5 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels Online in 2021

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Channels

There is a reason YouTube is such a sensation when it comes to social media. It is considered as one of the best marketing platforms for any business, big or small. Naturally, the success of this endeavor depends on the quality and content of your YouTube channel.

Therefore, more and more people these days are looking to establish their presence online through YouTube. Some are making their way gradually on the platform starting from zero. Many are even resorting to some of the best sites to buy YouTube channels and then expanding them as per their business ideas.

If you think about it, there is tremendous scope for success in the latter. After all, the platform boasts of more than 2 billion active users per month. That, considering it is about 1/6th of the world’s population, is a huge feat.

Growing a channel from scratch, no matter how great your content is, is time-consuming and tedious. Besides, there is no guarantee that there aren’t any other channels with similar ideas as yours. This is the reason for buying an established YouTube channel with enough number of followers is a good head-start for your business idea.

Now that we have discussed some of the basics of buying a YouTube channel, let us look at some of the most trusted options for the same.

Here are some of the best sites to buy YouTube channels:



Undoubtedly one of the best sites to buy YouTube channels has to be Fameswap. You can compare the website to Swiggy in the food delivery industry. This is because Fameswap acts like a middleman, bringing buyers and sellers together. It facilitates comparisons, communications, and transactions and makes your YouTube channel purchase a smoother experience.

Fameswap already provides you with a lot of information that you would otherwise have to search for yourself. This includes channel subscribers and viewership among others.

The prices for the channels are also fixed accordingly. Besides, with Fameswap you can easily conduct background checks to make sure that the account displayed is not fake. Apart from YouTube channels, the website also comes handy when looking for Instagram pages and Tiktok channels to buy online.


  • Great prices
  • Helpful background checks
  • A secure website without bugging online advertisements
  • Supports multiple niches and industries
  • Positive feedback from genuine users


  • Some of the channels might seem too expensive to be given a shot.

Accs Market

accs market

The first and the most attractive thing about Accs Market is the brilliant user interface. In this aspect, the website scores much better than the popular Fameswap website as well. The channels are displayed in clear, colorful boxes.

The basic information about the channel, including its name, niche, logo, subscribers, and monthly income, if any, is already mentioned in these vibrant thumbnails. This makes it very easy to browse and shortlist options.

Besides, the options of sorting and filtering according to your preferences make the experience even smoother. The website covers a wide range of niches for YouTube and you are certainly going to find your pick here. It is similar to Fameswap in terms of activity involved.

The Accs Market too acts as the mediator between buyers and sellers instead of selling them itself. Besides, you can also use the same website to buy established Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and Telegram channels.


  • Great user interface and website experience
  • Guaranteed channel transfers
  • A secure website without irritating ads
  • Verified listings, so easy to conduct background checks


  • Not very popular

App Sally

app sally

App Sally has been one of the top names in the field of social media engagement for a long time now. Chances are you have already heard of one place or the other in the process of growing your social media platform. However, you might not be aware of their recent venture into helping clients connect with authentic YouTube and Instagram channels.

The App Sally platform offers one of the most diverse, interesting, and affordable options when it comes to buying a YouTube channel. Besides, there is an added sense of security in terms of the payment interface because of collaboration with PayPal.

The website has some great reviews and you can always conduct a quality check on other Q&A platforms about its authenticity. Their 24×7 chatbox feature is a wonderful tool to stay in touch whenever needed.


  • Payments secure with PayPal
  • Some Good reviews
  • Chatbox available for all-time support
  • Reasonable prices


  • Not very popular

Trustiu Digital Properties for YouTube channels


Trustiu Digital Properties has everything to deserve a mention on this list of the best sites to buy YouTube channels. The sheer number and variety of YouTube channels for sale on the website are tremendous. It is going to take you quite some time before you can browse to your heart’s content and pick the best one for yourself.

Every customer is free to pick from the wide range of YouTube channels based on their subscribers, view counts, and niche. All of this data is available on your screen in the form of thumbnails for respective channels. The best part is that you can avail of both WordPress sites and YouTube channels from Trustiu Digital Properties.

The genre the channel caters to is highlighted well for you to be able to pick out your choices. However, we strongly wish there was the option of sorting the channels based on their niche as well. Right now, the site has sorting options only based on pricing and date posted.


