7 Best Sites to Buy Real SoundCloud Likes in 2020

Sites to Buy SoundCloud Likes

SoundCloud is one of the biggest platforms for musicians all over the world. Millions of users are active every day which keeps this platform huge potential to make the career of any musician. To ensure that people come to your profile and you gain a good organic following you have to produce good quality music which is entertaining.

Now, it all comes down to marketing and promotion. SoundCloud is one of many platforms used by musicians all over the world to share their music. It is also a primary platform for music consumers. This is why service providers have various SoundCloud services including ‘buy SoundCloud likes’ to help musicians increase their credibility on the platform.

If you need a boost in your online promotion or some help in social media marketing there are service providers that you can check out. Today, we are going to take a look at some of these service providers who provide likes for SoundCloud. As always, research well before making any payments to buy a service.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Likes:


Onlinemusicpromotion is the first company on this list. It is one of those companies which is all about music promotion and has spent a lot of time in the industry helping musicians market their music. The company is all about building trust with its plan.

It promises that it will take care of music promotion for you and all you need to do is bring your music and leave the music promotion to them.

A good thing to keep in mind is that while paid music promotion is legal and accepted by many platforms if you do not follow the guidelines or terms of conditions set by these platforms then you might be in trouble as your account might be deleted or banned or suspended.

Onlinemusicpromotion promises that when you buy services from it there will be no problem and your account is completely safe. The experts behind the company have created and designed the services in a way that does not violate the guidelines set by the social media platforms and you can get maximum results without worrying about the safety of your account.

Once you purchase the service the company will add you to its database and within a day delivery will start. All the boost in stats that you get through the services provided by this company is sourced from real users. The packages for SoundCloud likes start at a price of $1.99 for 100 likes.

Onlinemusicpromotion has been in this business for some time and promises professional and reliable support. It also promises guaranteed results to its clients. The company encourages its clients to contact the support team if they have any queries or the purchasing experience wasn’t what they expected.


StreamDigic SoundCloud Likes

Making it big on social media platforms can seem tough. Of course, you can do it by yourself and if you are very adept at it then there’s no problem. But for people who are lacking in that department can really use some professional assistance to enhance their growth on social media platforms.

StreamDigic is a company that promises to provide this professional assistance to its clients to help them boost their presence on some of the popular social media platforms.

If you happen to have an account or profile on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Instagram then you can head onto the website of the company and check out the range of services that is present to improve your online promotion. The company focuses its business approach on three things.

Firstly, the services have been made so as to make social media marketing easy for the clients. Secondly, the price of the various packages has been kept at such a range that even businesses that do not have a high budget can take advantage of them.

Thirdly, all the services have been designed and curated in such a way to ensure maximum efficiency. The company claims that using its tools and services you can easily upscale your visibility on social media platforms.

They have decided to keep their services open 24/7 so that anyone needing any help regarding social media marketing can access the services. It takes 3 steps to order any service on the website. All you need to do is select the platform you want to boost your status on.

Next, you need to choose which service to use and select the amount. Now, choose a payment method and make the payment. The services don’t take too long to be delivered and start within 12 to 24 hours. If you face any problem regarding your order the professional support team who the company claims is present 24/7.


PlaysWiz SoundCloud Likes

Two of the top platforms for music streaming, sharing, and promoting music are Spotify and SoundCloud. Every musician, big or small, looking to become popular and create a global fan base must use these platforms to market their music. Oftentimes, musicians are mostly focused on their music and might not have much idea about digital or social marketing.

Digital and social marketing can greatly help musicians promote their music. PlaysWiz is a company with appropriate tools and methods which can help its clients achieve success through the successful promotion of their music.

If you are looking for powerful digital marketing instruments then you can head onto the website of the company. You can find services to buy likes, plays, and followers for your account on these platforms.

One of the main reasons that people find it hard to market their products online is that things can become complicated very fast. Another reason is the high level of competition. PlaysWiz decided to give your website a complete makeover and make it easier and efficient for its clients to access the services.

A team of experts who are experienced in this field, work behind the scene, and are well informed about all the latest trends to maximize exposure and gain for the clients.

The services are of high quality and have been made by experts who have good knowledge of the industry. The company knows that musicians go through the same phase when they begin their journey. No one knows about them and they might need good marketing to draw attention to their music.

If you buy SoundCloud likes from PlaysWiz you will get good quality and real likes which will be safe for your account and get you the wanted results. The price starts at $2.99 for 100 likes and goes up to $49.99 for 5000 likes.


