10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Views (In 2021)

Best Sites To Real Buy Instagram Views

One of the best ways to engage people is with videos. This is why almost all social media platforms support it. Videos are very popular on Instagram and are a great way to promote your profile and content. On Instagram, videos can have likes and views. Views show the amount of people that engaged with your video.

If you are looking to increase the number of views on your Instagram video then here are a few sites that may help you. We have decided to list some sites which provide services to buy Instagram views to users.

Research well before making any final deal and remember to make good content that is engaging for people because otherwise, you won’t get any organic following some people won’t be enjoying your video. You can contact the sites to get your queries resolved if you have any doubts.

Here is the List Of Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views :


viralyft - best site to buy instagram views

Viralyft is a company that can help you with social media promotion and you can use the services that it provides to make your content go viral. There are a lot of benefits that come with having viral content. You will get instant visibility and a lot of attention which can work very well for your business or brand.

On Viralyft you can get services for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitter. The company promises to deliver high-quality results to your posts or profile in very little time. The price is low so that you can still take advantage of the services with a low budget.

You do not have to worry about the safety of your account as the company claims that its promotional methods are safe and will never put your profile at any risk. The monetary transactions are quite secure and are done via SSL encrypted payment gateway.

There are services for Instagram on the website of Viralyft. If you are in the market looking for Instagram views then you can buy them here. The starting price is $1.99 for 500 views. The company claims that these are real global views. If you have any doubts try contacting the 24/7 customer support team and get them cleared before making any purchase.


socialpackages.net - buy instagram views

SocialPackages is a social media service provider that claims that if you are looking to become a social media superstar then you can get the exposure you need by using the services provided by this company on its website.

You can opt for services for many platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter and Facebook. You can buy likes, followers, views, comments, plays et cetera which can help you reach your true social media potential. The company has been working with various high profile clientele all over the world and it takes pride in its customer base.

When you buy services from SocialPackages you get faster delivery time and the quality of the services is high. The company provides round the clock customer service and you can interact with them via email or live chat. The rates for the services are low but there is no compromise with the quality of the service.

There are many packages for Instagram views on the website of this company. The starting price is $7 for 1000 views. The company promises that the views are all of premium-quality and you do have the ability to split the views among several posts. It can take anywhere from 12 hours to 72 hours to completely deliver your order depending on the quantity but in most cases, it is very quick.


venium - buy real instagram views

With Venium, you can skyrocket your social media content by using the various services that they provide for some of the most popular social media platforms. The company promises to help its customers build their business and grow online by getting your uploaded content all over the world and making your profile famous.

You can find services for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify. Here’s what the company does to help customers boost their online presence.

The company uses social media to promote your posts or content to create some buzz around it. It also uses its 1000+ web partners to promote your content. Then it has a network of hundreds and thousands of users which it users to gain you a lot of likes, views, comments etc. that you ordered.

The company has over 10 years of experience in this field and has worked with over 500k customers. It also provides a life-time guarantee over all the services it provides. You can buy Instagram views for very cheap on this website.

For every thousand views, you have to pay $1.99. Venium promises high watch time and Instagram safe views. You can also track your orders live from the website. But connect with the customer support team to understand their process of delivering you the views.


INSTAFOLLOWERS.CO - buy instagram views on videos

Let’s start this list with InstaFollowers which is a company dedicated to helping social media users reach their social media goal. For this, it has designed various services to help fast-track the process for the clients. Despite the name of the company, it is not limited to providing services only for Instagram.

You can find services for many different social media platforms like SEO, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. So, if you enjoy the services of InstaFollowers then you can use them for multiple platforms on which you want to enhance your growth. The company has tried to make the site very user-friendly and self-explanatory. This to ensure that people can find what they are looking for instantly rather than wasting time looking for it.

The tools and interface are very convenient to use too. The site makes it a point to take responsibility for your privacy and security and does not need any sensitive information. The company has 24/7 customer support for clients to get their queries resolved. The price has been kept reasonable too. InstaFollowers follow the guidelines set by Instagram and other social media platforms and thus when you are using its services your account is safe.

The price for Instagram video views starts at $1.8 for 200 views. You can, of course, go crazy and buy 10 million views for $9000. Yes, the site has that service too. The site also provides the facility of automatic views so that you don’t have to worry about buying views every time you upload a video. The company will provide views for your video automatically. The minimum number of videos that you can buy automatic views is 5. You will get more details on the site.


IDIGIC - best place to buy instagram views

Idigic.net is a site which has various services for Instagram users. It believes that followers are the single most important thing on Instagram. Posting on the platform will be useless if there is no one to see that post. This is the reason companies and brands try to reach as many people as possible.

More the number of people seeing the posts more is the chance of selling your product or service. Even for individuals looking to become influencers if there is no one following them who will they influence. But just buying a tonne of followers is not going to help you out. You need to regularly post good content for people to relate to or interact with.

