10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in 2020

sites to buy instagram likes

Instagram is a social media platform that has grown exponentially over the years. Millions of people are active on this platform, sharing images and interacting with each other’s posts.

The platform is used by lots of companies and brands to promote themselves and reach more audiences. This is what makes  Instagram very competitive. Everybody is trying to have a piece of the market. This makes it harder for newcomers to get a breakthrough. This is why there are companies that provide services like Buy Instagram likes to help people establish credibility.

Today we decided to look at some of the companies which help clients get more likes on their Instagram posts. Just remember there is no alternative to good content. If your content is bad or product is bad then no matter how much you promote things will not work out.

These services are there to give you supplementary help to promote your post or profile. Also, make sure you research thoroughly and contact the company if you have any doubts before making any purchase.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy Instagram Likes in 2020



Let’s start the list with Buzzoid. It is a site that provides services for Instagram. The company has been around for some time and provides various services for the platform. Using Buzzoid you can buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers, and buy Instagram views. Instagram is a wry competitive platform, something the company knows.

These services can help you boost your social profile on Instagram giving you more credibility. Many Instagram users only give attention to accounts that have more interaction i.e. more followers, likes or views.

So, you can increase these numbers using the company’s services. Once you have credibility organic growth will start. If you are just starting out and looking for some affordable packages to boost Instagram growth then you can try Buzzoid’s services. But make sure to research well before going into any transaction.

The process of opting for service on Buzzoid’s website is simple. They have multiple packages suiting different goals and budgets. Clients can select any package which suits them and enter the relevant details. No password or login information of your Instagram account is required. In most cases username is sufficient. Now, just choose a payment method and finalize the order.

The company claims 24/7 good customer support. So, try to get your doubts and queries resolved. The company has a good refund policy in case of unfulfilled orders. If you are looking to buy Instagram likes for your post the price starts at $1.47 for 50 likes and goes up to $88.99 for 10k likes. These will be high-quality likes. The cost of premium likes falls in the range of $3.49 for 50 likes to $12.99 for 250 likes. Check the website for more info.



Idigic is a social media service provider that deals exclusively in Instagram services. The site has been around for some time and has been helping clients improve their Instagram stats. The site provides a range of Instagram services which can help you gain more credibility. The company claims that it’s Instagram services have revolutionized how brands are promoted and built on Instagram.

With nearly a decade of experience under its belt, Idigic has been providing multiple solutions to clients if you want to gain more audience or more reputation or more engagement then you can use services of Idigic. The company tries it’s best to maintain the quality of service. The profiles you will get as followers or likes will be of good quality. These will be genuine and real users who use the platform.

Of course, good quality service will not be of much help if it takes forever to reach you. This is why Idigic works to provide quick and instant delivery to clients so that your Instagram growth can start as soon as possible. The delivery will start within a minute of payment. If you have issues don’t worry the site claims that it’s 24/7 customer support team is always ready to resolve your queries.

If for some reason the order does not get delivered then you are protected by Money Back Guarantee. The price of 50 likes is $1.49. The maximum number of likes that you can buy is 10k for $69.95. These likes have the possibility to be split among multiple pictures or posts.



Trollishly is a really young brand which provides social media services to companies, brands and individuals. But even though the experience in terms of years has been less, the company has been able to get a good number of clients four to good quality service at affordable prices. The parent company of Trollishly is Rise UP Digital FZE.

It is a company based in UAE which provides essential software for the industry. The company also specializes in web design and digital marketing. Trollishly provides services for a lot of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. If you are in doubt about its services you can use the freebies services. This will help you gain more stats in your Instagram or TikTok account for free. Trollishly believe in providing good satisfaction to the clients and guarantees that you will not regret using its services.

The team at Trollishly consists of a group of experts who are good at social media marketing. They are passionate about helping people reach their social media goals. The company believes in developing good relationships with customers and providing good satisfaction. Even though the company is new it has served around 10k clients. The services are very cheap.

The starting price for Instagram likes is $1 for 100 likes and you can get up to 10k likes for $50. The delivery will start in a minute and the likes are of high quality. You can always use the customer support to resolve queries (which we recommend). Please contact the company if you have any doubts before making any transaction.

