10 Best Sites To Real Buy Instagram Views (2020)

Best Sites To Real Buy Instagram Views

One of the best ways to engage people is with videos. This is why almost all social media platforms support it. Videos are very popular on Instagram and are a great way to promote your profile and content. On Instagram, videos can have likes and views. Views show the amount of people that engaged with your video.

If you are looking to increase the number of views on your Instagram video then here are a few sites that may help you. We have decided to list some sites which provide services to buy Instagram views to users.

Research well before making any final deal and remember to make good content that is engaging for people because otherwise, you won’t get any organic following some people won’t be enjoying your video. You can contact the sites to get your queries resolved if you have any doubts.

Here Is The List Of Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views :



Let’s start this list with InstaFollowers which is a company dedicated to helping social media users reach their social media goal. For this, it has designed various services to help fast-track the process for the clients. Despite the name of the company, it is not limited to providing services only for Instagram.

You can find services for many different social media platforms like SEO, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. So, if you enjoy the services of InstaFollowers then you can use them for multiple platforms on which you want to enhance your growth. The company has tried to make the site very user-friendly and self-explanatory. This to ensure that people can find what they are looking for instantly rather than wasting time looking for it.

The tools and interface are very convenient to use too. The site makes it a point to take responsibility for your privacy and security and does not need any sensitive information. The company has 24/7 customer support for clients to get their queries resolved. The price has been kept reasonable too. InstaFollowers follow the guidelines set by Instagram and other social media platforms and thus when you are using its services your account is safe.

The price for Instagram video views starts at $1.8 for 200 views. You can, of course, go crazy and buy 10 million views for $9000. Yes, the site has that service too. The site also provides the facility of automatic views so that you don’t have to worry about buying views every time you upload a video. The company will provide views for your video automatically. The minimum number of videos that you can buy automatic views is 5. You will get more details on the site.



Idigic.net is a site which has various services for Instagram users. It believes that followers are the single most important thing on Instagram. Posting on the platform will be useless if there is no one to see that post. This is the reason companies and brands try to reach as many people as possible.

More the number of people seeing the posts more is the chance of selling your product or service. Even for individuals looking to become influencers if there is no one following them who will they influence. But just buying a tonne of followers is not going to help you out. You need to regularly post good content for people to relate to or interact with.

Once they like your post they will be more inclined to follow you and you will get a good and steady organic growth but things can be difficult at first especially for newcomers. This is because for people to follow you you need to reach them and promote your posts which other services like Instagram views and likes are present to provide the required credibility to your post so that more people can see and engage with it.

Idigic has various different packages for Instagram which have been custom-made for the clients to achieve maximum results. The site also provides a detailed report about your Instagram followers so that you can stay up to date with your growth. There are multiple packages for video views too. The price ranges from $1.95 for 100 views to $74.95 for 50000 views.



Buzzoid is a popular choice for various Instagram users who want services to improve their stats on the social media platform. It has been around for some time and has been able to satisfy a lot of clients by providing services which are of higher quality than various service providers on the market.

The company understands the impact of Instagram and how it has grown exponentially and continuously evolved over time. It has changed the way people interact with profiles and posts. Most users will not be willing to look at a post or profile which does not have much interaction.

They will be attracted to those accounts which have much more engagement in terms of likes, views or followers. This is not to say that content does not matter. Of course, the posts of the account have to be relevant and should be engaging for the target audience. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any organic growth even after buying services.

So, make sure you have good content and then use Buzzoid’s services to increase engagement on your posts and profiles. Users will see your content and stats and the probability of them wanting to follow you and engage with your content will increase. The process of buying services from Buzzoid is very easy. You just need to select a package based on your needs and budget.

Then you need to enter relevant details. Don’t worry your login info is not required. You just need to profile your username and email id. They pay for the service and watch your account grow. The price for Instagram views starts at $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $74.99 for 50k views.



The next company that we are going to take a look at is Poprey.com. It is a social media service provider which has been helping clients improve their standings on Instagram. The company does this by providing a variety of services to help increase the stats on your profile and thus gaining you some credibility. This will, in turn, help you promote your posts and profile.

The company has studied and analyzed the platform thoroughly to understand what is important for people to become popular on it. Many companies and brands which were already famous got an easy start on Instagram while many other people had to put in lots of time and effort to get people to interact with their posts and profiles.

