10 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Streams in 2021

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Streams

One of the most popular platforms to share your music with the world is Spotify. It is a great place to increase your fanbase and enhance your popularity. It also helps musicians earn royalties. So, no doubt many musicians have been trying to get their pieces on this platform hoping to make their dreams come true.

This has resulted in a lot of competition. Even if you are a talented musician the content-saturated environment of Spotify can make it harder to get ahead of competitors. This is why services to buy Spotify play and streams are provided by companies to help musicians boost their music promotions and start on the journey to make their goals a reality.

Today the list below consists of a few such companies who provide services to improve musicians’ credibility and help them become popular. But always research thoroughly before finalizing on any kind of deal.

Here Is The List Of Best Sites To Buy Spotify Plays And Streams:


Viralyft Spotify Plays

This website offers social media promotions for a number of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and many more. If you are looking to buy Spotify plays and followers, then this is your one-stop destination.

Viralyft offers top quality Spotify services, including the ones just mentioned, from Spotify users around the world. This means that your songs or podcasts will be accessible to a worldwide audience and you can flaunt global plays or followers on your Spotify channel.

When you buy a Spotify package from this site, you will get your plays or followers delivered within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the amount you buy. The prices begin from $4.99 for 1000 Spotify plays and $9.99 for 100 Spotify followers.

Social Packages

Social Packages Spotify Plays

If you are looking for fast delivery with guaranteed results, then look no further, for Social Packages is there to do just this task for you. This social media marketing service offers users packages for buying Spotify plays for your channel. They offer real and premium Spotify plays at attractive prices, that would not weigh down on your pocket.

You can buy anything from 1000 to 10000 Spotify plays in the price range of $10 to $75. With Social Packages, buying Spotify plays is literally just a few clicks away. All you need to do is select a suitable package and then enter the URL to your song on Spotify.

Once you pay for your order, your Spotify plays will start rolling in just 1 to 2 days. Besides safe delivery, Social Packages ensures 24/7 customer support pertaining to any and all concerns that you might have regarding your order.

Views Expert

Views Expert Spotify Plays

Buying Spotify services has never been easier than with Views Expert which offers premium Spotify followers and plays to make your channel go trending in a speck of time, in just two simple steps.

Whether you are an influencer or a music aggregator who wants more publicity for your playlists, Views Expert brings genuine traffic from real Spotify users who will grow your popularity online. Here, you can buy two basic services – Spotify Plays and Spotify Followers. As compared to other websites that sell Spotify promotions, Views Expert is a tad bit more expensive.

The reason is that it strategically promotes your content and aims to improve your playlist or album rankings, making you more and more discoverable on the platform. They do not simply deliver numbers but also invites users to listen to your music. The packages start from $6.99 for 1000 Spotify plays which will get delivered starting in just 1 to 3 days.


Venium Spotify Plays

If you are looking to skyrocket your music content on Spotify, then this is your perfect destination. Whether you are an influencer, a budding musician, or a content aggregator, Venium can be your marketing expert.

Using this platform, you can buy real Spotify plays, real Spotify followers, and monthly listeners for your Spotify account. And this is not all – each Spotify package from Venium comes with strategic promotions to drive targeted traffic, boost sales, improve search engine rankings and thereby, increase your visibility on the platform.

They leverage a widespread network to promote your content. It is played and shared by real Spotify users until it reaches the promised play count. What makes this website unique is that they offer a lifetime guarantee of retention and the highest playtime.

They bring followers from worldwide who are genuinely interested in your music. The prices are – $4.99 per 1000 Spotify plays, $4.49 per 1000 followers, and $3.99 per 1000 monthly listeners.


YTPals Spotify Plays

YTPals is a popular provider of promotional services related to music streaming platforms like YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud. This makes it a go-to choice for when you are looking for the best place to buy Spotify plays.

YTPals offers three basic services for Spotify which include buying Spotify followers, plays and playlist followers, all of which are available at reasonable prices. Their targeted social media marketing strategy encourages others to listen to your content. The good thing is that you are not required to follow other Spotify profiles back and still get real visitors coming to yours.

Your order will start appearing on your Spotify channel gradually each day, beginning in just 24 hours, until it is complete. Whenever you buy a Spotify package from YTPals, you will always get more than you ordered. The price starts from $45 for 1000 Spotify plays and $20 for 100 followers.

My Music Viral

If you are confused about where to buy Spotify plays, then we have the ultimate answer for you. Check out this site called My Music Viral that offers professional social media marketing services, especially for audio and video streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and TikTok.

Consisting of expert marketers who are music industry veterans, this site provides Spotify promotions aimed to create your reputation online as a musician, an influencer, or simply as a music aggregator. They offer many Spotify services including, Spotify plays, the USA plays, Royalty Spotify plays, monthly listeners, and HQ Spotify followers.

My Music Viral ensures that your music gets heard on the platform and thereby, increases your social media presence and visibility. Here, you can buy 1000 Spotify plays for just $4.59 without the option to split. (To split the plays, you can purchase a higher-priced package.) If you are someone who can do with nothing but the best, then this is the definite choice for you.

Social Fans Geek

Social Fans Geek

Whether you are a musician, a digital creator, or a brand, Social Fans Geek is your number one social media platform for Spotify promotions. With this website, boost your content with strategic marketing that delivers guaranteed results. Here you can buy Spotify followers, plays including USA plays, monthly listeners, track saves, and Spotify Show followers.

