10 Best Sites To Buy Quality Spotify Followers in 2021

Sites To Buy Spotify Followers

The advent of the internet has affected various aspects of industries. It has changed how companies do business and how people consume various products. One such field is music. As the ease of access and usage of the internet exploded the way music is promoted, changed. Nowadays, almost all musicians big or small use various social media platforms to promote their music.

One of the hottest platforms for musicians to promote their music and create a global fanbase is Spotify. It is the go-to streaming platform for many people and can help musicians create, build up their credibility, and share their music while earning royalties for their work. But like any other platform, the level of competition is very high.

There are companies that provide services like buying Spotify followers to make your music promotion a tad bit easier. If you genuinely create good music and are having some trouble getting it the exposure that you think it deserves then taking help from a service provider might be worth checking out.

Today’s list consists of some of the companies which provide services to help boost your Spotify profile. Research well before investing in any service.

Here Are The Best Sites To Buy Spotify Followers:


Today a lot of people who are looking to gain some online fame are looking to make viral content. This is mainly because when your content goes viral you instantly receive attention from a bunch of people at once. This can seriously increase the visibility and reach of your profile and bring in new audiences to your account and increase the engagement rate on your posts.

Viralyft is a social media service provider. There are a lot of popular social media platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud for which it provides a bunch of different services. A lot of people are using Viralyft because of the variety of services it provides.

You can buy Spotify followers and Spotify plays, SoundCloud likes and plays, Instagram likes, Instagram auto likes, Instagram views, Instagram followers, Facebook page likes, YouTube views, YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers and many other services that can help you boost your online growth. Having a bunch of services in one place can be very helpful for people who are satisfied with the company’s services and would like to use it for various other platforms.

A good service provider has various important features that can be beneficial to the customers if they decide to use its services. Viralyft promises a lot of beneficial features to its customers. The time for the delivery of purchased services is quite less. Customers do not have to wait long to receive the services they ordered.

The company does not want to take a huge chunk out of your budget which is why the rate of the packages have been kept affordable so that small businesses and individuals who have small budgets can also take the advantage of Viralyft’s services. The company promises that its services will not harm the safety and security of your account and will provide you with rock-solid results. You can buy Spotify followers on Viralyft. The base package is priced at $9.99 for 100 followers.


ViewsExpert is another social media service provider that has been in the field of social media marketing for quite some time. Since there are a lot of popular social media platforms like Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Twitch ViewsExpert provides services for all these platforms.

It has different services for each of them which users can buy and boost their presence on the respective platform. Nowadays, it is all about increasing popularity online. ViewsExpert claims that its services are the trending way for gaining such popularity.

A customer can buy likes, views, comments, subscribers, followers for their accounts and your content. For example, you can buy likes and views for your YouTube videos as well as subscribers for your YouTube channel. If you are looking to grow on Instagram then you can buy stats for your posts like comments, views, and likes. The company also provides services for Instagram reels like views and likes. Spotify is one of the most popular audio sharing platforms.

You can buy plays and likes for your audio tracks on Spotify. If you are looking to get a boost in your follower count then you can buy Spotify followers on ViewsExpert. Another popular audio sharing platform is SoundCloud. There are services for SoundCloud as well, like buying plays and likes. It is very simple to order a service from ViewsExpert. You can select the platform you want from the top navigation bar.

Then select the service from the drop-down list. You will be taken to a page where you have to select the package you want and pay for it. ViewsExpert has a 24/7 customer support team who are there to help you out. You can contact the support team at support@viewsexpert.com. The cost of 100 followers on ViewsExpert is $4.99. There are other packages as well.


Venium Spotify Plays

Buying social media services can be a catalyst for your social media marketing strategy. But you have to work with a service provider which knows what it’s doing. Venium is the next service provider on the list. It is a company that understands what social media promotion entails. It uses its knowledge and understanding of the industry to provide various services to its clients to help them with their online promotion.

The industry of social media marketing seems quite complicated and it seems a lot of factors are involved. While all that is true Venium is a company that thinks that if you are looking to do online promotion on social media complicating things may not be the best way to go about it.

