10 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays in 2020

Buy SoundCloud Plays

It has been more than a decade since SoundCloud was launched and over the years it has become one of the most important platforms for musicians to share and promote their stuff. Using SoundCloud people can connect to artists directly and explore a variety of their stuff. The platform has more than 200 million active users per month making it one of the hottest platforms for music promotion.

This makes it also one of the most competitive platforms too. This is because everyone gets a fair chance to promote themselves to the audience. This is why services like “buy SoundCloud Plays” can help musicians in music promotion by giving them a competitive edge over others. Having more plays can help you get more credibility and thus get more noticed.

It will lead to more organic following or growth. But you have to remember that if your music or piece or product is not entertaining enough, just buying plays won’t help your cause and people might just think that you are buying stats. These services are just there to lend you a hand in your online promotion. Before buying any service, research well and choose a good provider.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays:


The first company in today’s list is StreamDigic. It is a popular service provider when it comes to buying subscribers, followers, streams, plays, fans and many other services. The company works with clients from some of the most popular social media platforms out there.

The company promises that when a client buys services from them they are choosing a safer, cheaper, and higher quality option with faster delivery. StreamDigic claims to be a sort of Swiss army knife when it comes to promotion on social media platforms. It offers some of the best services which are fully automated and real for some of the popular platforms.

It understands that today’s device does not matter when it comes to people using social media platforms. This is because of the ease of accessibility of the platforms. So, social media marketing and promotion should be easily accessible as well. This is the reason the company provides support for various devices and the services are available 24/7 for customers to buy and utilize.

Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify are the social media platforms that the company provides services for. So, anyone looking to boost up their growth on these platforms can employ the services provided by StreamDigic. The company promises to use only legal methods to enhance your online presence.

This will keep your account safe. The services are cheap but if you become a regular client you will receive special promo codes and discounts. The minimum number of Spotify plays that one can buy on StreamDigic is 500 for $2.50 and the maximum number is 200k for $99.90.


SoundCloud is a platform for musicians to promote themselves and share their stuff with the global audience. So, working with a company that has some understanding of music streaming and promotion can be a healthy choice for many musicians. PlaysWiz is one such company that has some knowledge about the industry of music promotion.

It provides various tools and services for popular streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud making it a very powerful digital marketing instrument for musicians. The services of the company are open 24/7 and it provides likes, plays, and fans for SoundCloud and Spotify. The company went for efficiency while delivering their services.

The lesser number of steps a client has to fulfill the faster he or she can start their promotion. This is the mindset that the company uses. Recently, PlaysWiz changed the structure of their website and made it much faster to get the service. You do not have to login or sign up. Just choose the required platform.

Find the service that you need to boost up your stats and select the volume of the order. Then fill a form with relevant details and provide the link or username as applicable. Now, you have to choose a payment method and order the service. The next part is to just wait until your service gets delivered.

When you order services from PlaysWiz you can be sure that you are in the care of a team of experts who have a good amount of experience in the industry. The company promises to take responsibility for your safety and privacy. SoundCloud plays at PlaysWiz can be bought for as low as $2.99 for 500 plays. You can buy up to 100k plays for $69.99.


Famups is a popular choice for many people when it comes to finding services to improve presence online. The company is not limited to just musicians and offers a variety of services for clients from many social media platforms. Many people who are looking to boost the social connection that they play through various social media platforms can use Famups’s services to do so.

The platforms that the company caters to are SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Spotify. So, anyone looking to get some help in social media promotion on the above-mentioned platforms can check out the services on the Famups website. The company uses various organic ways to help clients boost audience engagement on their various social media accounts.

Famups has been around for some time and has been using various advanced methods and techniques like digital round maps to manage social media marketing. This helps them generate and direct traffic to the client’s profile. For a successful social media promotion, the client has to start gaining a good amount of organic growth and have fans or audiences who can be converted to long-term customers or followers.

This is what Famups strives to achieve via various digital solutions. Increasing your stats can help you have serious credibility which can then help you promote yourself better. Famups provides various services to boost your stats in terms of views, subscribers, followers, plays, fans, and likes.

The company believes in evolving and comes up with the latest ideas and masterpiece actions to help you maximize your result. Famups promises to deliver high quality pays to your songs on SoundCloud. The price range for the SoundCloud plays is $3 for 2000 plays to $180 for 500k plays. Famups claim that using their services you will drive organic and genuine traffic to your page.