Once they like your post they will be more inclined to follow you and you will get a good and steady organic growth but things can be difficult at first especially for newcomers. This is because for people to follow you you need to reach them and promote your posts which other services like Instagram views and likes are present to provide the required credibility to your post so that more people can see and engage with it.

Idigic has various different packages for Instagram which have been custom-made for the clients to achieve maximum results. The site also provides a detailed report about your Instagram followers so that you can stay up to date with your growth. There are multiple packages for video views too. The price ranges from $1.95 for 100 views to $74.95 for 50000 views.


buzzoid - buy instagram views

Buzzoid is a popular choice for various Instagram users who want services to improve their stats on the social media platform. It has been around for some time and has been able to satisfy a lot of clients by providing services which are of higher quality than various service providers on the market.

The company understands the impact of Instagram and how it has grown exponentially and continuously evolved over time. It has changed the way people interact with profiles and posts. Most users will not be willing to look at a post or profile which does not have much interaction.

They will be attracted to those accounts which have much more engagement in terms of likes, views or followers. This is not to say that content does not matter. Of course, the posts of the account have to be relevant and should be engaging for the target audience. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any organic growth even after buying services.

So, make sure you have good content and then use Buzzoid’s services to increase engagement on your posts and profiles. Users will see your content and stats and the probability of them wanting to follow you and engage with your content will increase. The process of buying services from Buzzoid is very easy. You just need to select a package based on your needs and budget.

Then you need to enter relevant details. Don’t worry your login info is not required. You just need to profile your username and email id. They pay for the service and watch your account grow. The price for Instagram views starts at $1.99 for 500 views and goes up to $74.99 for 50k views.



The next company that we are going to take a look at is Poprey.com. It is a social media service provider which has been helping clients improve their standings on Instagram. The company does this by providing a variety of services to help increase the stats on your profile and thus gaining you some credibility. This will, in turn, help you promote your posts and profile.

The company has studied and analyzed the platform thoroughly to understand what is important for people to become popular on it. Many companies and brands which were already famous got an easy start on Instagram while many other people had to put in lots of time and effort to get people to interact with their posts and profiles.

Gaining solid credibility to make more people engage with your profile was really time-consuming. But in today’s world time is very crucial. Poprey.com tries to help boost people’s stats with the timely delivery of services and thus enhancing the growth rate on Instagram. The site believes that instead of taking months to grow your profile you can do it in a few minutes. All you have to do is use their convenient site and choose the package you want.

Once you have done that all you need to do is pay for the service and wait. Your numbers will start increasing which give you enough credit to promote yourself. Poprey.com claims that the more likes, views that your posts have, the more likely that Instagram’s algorithm will show your posts to other social media users.

This, in turn, will result in more organic growth. One of the best ways to show the engagement on your Instagram videos is video views. If you are looking to increase the number of views in your Instagram videos then the packages at Poprey.com starts at $1 for 200 views and can go up to $74.80 for 50k views.



Instapromote is a site that has been helping clients promote their content and Instagram profile online in a better and efficient way. The site provides Instagram services which are affordable and are also of some of the best quality in the industry.

This is great for companies, brands or individuals who are looking to promote their content in Instagram or looking to boost their Instagram growth but have a very tight budget constraint. The site tries it’s best to satisfy its clients and claims that it will be your partner in boosting your brand’s presence on social networks.

The site understands how fast social media platforms are evolving. Every day we see new algorithms and terms of service coming in. Platforms are trying to outdo each other by bringing in newer features. This can make things difficult for people who are just starting out and want to promote their brand or service.

Instapromote tries to help the clients by providing services that follow the terms of services of the platform and keeps the client’s account safe while boosting their Instagram stats. If you are looking to boost your Instagram stats then you can use the services provided by Instapromote which are, buy followers, buy views and buy likes. The site ensures the safety and privacy of its clients.

The transactions are secure and your data is protected. If things do not work out for you then you can always claim your money back using the sites refund policy. The packages for videos views start at $1.99 for 500 views. If you want more you can go all the way up to 50k views for $74.99.



As the name suggests ViralRace is a company that is geared towards making your content and profile viral. It deals exclusively in providing services for Instagram and has been helping many clients reach their social media promotional goals on this platform.

The company claims to have become the most trusted source for improving Instagram engagement on the internet. It has designed various services to facilitate the growth of your Instagram account. It understands how the platform works and what people actually want.

Using that knowledge it provides its clients with some of the best services to enhance their Instagram cred which will help them promote their posts or profile in a much better way. ViralRace provides only real and genuine Instagram users to improve your profile and post stats. No fake or bot accounts will be provided.

The company wants what is best for the client and getting linked to fake or bot accounts can seriously damage credibility. ViralRace has a network of more than 500k Instagram users who get a fraction of the company’s revenue with every action they take. This is the method that the company uses to supply the clients with real and genuine Instagram users for increasing followers, likes or views.