Famups SoundCloud Likes

Famups believe that it only takes a few minutes to establish your reputation in the online market and if you are looking to improve your presence on social media platforms via organic reach then you should take a look at the services provided by the company.

It claims that clients looking to boost the social connection they play through the various social media platforms can get the appropriate help on the website, Famups.com. The company supplies likes, followers, fans, downloads, plays, etc. for some of the most popular platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. to successfully run a business or promote a business online one needs to increase the amount of engagement of their target audience on their social accounts.

Famups use various organic waste to help you achieve this. It understands that to provide the most efficient and effective service it has to use the latest methods and trends and so it uses various advanced methodologies and digital round maps which helps it manage social media marketing for clients and drive traffic to their profiles. It is of no use if you cannot convert your audience to long term customers as the latter is more beneficial when it comes to your business.

The company uses digital solutions to help you achieve that result. It promises to take responsibility for your safety and privacy and provide you with reliable support and 24/7 customer service to solve your queries.

On the website, you will find High-quality services for cheap which will provide satisfactory results. The SoundCloud likes packages start at $4 for a hundred likes. You can buy a maximum of 20,000 likes for $250.


GetRealBoost SoundCloud Likes

With so many companies and service providers popping up every day it is hard to choose one which will provide reliable support and service. GetRealBoost is a company that claims that its services are completely trustworthy and will provide the required results for clients. It promises that it will dedicate its resources to make sure that your social media marketing becomes convenient and convertible.

It also promises that all the likes, followers, etc. that you buy from it are genuine and real. The services are very easy to access. Thus, clients do not have to waste time opting for services that they might quickly need to boost their status on social media platforms. The company provides services for popular social media platforms which include YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud.

If you are looking to buy SoundCloud likes, plays, downloads, subscribers, followers, streams, plays, etc. for the above-mentioned platforms then you can go to the website, GetRealBoost.com, and take a look at these services. The services are safe and legal to use as the company takes a good core to follow the terms and conditions set by the platforms.

This is to ensure that your account is safe when you are choosing the company’s services for social media marketing. GetRealBoost provides various SoundCloud services.

These services have been designed by a team of SoundCloud specialists who know what they are doing and use their expertise to help clients gain maximum exposure. For $2 you can buy 100 likes for your SoundCloud track. You can pay up to $160 for 20k likes.


FollowerPackages SoundCloud Likes

Working with a company that understands the difficulty that people face in the process of social media marketing and works to ensure that the services it provides actually help people in their online promotion can be really helpful. FollowerPackageshas been providing social media services for some of the most popular social media platforms for quite some time.

It prides its team of experts who have a collective experience of around 50 years in this industry. Using their expertise the team designs and curates packages and services which help maximize the growth of the clients while costing quite low so that the clients do not have to go overboard with their budget.

Like other social media service providers, FollowerPackages uses what is known as the snowball effect which basically means that once you have enough credibility people will be attracted to you which will lead to more credibility and thus the more organic following.

The services that this company provides helps you in the beginning phase of your online campaign to help you build up your credibility to attract people to your profile or business.

The company also promises timely delivery of the services with reliable results and affordable pricing. At any time if you feel anything wrong with the order you can contact the customer support team for the resolution of your queries. For $10 you can get a hundred SoundCloud likes and you can buy a maximum of 1000 likes for $55.


MyMusicViral SoundCloud Likes

The last company on this list, MyMusicViral, is another company whose primary focus is to provide services for musicians to promote their music online. The goal of the company is to provide affordable services to help musicians become popular and get their music to viral status.

The platforms that MyMusicViral specializes in are Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. Though the company’s focus is mainly on musicians these services can be used by anyone looking to improve their presence on the above-mentioned social media platforms.

The team of marketers of the company who work behind the scene having veterans in the music promotion industry for a long time and have worked for some of the biggest record companies. So, this means that you are in good hands. The company also promises reliable services that are of high quality at affordable rates.

If anything goes wrong with the order your money is protected by the money-back guarantee. The company provides 24/7 email support and once you mail them your query you will get a reply within 24 hours.

MyMusicViral provides Instagram likes, followers, video views, etc. It also provides Facebook advertising, likes, followers, etc. There are various other services for a few other social media platforms as well. The cost of 100 SoundCloud likes is $4.99 and the max number of likes that can be bought is 50k for $129.99. The delivery starts within a day but can take longer depending on the order amount.

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