Mr. Insta

MR .insta

Mr. Insta has been in this industry long enough to understand social media platforms. It believes in upgrading and evolving to provide the best solution to the clients. It knows how difficult the game of social media is and newbies can get swept aside. So, it provides various services to help companies and clients to improve their stats on social media platforms. These services are of high quality and you will get the stats from real and active users. If you just want to test the services you can opt for Mr. Insta’s free Instagram followers service too. Mr. Insta provides services for Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify and SoundCloud. This means that the site can become your one-stop solution for social media needs if you like its services. Using its services you can get access to your target niche. This can be very helpful for brands and companies.

Mr. Insta has a wide variety of profiles which suits companies and brands of different types. If you are a tech company or hardware company or clothing brand you can use Mr. Insta to reach your target audience. The likes, followers or shares will come from worldwide locations. So, you don’t have to feel constrained. The payment and order method of the site is easy.

The customer support can help you get your queries resolved. Don’t worry about losing followers or likes as you will get more than what you paid for. This will ensure that even if few people unfollow your account the bulk will stay. The price for 100 Instagram likes is $6 and you can buy up to 50k likes which cost $179. The site also provides automatic likes service and if it is something you want you can check it out on the site.



Famoid is a popular company among people who are looking to buy social media services. The company has been around since 2017. It is a software development company and provides various essential software to the industry. The company has its headquarters in Delaware. The company specializes in social media services too and has been able to make quite a name for itself. Many people trust Famoid for their social media growth. Famoid approaches clients to create a trustworthy relationship with them.

Honesty and transparency help them do business better. Also, they believe in delivering services on time so that you can get on your fame rocket as soon as possible. The company name comprises two words Famous and oid ( it means object). Together this means an object which can make you famous and that is the underlying motto of the company.

Famoid has services for three of the most popular social media platforms. You can use the site to get services for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. So, if you happen to like the way this company does the business you can use it for all the three platforms.

The site guarantees that you will not regret trying its services. The Instagram likes package starts at $2.95 for 100 likes. You can go all the way up to 25000 likes for $168.95. The likes are of good quality and from real and active users. It is 100% safe and you will get 24/7 customer support to resolve your queries.



Like4Like is a company that specializes in providing stats to Instagram users. Unlike various other services which directly provide packages, you can buy to boost your growth Like4Like uses a different method. It is a community of Instagram users who exchange likes among each other. We decided to put a couple of companies on the list which use this method.

This is because if you are starting out directly buying services can seem a bit daunting and so you might not feel comfortable. Another reason is that when you buy services there can be a good chance that you might get an increase in stats due to bot or fake accounts which is not ideal and can get you in trouble.

Like4Like is a free social media service provider that helps you increase likes on your posts for free. You just have to provide likes and clicks to other accounts to get likes on your posts. A good benefit of the site is that it can be a good starting point for people. It is free as long as you want it and you get likes from real Instagram users who use this software.

You can install Like4Like as a chrome extension and it will run in the background. There is no registration required and you can directly login to your Instagram account. If at any point you feel that you don’t want to like posts from your account and want to just receive likes there are paid options too which can help you gain likes without giving any. This service is very safe and it is worth checking out.



Instagram growth can be tough for people who are just beginning on social media. It can be difficult to promote your content or get more likes. With Likezoid things can become much easier for you and you don’t have to pay a penny! Yes, it is completely free software that you can download on your machine and you are good to go.

There are no hidden costs, surveys or any kind of hidden condition attached. The approach is based on a simple exchange formula. You like to get likes. This software hits help you get likes in return for liking other people’s posts. So, it is basically a sort of community of people who are sort of helping each other out. Once you start to get a good number of likes on your posts you can easily promote your content as you now have good credibility.

Also, since you are exchanging likes with other Instagram users you will only get likes from real users. So, there is no need to worry too much about fake accounts and bots. You just have to download and install the software on your Windows PC or Mac and log in to your Instagram account. Don’t worry the software is not strong with your login info.

The login happens on the Instagram portal this software just runs in the background. After that, you can follow the steps which include adding up to 5 users. Now, just keep on using your account and liking various posts for which you will receive coins. These coins can be used to get likes. Linezolid will help you expand your reach and reach your target audience.


Do I need to buy Likes?

Likes are an important indicator of audience engagement with your posts. It gives you a sort of credibility besides the actual content of the post. If you are good at promoting and can get likes on your own then you do not need to buy any service. This is for newcomers or brands who have difficulty in promoting their content initially.

Is it safe?

This highly depends on the service provider you are working with. If your service provider delivers likes from real accounts and active users then there’s nothing to worry about. Things start to go bad if bots and fake accounts start getting linked to your account. To avoid this research well. You can use the like exchange method too to reduce the chances of fake or bot accounts.

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