The company provides followers, likes and views at an optimal rate so that your growth doesn’t feel suspicious and you have a good retention rate. The views on your Instagram video show how well the video is doing. ViralRace has packages for video views as well. The price ranges from $6.99 for 500 views to $249.99 for 50k views.



Famoid has been providing social media services to companies, brands and individuals for over three years now. It is a software development company which started in 2017 in the United States. It is currently based in Delaware. Famoid has been providing various essential software to the industry. The company is also known for its range of social media services.

It provides services to boost a client’s growth on social media platforms. The company caters to users of three of the most popular social media platforms viz. Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. These three platforms have grown exponentially over the years. They started as a simple way of connecting people together but slowly evolved into something much bigger.

Although the core functionality of connecting people and sharing stuff online remains the same it has become a hotspot for companies, brands and individuals to get noticed and become popular. Famoid understands the difficulty for newcomers to make their mark on these platforms which is why it provides a variety of services to enhance client’s growth on these platforms.

The name of the company is made from two words, famous and oid, meaning object identifier. Together it means an object that will make you famous and the company stands by it. The company claims to provide reliable service with fast delivery. You can always contact them if any problem arises.


Instamama is a service provider that completely focuses on providing quality services for customers who want to grow online on Instagram. The company provides popular Instagram services. You can buy Instagram followers, you can buy Instagram views and also Instagram likes.

The company promises to only use real and genuine profiles to provide you with stats. Only real and genuine profiles will add credibility to your posts and profile. If you get followers, likes or views from fake profiles then you will lose them since Instagram regularly deletes these accounts. So, you might experience a lot of drop in the stats and your money will be wasted.

When you work with Instamama, the company guarantees the safe delivery of the services. All the stats will be from high-quality accounts and profiles. Any doubts can be cleared up or queries can be answered by the 24/7 customer support team. The payment method is very secure so that there is no problem during monetary transactions.

There are multiple packages for Instagram views on the website of Instamama. You can buy 500 views for $1.5. There are other packages as well and you can buy up to 500k views for $238.5.


FriendlyLikes is another website that provides specific services only for clients who are active on Instagram and want to grow on that platform. You can buy Instagram followers for your Instagram profile.

If you upload videos regularly you can crank up the views on these posts by buying Instagram views. To increase the engagement amount on your posts you can buy Instagram likes. The company claims to save its clients time by providing them with a quick way to purchase the services.

In a few simple steps, you can get the boost you need for your profile or your Instagram posts. First, you need to choose the package you want for the service. Next, choose the quantity that you want to order. Now, provide the relevant info like profile or post URL and pay for the order. FriendlyLikes will take care of the rest.

Depending on the quantity of the order it may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours to deliver the service. You can buy Instagram views from the website. There are many packages. The price starts at $1.90 for 100 views. You can split the views between posts but you have to buy at least 250 views which cost $2.90.


CheapIGFollowers provides various services for Instagram users. It claims to be one of the leaders when it comes to digital promotion. So, if you are planning to grow a following on Instagram then you can check the different services that the platform provides. You can buy Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views.

The company promises to provide social signals which are effective for both businesses and individuals looking to boost their presence on the platform. You have a lot of choices while choosing the service. You can choose the quality of users you want and also the rate of delivery. This means you can either get an instant boost for your post or your profile or choose a natural delivery rate which makes everything seem organic.

The company claims that you will end up wasting a lot of time and money while trying to grow an organic following on Instagram. So, you can use the services it provides to fast track the process and saves time and money both.

You can buy Instagram views for $1.90 for 100 views. There are a lot of other packages as well and the max amount is 500k views for $249.90. You can safely buy the views as your data is kept private and safe and the transactions are secure.


BuyIGLikesFast says that by using its service you can jump ahead of the competition in just a few clicks. The main goal of the company is to provide its clients with a positive experience while using its interface and services. The entire website is designed to optimize the experience of the clients so even if you are visiting for the first time you’re I’ll be easily able to navigate and order the service you want.

A team of experts belonging to the digital marketing field keeps working to help the clients to get the best results possible. The prices have been kept as reasonable as possible so that you don’t end up paying a lot to get the services that you need.

All your personal data is kept safe and private by the company. You can safely order the service you want. There are basically three types of services that you can buy on the website of BuyIGLikesFast.

You can buy Instagram followers, Instagram views and Instagram likes. There are multiple packages for Instagram views. You can buy 50 Instagram views for $1.99. No registration is required and you get a money-back guarantee as well. Before purchase, you can get your doubts cleared by contacting the 24/7 customer support team.


Another social media service provider that provides services exclusively for Instagram is Instahero. The company sells different services for Instagram on its website instahero24.com.

The company focuses a lot on providing the clients with services of high quality. So, the stats that you buy from the website, be it Instagram, likes, Instagram followers, Instagram comments, or Instagram views, are supposedly coming from profiles that are real and genuine.

These services have been curated to ensure that the clients get the desired results. The services are affordable and the cheap price does not mean that there is any sort of compromise with the quality of the service.