This is why this company has come up with simpler ways that will help clients grow their business online effectively and efficiently. Venium also believes in a straightforward approach as going round and round and utilizing complicated approaches is not so suitable.

A company that is always looking to genuinely help clients achieve success via online promotion on social media is the one that you should try to work with. Venium claims to care about its client’s success and thus, has created various services which are of top quality to provide them with the best results. Venium has a good experience when it comes to marketing and promotion.

The company has over 20 years of experience in this field and has a team of over 55 employees who have been helping customers over the years. Venium has helped over 265k customers.

The social media platforms for which you can find services for on venium.com are Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Venium provides packages for cheap Spotify followers. You can buy over a thousand followers for $4.49. The company claims that these are 100% real human followers and are Spotify safe. You also get the live tracking feature with the purchase of the order.


YTPals is another social media service provider that caters to businesses, brands, and individuals. Doesn’t matter if you are looking to grow your personal profile on various platforms or professional profile you will find services to boost your online presence on various platforms. YTPals is mainly popular for the variety of YouTube services that it provides. You can get all the services you want for boosting the credibility of your YouTube channel. You can buy likes, views and comments for the videos you have uploaded.

YouTube subscribers can also be bought to increase the number of subscribers on your channel. Besides these, you can buy YouTube watch hours, shares, SEO help for your videos, YouTube channel evaluation and much more. But YTPals is not limited to just providing services for YouTube.

It has a variety of packages for popular platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, SoundCloud, TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter. You can buy Spotify plays, Spotify playlist followers, and Spotify followers. There are Instagram services like Instagram views, Instagram comments, Instagram followers etc.

YTPals claims to be a safe service provider. It uses 256-bit encryption to keep everything secured. It also claims that it is trusted by its community of over 300k members.

No, password or any sensitive details are stored by the company. Only details required to deliver the service are stored. For example, if you are looking to buy followers for your Spotify profile then you may need to provide your email id and the URL to your Spotify profile. There is no need to give access to your account.

The cost of 100 Spotify followers is $20. The best-selling package is the $60 package in which you get 500 followers. YTPals promises that this service is 100% safe and private. Try contacting the company and getting your doubts cleared before making any purchase.


Since there are a lot of popular social media platforms these days it may not be entirely beneficial to just focus on one. Although you should give your primary focus to one of the platforms you should also try to expand to other platforms as and when the time arrives.

Socialboss is a popular marketplace for social media marketing services. It has specific services that have been created for a bunch of different platforms. Socialboss has been providing services for over 20 different and popular social media platforms.

You can expect to find services for Spotify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, SoundCloud, Reddit etc. It has such a diverse and vast reach that if you like working with this company then you can use it for almost all popular social media platforms. The company promises high-grade services to its clients which will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

To ensure that clients feel safe and secured the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. You do not have to worry about losing your money in case you receive an incomplete order or your order is stuck and not delivered.

The company will refund you the full sum so that you don’t end up losing money. To make it easier for clients to pay for the services Socialboss has provided various payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and Gpay.

Also, you do not have to worry about the safety, privacy, and security of your data. The company uses Smart Delivery Technologies to ensure that a customer’s account isn’t at any risk. You can always contact the 24/7 customer support team to get all your queries answered before making any sort of purchase.

You can use this website to buy cheap Spotify followers. The cost of 500 Spotify followers on Socialboss is $7.99. The same cost is applicable for playlist followers. The company claims that these will be 100% safe.


One of the best ways for musicians to grow online and gain a massive following is to make their track go viral. This will get them a lot of attention in a short amount of time. But if you are looking for social media service providers who can help your audio tracks become popular then you have to work with a company that has been in the industry for some time and knows what it is doing.

MyMusicViral is one such company. The company has been providing various social media services to clients to help them promote their music online. MyMusicViral promises that it only provides those services which will work in your favor.

The platforms that it supports are Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube. So, if you are looking to make your music popular on these social media platforms then you can head on to the website of the company and check out the various services.