They are aimed at improving your search engine rankings for your artist profile and make your music more discoverable. So while you invest all your energies in creating awesome musical content, your Spotify channel will continue to receive authentic promotions.

One downside is that they require you to sign up for an account before you buy any package, but rest assured, it is super simple and involves no risk. You can buy anything ranging from 100 to 1 million Spotify plays and 250 to 20000 followers at affordable costs.

Like Service 24

Service 24 offers a selection of services to make your Spotify account gain visibility and following. With a prompt start, safe delivery, and unmatchable quality, Spotify promotions from this site include packages for buying Spotify plays, followers, playlist plays, monthly listeners and track saves.

They also allow you to select country-specific plays that will be delivered on your tracks or podcasts in a natural, organic way. You can buy anything between 1000 to 1 million Spotify plays, search plays, and plays for podcasts at prices that are tailored for every budget at your selected delivery speed.

To buy a Spotify service from here, all you need to do is select a suitable package, enter your Spotify URL and pay the requisite amount. And there you go – you will see your Spotify account and its popularity grow with each passing day.

Mass Media Plus

If serious social media promotions are on your list, then Mass Media Plus is the right place for you to buy Spotify marketing services. They offer various types of packages to buy quality Spotify plays.

Some of these include – bulk plays, colossal plays, targeted or bulk targeted plays, playlist plays and more. The good thing about buying Spotify promotions from Mass Media Plus is that they clearly define what you will get as part of your order. And should they fail to deliver anything less, you have your full money back.

Besides increasing visibility and engagement, their services are aimed to boost your streams on Spotify steadily, improve song popularity, design custom campaigns for Spotify and gain USA fans and followers or target audience from another country for your music by making it discoverable. The prices start at just $2.99 for 1000 colossal plays.


Songlifty makes music promotions easy, so that you do not have to invest your time and effort in asking people to follow your tracks on Spotify. Especially if you are a beginner, it is difficult to navigate the music industry and market your work on Spotify and Songlifty is there to do precisely this on your behalf.

They provide users with two basic services namely, Spotify Followers starting at $45 and Spotify Plays at $4. You can split the plays that you buy on multiple tracks and geo-target your audience. The followers that you receive on your account will be 100% active users that will show full retention, or else you will get free replacement.

Songlifty creates customized campaigns to bring to your channel, the audience that will be potentially interested to hear your creations. Therefore, it increases your brand’s awareness and visibility on social media. After buying a Spotify service from Songlifty, you become eligible for royalties.


Give a kick start to your Spotify promotions right away by buying a suitable package from Spotistar. They offer three services – Spotify plays, followers and monthly listeners – so that you can demonstrate social proof on the platform. Having more plays on Spotify demonstrates that your audience is more engaged, which is basically the crux of social media success.

Spotistar does just this. It brings you more streams and monthly listeners and also, makes your channel more discoverable to the audience who listen to similar styles of music on Spotify, so that they might be interested in your content too.

The plays that they offer are real and are eligible for royalties. Just select the number of followers or plays you want to buy and the number of tracks you want to split them on. And let Spotistar do the rest, so you can spend your valuable time in creating the music that counts.

Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion is inarguably one of the best places to buy Spotify plays. If you have got the big tracks, they will bring the crowd. Whether you are an influencer, a digital creator, a music label or someone who is simply looking to earn out of aggregating music, this website has something for all kinds of artists.

Here, you can buy premium quality Spotify plays and increase the streams of your tracks on the platform. Their promotions include bringing in more monthly listeners for your tracks or podcasts. The cost for buying 5000 Spotify plays is $19.99 with delivery starting within 12 hours.

This price goes up to $999 for 500000 Spotify plays. Since this website is meant specifically for music promotions, it makes it a trusted marketing agency for Spotify promotions. Moreover, several artists have testified to their services in their testimonials which you can find on their website.


Without doubt, Streambeet is a complete marketing destination for Spotify. With a wide range of services to offer at prices tailored for every budget, this site is every artist’s preferred choice for Spotify marketing. They offer everything from Spotify plays and followers, to Spotify Playlist placement, monthly listeners and playlist followers.

Basically, their promotions are twofold – one, through email blasts to millions of music lovers and two, by adding your profile in large music engagement groups. If you are someone on a tight budget and looking for cheap Spotify plays, Streambeet has you covered. Their lowest priced package includes 1000 Spotify plays for just $10.

On the other hand, if you are looking for large scale promotions through custom campaigns, you can contact them via email and they will get back to you with details. With their unique feature of playlist placement, you will be able to place your individual tracks in playlists that already have a large following, hence increasing the scope of visibility of your tracks. Plus, their services are fully eligible for royalties.


If you want to boost your presence and authority on Spotify and make your voice heard on the platform, then SMM Sumo is your destination to be at. Here, you can buy the highest quality Spotify plays and Spotify followers at affordable costs. You can target the followers based on specific regions or countries or can also purchase worldwide traffic.

When you buy a package from SMM Sumo, you can be assured that all the audience coming to your account will be real and authentic Spotify users and not any ghost accounts, fake profiles or automated bots.

One of the unique features which make SMM Sumo a top rated name among marketers of music streaming platforms is that they guarantee a replacement or refill up to two years after purchasing an order, or else 100% money back! This means that there will be no fluctuation in numbers from their end and you can sit back and simply watch your account grow. Packages start from only $5.