The company provides 24/7 customer support for its customers so that the queries can be resolved. There are various packages for each of the services that the company provides. You can buy Instagram views for your video posts on Instagram.

The starting price for the views on the website is $0.99 for 300 views. The company promises that these are not coming from bot accounts and are real views. You can get fast delivery of the service and the company guarantees your satisfaction. You do not need to provide any sensitive information to get the views. Just put the URL of the post in the mentioned text box.


SocialsGrowth is a company that can help you increase your Instagram engagement. You can enhance your posts and profile with real likes, views, and followers that you can buy directly from the company by visiting the website.

You just have to pick the package that you are looking for and then enter all the relevant info like the post URL or your profile link and then pay for the service. Once you have purchased a service you have to do nothing. SocialsGrowth will take care of everything and deliver you the stats that you purchased. So, all you have to do is wait.

The company has developed a solid customer base during its four years of existence. All the likes, views, and followers that you buy from the company comes from its customer base. So, the company is able to provide you with real likes, views, and followers. Once you purchase the service the growth is immediate.

You just need to sign-up for a plan. The company promises a lifetime retention warranty i.e. if you start losing the followers, likes or views which you paid for then the company will send you a refill for free. The cost of 100 views on socialsgrowth.com is $2. You should always contact the company before making any sort of purchase.


Instafollowers claims to be a company that provides its customers with the best Instagram services which they can use to benefit instantly and grow on the platform. When you purchase a service from the company you will be able to get benefits from many features of the company. You do not have to provide any sort of sensitive information to get the boost you need.

A secure environment with legit services is provided to the customers and no hacks or unlawful issues will be there SSL certification ensures your data is protected. If you run into any problem while ordering or if you have any doubts you can reach out to the customer support team available round the clock.

The prices are low to make it easier for new businesses or individuals who are just starting out. You can easily pay for the services via PayPal. There is a next day delivery option which you can use to schedule the order for a date when you want the order to start being delivered. Instafollowers does not only provide Instagram services but has a bunch of services for over 20 popular social media platforms and various other digital services. You can buy Instagram views from the website and the starting price is $0.30 for 20 views. You can also get free views as a sort of trial.


Blastup is a company that has services for Instagram. You can buy real Instagram likes, followers, and views to give yourself the boost you need to grow on Instagram. All the profiles which are used to give you likes, views, or followers are of high quality. These profiles are not empty or have a weird computer-generated string of characters as a name.

You will receive the stats from accounts that have a display pic and have lots of uploaded pictures and videos. These profiles will also have a good follower to following ratio. This is because these profiles are used by real people. You can try out the automatic likes service that Blastup provides for Instagram. This is a sort of weekly or monthly service that you can purchase and you will receive a certain amount of likes every time you post on Instagram.

The company has good experience with social media and has used its expertise to help many companies rise and grow online. These companies were able to increase their sales. The network that Blastup has built is meant to provide you with the best and fastest service. You will get a very quick delivery after you have purchased a service. There is a money-back guarantee as well if the order is not up to mark. The cost of Instagram views for the website starts at $1.99 for 500 views. You can also get free trials for the services.


The next company on the list is Audiencegain. It is a company that provides a variety of services for many social media platforms. It promises guaranteed results from the services that you purchase from its website. You can use these services to gain more followers and grow your business.

Some of the platforms for which the company provides services are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitch, Snapchat, and SoundCloud. The company promises that the website and the checkout methods are completely secure and uses SSL encryption. To order a service you just have to select the type of social media promotion that you are looking for.

Once you select and purchase the service the company finds the best place where it can promote your content so that you can get your desired results quickly. Now, the marketing campaign starts and the company promotes your posts and account. This is how you gain more likes, followers, or views when you buy services from Audiencegain.

You can buy Instagram views for cheap from the website audiencegain.com. At the starting price of just $5, you can get over 1000 views for the video you uploaded on Instagram. Your money is protected by the money-back guarantee if the order is not fulfilled or you receive an incomplete order.


Activeig is a company that believes in customer satisfaction and providing instant delivery and keeping their data safe. You can buy social media marketing services for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok on the website.

When you order services from Activeig it promises to provide you real and genuine followers, likes, and views. The company claims that the services will surprise you with the amount of engagement, visibility, and exposure that you will get on the social media platforms and derive success from it. The company provides a two-step order delivery.

Just order the service and you get it delivered in just a few minutes. You can always get updates about your order, engagement plans and also, get your doubts cleared by a team of experts who are out there to help the customers 24/7.

You can buy Instagram views from Activeig. The price starts at $2.99 for 1000 views. You cannot split these views. But if you buy a bigger package, for example, 2500 views for $6.99 then you can split the views among your video posts on Instagram. So, you can get instant views to boost the credibility of your video posts on Instagram by buying views for cheap from Activeig.


Buildmyplays is the palace where you can kickstart your social media presence and gain a lot of credibility and exposure. It claims to be the number one rated company when it comes to providing services for social media marketing. The company claims that there are three reasons to choose it for your social media marketing needs.