The team behind MyMusicViral consists of experts and music industry veterans who have worked for some of the biggest record companies in the world and has garnered a lot of experience and expertise. They use their knowledge and experience to help customers realize their social media goals. The company claims that its services are reliable and have been tested by some of the top musicians in the industry who have seen immediate results.

Also, you nor have to worry about losing your money as the company promises to give you the full refund in case the order is not completely delivered or you do not receive what was stated in the package. The company has a support team addressing customer queries round the clock. You can contact them with your doubts and can expect a reply in a day. The starting price of high-quality Spotify followers on MyMusicViral is $4.59. It claims to be the best site to buy Spotify followers.



Famups is a social media service provider which is popular with a lot of people who buy services to boost their presence on various social media platforms. This company is all about boosting all the connections that you play through various social media platforms thus, helping you improve your online presence.

It has very affordable rates so that you do not have to go out of the way (monetarily) to pay for the services. But affordable rates mean nothing if the quality of the service is bad. You will end up losing money anyway since the service is not good enough to help you reach your goals when it comes to social media marketing.

This is why Famups claims that it never compromises on the quality of its services. You will only receive top-grade service for the social media platform you choose. The platforms which Famups supports are Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IGTV and Twitter.

Famups has claimed that to boost the audience engagement on your social profiles it uses organic methods only. It uses various digital solutions to help businesses and brands to convert their followers and audiences to long-term customers. This is very important for people who are looking to grow their business via online platforms.

The company can also help customers by driving traffic to their website and social profiles. It uses various advanced methodologies and digital round maps to accomplish this. For each of the social media platforms that Famups supports, there are various services on its website to help increase credibility and engagement rate on relevant platforms.

Once you pay for a service you can be assured to get reliable delivery time and authentic support. The services for Spotify are quite cheap and you can buy Spotify followers at the starting price of just $3 for 100 followers. There are multiple other packages as well. The price of 1000 followers is $15. You can always reach out to the support team before purchase by clicking the message button on the website at the bottom-right corner of the screen.


Any musician who is looking to make it big and gain a good following needs to promote themselves on social media platforms. Social media promotion, not something which is just done by independent or amateur musicians. It is very much utilized by top music labels to promote the tracks of big artists. They have a huge team who are specifically concerned with social media marketing and promotion.

Spotifly is a company which knows this and understands the difficulty many independent and amateur musicians face due to tough competition. This is why the company wants to be in your team to help you boost the presence of your tracks on various social media platforms. If you are looking to gain some traction when it comes to visiting your music with a major playlist push then consider checking Spotifly out and see if you are eligible for the company’s no-risk campaigns.

One thing that sets this company apart is that they are not just selling followers which will just boost your count and you have to do the rest of the promotion.

Spotify is a company which only works with serious musicians. They do not sell stats but rather sell promotional campaigns for artists who are looking to make it big on Spotify. But there’s a process you need to follow to send your tracks. After that, if you are accepted then you can pay for Spotify promotion.

They have three packages for Spotify promotion. The starter package costs $99 and is meant for users who are new to Spotify and want to build a fan base. It is for 30 days and the estimated follower reach is 25k.

The estimated streams for this package is 3k to 10k. There are other packages such as headliner which costs $199 and closer which costs $149 with an estimated follower reach if 70k and 50k respectively. The company provides a money-back guarantee to its clients.



As the name of the company suggests LikeService24 is a social media service provider dedicated to providing services to clients 24/7. With the services that this company provides, you can increase your reach and awareness on various social media platforms.

When you visit the website of LikeService24 you will find that it provides services for more than 20 social media platforms all of which are popular worldwide. Some of the most popular of these platforms are YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Apple Music, Shazam, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora etc. So, basically, you can use this website to order services for all the social media platforms you are active on.

LikeService24 promises that with it you will find a large selection of marketing services which have been curated to give you results on a variety of social media platforms. You do not have to wait for days or weeks to receive your service after the purchase. You can expect to get your order delivered within just a few hours from the time of purchase.