Always Viral

Just as its name suggests, marketing services from Always Viral come with the promise to stay. You can buy cheap Spotify plays, Spotify followers and monthly listeners for your music.

However, to purchase a package from this website, you will be required to create an account first. After you create an account and log in you can choose from a wide variety of services and add funds equivalent to the service price of the selected package.

Now, pay for and confirm your order and that’s about it. You can sit back and watch the Spotify plays dropped in on your channel soon after. They do not ask for the password of your account and therefore, you can be assured about the security and privacy of your music. With the highest quality and prices tailored for every budget, buying Spotify plays from Always Viral is sure not to disappoint you.


This is one of the best sites if you are looking to increase your worldwide popularity on Spotify. QQSumo genuinely puts time and effort to acquire followers and plays for your music on Spotify.

Therefore, all the audience coming to your account will be 100% real and active Spotify users with completed profiles, who will listen to your music. Plus, plays and followers from here have shown high rates of retention and engagement.

At QQSumo, there are two basic services that you can buy. These include Real Spotify Followers and Real Spotify Plays from USA based audiences, both of which are priced starting at just $5. You can buy up to 1 million Spotify plays or followers from this website. With high-quality service and natural, fast delivery, QQSumo is one of the best when it comes to Spotify marketing.


True to its name, this website which is specifically designed for Spotify promotions will take your Spotify account to the next level with flying colors. If you are looking to gain fans and followers (we know you are!) for your Spotify playlists or original creations, then head onto SpotiFLY for getting your music the popularity that it deserves. One of the unique features of Spotify is that they select their clients on their own.

This means that they will evaluate your Spotify profile for quality of the content, and only if it is approved will you get access to their targeted and strategic promotions. They offer three basic promotion levels – Opener at $99, Headliner at $199, and Closer at $149, tailor-made for new artists, professional artists or labels, and artists who are gaining momentum for their playlists respectively. They display real-life customer testimonials on their website that attest to their credibility as a trusted provider of Spotify exposure.


Social Viral Spotify

Social Viral Review

First up, is Social-Viral. It is a company that believes in delivering services that meet high standards. This is the reason why many celebrities and influencers are choosing to stick with it for increasing their stats on various social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, TikTok, and Instagram are the platforms for which Social-Viral provides services for. The company promises immediate results which are cheap and inexpensive so will fit in every budget. The services it provides in the form of buying likes, followers, views etc. are completely genuine.

This is to ensure that your account is safe and only real user accounts are used to boost your stats. The company prioritizes the safety and security of clients. It only uses state-of-the-art technology to help achieve credibility online to ensure the safety of client’s profiles.

Social-Viral provides high quality plays for Spotify. The price range for these services is $5.99 to $139.99 for 1000 and 5000 plays respectively. no password or other sensitive info is required. You can get your problems attended to via the 24/7 customer support provided by the company.



If you are looking for a popular supplier of stat-boosting services for social media platforms then you can consider going through the site StreamDigic.com. The company provides plays, likes, fans, and subscribers for some of the top social media platforms.

Clients who have social profiles on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and SoundCloud can use the services provided by StreamDigic to enhance their growth. The company has been helping clients increase their visibility online be it for their music, video or graphics content.

To buy a service from StreamDigic.com you have to choose a package which fits your budget and goals. Next, you need to choose a payment method and confirm the order delivery. The site also provides various tips to improve your promotions on social media platforms.

The cheapest package for Spotify plays on the site costs $6.90 for 1000 plays. The maximum you can buy is 10000 plays for $45.90. The company promises fast delivery of services and to use only legal and safe methods to grow your account.



Promotion of music on various social media platforms in an efficient and good way can be very beneficial for musicians. Playswiz is a company which has been in the business of music promotion and has been able to help many clients reach their goal of boosting credibility to improve their music promotion.

Instead of trying to provide services for various social media platforms, the company focuses on two of the most popular platforms for music promotion Viz. Spotify and SoundCloud. These platforms have been used by musicians all over the world to help grow their fan base and become popular.

The company provides various service alike plays, likes and followers for these platforms to help clients with improving their status. You can order the services anytime as the company is open for business 24/7.

The company understands that things can get pretty complicated if you do not understand how to go about promoting your music and for newcomers it is tough to handle the level of competition.

This is why Playswiz’s business approach is to make things easier for its clients so that with fewer steps they can use the service to get closer to their goal.

The company promises guaranteed performance and if your order is unfulfilled your money will be refunded. The price range for Spotify plays is $9.99 to $189.99 for 1000 and 50000 plays respectively. These will all be real plays and the delivery will be at a good rate.



The next company on the list is Famups. It is a social media service provider which helps clients boost all their social connections on various social media platforms. Famups provides services for Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram and YouTube.

So, if you are looking to improve your stats on these platforms the company has got various services for you. The company claims to boost audience engagement on your social accounts via organic ways. It understands that with the market evolving latest techniques and technologies have to be used to provide the best solution for clients.

The company has been using digital round maps and advanced technologies to manage social media marketing for clients and drive traffic to their social media profiles. Famups promises to help you convert your audience to long-term customers with digital solutions.

The company offers various packages which help you boost your stats like followers, views, likes, plays, streams, shares, etc to increase audience engagement rate on your profile. It prides itself on its approach to taking care of clients individually and assuring them the best service.

Famups guarantees timely delivery of services and will protect your safety and privacy. The services are priced in such a way that businesses, brands or individuals with lower budgets can also enhance their online presence using Famups.com.

