10 Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers in 2020

Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers

Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for streamers. Millions of people are active on the channel who interact with each other’s content by following or viewing streams.

Many streamers use Twitch streaming as their profession. But as with every other social media platform the competition on twitch is high. You have to regularly put out good content and even then it depends on your promotion how popular you will become. So, you can take help from companies to buy Twitch followers which can help you gain some credibility.

This can help attract more people to your channel and thus boost your growth. Today we are looking at some sites which provide packages to buy Twitch followers. Always research well before buying any service. Choose a good service provider if you need help promoting your content.

Here are the Best Sites to Buy Twitch Followers:



At first, the service provider on the list is Qqtube. It is a social media shop where you can get various products of high quality to boost your presence on various social media platforms. The company also promises good customer support to help you out in times of need i.e. if anything goes wrong or you have any queries.

The company supports various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, etc. So, if you want to boost your status on any of the above profiles you can take a look at the site. Qqtube promises instant delivery of services. The delivery starts within a minute of the purchase of service.

Thus, you don’t have to wait too long to see the result of your purchase. The company has already worked with more than 200k+ clients and will help you to take your social media campaign to a new level.

The profiles that the company uses to boost your stats are of high quality. Each profile or channel has pictures, posts, bio, or other relevant things based on the social media platform. The price of 1000 Twitch followers on the site is $1.35 and you can buy up to 50k followers which cost $67.5. The company promises that its services are 100% legal and secure and if your order drops free refill is provided.


Stream plus is a company that provides various services to make life better for streamers. It claims to be the best place for streamers to get more followers and viewers. The company understands the difficulty that streamers face these days in regards to increasing the number of followers or getting their videos viral. This takes a lot of time and effort.

Getting your videos noticed is no joke. This is the reason Streamerplus decided to design various packages and services so that your struggle gets a helping hand. Using the services that the company provides you can increase your followers and viewers with real user accounts. The business approach of the company is to ensure that each of the clients is treated individually.

Each client’s request is viewed as a campaign. So, when you order a service from Streamerplus, the company sort of becomes your campaign manager and lends you all the help to make it a successful campaign. The company plans a market strategy with the utmost care and creates a buzz around your profile over social media.

This helps promote your account better and enhance your growth. There are three different packages for Twitch followers on Streamerplus.com. The first package costs $3.98 for 100 followers. The second package costs $9.98 for 500 followers and the third package costs $24.98 for 2500 followers. Check out the site for more details.



Twitchfollowers.com is a sort of community of various Twitch streamers who help each other grow their channel. It is a bit different from many of the other Twitch service providers out there. It can help you grow your channel and gain a lot of followers as well as earn using your Twitch account. Thus, there are two paths that you can follow on Twitchfollowers.com.

You can either choose to grow your Twitch channel for which you have to sign up to the site as a streamer and buy credits for your channel. Now, every time anyone follows you you have to award them with credit. This will help you grow your channel. If you are looking to earn on the site you have to sign up as an earner and then search for channels that pique your interest or you relate to.

Then you can follow them and view the channels and ear credits. These credits can then be converted to cash. Let’s look at these steps in a bit more detail. To buy credits, you have to have a streamer account on the site. Then you log in and connect to your Twitch channel. Once you connect with Twitch the site will take you to a dashboard where you can buy credits.

There are two categories for credits Viz. Gamer credits and mega gamer credits. The first category starts at $10 for 200 followers or viewers and goes up to $75 for 1500 followers or viewers. For the mega gamer credit category, the lowest price is $150 for 3000 viewers or followers and can go up to $150 for 20k followers or viewers.

Thus, you can gain 20 followers and 1000 credits for each dollar you spend. If you want to earn credits by following or viewing other channels then you have to sign in as an earner. You can get up to 20 to 50 credits for following channels. The site has a few other features too. So, head on to Twitchfollowers.com for more details.


If you are looking for a service provider that will enhance your online growth then Appsally might be worth taking a look at. Appsally understands what it takes to promote oneself online and how to engage people. The company brings this knowledge to clients and provides services that can help them get above their competitors all front wh comfort of their bedroom.

Appsally believes in growth and has developed itself as a marketplace where various services have been curated to facilitate growth. There are various hyper-growth companies that use some of the best marketers. Appsally handpicks such marketers and brings them to the clients thus giving them easy access to the best services.

Services like influencer marketing, reputation management, SEO, and many more are always available at your fingertips. All in all, the company had more than 500 marketers, more than 350 services, and have satisfied more than 10,000 customers.

The main goal of the company is to bring you the best in the line services to help you stand above the crowd and enhance your growth in the safest, fastest, cost-effective, and most efficient way possible.

All the marketers that Appsally works with have been vetted individually and consists of world-class professionals. The company claims that instead of going to different places to recruit marketers you can directly deal with Appsally and let them handle the rest. The company understands that bot traffic is very cheap and can be very attractive.

But in reality, it does nothing but gives you a few vanity pints. For your growth, to matter, you will need real traffic which is what Appsally provides. Appsally claims that it holds user satisfaction to be of primary importance.