This way you can give your promotional strategy an instant boost without having to wait for long. The company has a customer support team working round the clock to help clients with their queries and doubts. Your data protection is of utmost importance to the company and it will treat your personal data with complete confidentiality and security.

If you are looking for Spotify followers then LikeService24 has packages for those. The starting price is 1.95 € for 250 followers and just by adding 1 € more, you can gain 250 more followers. You need to provide your playlist URL and your email id to avail this service. After this, you can choose a payment option you are comfortable with and pay for the service. Now, just wait and monitor growth.



MassMediaPlus is a company that helps clients who lack social authority by providing them services to gain influence on social media platforms. It claims to have everything that you might need in your journey to gain more social authority and more audience. It has social media campaigns which can help to skyrocket your online growth.

MassMediaPlus also promises that when you buy services from its website it will not only try to make your content look more popular but also help in improving the algorithmic ranking on the network of your choosing. So far, MassMediaPlus provides social media campaigns for 7 popular social media platforms which include Spotify, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, Saavn, and Twitter.

All you need to do is select a service that best resonates with your strategy and then start improving your presence on the social media platform. The company urges people to contact them with queries as they are available round the clock.

You can raise a ticket and connect with them on Skype. To ensure your safety and privacy of your campaigns the company regularly monitors network changes. It claims that all the deliveries are free of risk. Another cool feature of the company is that every time you make a purchase on the website you gain plus points which can be used later to get discounts on future orders.

Once you have placed the order you can track it via the account panel. This means you do not have to wait for email notifications or guess if your order is completed. MassMediaPlus has been in the field of social media marketing for some time and has helped over 4312 clients and delivered millions of stats. Before buying any service from the company we urge you to connect with them via email or chat. You can find those options at the bottom of the company’s website.



For musicians or artists who are new in the music business and are just starting out when it comes to online promotion, it can be difficult to get ahead of the crowd. The competition can seem overwhelming and at times you might feel like you need a bit of support to help you out. Songlifty is a company which has more than a decade and a half when it comes to experience in the music industry.

The company understands that it is not easy to promote your music. There are a lot of talented musicians who are out there trying to get noticed by uploading their tracks on various social media platforms. But they do not know how to grow a following or how to get noticed by music labels. Songlifty has designed various promotional tools to help upcoming artists.

With these tools, you can attract more people to your channel or account and promote your music in various social media platforms. Currently, Songlifty has services for Spotify, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. So, if you are looking to boost your presence on these platforms you can buy the services and get started on your journey.

Songlifty is all about making your music stand out. You can boost your online presence on popular platforms with the services that it provides. These services have been designed in such a way that it can meet the demands of your growth plan. Songlifty provides you with safe and secured services and if you are looking to buy Spotify plays then you will be eligible for earning royalty from those plays and enhance your presence on the platform.

You should always contact the support team before purchasing a service. When you go to the website songlifty.com you find a contact us button on the bottom right corner of the screen. Songlifty has an account panel to help you track your order without having to wait for email notifications about the status of your order. All transactions that you do on the website are encrypted and the company claims that your data is kept completely confidential. The price for Spotify followers starts at $45 for 100 followers. Geo-targeting is available for the followers.



Spotifstar is a company which is meant for people looking to become a Spotify star. As of 2020 the company has completed its 12 years in this industry and has been successful in helping thousands of clients and has delivered over a million orders. The company has a team of Spotify experts who use their in-depth knowledge and expertise on the platform to help clients grow their presence on it. Spotifstar claims to be the number one service provider when it comes to Spotify plays and followers.

If you have been trying your best to grow on Spotify but are facing difficulties even though your tracks are decent then maybe you need some external help to visit your promotional strategy on the platform. Spotistar can help you with this. The services that this company provides includes Spotify plays, Spotify followers and brand awareness. It has helped thousands of artists all over the world to grow on Spotify.