The packages for Spotify plays start at $6 for 1000 plays and goes all the way up to $140 for 50000 plays. You can get your queries resolved and rely on the 24/7 customer support team of the company if anything goes wrong.


MyMusicViral- Spotify

If you are a musician looking to get some credibility for your music online then one of the sites that you can check out is MyMusicViral.com. It is a company which, as its name suggests, aims to help clients make their music viral on various social media platforms.

Though the business approach of the company seems to be towards music promotion the company has services for people who just want to enhance their presence on social media platforms. If you are seeking services for YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, or SoundCloud then MyMusicViral has got your covered.

The services you can get are Spotify plays and Spotify followers, SoundCloud likes, followers and downloads, Instagram followers, likes, views and mentions, Facebook likes, fans, followers and advertising, Snapchat followers etc.

When you buy services from the company it promises to provide only high-quality service with a 100% money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong. The company has a team that has huge experience in the music marketing world.

They have worked for some of the biggest record companies in the world. l and are ready to help you get closer to your dream. The services are reliable and the company provides email support. Any query you want to be resolved, you can drop an email and they will respond within a day.

Spotify plays can help you boost your credibility so that people take you seriously and want to listen to your music and follow you. The minimum number of plays that you can buy for a song on MyMusicViral.com is 1000 for $4.59. The order cannot be split for multiple songs.

You have to buy larger orders to split between songs. The maximum number of plays that the site provides for a single song is 10,000 which costs $35.99. The site also has packages for Royalty plays which start at $39.99 for 5000 plays. The site has other specific and exciting packages as well as other details. So, check it out.



Streamko is a company whose business approach is to obtain satisfactory results for clients. The team behind the company has been successful in generating results for the clients, which have made them recognized in this industry. A company that knows how hard it is to make genuine music.

You pour all your passion, hard work, time and energy into it. Now, all you want is to share your piece with people all over the world and create a loyal fan base. This is where Streamko comes in.

It provides clients with various tools needed to promote their music online and provide a boost in the stats acquired over social media platforms. The company understands how difficult it is becoming for newcomers to promote their piece.

The technology keeps on evolving which changes the way people listen to music and the dynamic way promotions are done today changes how people perceive music. These are the factors that the company believes is making it tougher for people to promote their music.

With nearly a decade of experience, Streamko has been closely linked with the market of music promotion and understands the workings of it. The company can not only understand the present and help clients with tools designed to boost their music promotion but also have a thorough comprehension of

what is to come in the future years. Quality is one of the most important things when it comes to Streamko’s services. The company prides itself on providing market-standard quality of promotional service. It has delivered more than 90 million plays and 720,000 iTunes downloads.

The platforms that the company provides services for are YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Shazam. If you are looking for Spotify plays then the site has two different categories.

The normal play starts at $3.99 for 1000 plays. You can set the target country and number of monthly listeners if you can pay more. The premium plays packages start at $ 9 for 1000 plays. Check out the website for more details.



Songlifty is the last company on this list. Oftentimes when you are choosing to promote your music online you need to understand how to market your product well and gather the best results from it. If you are struggling at it then it is better to take help of a company which has been doing this for some time.

Songlifty is a company which has been marketing music to the world for its clients and has been doing so for more than 15 years. It is a company which understands the difficulty of an upcoming musician or a newcomer to the scene faces. It comprehends that music promotion is a challenging task that requires skill and experience to succeed.

Songlifty believes that though there are many talented musicians on the web many of them do not have much idea about how to get noticed by labels or grow a fan base. This is the reason the company provides its services so that musicians can become more popular on online platforms.

The company is there to help you by providing various tools of music promotion to increase your subscribers and make a successful promotion of your music on social media. The company aims to maximize the exposure of its client’s music on streaming platforms where music is popular like YouTube and Spotify and other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

So, if you are looking to promote your music on these platforms you can check out the services that Songlifty provides. Songlifty promises that using its services you can build your fan base and increase your popularity. You can also earn from royalties. Using the Spotify play service clients can collect royalties.

The company claims to be completely risk-free and will protect your privacy. Spotify plays start at $4 for 500 plays and how up to $684 for 250k plays. If you use country targeting and want to increase the delivery rate then you have to pay more. The starting price of the Spotify follower package is $45 for 100 followers. Head on to the site for more details.


Why do I need to buy Spotify plays?

The number of plays on Spotify means the number of streams that particular songs have had. It is sort of a measurement that defines how popular you are on Spotify. Of course, if you make good music and can promote it well you can very well become popular on your own without the use of promotional tools. But for many musicians, this can be a bit tough as many do not possess the skills to successfully promote their music. Many big companies use such a service too to ensure that people continue to believe in their credibility. So, why not use a bit of help to further your passion.

Is it safe?

This, like many other social media services provided by various companies, depends on the quality of services. This is why you need to research well before buying any service. If a company is not following the terms and conditions of a social media platform then your account can be in trouble. So, look for companies that provide genuine and high-quality service.

How Do I Get Music On Spotify?

If you are a budding musician or an artist gaining momentum offline, then there are chances that you would want to get your music on Spotify, for the simple reasons that you can earn from it and grow your popularity on the platform. To get your music on Spotify, getting in touch with a music label, a distributor or a talent marketplace is the key idea.