First, they provide services which are of high quality and are delivered to you within a day. So, you can get the service you purchased and use it to boost your promotional strategy on the same day. Retention and money-back guarantee have been added for customer satisfaction. If you start losing your stats then you will get a refill or if you get an incomplete order then you will get your refund. The next reason is the customer support team that the company has. They are there to help clients with their queries throughout day and night.

Over the years of providing services to people the company has helped more than 100k customers and have delivered millions of followers and views. They have also promoted over 140k projects. You can buy Instagram video views on Buildmyplays. The price starts at $9 for 1000 views.


SocialFollowers is a social media service provider that provides you with engagement from real and genuine people. You can get Instagram services, Spotify, services, Facebook services, and YouTube services when you go to the website of the company. All the services which you order will have their delivery started instantly.

You can just pay for the service and check out your profile or post and you will start seeing the boost in the stat that you bought. The company has been around for a few years and has been able to serve over 50,000 customers who have been happy with the services provided. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to the company and they have confidence in their services. So, if you face any problem with the orders you can let them know and the company will solve it as soon as possible.

If you want Instagram video views from permanent and real profiles then you can use the services of the company. The packages for Instagram views start at $2.95 for 150 views. Which is costlier than other websites but sometimes that’s what you have to pay for quality. We suggest you connect with the customer support team before making any purchase and get your doubts cleared.


Quite new to the scene having been established in 2019. Rose Up Digital FZE is the parent company to Trollishly. The company specializes in providing various essential applications to the industries. It started providing various social media services as well and currently supports a bunch of different social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

The company does not just want to sell customers stuff and forget about it but it wants to build a good relationship based on trust with them. The company also claims to provide very fast delivery of the services. It follows the motto that being popular on social media is not that difficult anymore.

You can get a lot of Instagram services including IGTV and Instagram reels services on trollishly.com. The price for Instagram views on the website starts at $0.75 for 100 video views.

The orders start within a minute of ordering the service. You do not have to give the company any passwords or access to your account in order to provide you with the services. Once you have ordered if anything goes wrong the 24/7 support is always there to help you out.


Instapple is a company that promises to be your one-stop-shop for purchasing various Instagram marketing services that can help you grow your business or personal profile on the platform. The company taps into the network of Instagram users and influencers to promote your content and thus, you end up getting a bunch of likes, views or followers that you paid for.

You can get the services delivered in mere hours. You can start seeing the count rise within an hour. The company focuses on delivering quality results to the customers rather than trying to deliver the services in a few minutes.

Only high-quality profiles are used to provide you with likes, views, followers, and comments. These profiles will have a proper name, bio, profile photo, and a bunch of uploaded photos. But if you are feeling skeptical about the services you can opt for their free trial wherein you can get over 20 likes on one of the images that you posted on Instagram.

One of the metrics to measure the popularity of a video on Instagram is the number of views it has. You can buy Instagram views from Instapple. The price starts at $0.89 for 100 views. The company claims that the views are 100% safe.


Smmvilla is a site where you can buy selected and genuine Instagram likes followers and views. The company claims to not use ghost accounts and only provide customers with high-quality likes, views, and followers.

The company believes that most people who use social media aren’t going to look at an account for longer or check out a post if the amount of interactions in terms of likes, views or comments is less. But if they see that a post has hundreds or thousands of likes or views then they might be more interested in what the post is about and if they like it they might even check out other posts by that user.

To order a service from Smmvilla you first need to select a package. Try to choose one based on your budget, goal, and the marketing strategy that you are using to grow on social media. Now, you have to enter all the relevant details that the company needs in order to deliver the service to your account. Now, you just pay for the service and let Smmvilla do all the work and get you the boost you need.

For now, the only views available on Smmvilla are IGTV views and Instagram story views. The price for IGTV views starts at $1.30 for 500 views. These will be real views and will support fast delivery. The cost of the Instagram story views starts at $3.30 for 500 views.


The next company provides social media marketing services predominantly for Instagram users to help them skyrocket their popularity on the platform. You can get some of the best services to grow your followers and get views and automatic likes on your posts. There are other popular social media platforms as well for which the company provides services. These are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Spotify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and Reddit.

So, if you are looking to grow on these platforms as well then you can check out the services that Managergram provides for them. The company promises services of premium quality which are meant to provide value for the customers and enhance their social media experience.

The company tries to give amazing client care so that the customers are satisfied and they strive for a good partnership with the clients and tries to give them something better than the initial expectations. Once you purchase the service you can live the rest of the heavy lifting to the company as it is going to deliver you the service fast. You can buy Instagram views on managergram.com and the price starts at $8 for 1000 views. You can split these views among multiple posts.


SMMSumo provides services for Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. It claims to provide clients with the desired results Vai services are top of the line. The company also says that most of its customers are very satisfied with its services and recommend the site to anyone who is looking for some social media marketing services to boost their presence online.