The main concept behind the company’s approach is that if a user comes across an artist who has very few followers and the tracks have very few plays then chances are they will just skip and move onto the next artist without bothering to check if the music is actually good or not. This is because the current generation has a shorter attention span when it comes to surfing on social media platforms. If they are not impressed in a few minutes then they will move on.

So, appearance is very much important to grow on social media. Buying followers and plays can help you attract people to try out your track. This does not guarantee that you will gain a massive following as it depends on the quality of music you create. But it will be able to attract people to at least try out your music. So, you can go ahead and buy Spotify plays and followers from Spotistar.


OnlineMusicPromotion is a website that provides social media services to clients and as its name suggests these services are meant to help the clients promote their music on online platforms like YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. So, anyone looking to boost their presence on these platforms and grow a fan following can go to the website and check out the services.

The company promises professional promotion. You won’t have to worry about it doing a shoddy job at gaining your views, likes, plays and followers depending on the service that you paid for. OnlineMusicPromotion is all about providing you with the highest quality and most reliable results when it comes to music promotion services.

This company enjoys what it does. The team loves music and is passionate about promoting the music of their clients and helping them realize their social media goals. They urge people to contact them if they have any doubts regarding the process or the services or if they face any problem with their orders or payment. The customer support team is always available to help you out. OnlineMusicPromotion wants to leave a good and long-lasting impression on the clients. If any order isn’t fulfilled then you are eligible for a full refund.

Ordering a service from OnlineMusicPromotion is very easy. First choose your platform, for example, Spotify and then select the service you want, for example, plays. Now, select a package according to your budget and strategy and then pay for it. The company will take care of the rest and deliver you the services.

The company claims that the services it provides are not fake or bot-generated. These are real and genuine stats delivered to the clients. We suggest you get in touch with the customer support team before going through any purchase.


Streambeet is a company which is all about helping people who are looking to grow big in the music industry. This company provides specific services for social media platforms which are meant for audio tracks namely Spotify. It also has a good amount of experience in the music marketing industry and is willing to help you reach your goals.

Streambeet promises to provide clients with organic growth on Spotify. You can buy Spotify plays, Spotify followers, Spotify playlist placements, Spotify playlist followers, and Spotify monthly listeners. It does have links for SoundCloud promotion and Apple streams but those are handled by other companies which you can check out if you are looking to grow on those platforms.

The company claims to be the most cost-efficient service provider when it comes to improving your presence on Spotify. The promotional campaigns that Streambeet provides its clients will help them by increasing the streams of their audio tracks, increasing the number of Spotify followers they have and also boost the number of monthly listeners. In addition to this, the company also claims that it will help you in getting placed on the Spotify playlist. So, yeah the company can provide you with an overall organic growth if you purchase the promotional campaign.

Streambeet has a good understanding of this industry and knows how big labels are increasing their stats to be able to hit the big charts. When you purchase a campaign from Streambeet it calibrates its campaign in the best way possible to suit the artist based on their level (upcoming or established).

The campaign will keep on running until the target you have paid for is reached.  The company uses two methods in its campaign to provide clients with online growth. It uses various large music engagement groups and email blasts to a huge number of listeners who like the genre of the artist the company is campaigning for.


SMMSumo is one of many social media service providers that provides services for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The company claims that they provide services that are of top grade and also provide clients with desired results. It claims that 97% of the customers recommend using SMMSumo for buying social media marketing services.

The company has been active in this field of service for over 7 years (as of 2020) and has helped more than fifty thousand people over the years of its existence. It claims that over 80% of its clients are so satisfied that they keep returning for buying more services to boost their online growth and also refer the site to their friends which brings in more business for the company.

The company guarantees the lasting effects of their services for your page or profile. The team behind the company is based in the US and uses their expertise to help clients reach their social media goals. SMMSumo tries its best to deliver clients all the services that they purchased as soon as possible. The team gets behind your cause as soon as you purchase the orders.

Most orders will be fulfilled very soon but even if the order that you purchased is very large it won’t take more than a few days for the order to be delivered completely.