Distributors are individuals or agencies who upload your music on Spotify, and perhaps other digital music stores that already have an established audience. Once your music is on Spotify and accessible to millions of followers already following that particular playlist or channel, more audience will be directed to your Spotify channel. Plus, your streams will be eligible for royalties. However, please keep in mind that most third-party distributors charge a minimal commission for promoting your music.

 How Do I Verify My Artist Profile On Spotify?

Getting your artist profile verified on Spotify means that you will certify your brand or label on the platform. Like other social media platforms, verification on Spotify comes with a blue tick mark. If you are a professional musician or a serious influencer, this feature is ideal for you. To verify your artist profile on Spotify, you need to get access to Spotify for Artists.

Claiming an artist profile on Spotify is simple – whether you already have music on Spotify, or you are a part of a label team, simply enter an account URL that you want to claim.

After your profile is reviewed, your account will get verification. If your music is not yet live on the platform, you can pitch your tracks to Spotify’s in-house distributors or editorial team or upload your music on Spotify via other distributors. Once you do so, you can claim an artist account on Spotify and get verified.

How Can I Manage My Artist Profile On Spotify?

Your artist profile is like the homepage of your website. It displays all the music that you have produced. And needless to say, that your potential fans and existing ones will get the first impressions about your brand right from your artist profile on Spotify.

From your artist profile, your audience can hear your newest releases, dig deeper into your playlists, find out about your concerts, and even buy your latest merchandise. Once you have access to Spotify for Artists, you and your team can manage your artist profile easily.

You can upload your profile picture that reflects your current identity and taste in music, write your bio, feature an artist playlist, connect with your fans, make an Artist Pick, promote your shows and events and so on. Also, you can customize your bio to include relevant links to your songs, playlists or any other landing page.

How To Submit Music For Playlist Consideration?

You can pitch upcoming and unreleased tracks to Spotify’s playlist editors for consideration. To do so, sign in to Spotify for Artists on desktop. (Note that pitching music is not yet available on the Spotify for Artists mobile app.) Spotify offers two options for submitting your songs for playlist consideration.

You can either click on the ‘Pitch a Song’ option at the top of the Home Tab; alternately, go to the Music Tab and under ‘Upcoming,’ select the ‘Pitch a Song’ option. Once you have chosen a song to submit for playlist consideration, fill out as much information about the song as you can – the more, the better chances at getting approval.

If your track is approved, Spotify will add your pitched song to your followers’ Release Radar playlists. But if not, you will still stay on the editors’ charts by building your follower base and engaging with your audience on Spotify.

How Do I Fix Problems With My Music?

To fix problems or make changes to your music, you need to reach out to your label or distributor through which you had submitted or published your music on Spotify. Your distributor will submit a metadata update to Spotify with the correct information and once the update is received by Spotify, the changes will be reflected on your profile as soon as possible.

However, please note that since all issues reach Spotify through metadata, they do not make any changes manually. This basically means that problems such as release titles and artwork, live date, release date, track order, whether you are the main artist or featured artist, whether the track contains explicit lyrics, songwriter or producer credits and more may not be fixed.

Is There A Spotify For Artists App?

Yes. The Spotify for Artists app is available for iOS and Android and can easily be downloaded on your mobile device. This app is every artist’s go-to companion to understand their audience through insights and real time statistics, learn why your followers want to listen to your music, track their new releases, celebrate milestones, manage their artist profile on Spotify, and learn how to get the best of Spotify.

Moreover, with the Spotify for Artists app, you will get access to the latest tips and tricks from the world’s successful musicians about how to amplify your music on the platform as well as in the real world. Besides this, you will also get access to free resources to establish yourself as a music label or brand with this app by building your followers. Download the Spotify for Artists app for Android or iOS.

How Do I Get A Podcast On Spotify?

Sharing your podcast on Spotify gives you access to over several million listeners across the world. However, please note that Spotify does not host podcasts on its own. To get your podcast on Spotify, you will have to provide a link to an RSS feed to your podcast and share it on Spotify. Getting a podcast on Spotify is a simple process.

Sign in to your Spotify for Podcasters account using your original Spotify account. Now, click on the ‘Get Started’ button and paste the link to the RSS Feed of your podcast in the form. After this, you will get a verification email on the email address registered in your RSS Feed. Copy the eight-digit code from the email that you have received and paste it into the submit form.

Also add relevant information about your podcasts such as the category, language, and country. Review the form and then click on the Submit option. Once you submit your podcast, you will get your podcast’s Spotify URL. However, please note that it can take up to a few hours to show the same in the mobile app.

How To Make Your Spotify Playlist Private?

Spotify allows users to make their playlists secret or available for the public to listen and follow. The playlists which you create on Spotify are made Public by default, but you can change this setting to Private anytime. To make your Spotify Playlists private,

  • For Spotify Premium

If you have the Premium version on Spotify, you will be able to make your playlists private by using the Spotify mobile app for iOS or Android. Simply click on the three dots at the top of the playlist which you want to make private. Change the ‘Make Public’ option to ‘Make Secret’ to hide your playlist from displaying on your profile.

  • For Spotify Free

With the free version of Spotify, you can make your playlists Private only by using the desktop app or the web player. To make your playlists Private, sign in to the Spotify app on your desktop. Now, right-click on the playlist which you want to turn to private visibility. Select the ‘Make Secret’ option to hide your playlist from displaying on your profile.

Why Would You Want To Buy Spotify Plays?

The music industry is all about statistics – if you have the numbers that count, you will be heard. Of course, it is only great tracks that will eventually make people listen to you again and again, but say if you are just starting out your journey in the music industry, buying Spotify plays can help you get the initial kickstart to build your impact and visibility on the platform.