The next company on the list is FlowerPackages. The company is very popular and many social media users use the services present on the website to boost their stats on various social media platforms.

FollowerPackages is all about performance. So, it is a performance-based company which provides various essential social media services to clients to help them grow themselves across various online platforms. Working with a company which has experience working with a variety of clients can be really helpful and insightful.

FollowerPackages claims to have a team of experts who have around half a century of collective experience when it comes to this particular industry. They understand how social media works and how it is changing. They understand the difficulty that many online creators face making sure they stand out and become popular.

If someone is a newcomer and does not have many ideas about certain facets of the industry they can face much more difficulty, even with good content. This is why the company had been designing various services to help businesses, brands and individuals to improve their presence online and even kick-start their online campaign.

The services are cheap so that clients with not a lot of budget can get some benefits too. The company promises that the boost in stats that you receive from the services will help you gain more credibility which will then be helpful in gaining more organic growth. FollowerPackages promises to deliver the services on time.

As soon as you buy a package the team gets behind your cause. At any time if you face any problem or have any queries you can take help from the customer support team. The packages for SoundCloud plays on FollowerPackages.com starts at $10 for 1000 plays and go up to $55 for 20k plays. These are all premium plays and will take at most 1-4 days to be delivered completely depending on the number of plays.


GetRealBoost is a good company which many people use for their social media needs. If you head on to the site of the company you will find various services that can help you enhance your growth on social media platforms.

It provides services of good quality at an affordable price so that even if you have a limited budget you can choose a package that suits you monetarily. Another business approach of the company is to make these devices easily accessible to clients. This will help make social media marketing very easy and convertible for people.

The service of the company can help you boost your stats like Followers, likes, views, subscribers or plays with genuine and real accounts. GetRealBoost supports five social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud. You can buy Facebook likes, views, and followers to increase your status on the platform.

Similarly, you can buy YouTube views and subscribers to gain more credibility on YouTube. The company works within legal limits and follows the terms and conditions set by various platforms to ensure the safety of your account. The company puts the clients in the care of a team of experts who have risen to the top of their respective fields and now use their expertise to maximize the gain for the clients.

To opt for a service you have to connect with the site and share your social profile. Next, choose your service and volume. Now, pay for the service and wait and watch your profile grow. The company provides real SoundCloud pants of high quality. The price is very cheap. You can buy 1000 plays for $2. The packages go up to 200k plays for just $115.


Online music promotion

Onlinemusicpromotion is a company that does what its name says. It is a place where musicians can come in and use the various tools to effectively promote their music online. The company promises that when you work with them you just have to bring your music cause they will be the ones who will help you gain more crowds in terms of followers and listeners.

The company supports three social media platforms viz. Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. When you are looking to buy plays for your SoundCloud songs, podcasts or music then you are only looking for real plays, right? The company promises that it will provide you with real plays and help you grow your profile on the platform.

The company provides professional promotion and their support is very reliable. SoundCloud plays on onlinemusicpromotion.net starts at $0.99 for 500 plays. You can buy up to 250k plays for $99.99. So, yeah the services are very cheap as well. Depending on the number of plays you have ordered the delivery time can be anywhere between instant delivery to 10 days.

The company is new but has been able to work with over a thousand musicians and promises to provide only good-quality service. So, if you want to know more details about the packages and the other services head on to the website.


Why should I buy SoundCloud plays?

This is something that you need to ask yourself. You need to understand how good your music is and what your target audience might be. Then you need to ask yourself if you can promote your music on your own without any help. If you have no problem clocking in plays for your music then there might not be a need to buy plays unless you want to speed up your growth.

But there are artists who even after a month or two do not get many plays. Buying plays can help the artist build up some cred and promote their music in a better way. People are more likely to notice someone who is entertaining and base other people listening to it.

Is buying SoundCloud plays safe?

This is safe as long as your service provider follows the terms and conditions set by the social media platform. Another problem lies with people finding out that you are buying plays. This can harm your reputation. So, choose companies who use legit ways to boost your stats and the accounts should be real so that people believe in them. Also, your music has to be quite good for people to believe that other people are listening as well. So, research your service provider well before buying any service.

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