As soon as you purchase the order the company starts setting up social media advertisements for you. Now, the company puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the ads look good. These ads will be seen by thousands of people. Once the as goes live it will help you gain popularity. The come understands that time is of the essence here and the team works fast.

The 24/7 customer support service along with a money-back guarantee is the company’s way of letting clients know that they can always reach out in case they have any query and their money is safe in case the order is not fulfilled.



A decent service provider which is confident about its services can be a good choice for many. Socialpackages has been in the social media marketing industry for some time during which it has provided clients with different social media services to gain online credibility. This company is confident in the quality of its services and claims to be the best in the business when it comes to providing services for social media promotion. The various services, as the company claims, is for people who are looking to become social media superstars.

Now, growing on some of the most popular social media platforms is easy with the help of SocialPackages. You can buy services for platforms like Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and Facebook. Using the services that SocialPackages provides in the form of likes, followers, views, plays etc. can help the customers reach their true potential when it comes to online popularity.

Nobody likes a clunky and laggy experience. This is why the company has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the client has a smooth and fast experience. You do not have to wait more than a few hours and in many cases more than a few minutes to get the services you paid for delivered.

The company promises that when you do business with it and buy its services then you will get the best results. Whatever stats you end up buying to boost your online cred be it likes, views or followers, you will get services that are from user accounts of top quality. SocialPackages has decided to keep the price of its packages at an affordable rate. This means that even if you are on a small and tight budget you will be able to use the services. But cheap does not mean low quality.

SocialPackages promises to provide high-grade service at a very low price. Ordering from the website is very simple. First, you need to select the social media platform that you are looking to grow on. Next, choose the service and select the quantity according to your budget and strategy. Then choose a payment method and purchase the service. Now, you just need to wait for the order to be delivered.


The next website is AlwaysViral and as the name suggests it is all about getting clients viral. You purchase the services from the website and get them delivered to your account in a few minutes. This company claims that its services are very reliable as they only deal in packages which are of good quality and can provide clients with desirable results.

It also asks you to trust it because it claims to be the best social media marketing company out there. The company knows that clients may not want to wait long for the services to be delivered which is why they try to complete the order as soon as possible. The company promises that its customer service is open 24/7. It is dedicated to helping clients resolve their queries and getting their doubts cleared up.

AlwaysViral claims that it does real marketing from real fans. It may be simple to just generate fake accounts and provide you with the services but the company wants to provide you results that will help you grow online and which will give you all your money’s worth. The services have been priced at reasonable rates which are very competitive.

When you work with AlwaysViral you can be assured that your data will be kept private and all the monetary transactions are done via encrypted gateways. Unlike many other websites, you have to create an account on the AlwaysViral website. Once you have created an account you can log in and choose the platform that you want a service for.

Now, you can select a service that you want and add funds to your account to purchase the service. You have to provide a relevant link or URL and pay for the service. Now, be patient as the company does its job and delivers you the stats to boost your online cred.

The company provides free replacement if you experience a drop in your stats within the warranty period which is usually 15-30 days. We suggest you contact the customer support team and get all the details.



QQSumo is a company that provides social media marketing services for a lot of different and popular social media platforms. Its motto is ‘Your Social Media Success Starts Right Here’. You can get services for Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, LinkedIn, telegram, Dailymotion, Mixcloud, and many more.

You can also buy services for web development and website builder. Another service includes an SEO audit report. So, basically, a lot of the services are for overall digital marketing not only limited to social media platforms. The site has been optimized to help customers order services quickly. Once you have ordered a service you can start seeing the growth very soon. The company promises to use only high-quality profiles to deliver the stats that you need.

The company really cares about its customers and customer satisfaction is very important to them. You can always feel free to contact the customer support team if you have encountered an issue or have queries that need to be answered. One of the features that we feel is very different from the rest of the websites is that QQSumo provides 2-year refill protection.

So, if you experience a drop in your stats, be it likes or followers, you can contact them and they will send you a refill. You can connect with the support team for details regarding the refill service. In QQSumo too you have to create an account to purchase service. There are packages for Spotify plays and followers on QQSumo’s website You can buy 100 followers for Spotify for $5. These followers will be real users from the US. The delivery time is 1 to 2 days but it is generally much quicker. This package comes with optional auto engagement.