But remember, the metrics that are used to determine your royalties are not the only factors that come into play if you are a serious musician. How you promote your music and the level of activity by your followers is also crucial in determining your popularity. This is why it is crucial to buy Spotify plays only from the best and authentic providers to promote your music on Spotify. Plus, all the celebrity musicians are doing that, so why not give it a try?

How Are Spotify Streams Counted?

Streams are counted in Spotify for Artists when a song is streamed for more than 30 seconds. The total streams include all the songs for which you are credited, as a main artist or remixer. For a release, streams are counted by adding up the individual counts on each song on the release.

This means that if a song appears on both an EP and an album, stream counts for the song will contribute to the total of both the EP and album stream counts. You can track the streams for your new release as a live count for the first 7 days from the release. The live stream count updates every 2 seconds to reflect the total number of streams on your tracks.

After the first 7 days period, your statistics about total streams are updated once a day. Streams for offline music are counted on the day the listener comes online again; this must happen at least once every 30 days for it to be counted. Private listening modes are also counted and will add to your total streams.

Will Buying Spotify Plays Help Me To Get Verified?

When you buy cheap Spotify plays from websites that offer nothing more than numbers, no amount of Spotify plays or big metrics will help you get verified. As mentioned above, the verification process to claim an artist profile on Spotify involves a thorough review of your profile, the content that you put out there, the engagement, and also, your other social media profiles.

As such, without audience participation on your profile and with average content, the numbers would not help your profile to get verified. However, if you are approaching trusted sites to buy real Spotify plays, that genuinely give a boost to your music through solid marketing, then buying Spotify plays can be a real ignition.

It will not only bring you listeners who will love your music but also makes your music globally accessible, thereby increasing your reach and popularity. If you have great music and a talent for consistency, then go ahead on your search for the best place to buy Spotify plays.

Can I Get Banned For Buying Spotify Plays?

Yes, you can. Anything that looks too quick popular on Spotify is likely to get you banned, for it easily violates Spotify’s terms and policies. Cheap Spotify plays from third party stream boosting services only increase the numbers on your account. They will add any value to your artist profile and will not guarantee to make you popular.

This is because your music will only be listened to by automated bot profiles and not actual, real listeners. Plus, if millions of followers appear on your profile overnight or too quickly, then it is likely to attract suspicion from Spotify and they might suspend your artist profile from the platform forever.

This could make your reputation go for a toss and you could also lose the existing real followers that you had. The key to buying Spotify streams, if you must, is to be gradual, patient, and making an effort to sustain and engage your fanbase consistently.

Can I Lose Spotify Plays?

Perhaps yes. Spotify is known to remove fake profiles and spammed bot accounts from the platform to decrease service load and to prevent fraudsters to claim royalties. So, if you buy plays for Spotify from third party websites, it is highly likely that they are automated bot accounts and may disappear any day out of the blue.

Moreover, your account itself can get suspended from the platform if a large number of your streams are from fake accounts. And since, when you purchase Spotify plays, you are basically only buying inflated numbers for your artist profile, they cannot be trusted to show retention.

As such, the streams on your Spotify account might fluctuate or drop significantly not long after you have received your complete order. Plus, you could get scammed and not receive any replacement or refund of the amount that you had paid.

How Can I Track My Plays?

You can track the streams for your new release as a live count for the first 7 days from the release. The live stream count updates every 2 seconds to reflect the total number of streams on your tracks. After the first 7 days period, your statistics about total streams are updated once a day. Streams for offline music are counted on the day the listener comes online again and this must happen at least once every 30 days.

Private listening modes are also counted and will add to your total streams. You can track the streams or plays on your songs in the ‘Audience’ section of your profile, which displays the total number of listeners, streams, and followers.

These numbers, when in your back pocket, can become a key to understanding how listeners are finding and responding to your music. It can help you figure out actionable strategies such as where to tour, how to market yourself, what tracks to focus on, who to collaborate with and to discover potentially new audiences that you can convert into your fans.

How To Make Spotify Ad-Free?

Ads can be annoying and this is universally acknowledged! They clog up the interface of your device and deny a seamless entertainment experience, especially while listening to music or streaming videos. Unfortunately, ad-free music streaming on Spotify is limited to the users of the paid, Premium versions.

So perhaps, the only way to make Spotify ad-free is to buy a Premium subscription to the platform. A Spotify Free account features multiple audio or visual ads. However, there are some ways in which you can get rid of those annoying pop-ups.

You could try using a VPN while streaming music on Spotify and select a server for a country where Spotify streams fewer ads. However, it will not make Spotify completely ad-free. Some users have also known to use ad blockers for Spotify; but, it could get your account suspended, or even banned from Spotify.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium?

With Spotify premium, there is literally money going out from your bank account each month just for streaming music and podcasts. And we know it is a little like giving away a piece of your heart. The good news is that you can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription anytime that you like. To cancel your Spotify Premium subscription, just follow the three simple, hassle-free steps given below:

  • Step 1 – Sign up for your Spotify account.
  • Step 2 – Under the ‘Your Plan’ section, click on the ‘Change Plan’ button.
  • Step 3 – Scroll down to Spotify Free and click on the ‘Cancel Premium’ option.

After you continue through to the confirmation message, you will successfully cancel your Spotify Premium subscription. Your account page will now show the date on which your plan will change to Spotify Free. You can continue to enjoy Spotify Premium features until then.

