10 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Downloads in 2021

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Downloads

Every industry is affected by changing technology. One of the fastest-growing technologies of our times is the internet. It has changed the way people perceive and consume things. So, it is evident that it has affected the music industry too. Now, everything is online. The way people consume music is through some online media be it YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud etc.

So, companies put a huge amount of money and effort into making sure their music reaches as many people as possible. This is done via rigorous social media and digital marketing. One of the biggest platforms for music promotion today is SoundCloud. Any musician can upload their music and share it with the world and get popular.

It provides equal opportunity to everyone. But that means the level of competition is very high. While big companies have teams of experts managing their social media marketing campaign, amateur or upcoming musicians do not have that luxury.

This is why there are companies that provide services like “buy SoundCloud downloads” to help musicians improve their promotional strategies and become popular. Today, we are going to look at a few of those companies which provide this service. As always, research well before making any deal or buying any service.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud downloads:


The first company that we are going to discuss today is Mr. Insta. it is a popular social media service provider primarily providing services for Instagram. The company has grown its reputation by providing various attractive services for Instagram and has helped a lot of people get popular on that social media platform.

It even provides free Instagram followers so if you have ever wanted to check out social media services that many companies provide without spending any money then this might be the option for you. A great thing about this company is that when you purchase a service you get the tools and methods required to target followers according to your business.

The company also provides services for other social media platforms and it has become popular for that too. Many people have been using services provided by Mr.Insta to improve their presence on Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Spotify, and SoundCloud. In this fast-paced world, if a company provides slow services it is not going to become very popular.

Which is why Mr. Insta decided to make it easier for clients to order services. You have to fill the relevant information and sign up or register on the site. Next, you choose a platform and the order service that you want. All in all, it takes 2 minutes. The delivery is fast too and the order will start within a day of purchase.

The larger the order amount is the more days it will take to complete the delivery. This is good in a way because you don’t want people to get suspicious because you got a huge boost in your stats in a matter of minutes.

The SoundCloud services that this company provides are of high quality which is why it can be expensive. The cost of 100 SoundCloud downloads on Mr. Insta is $10. You can buy up to 50k downloads for $900.


Purchase Sound Cloud

As the name of the company suggests, PurchaseSoundCloud provides various services that you can purchase and improve your presence on SoundCloud. This company understands the importance of SoundCloud when it comes to music promotion.

Soundcloud is very popular for music distribution, promotion, and sharing so it is very crucial for musicians to use this platform effectively to their advantage and grow their fanbase. This is exactly what PurchaseSoundCloud has set out to do. By providing various tools and services the clients of the company can enhance their growth on SoundCloud.

A good amount of credibility can help anyone promote themselves better. This is the reason why we see many people are attracted to influencers, YouTubers, all any other social media users who have more followers, subscribers, plays, downloads, streams, etc.

PurchaseSoundCloud films that mini people and musicians trust this company because of their high-quality service which provides guaranteed results to the clients. These services have been specifically curated in a way to maximize gain for the clients.

The company prices the services at an affordable rate so that clients who have budget limitations can also get some benefit from these services. It believes that if you increase the number of downloads then it can build the strength of your profile. It will be a way to distinguish you from other competitors and using the services provided by this company you can get ahead of the crowd.

There are four packages that you can find on the company’s website. The cheapest of the packages cost $5.99 for 500 downloads and the costliest is priced at $24.99 for 5000 downloads. The company claims that these services are 100% risk-free and the delivery will start within 12 hours.if you have any problem you can contact the customer support team who are available 24/7.


Get More Plays

The next company on this list is GetMorePlays. It is a company that claims to be one of the top service providers providing tools and services for SoundCloud. It provides various start boosting services to help clients improve their growth on SoundCloud and grow their fanbase. The services that you can buy on the website of GetMorePlays are likes, followers, downloads, plays, and comments.

These will help you boost your credibility on the platform and will help you in attracting more followers and fans organically. To include businesses, brands or individuals who have low budgets or budget limitations the company decided to keep the price of its services very affordable. A good thing about the company is that you can test out its services before paying for any service.

The way that you can do this is opting for the free service or specifically, the free SoundCloud plays that the company offers, and experience the service first and without paying a dime. The services one finds on the company’s website are available to a global audience. GetMorePlays is proud of its customer service and encourages clients to reach out to them in case of any problem and get your queries resolved.

The customer support team is available 24/7. The company claims that its interest lies in the promotion of a musician or an artist rather than in making a profit from their services. It claims that it earns money when there is a bulk order or from the re-seller sites but not from clients we are ordering few services.