Social Viral

Social-Viral.com Review

Social-Viral provides various services for different social media platforms. The clients who have a social profile on either Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok or Instagram and want to boost their presence on these platforms then they can use the various services offered by Social-Viral.

The company has maintained its business approach to be focused on the standards of their services. It provides only high-quality service to its clients which is why multiple influencers and celebrities prefer using Social-Viral for increasing their credibility online.

When you opt for services that the company provides you are guaranteed to get immediate results which will generally be in terms of two and genuine likes and followers. The prices have been kept very affordable to help clients with lower budgets reap the benefits too. Spotify is an important platform for musicians.

Followers on Spotify sort of signify your fanbase. Social-Viral has a few packages for buying high-quality followers for Spotify. The price range for the follower’s package is $1.49 to $139.99 for 50 and 50k followers respectively.



The next company on the list is StreamDigic. It is a company which can become your source of followers, likes, plays and views for effective digital marketing. Many people find it hard to gain the exposure needed to promote their content effectively. StreamDigic claims that with their professional assistance you will be able to boost up the visibility of your content be it audio, video or graphics.

The tools and services that the company provides are priced low so that you don’t have to spend a lot to enhance your presence on social media platforms. This company is not exclusively for promoting music but also a tool for businesses and brands to improve their stats on various platforms.

If you have a profile on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, or Instagram then you can use the services provided by StreamDigic. The site offers three different services for Spotify namely Spotify plays, Spotify promotion, and Spotify followers. For $6.90 you can get 100 followers for your Spotify account. You can buy up to 10k followers for $134.90


PlaysWiz claims to be the one-stop solution for all your music promotion needs. They have been helping clients gain all the required attention on popular music streaming platforms viz. Spotify and SoundCloud. You can gain more plays and followers which will help you increase your fanbase. Good music promotion can be very beneficial to any musician.

It can help them get more exposure thus, giving them a chance to reach more people. PlaysWiz has been promoting music for clients for some time and aims to boost the credibility of musicians. This will make it easy for them to promote their music. We all understand that social media is a boon to musicians as it makes sharing music with the world very easy.

PlaysWiz believes that this has increased the level of competition and this makes the promotion of any product be it music or otherwise kind of complicated. This is the reason the company’s approach is to make it easier for the clients to acquire the services needed to enhance their status on social media.

With its services it is very easy to gain real followers, likes or plays in a quick and safe way. The company guarantees good performance and will be with you through the way until you get what you asked for. Don’t worry if the order does not get fulfilled you will get your refund.

The customer support team is always there to answer your questions too. The Spotify followers packages start at 100 followers for $3.99. The max number of followers that a client can buy is 25k for $179.99. These are all real followers.



Famous believe that these days it does not take much longer to one’s reputation in the market. The company provides ways to improve the stats of your social media accounts via organic reach. If one is to become popular online then they need to boost the social connections that they play through various social media platforms.

Famups will help you do that. The company caters to clients from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. Various organic ways have been implemented to help clients improve audience engagement on their accounts. One important thing for any social media service provider is to constantly upgrade itself.

This is because the social media platforms are constantly evolving as new technologies come into play, new algorithms come into play and different terms of usage are implemented. Famups uses various advanced methods and digital round maps to help manage your social media marketing.

This will increase the traffic flow to your social profile. Various digital solutions are implemented to help clients convert their audience to long-term customers. Using various techniques the company designs packages to improve engagement rate on your profile thus, gaining you credibility. It improves stats in terms of likes, followers, subscribers, comments, views, plays etc.

Spotify is a good platform for musicians to promote their work. The more followers you have sort of signifies your fanbase. If you are looking for cheap follower packages for Spotify then Famups can help you with that. For $3 you can buy 100 followers. This is the starting price. You can buy up to 50k followers for $140.