Gaining solid credibility to make more people engage with your profile was really time-consuming. But in today’s world time is very crucial. Poprey.com tries to help boost people’s stats with the timely delivery of services and thus enhancing the growth rate on Instagram. The site believes that instead of taking months to grow your profile you can do it in a few minutes. All you have to do is use their convenient site and choose the package you want.

Once you have done that all you need to do is pay for the service and wait. Your numbers will start increasing which give you enough credit to promote yourself. Poprey.com claims that the more likes, views that your posts have, the more likely that Instagram’s algorithm will show your posts to other social media users.

This, in turn, will result in more organic growth. One of the best ways to show the engagement on your Instagram videos is video views. If you are looking to increase the number of views in your Instagram videos then the packages at Poprey.com starts at $1 for 200 views and can go up to $74.80 for 50k views.



Instapromote is a site that has been helping clients promote their content and Instagram profile online in a better and efficient way. The site provides Instagram services which are affordable and are also of some of the best quality in the industry.

This is great for companies, brands or individuals who are looking to promote their content in Instagram or looking to boost their Instagram growth but have a very tight budget constraint. The site tries it’s best to satisfy its clients and claims that it will be your partner in boosting your brand’s presence on social networks.

The site understands how fast social media platforms are evolving. Every day we see new algorithms and terms of service coming in. Platforms are trying to outdo each other by bringing in newer features. This can make things difficult for people who are just starting out and want to promote their brand or service.

Instapromote tries to help the clients by providing services that follow the terms of services of the platform and keeps the client’s account safe while boosting their Instagram stats. If you are looking to boost your Instagram stats then you can use the services provided by Instapromote which are, buy followers, buy views and buy likes. The site ensures the safety and privacy of its clients.

The transactions are secure and your data is protected. If things do not work out for you then you can always claim your money back using the sites refund policy. The packages for videos views start at $1.99 for 500 views. If you want more you can go all the way up to 50k views for $74.99.



As the name suggests ViralRace is a company that is geared towards making your content and profile viral. It deals exclusively in providing services for Instagram and has been helping many clients reach their social media promotional goals on this platform.

The company claims to have become the most trusted source for improving Instagram engagement on the internet. It has designed various services to facilitate the growth of your Instagram account. It understands how the platform works and what people actually want.

Using that knowledge it provides its clients with some of the best services to enhance their Instagram cred which will help them promote their posts or profile in a much better way. ViralRace provides only real and genuine Instagram users to improve your profile and post stats. No fake or bot accounts will be provided.

The company wants what is best for the client and getting linked to fake or bot accounts can seriously damage credibility. ViralRace has a network of more than 500k Instagram users who get a fraction of the company’s revenue with every action they take. This is the method that the company uses to supply the clients with real and genuine Instagram users for increasing followers, likes or views.

The company provides followers, likes and views at an optimal rate so that your growth doesn’t feel suspicious and you have a good retention rate. The views on your Instagram video show how well the video is doing. ViralRace has packages for video views as well. The price ranges from $6.99 for 500 views to $249.99 for 50k views.



Famoid has been providing social media services to companies, brands and individuals for over three years now. It is a software development company which started in 2017 in the United States. It is currently based in Delaware. Famoid has been providing various essential software to the industry. The company is also known for its range of social media services.

It provides services to boost a client’s growth on social media platforms. The company caters to users of three of the most popular social media platforms viz. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. These three platforms have grown exponentially over the years. They started as a simple way of connecting people together but slowly evolved into something much bigger.

Although the core functionality of connecting people and sharing stuff online remains the same it has become a hotspot for companies, brands and individuals to get noticed and become popular. Famoid understands the difficulty for newcomers to make their mark on these platforms which is why it provides a variety of services to enhance client’s growth on these platforms.

The name of the company is made from two words, famous and oid, meaning object identifier. Together it means an object that will make you famous and the company stands by it. The company claims to provide reliable service with fast delivery. You can always contact them if any problem arises.


Videos are a great way to promote your content on Instagram. If you want to gain some cred on your Instagram videos then the package starts at $2.95 for 100 views and goes up to $99.95 for 25k views.

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