting the promised numbers on your account.

Buying Instagram followers does not ensure that they are 100% real, genuine and active Instagram users. Most of the social media marketing services providers are simply scams and generate those numbers through spammed bots.

You Will Miss Out On The Learning

All in all, buying Instagram followers is a shortcut to becoming popular and when you do so, you will miss out on the journey to real success. Now although it saves you those valuable years and  You will miss out on learning the real expertise of marketing your Instagram page from scratch and might be unable to retain your followers in the long run in the future.


Buying Instagram followers is quick, easy, and cheap. It would not create a hole in your pocket and you will probably not remember buying them after a time gap.

However, if you resort to buying Instagram followers as a permanent form of promoting your business, then you cannot expect much worth for your money. Either these followers will fluctuate and eventually drop from your account, or Instagram will itself remove them and even suspend your account.

As such, your business or influencer account will not flourish on Instagram and you will not be able to collaborate with influential brands. All in all, if you have to invest in buying Instagram followers, then do so from genuine, authentic, and trustworthy websites that do not simply direct bot accounts to your profile, but attract real Instagram users through effective marketing strategies.

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