MyMusicViral has been helping clients make their music viral just as the company’s name suggests. Any musician looking to increase credibility for their music can visit the site MyMusicViral.com.

The company primarily helps musicians achieve their dream of becoming popular online but if someone is looking to just boost their social media presence then they can still check out the services provided by the company. The social media platforms that the company supports are SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube.

If you are looking to enhance your growth on any of the above platforms you can check out the services that MyMusicViral provides on its website. These services are professional social media services for companies, brands and individuals. You can get followers, likes, views etc. for your Instagram profile or grow your profile on SoundCloud by buying likes, plays, downloads and followers or boost up your Facebook presence via advertising, likes and fans.

There are a plethora of services for clients to use to fulfil their social media marketing needs. The quality is maintained throughout the services and if anything happens which leads to the unfulfillment of the orders they will receive their money back.

The company promises that its services will visit your presence on social networks and help you build an online reputation. As said before the primary business approach for the company is to promote music for the clients. The people behind the company have been veterans in this industry for a long time and worked for big record companies.

This is the experience they bring to the table while helping clients. Spotify followers can help you improve your status on Spotify and attract more people to like your music.

The packages that MyMusicViral provides for Spotify followers start at $4.59 for 500 followers. You can buy up to 10k followers which cost $79.99. Depending on the number of followers the service can take up to 2 weeks’ time to be delivered completely. This is because the company claims that it takes time for it to get the required number of followers that you paid for.


Making high-quality, genuine music is hard. Musicians invest all their time, effort, skill, and passion to make a piece which people will enjoy. Once a piece has been made all that is left to be done is to share it with the world so people can actually listen to it and fall in love with your work and become your loyal fans.

Streamko is a company that respects the works of musicians and wants to help them get the attention they deserve. It is a company that has geared its business towards gaining satisfactory results for the clients. The company has a team of experts who have years of experience in this field. They have been helping clients by providing them with great results which have made them known in the industry.

The company provides all the tools and methods that a musician can use to successfully promote their music on social media platforms and enhance the number of followers and boost other stats. Understanding the music promotion industry is not that easy anymore. Rapid changes in technology have led to people consuming music in various different ways.

This keeps on changing. Also, how well you market and promote your music changes the way that people are perceiving it. So, to stay in the top of the game you have to keep on evolving which is what Streamko claims to do. The company has been linked to this industry for more than a decade and thus has a huge amount of experience in this field.

Using this they can correctly understand the present scenario and provide the best services for clients to achieve their goals. Quality control is very important to the company and it provides high-quality tools and methods.

The social media platforms for which the services are provided in life iTunes, Shazam, Spotify, and YouTube. If you are looking for Spotify followers the starting price for the service starts at $38.50 for 100 followers. You can choose up to 5000 followers for $880.


Songlifty is one of the companies on this list which have spent years in the music marketing industry. Oftentimes musicians suffer from not getting fame not because they don’t have any talent but rather due to the lack of effective promotion of their music. This is something that has been true since the past.

Currently, most musicians looking to make it big use online platforms to promote their music which throws them into global competition with other musicians. So, if a musician does not have much of an idea about music marketing and promotion it is a good choice to get help from a company that knows what is required to make it big in the online world.

Songlifty has been helping clients achieve their dream for more than a decade using various ways of effective music promotion. The company understands the challenge and difficulty that music promotion poses and that it requires good experience and skill to do it effectively.

The company believes that many musicians are not able to grow a fan base or get noticed by labels because they lack promotional abilities. So, it has come up with various services to help musicians gain popularity on various online platforms.

If you are looking to increase your subscribers and do successful promotion of your music then Songlifty has a variety of tools to help you out. The company works with clients from various streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify and social media platforms like Instagram Facebook to provide maximum exposure to their music.

The company prides itself on the services it provides. It promises that using the services you will be able to gain popularity and build your fan base. Spotify is one of the most popular platforms that musicians are using these days for promotion.

The followers packages for Spotify starts at $45 for 100 followers. The maximum follower’s package consists of 5000 followers for $700. You can geo-target your followers too.

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