How To Create A Spotify Playlist?

A playlist on Spotify is simply a collection of song tracks – created by you or collected from your favorite artists. With Playlists, you can make your own, share them with your followers, and enjoy listening to the millions of other playlists created by Spotify, music artists, and other listeners worldwide.

Besides, Spotify creates personalized Playlists, created exclusively for you according to your listening habits and interests, such as the Release Radar.

You can access them in the Home tab on your Spotify mobile app or find these in the Made for You section in ‘Your Library’ on the desktop app. Whether you use Spotify Premium or Spotify Free, if you have an account on the platform, you can create your own Playlist by following the simple instructions given below:

  • Spotify Mobile App 

Sign in to your Spotify account and tap on the ‘Your Library’ tab. Under the Music heading, tap on Playlists. Now, click on the Create Playlist option. Fill out the relevant details by giving your playlist a name and then, tap on Create. Your Spotify Playlist has been created. You can now add songs or podcasts to your Playlist.

  • Spotify Desktop App 

Creating a Spotify Playlist on the desktop app is simple. Just click on the ‘New Playlist’ option in the menu on the left. Give your playlist a name and tap on Create to finish off creating your playlist. You can now add songs or podcasts to your Playlist by right-clicking on them. You can also customize your Playlists with a cover photo and description.

How To Create An Artist Profile On Spotify?

Creating an Artist Profile on Spotify is quite a bit complex, but is doable. To get an Artist profile on Spotify, the first step is to get your music to a distributor or record label who will take care of getting your music on Spotify. Otherwise, you can also submit your tracks or playlists for consideration to Spotify’s editors.

After you have music on the Spotify platform, the next step is to get access to Spotify for Artists. Now, there are many ways that you can get access to this. If you are claiming your artist profile via a distributor or label, you will get instant access without further ado. Secondly, if you are part of a band or a group and someone from your team is already using Spotify for Artists, you simply have to ask them to invite you.

Once you receive an invite from your team member, you will get access to Spotify for Artists. The third way to get access is to claim your Artist Profile on Spotify. To do so, simply fill out certain information about yourself and your music, including your other social media profiles. Spotify will review your profile and get back to you. If approved, you will get your artist profile on Spotify, which you can customize greatly.

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Our list is exclusively composed of the best, and most trusted websites, each of which is no less than the best site to buy Spotify plays. By picking out only authentic stream boosting services, our selection is sure to escalate the charts on your Spotify profile.

Whether you are an artist who is just starting out your Spotify journey, or a label gaining momentum, this list of best sites is sure to cater to you. Not only will you get the metrics to boost your presence on Spotify, but also get the household popularity that these trusted websites are proven to provide.

In this list, you will find the sites to buy Spotify plays, which the celebrities themselves swear by, and there can be no better testimony to why you should use our list – ours is a verified list.

Some Guides Related to Spotify Plays:

How To Start Spotify Ads?

Spotify has millions of users worldwide and what better reason to use the platform for running ads? Not only will Spotify ads give visibility to your brand, but also drive results for your brand, because yes, Spotify ads are proven to be that impactful! Spotify offers a self-serve platform known as Spotify Ad Studio, for creating meaningful and high impact ads for your brand. The Ad Studio comes with a suite of ad experiences, creative tools, and resources that help you create stellar ads that hit the right note with your target audience. This means better experiences for the listeners and better results for your brand. With the Spotify Ad Studio, you can create audio and video ads easily and quickly, and also get exclusive access to the tools for measuring impact. The Ad Studio also offers free (yes, you heard that right, free!) audio ad creative or template.

This guide will demonstrate how to start Spotify Ads, from the scratch in just five easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Sign up

To begin with, create your account on Spotify if you do not already have one. Then, sign up for Spotify Ad Studios. Whether you are a small agency, a brand, a startup, a label, or a promoter, this step will remain common for all to get started with advertising on Spotify. If you are signing up as an ad agency, then after signing up for an account, you will need to have contributors or viewers added to your account. You can do so by reaching out to Spotify’s support team.

  • Step 2 – Setup Your Ad

To set up your ad on Spotify, select the objective or purpose as to why you want to create an ad on Spotify. You can do so by selecting from the two objectives listed on the form, which are ‘Raise awareness’ and ‘Promote.’ These two basically follow the same logic in their function, but the latter lets you target the fans of an artist whom you are promoting. Also, select whether your ad is Music Related or Non-Music Related.

Next, put in a suitable name for your ad campaign. Please note that the name of your ad will only be visible to you, but is needed for organizational purposes, especially if you are planning on running multiple ads. The name of your ad campaign should be limited to 120 characters. After this, click on ‘Next’ to proceed.

  • Step 3 – Select The Target Audience

Like in all marketing and advertising campaigns, this is one of the most crucial steps that can make or break your Spotify campaign. With Spotify Ad Studio, you can find your audience, targeting them by demographics, including age, gender, and location. Moreover, you can even go beyond the basics and reach potential listeners through their interests and activities – all of it based on how they stream music on Spotify. Music-related ads can also use fan targeting to target known fans of an artist whom you are promoting or fans of other artists as well. You can also target the audience based on playlists, or genres.

  • Step 4 – Create Your Ad

Once you have targeted your audience and selected your ad budget, it’s time for you to create your ad to be published on Spotify. If you have an audio or video ad that is ready to go live, you can upload it directly and publish it. If not, you could use Spotify’s in-house free creative tools and services to create an audio ad. They will produce your ad with a custom, professionally recorded voiceover, and background music for no additional charge.