This is the reason why the company wants its clients to trust it. Also, since they provide cheap services it does not necessarily mean that the services are of low quality. So you can buy SoundCloud plays, likes, or downloads without any hesitation. For $1 you can get 1000 downloads. You can buy up to 50,000 downloads for just $20.


Build My Plays

BuildMyPlays has been working with musicians helping them promote their music online for some time. It understands the importance of a platform like SoundCloud which helps musicians share their music with the world and get more popular.

In this day and age, when everything is online beat music promotion music consumption. It is very important for any upcoming artist to create a solid presence on the various platforms where millions of users are active every day. The company offers various services to musicians to improve their status on one of the most popular streaming platforms viz. SoundCloud.

It claims that when you work with it, the company will take charge of your account and make sure that it becomes popular and you reach the desired goal that you had set. The company has tested various methods,  techniques, and tools and its team brings you a solution that works the best and will give you maximum exposure required to get more popularity.

This team behind the company consists of many experts who have been working in the industry for a long time and know what works and what doesn’t. This expertise is what they bring to the table every time a client orders any service.

If you are looking for SoundCloud downloads at a low price then you can check out the website. The price range for SoundCloud downloads on BuildMyPlays.com ranges from $1 to $ 20 for 1000 and 50000 downloads respectively.


SoundCloud has been at the forefront of the music promotion industry. Musicians worldwide, use this platform to promote their music and share it with the global crowd.

So, when it comes to music promotion it is not a bad choice to work with the company which has been in this industry for quite a long time and has helped various musicians improve their career with successful promotion of their music. PlaysWiz is one such company. It has great knowledge about the music industry and how to market and promote music.

The company provides various tools and services, which musicians can use to grow their followers and fanbase online while improving their presence on various social media platforms. The social media platforms that this company provides services and tools for our SoundCloud and Spotify.

By providing these services PlaysWiz has become one of the most powerful and popular digital marketing instruments for musicians. One of the prime business approaches of the company is to deliver the services to its clients in the most efficient way possible. This has made their services not only fast when it comes to delivery but also so good quality.

With the explosion of social media platforms, things have become really complex so when a company goes extra steps to ensure that the clients can get the services with just a few clicks it can be very helpful. When you go to the website of PlaysWiz you will see that you do not have to login or sign up and can go straight to searching for the platform you want to improve your status on.

Next, you just have to select the type of service you want and the order amount. Now, all that you need to do is select a payment method and confirm the order. If you have been looking for SoundCloud downloads this company offers various packages for this purpose.

The lowest or rather the cheapest package on the site priced at $0.99 for 1000 downloads. The maximum number of downloads that you can buy is 50k for $19.99.


Social boss

If you are looking for a service provider that provides a range of services specifically designed for various social media platforms then the next company on this list might be worth checking out. Socialboss is a marketplace for social media marketing.it provides services for a variety of social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spotify et cetera.

The company claims that their X integers which comes with their services. It ensures that the client’s privacy and safety is secured. All the services that are present on the website are 100% risk-free. If a client has any problem like delay in the order, unfulfilled order or anything else they can directly contact the customer support team who are present 24/7.

The services that the company provides higher quality than its competitors and delivery will be on time. The team behind the company have been working in the social media marketing industry for a long time and have become experts in their respective fields. They come up with various promotional solutions and design various tools and packages based on that.

The company has multiple services for SoundCloud including SoundCloud downloads. For $1.99 one can buy 100 downloads on Socialboss.org. A client can buy up to 20k downloads for $20.99. These downloads are of high quality and will take one to two days of delivery time depending on the amount of order.


The last company on the list is SubPals. You can get a hint from the company’s name that it has something to do with YouTube. Yes, the company primarily focuses on providing high-quality services for YouTubers who want to grow their channel and boost its credibility on the platform.

They have a variety of services for YouTube and many of them are for free. But the company also provides social media services for other platforms and have gained many clients for that purpose as well. Some of the other platforms which the company supports are SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify, Pinterest, and Twitch.

The company claims that when you buy SoundCloud services like plays or downloads from it you will automatically attract other people to download your content. This service does not require you to do any task like download other tracks etc. The results will be reflected in 1-3 days depending on the amount of the order.

The company delivers more than the client’s order to ensure that in case of a drop you do not lose downloads or followers below the bought amount. The SoundCloud downloads pack on Subpals costs $10 for 100 downloads. Clients can buy as much as 50k downloads priced at $900.

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