5 Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Tools in 2020

Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Tools

SoundCloud is the platform to be on if you’re trying to break into the music scene. The music app has been around for a while and has helped numerous artists become overnight sensations.

The user base of SoundCloud mostly consists of people who want to discover new types of music – they are ready to give everything a chance which is why the app is nothing less than a gold mine for newbie creators and aspiring musicians.

SoundCloud play bots can work wonders for your music – they generate plays, garners followers, likes, and shares, which automatically helps build a favorable impression.

Now, you may easily purchase SoundCloud bots of the internet but it’s worth sharing that we have come across just too many scams and fraud websites out there that you cannot trust.

SoundCloud has a strict policy against bots and they make sure to ban anyone who uses illicit methods to promote their music. But worry not, we have curated a list of the 5 top best SoundCloud bots that are time-saving, efficient, convenient, and most of all authentic.

So, if you are looking for exposure and ways to climb to the top be sure to check these SoundCloud bots.

Here is the list of 5 Best SoundCloud Bots:

Soundcloud Manager

Soundcloud Manager

Just as their name implies, Soundcloud Manager is “the” manager that your music app needs. They take on full responsibility to promote your account and music vigorously.

Track sharing, targeting a niche audience, bolstering engagement, and social stats – they do it all and they do it efficiently. With their aid, you can expect a steady rise in your plays, downloads, likes, followers, and reposts. Most importantly the company employs real people to engage with your posts – a feature not many bot agencies can boast about.

Other than offering an all-round promotional service, Soundcloud Manager also happens to be very user-friendly. They have tutorial videos on their website that help potential users get acquainted with the software.

This helps people reach a certain degree of understanding before committing to the service. They also offer users the option to customize their service according to their needs and wants.

And in case you have a change of heart after subscribing to them or are not pleased with their services, they also provide a money-back guarantee. But we doubt it will ever come to that. Just “set and forget” – and let Soundcloud Manager take care of all your promotional responsibilities.

What you pay: Their services are available for purchase at $97.

AIO Stream

AIO Stream

AIO Stream claims that the tools and strategies employed by them are revolutionary in nature and we are compelled to believe them, thanks to their staggering service demand. What stands out with AIO is that apart from the usual follow, like, play increase features, they have a plethora of other features that you can use to efficiently promote your account.

The software makes you work all too easy – in fact, you will never have to sweat the PR part again if you decide to subscribe to them. They are also continually upgrading their tools and services according to the latest trends in the app.

The agency’s service also extends to Sother popular music streaming websites like Spotify, Deezer, Napster, and iHeartRadio. So, they are your one-stop destination if you’re looking for an all-round service.

They also boast of a customer development feature which lets you customize their features according to your suitability. Also, we might as well just confess that we love their pricing chart.

What you pay: Their services are available for $63 per month or $99 for a year or $148 for lifetime access.

Followers Up

Followers Up

Followers Up is a great choice if you are looking to boost your SoundCloud engagement. They have an oh-so-simple interface and simple features that are going to suit you just perfectly if you don’t want to spend too much time worrying on advertising. Their interface is straight forward and you can purchase what you want with simply a few clicks.

Followers Up has been in the business since 2016 and have a solid understanding of the industry. They know what their users are looking for and provide so. And best of all they are transparent about their capabilities and features.

Whether its followers, reposts, plays or likes you are after, they have all the details such as the number, price, delivery time and warranty period displayed for your convenience. If need be you may also get in touch with them easily using their quick chat or mail or contact form. If you want a hassle-free, easy and pocket-friendly way to climb the SoundCloud music chart, Followers Up should your ideal choice.

What you pay: Their offers start from a dollar and climb up to $250.


Quite easily one of the best SoundCloud bot in the game, Mr. Insta is the one-stop solution to all your PR problems. Yes, as the name implies Mr. Insta is predominantly popular for their myriad Instagram advertising features but they extend the same service when it comes to SoundCloud. Plays, followers, likes, comments, downloads – all services are yours for the purchase.

What makes Mr. Insta the raging success that it is, is mostly because of their top of the line service quality. They are a 100% safe and secure and does not even require your password to work their magic and promises refill guarantee. Additionally, they also have a 24/7 working helpline. These features go a long way into securing users.

What you pay: Mr. Insta lets you customize your package, the pricing depends on how little or how much you want. Their rates range from $10 to $900. So you pay for only what you need.



Our personal favorite, SoundBolt is a dream come true for every SoundCloud artist out there. They claim to be the most powerful SoundCloud Bot out there and honestly, we believe them. They have so much to offer and do so in a very simple and cost-effective manner.

SoundBolt is the only music promotion tool you will ever need. Their features include high-quality plays, integrated search features, high-quality proxies, multi-tasking power, schedule feature, and repeat feature.

It has all the attributes you need to make your music career a smooth ride. They also have 24/7 customer support who are eager to lend you a helping hand with just about anything. The company is a hidden gem simply waiting to be discovered by the masses, so hop onto their website before they taste fame and decide to up their prices.

What you pay: Their services start from $15/monthly.

Things to Remember

Emphasize the frequency of plays:

Yes, SoundCloud bots are a great way to get noticed within a short amount of time but if your growth is too fast too soon it will only end up making you look sketchy.

Many of the aforementioned bots let you choose the frequency of plays and downloads of your music – make sure to utilize this feature. Rather than opting for plays every second, set it up in a way as to get them by the minute. This makes the whole process look more natural and genuine.

Growth takes time:

Growth is a slow process with or without the help of bots. Sure, SoundCloud play bots can give a kickstart to your song’s popularity but even then it will take time to become a viral hit. Work on creating good music, fame, and accolades will follow.

Connect with other artists:

An excellent way to skyrocket your growth would be to engage with other artists on the platform. Find musicians in your niche and communicate with them.

Listen, like and leave comments on their work. When you give engagement, you also tend to receive it. Your actions will prompt other artists to check out and share your music. Building connections on the platform is imperative for steady growth.

Engage with your users: This one is a no-brainer but your audience should be your first and foremost priority. Reply to their comments, pay heed to their advice, likes, and requests. These simple actions will go a long way into furthering your SoundCloud career.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately bots are a good idea from every which way you look at it. The automation helps advertise and promote your song while you’re working on your next big piece. Better yet they could actually influence you to create good music.

After having used bots if you see your track picking up numbers, you will know you have created something great. And if not, it will motivate you to work harder on your next project. It’s only an uphill journey from here on out.

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