As of 2020, SMMSumo has been in the business of social media marketing for over 7 years and have worked with a lot of customers, 80% of whom return back to get more of the service and even recommend it to their acquaintances as well. The company promises that the services will have a lasting effect on your page or profile.

The process that the company follows is once you select a service and the corresponding package and you are done with the payment, it starts setting up an advertisement campaign for you and puts a lot of effort into making the advertisement look good.

The ad goes live and is seen by thousands of people and that’s how you get your stats. You can buy Instagram views from SMMSumo. It costs around $5 for 1000 worldwide views. You can target a few countries as well. Head on to the website for more details.


If you are looking to have an overall boost online not just limited to social media but the entire digital market then there are a bunch of services on Appsally that can help you do that. You can get many tools at your fingertips to help you grow on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, and also get SEO services, reputation management for influencers and many more.

All the marketers with whom Appsally works are hand-vetted and only the bets have been chosen to help clients get the desired results. The company promises to only relieve real traffic as bot traffic adds no real value.

The company understands that many customers might expect parts of their orders to drop which is why it provides a 15-day free refill. If you are not given what you were promised you can contact them and get them to credit back to your account. The company also provides custom plans wherein you can contact them and let them know if you want certain plans tailored to your needs. If it’s possible the company will help you out.


Up next is Buysocialmediamarketing. This is another company that provides a variety of different services for popular social media platforms. Clients from all over the world can purchase the services from the website of the company.

If you are looking to grow on popular social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook then you can head on to the website. All the services are supposed to help you experience online growth on social media. The company provides very cheap services so that even if a client’s budget is very tight they may not have to end up paying a lot to boost their strategy.

You can buy Instagram views on Buysocialmediamarketing. The starting cost of the views is $1.99 for 500 views. You can buy as much as 100k views for $119.99. The delivery of the views will start within half an hour from the time of purchase.


One of the cheap options that people choose to buy social media services is Famups. It is quite a popular social media service provider and pulls in a lot of customers for its services. Boosting all the connections that a client plays through various social media platforms to help them grow is what Famups does.

It will help you improve your online presence on social media platforms. What the company has done is kept the prices very affordable. This move is not just to compete with other companies but mainly to help clients so that they do not have to pay a lot to opt for the services. But of course, this does not mean a compromise with the quality otherwise you will lose your money anyway.

On the Famups website, you can get services for some of the most popular social media platforms like Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter. Each platform has its own services and packages which include, likes, followers, views, subscribers, comments, etc. all meant to increase audience engagement rate on your profile.

You can buy Instagram views for cheap on Famups. The packages start from $6 for 500 views. You can buy a max of 50000 views for $200. Famups has a customer support team ready to help you with your queries. If you are interested in purchasing a service here go ahead and contact the support.


Why buy Instagram views?

Buying Instagram views can help improve the engagement on your Instagram video post. Having higher views attracts more people to view your posts because they will be curious to see why your post has a lot of views.

Having higher engagement can improve the rank of your video post on people’s feeds. To know more advantages of buying views you can check out the section below where we have done a detailed discussion about the pros and cons of buying views.

Is It safe to buy more IG views?

The amount of views that you need to buy depends on your current presence on Instagram, your budget and your promotional strategy. If you can buy more views and use it to attract a more organic following without making people suspicious then go for it. But if your content is not entertaining enough and you are not getting a good number of views and all then if you buy a lot of views things might look fishy and may not give you a benefit in the long run.

Is it illegal to buy fake Instagram views?

It is not directly illegal to buy views from bot accounts but Instagram regularly deletes these accounts. So, after a few days, you might find that you have lost all the views that you have bought because Instagram removes all the bot accounts from their platform.

But if the views come from high-quality profiles that look real then you will not face any problem. Also, Instagram gets annoyed by bot traffic so you might get shadowbanned if you get thousands of bot traffic on your posts at a short time.

Is buying views a good idea?

If you want to buy views you need to be able to capitalize on the credibility that you gain from buying these views. Buying views in itself will not help you grow. Your content needs to be quite entertaining and engaging for it to pull audiences organically.

Having more views may bring in people to watch that particular post but you want to gain audiences in such a way so that next time you post the audience you gained from previous posts views this post as well and you do not need to boost the video with views again and again. So, if your promotional strategy and content are good and could effectively use buying views as a tool to boost the performance then buying views can be a good idea.

How can I get real views?

You can either try to grow organically by using various strategies to attract people and get them to watch your videos or you can work with the service provider which actually provides you with views from real and genuine profiles. You can mix both these strategies and try to capitalize on their strengths to grow organically faster.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram views?

It entirely depends on the company and the quantity. But in general, you can expect to spend $2 to $10 to get 500 views. We have mentioned the starting rates of the websites on the list which provide these views.

Will it increase my account engagement?

It will boost the engagement on your video but you have to be able to use the credibility you gained from these views and attract more people organically who will stay and become your followers and start checking out other videos that you have uploaded or will upload. Just buying the views will not help. You need to have a good strategy to use these views.