If the company does not fulfill its promises you can contact them and get your credit back. If within 15 days part of your order drops you will get a free replacement. You can even contact the company via mail or Facebook and create your own custom plan.

To opt for a service you have to type in the platform on the site’s search bar. Then choose from the mentioned goals. Then you need to provide the link to your Twitch profile and provide your budget. Appsally will provide you with relevant packages.




Woorke is a company which specialises in helping clients build up their online presence. It is not just a social media service provider but it is a full-on digital marketing company which will help you kick-start your online campaign and grow your business, website, blog or profile. The company provides social media services, development services and SEO.

The company has a very comprehensive website via which you can avail the multiple services that it offers. One of the things that Woorke is popular for is selling email accounts. The company has already sold more than a million email accounts. The company also helps clients with SEO services to improve rankings.

Various development services like conversion services, dedicated hiring etc. are present on the site. Woorke even provides a client panel that you can use a portal for managing clients orders, log in etc. So, you can see how one can use this site to build their online presence from the ground up. But the service that we are going to look at is the social media services that Woorke provides.

Some of the popular social media platforms that Woorke provides services for are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Tumblr, discord, Pinterest etc. So, it can become a sort of one-stop solution for various social media promotion needs if you happen to find their services satisfactory. The client portal of the site is very comprehensive and efficient.

You can look at all your orders and messages in one place. There is a choice for ordering services as one-time deals or subscribing to the service. Subscribing can help you save a lot of time as you do not have to keep on selecting and ordering the service again and again. The company has three different packages for Twitch followers.

All packages provide 100 followers but the price varies with the speed of delivery. The fast delivery costs $24.99, normal speed costs $19.99 and slow or drip-feed costs $21.99. The followers are of premium quality and you can buy unlimited followers. The company promises that the follower count will not drop and will help you grow your channel authority.



MediaMister helps you grow your social network. You can use the various services that are on the site of the website to improve the status of your various social profiles. MediaMister is a company that understands that clients may have more than one social profile that they need to grow. Which is why they provide a plethora of services for multiple social media platforms. These platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, Shazam, Pinterest etc.

The company prides itself in the range of social media services that they offer for clients to enhance their growth. The company assures its clients that whatever is needed to boost your account to give your business a sort of upper hand over other competitors, MediaMister is here to make that happen.

All the services that the company offers have been designed by experts to help proactive businesses use strategic social media promotion. MediaMister tries to simplify the process of clients looking for and purchasing premium services to impact their growth on some of the most popular social media platforms.

The business approach of the company to stay ahead of other providers is to maintain the higher quality in services and offer them at an affordable price for everyone to have a shot at growth. MediaMister claims to be a specialist when it comes to bespoke solutions. The company is a le to meet all the social media needs and budget constraints of clients with continued consistency.

Currently, the business approach of MediaMister is to create a good relationship with its clients that can last a long time and thus they will be closely linked and contributing to their long-term growth, prosperity and success.

The company guarantees satisfaction and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee about which you can get more details on the site. Twitch suddenly came into existence and was able to capture a significant chunk of the social media industry. The packages for Twitch followers on MediaMister starts very low at $2 for 25 followers. The maximum number of followers you can buy is 10k for $99.



Audiencegain is all about getting clients the exposure they need to gain more audience for their social profiles. Using the tools and packages that the company provides you can gain more followers and thus, grow your business.

Today, if you are going to launch a successful promotional campaign online you cannot just target one social media platform. This is because you need more exposure to various different platforms to maximize your gain. This is why Audiencegain provides services for various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and SoundCloud.

Though the company is more famous for its various Facebook services clients do use it to boost their profiles on other social media platforms as well. So, if you are looking to get some service from the company head on to the site. Find the social media platform that you want to enhance your presence in.

Choose the required service like increasing views, likes, followers, subscribers etc. Now, select the amount of increase you want. To make it easier for everyone to use their services Audiencegain provides a lot of different methods for payment. You can choose card payments or various other secure parent methods including GPay, Apple pay etc.

The company promises guaranteed results and will not require any sensitive information to grow your profile. Services are of high quality with a guaranteed refund for unfulfilled orders and guaranteed replacement for a drop in stats. The team behind the company analyzed the accounts of the clients and found out the audience, popularity and existing followers.

They treat every campaign differently and create customized campaigns for different clients to maximize growth. If you go to the site Audiencegain.com you will find a few packages for Twitch followers. The price is from $10 to $75 for 50 to 1000 followers. Audiencegain promises fast growth and high retention for their services.


Is it safe?

As long as the service provider follows the terms and conditions set by Twitch you might not have to worry about anything. Just remember that you need to research well before making a choice. Choose providers who use high-quality accounts to boost stats. Don’t go for bots or fake accounts just because the service is cheap.

Do I need to buy Twitch followers?

It depends on how good you can promote your channel on your own. Of course, your content had to be entertaining. That is the first criteria. If you are confident about your streams then you need to promote yourself. This is where buying Twitch followers can help you gain some credibility. This can make people think that you might be interested and want to view your stream or follow you. But content matters the most. Also, if you can promote your content on your own then you do not need to invest in any provider.

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