  •  Sells YouTube channels as well as websites
  • Very informative thumbnails for easy picking
  • Clear information on new, reserved, and sold channels available


  • Average reviews
  • Prices might be a little higher at times


Is buying a YouTube channel illegal?

No, it is not. Unless and until you are not buying subscribers and viewers, you are doing fine. There are innumerable YouTube channels of repute that have built their empires based on channels that they have bought from someone else. Besides, it is not even necessary for you to buy a channel from a website as mentioned above. Even if you come into direct contact with a seller and negotiate on your terms, it is okay to do so.

How much does buy a YouTube channel cost?

As much as you can be certain of being able to buy a YouTube channel within your budget, you cannot be certain of a fixed price beforehand. The reason is simple. The pricing of different YouTube channels varies because of differing factors.

For instance, if there is a popular face related to the channel, you can expect it to be very costly. Similarly, the number of content and viewer response on the channel so far is also a determinant of its price. Besides, a YouTube channel may or may not be monetized and its price will differ accordingly.

Therefore, when thinking of buying a YouTube channel, make sure that you conduct a thorough background check to be able to determine the best price for it. Only then will you be able to put a fair price across the table while also receiving the same.

How do I transfer the YouTube channel?

It is certain that after you have purchased the YouTube channel, you would want to transfer its ‘primary ownership’ to yourself. The fact is that even though a YouTube channel can have multiple accounts, there is always one primary owner. This primary account always has access to all of the channel’s content and data. Therefore, you must be keen to transfer the ownership of this account when purchasing the YouTube channel.

The process is not very difficult and would take up to 24 hours for approval from YouTube. Once the formalities are over, all you need to do is customize the channel in your way. You could delete the other accounts associated with the channel and revamp the channel and its content based on your ideas.

Why Buy a YouTube channel at all?

Yes, buying a YouTube channel is going to cost your pocket. But there is every reason you should give it a thought. First of all, in case it is worrying you, buying a YouTube channel is not illegal. It is simply a process by which you obtain the rights over an established channel and there are no wrongdoings involved.

The main benefit of buying a YouTube channel is that you already have a settled viewer base. This means you do not need to waste any time in growing your channel first and being able to make profits later. Secondly, there is the scope of earning from videos already posted on the channel if you can market them well. Thirdly, if the channel is one that has a high viewer count, then it becomes easier for you to reign on the charts like a boss. This has tremendous potential if you are looking at setting up a business. Which are the best sites to buy YouTube channels?

Now that you have understood the relevance of buying a YouTube channel, it is time to discover some of the best places you can visit for this purpose. Before that, just keep in mind the following pointers that can help you understand the process of buying a YouTube channel.

  • Get hold of a seller

Although a simple Google search will end you up with a myriad of websites, you must take some time to filter out only the best sites to buy YouTube channels online. We have discussed some of the best-known options below.

  • Scrutinize the channel well

Just like the practice of buying clothes or houses or even books, it is important to scrutinize your buy before finalizing the deal. You need to check whether the subscription count of the channel is close to what you are looking for. A higher count naturally translates into higher viewership and better chances of success.

The second point is related to channel monetization. If the channel is already monetized, you can look into the aspects of its monthly revenue, any affiliate sales, and the response of viewers to the channel and its content. If it hasn’t been monetized yet, you need to look into the approval processes required for the same.

  • Price negotiation

You and the seller need to come down at a mutually accepted offer. Take note of the above-mentioned aspects of the channel before you strike a deal.


In this world of the social media revolution, content marketing is the real king. Therefore, platforms like YouTube are a great way to boost your social media presence and in turn your business ideas with ease. If you are looking to purchase a channel instead of creating one, we hope our comprehensive list of the best sites to buy YouTube channels online has helped you.

However, it goes without saying that short cuts are not always the best way to reach a goal. If you are someone who is looking at creating a solid presence on social media, and if you have a great idea for it, we would recommend building a YouTube channel from scratch. Not only does it give you a boost like never before, but there is also tremendous scope for growth organically.

Having said that, it is a reality that many of the successful channels on YouTube have been bought from other sellers. They have managed to make it big not just because of hard work but also smart work. Therefore, if you are looking to expand your presence on YouTube, make sure you do your homework right. Due diligence, sharp study and scrutiny can help you buy the best YouTube channel from the right seller.

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