How do you get popular on Instagram?

There is no set way to grow on Instagram but you can do a few things to move in the right direction. You need to have high-quality images and videos which have been shot well. Then you need to post regularly to build a fan following. You have to be interactive with your client and try to respond to their comments.

You can host giveaways and try to share content with your followers. Learn how to use Analytics tools and Instagram insight to understand your audience and tailor the content for them.

Will Instagram delete my fake views?

Yes, they will delete the views that you get from low-quality, bot profiles as Instagram will delete these accounts.

What is the best place to buy real active Instagram views?

Any website which is transparent about its process and can tell you why their services are safe and your views will not drop will be decent to work with. You can use our list as a sort of starting point and then contact the support team of the company you are interested in.

Then get your queries answered and doubts cleared. If the companies are receptive buy a small package and see how it works out. If you get support from the company and the views do not do then you can work with that company.

Will buying Instagram views affect my Instagram account?

It depends on the quality of the views you are getting. If the profiles from which the views come are of good quality then you will not have any problem but if they are of low-quality then you might lose the views after a few days and might get shadowbanned if the quantity is too high.

How many Instagram views is average?

It depends on the level you are at and what you want to achieve. If you are on Instagram to promote your business then you can look at other competitors and profiles in your niche. Find out how many views they are getting and how many people can convert to their customers. Because if you are using Instagram for your business what matters most is how many audience members can you convert into customers.

So, the average depends on the niche you are representing. If you are looking to become an influencer or become a brand yourself then you need to have thousands of views otherwise you won’t get to have any sponsor or any collaboration with other influencers to work on something lucrative together.

Will it work if I buy Instagram views?

It will heavily depend on your promotional strategy and the entertainment value and quality of your content. Just buying views won’t work. You have to put in some effort to be able to use the boost in credibility that you get after buying a bunch of views.

How do companies deliver Instagram views?

They either have a network or Instagram users who receive some sort of incentive to follow you or view your posts. They can also use advertisement campaigns or promotions to promote your content or even an email blast. Scammers use computers to generate views via bot accounts.

Will I lose the views that I buy?

If your views come from low-quality profiles that have a random string of characters as name and no profile pic, no uploaded pics or videos and they follow thousands of accounts while having 10 to 20 followers then you will lose the views. These profiles are bot profiles that Instagram deletes regularly. However, if the views you get come from profiles that have a nice name, a profile pic, uploaded pictures, and good followers to following ratio then you will not lose the views.

Does Buying Instagram Views Help in Growing Business?

Yes, it can help you in growing your business given that you are able to utilize the boost that you gain from buying the views to bring in attention from people who may actually become interested in your content and might become your follower. Just buying thousands of views on itself will not grow your business.

Does it affect My Organic Growth?

It will affect your organic growth if you are not careful with it and your followers or audiences start figuring out that you are buying services, which is generally looked down upon. It all depends on your strategy. If you have a good social media marketing strategy for your profile on Instagram then buying these services can act as a catalyst to your promotion.

What these services basically do is give you a sort of credibility that you can sort of use to attract more people to interact and engage with your content and then hopefully convert them to your followers.

It is sort of using the herd mentality which is very prevalent on social media. People generally are interested in content where there is more buzz. But if your promotional strategy is not good enough then buying these services may not be of much help. Since these services on themselves are just gimmicks so they do not add any real engagement so organic growth is what you should strive for.

Do I Have To Give You My Instagram Password?

No, all the websites that we have provided in our list do not ask for any access to your Instagram account or for any sensitive info like your Instagram password. All you have to provide is the relevant Instagram video post link and then just pay for the service. So, your data is safe.

How to buy views on Instagram?

First, you have to find a good service provider that is not going to scam you and provide you with bot likes, views or followers. This is a crucial step and will take you most of the time. Also, try to connect with the support team of the company and get your doubts cleared before making any purchase.

Next, choose the service you want to boost your presence on Instagram. In this case, you will choose Instagram views. Next, depending on your strategy and budget you may want to choose the number of views you want. Now, select a payment method and pay for the service. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to get your order delivered. It depends on the quantity.

How can I pay for Buying Instagram views?

There are a lot of payment methods available to pay for Instagram views. You can pay via credit card, debit, card, PayPal, Gpay, Apple Pay, Cryptocurrency, and other forms of payments. When you go to any of the websites to purchase a social media service you can easily find out the available payment methods for that website.

Most companies will have PayPal as one of its payment methods to make it easier for its customers to pay for the services. If you have any queries regarding payment methods or if you are looking to use some method which is not listed on the website we suggest you call the customer support team and ask them about it.

Do they also Provide Targeted Audience?

While there are a few sites that allow you to get targeted views based on location and gender most service providers do not provide targeted audiences.

If you want targeted views we suggest you link up with a campaign provider who will help you promote your content and help you gain targeted views, likes, and followers rather than blindly providing you with a stipulated amount of views. Other than this you can search for websites that will give you views from specific countries and specific genders.