This section will include your display image, Ad headline, and a companion link, which is basically a link to the landing page that you want your audience to go to. For an Audio Ad, you could upload your audio file or even request a voiceover from a range of Spotify’s in-house voiceover artists to strike the right tone for your ad – all for free.

After this, your ad is completely ready to go live. Spotify Advertising has got music streaming down to a science, which means that your reporting insights will be data-rich, easy to read, actionable, and accessible in real-time. The statistics will include metrics on ad delivery, performance, and audience demographics and reach.

Tips To Build Your Spotify Fans Organically

Founded in 2006, Spotify is perhaps the most sought after music streaming mobile application today. Over 200 million users are already using Spotify and the platform houses a whopping music database of over 40 million tracks from 2 million + artists. Rightly so, it is one of the world’s leading music streaming applications.

Spotify acts effectively like a music content creation platform as well as an aggregator. It allows users to access a finite, yet a vast collection of content, music, and podcasts and to interact with this content by creating and sharing playlists and discovering new music.

If you are an artist, a music label, or an influencer in the niche of music, then chances are that you already know about the popularity that Spotify can bring to your brand. But, like every other social media platform, Spotify too, has its fair share of competition. Therefore, it can be daunting for every beginner to build a considerable follower base on the platform.

Here are some of the proven tips that can help you build your followers and fans on Spotify organically:

  • Embed Spotify Into Your Website

With newer features rolling in rapidly on Spotify, Spotify Embeds have become one of the old tricks – but as with your grandmother’s old remedies, Spotify Embeds work like magic if you are looking to build your Spotify fans organically. It is super easy to embed your individual tracks or playlists on your website.

Embedding your Spotify music on your website lets the website viewer listen to your music without leaving the website. These plays will ultimately be counted in your total streams on Spotify. Plus, if the viewer likes your style in music, listening to a particular track embedded on your website can leave them intrigued to check out your profile on Spotify to listen to more of your music. And there, you have got your first set of fans!

  • Run Fan Competitions

Your task is not done and finished after acquiring the fans, because like hot air they can evaporate and vanish over time. Hence, it is important to keep your fans engaged. One of the ways in which you can do so is by running fan competitions.

Fan competitions basically mean that you ask your fans to share your track with their friends or network for the chance of attending a private stream on YouTube, for instance, or in exchange for coupons, goodies, or merchandise. You can ask your fans to share the tracks on other social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram as well, for better reach and greater visibility.

  • Be Consistent in Posting New Music

Imagine following an artist who posts too much music on a particular day and then disappears for weeks’ worth of time. Chances are that you are already unfollowing this artist. This is how any and all audiences behave – if you are not consistent, they will find someone else. If you are an artist looking to promote yourself and your music on Spotify, then the best way would be to commit to a schedule and stick by it no matter what. This will not only scale up your metrics gradually but will also make your existing fans looking forward to your upcoming tracks.

  • Engagement Above Metrics

The Spotify algorithm favors engagement over metrics and this is what you should do too. You can easily buy Spotify plays from third party stream boosting services. But in reality, your music is only being played out into a void as the profiles listening to the tracks could very well be automated bots.

So, even if initially the numbers on your Spotify profile are lesser, your focus should be to retain them by engaging your existing fans more and more. When you do so, your artist profile on Spotify will organically attract new listeners and fans. And your marketing campaigns are likely to show better results than when you buy cheap Spotify plays.

So, encourage your fans to save your music in their own playlists and share it with their networks. Call out the profiles that do so, to encourage the chain further.

  • Talk About Music From Other Artists

Like collaborations on Instagram, cross-promoting can go a long way in bringing more fans to your profile. On Spotify, you can feature other artists, labels, playlists, or individual tracks that are similar to the style or genre of music that you create or aggregate. Alternatively, you can ask your existing fans who you should check out and add their suggestions to your own playlists. This is useful particularly between shows or upcoming releases when you are looking for ways to keep your fans engaged. Plus, if you acquire new fans in this period, your overall stream count will increase on the day of your new release.

  • Promote Across All Platforms

When you promote yourself across many platforms, it is likely to bring more potential leads for your brand as it lets your fans find you wherever you are. If you are particularly looking to build your Spotify fans organically, then share your direct Spotify links literally everywhere on the web.

They will not only bring fans to your artist profile but also add to your overall stream count. Further, update your YouTube video descriptions to contain the links to your Spotify profile. Host listening parties on Facebook or Instagram and retroactively use Spotify hashtags on these platforms.

Another way to cross-promote your Spotify across social media is to copy and paste one of your Spotify links into the Twitter search bar to find the Spotify listeners who have shared your music. Then you can like or reply to their tweets to engage with them.

  • Share Playlists That Feature Your Music

When you share playlists that feature your music over direct links, you are not only increasing your stream count, since playlists drive the maximum amount of plays per listening session, but also attracting all the listeners of that playlist to be potentially interested in your music.

This is a great way to build your Spotify fans organically as it helps your existing listeners be aware of your progress as a brand and can go a long way in building credibility. Inevitably, they will look forward to your music more and more. Plus, it creates your unique presence among a selected audience on Spotify.

So if you have great music to share, then follow these tips to build your Spotify fans organically and your artist profile is sure to see a gradual boost.

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