How long do they remain?

It depends on the quality of the views that you are buying from the supplier. If the views come from real profiles then they may stay for a long time but if the views are from bot accounts then as soon as Instagram removes these accounts from the platform you will end up losing all the views that you paid for. So, please contact the company’s support team about this. Even if they promise a refill, ask them why you would be experiencing the drop in the first place.

How to select the best site to Buy Instagram views?

You can use our list as a starting point. But you have to end up doing a little bit of research to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. We always suggest our readers contact the support team of the company they are interested in and understand the process that the company uses to deliver the views, likes, or followers.

Ask whether you will lose your views or whether your account will be banned for getting fake views. You do not want to get thousands of fake views because once Instagram removes the fake accounts your views will go as well. So, the best way to choose a service provider is to look at the reviews and then contact the support team and get your doubts cleared.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Order?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to completely get all your views delivered to your posts. This all depends on the number of views that you have purchased. In most cases, you can expect to get all your views delivered the same day.

How do I get more views on Instagram?

To get more views on Instagram you have to start posting more regularly. Try to make your content as creative and entertaining as possible. Also, since Instagram is a platform optimized to give a proper media viewing experience it will be better if your videos are of high quality.

Also, try to promote your videos on other social media platforms and ensure that it is not dull. If you are promoting a product or service then try to make it as catchy as possible without being too salesy. In general, videos that include food, animals, and good scenery generally generate more views.


Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Views

Like various other tools that people use to boost their growth on social media, buying Instagram views and using it to grow on Instagram can have positive and negative effects. This will heavily depend on how you are planning to use these views and how well does this will fit your promotional strategy.

If you are able to find a decent service provider who provides you with good quality views and you are able to capitalise on this and boost your strategy to grow faster then it will help you out. But in many cases buying views can hamper your growth and can have a negative effect if you rely on it too much. Let’s try and understand some of the pros and cons of buying Instagram views.


Let’s start with the advantages first.

  • Social Proof or Credibility

One of the main reasons why people buy views, likes, followers, etc. is because they want to gain some online credibility. The more credibility that you have the more people you can attract with your content. If your video has very few views, then a lot of people would not want to view it either but if your video already has a good number of views then more people will be curious to view it as well.

This is a typical herd mentality. Most people would like to engage with something other people have already engaged with. So, buying views can help you improve the appearance of your video post on Instagram and thus, make more people view it.

  • Boost Engagement

Another reason to buy Instagram views for your video boost is to boost the engagement on the post. Posts with higher engagement tend to appear higher in your followers’ feed. If you can balance views, likes, and comments then it has a much better chance of ranking higher than other posts.

A good engagement can even get you a place on the explore tab of Instagram. So, if you are looking to host engagement to ensure more people see your posts i.e. increase the visibility of it then buying views and using them the right way can help.

  • It’s Fast

Buying views for your post can give an instant boost to the credibility and engagement on your video post on Instagram. Most companies will start the delivery of your order in a matter of minutes. So, as soon as you upload your post you can get a good number of views on it in just a matter of minutes by purchasing Instagram views.

Instagram also measures how fast did your video pull in the views. This can help rank your video much higher which in turn can help you get more views organically by bringing in the attention of more people whereas just trying to grow organically can take more time.


There are some disadvantages related to buying Instagram views which is why a lot of people choose not to use it as a tool for promotion.

  • Just A Gimmick

Buying views is just a gimmick. They do not add any real value to your profile or content. You have to ask yourself what your end goal is. Why do you want to grow on social media? If you just want your posts to appear good then buying views only will work. But if you are looking to grow your business or become an influencer with whom brands want to work then you need to bring in real engagement.

The views you buy come from profiles that have no interest in your content. So, even if you end up buying 100k views you cannot concert even a single one of them to your actual customer or follower. What you can do is use it to attract more people so it is heavily dependent on your strategy.

  • Scammers

There are a lot of scammers who are looking to provide people with bot views and scam them. Bot or fake views are very attractive as you can buy thousands of them for just a few dollars. So, you might think that it’s a good investment. But no. Instagram regularly remove fake accounts from its platform and you will end up losing all the views that you have bought.

Another problem with fake views is that if your post receives a lot of fake views in a short time then Instagram can get notified and might choose to ban or shadowban you.

  • Bad Rep

Buying views, likes, followers et cetera tend to give people who buy them a bad name. As long as no one knows it everything can be fine but once people know about it your online reputation can be harmed. A lot of people might get suspicious of you purchasing views, likes, or followers if you are buying a lot of them and you do not have appropriate organic growth to match it all.

For example, if you have 10k views on one video but other videos do not have so many views or maybe the likes and comments on the post are very less compared to the views then people may find it fishy. You can hear a lot of stories of influencers being found out and their online reputation is decreasing.


Videos are a great way to promote your content on Instagram. If you want to gain some cred on your Instagram videos then the package starts at $2.95 for 100 views and goes up to $99.95 for 25k views.

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