10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes and Dislikes in 2020

Sites to Buy YouTube Likes and Dislikes

Have you seen all the big channels and videos from YouTube with millions of viewers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers and lots of likes? If you’re just beginning your journey on YouTube, their size and presence could surprise you.

Are you wondering how it got so good?   Well, having the best sites to buy YouTube likes and dislikes is a lot easier to reach the same exposure rate.

They give programs worthy of kick-starting your stardom. Something that will only make you go up fast. We generally understand if you choose to do the video marketing. But do you really have time to run standard, worn-out promotions and wait months to get your numbers up? We all know that youTube is the breeding ground for musical (and other) video fame.

YouTube is how the film industry, brands, PR firms and even creative “like tobes” are making progress day by day. However, they’ve all put so many videos out there that it ‘s hard to get yours noticed. Only need to be fast and get swift views. We are confident the following places will help you out-

Here Is The List Of Best Sites To Buy Youtube likes and dislikes:


StormViews - buy like dislike

The StormViews YouTube views service is excellent. They were able to produce 1,459 views within 24 hours, after ordering 1,000 YouTube views from the client. It also boasts a 58 per cent retention rate which is considered above average. Of all these views, 553 were originating from unique users.

Delivery had been smooth for a package of that size. Bigger orders such as the 1 m view package may take up to 25 days to get full service. For other companies in the same industry, that is a normal thing. You can send your payments via American Express, PayPal, credit cards, and select cryptocurrencies (i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin).

They offer subscribers from around the world who are 100 per cent real humans and verified users, according to StormViews. The minimum rate is 8, $which can be used by 100 subscribers to grow your YouTube channel. We attempted to order 100 of the company’s subscribers and they ended up sending 239 subs to our channel – more than double our initial order.

Based on the metrics, most of the subscribers paying came from India, Turkey and the United States. There are 6 packages for YouTube subscribers to pick from. Their lowest package is the $8 for 100 subscribers while the highest package includes 5,000 subscribers, priced at $349. Many StormViews YouTube Solutions isn’t restricted to views.


Vihatrading - buy like and dislike

One of the most reliable websites we are inclined to encounter, the net website provides social media services based on performance. This means you’re going to get a well-analyzed personal service that helps you improve your reach through social media. They deliver YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest , Linkedin and Vimeo services. If you choose to plug into your business via YouTube, then Vihatrading might be  a great investment for you.

This should make it easy to improve your reputation on YouTube even when various channels are keeping up with your needs while booting at an reasonable value. This computing system is the manufacturer priced at rock bottom on this list. The website to boot provides safe purchases through PayPal and was easy to produce until quality followers and views came up.

Follower Packages provides services in YouTube views, Instagram followers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers among others. One thing and everything beneath an umbrella you like. They hear shopper demands and consequently deliver only that which is highly appreciable from any location.

Media Mister

Media Mister - buy like dislike

Media Mister is a full-service social media networking and development organization that can assist you across many different social media platforms and several different activities to participate in. From Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, there aren’t too many things that Media Mister can’t do for your online growth. They claim to have helped as much as 50,000 separate individuals on their website, which is a perfect road to recovery.

Packages which we believe are fair and inexpensive. With your subscription list, fans, views, posts, and reviews, you can get support and they can do all. They have a high retention rate, a fast turnaround time, and good customer support, making them one of the best in the business.

They have a fantastic level of delivery and can offer up to 1 million views over 25 days, which we think is a great amount. This will look nice and organic against your account. Also, they accept many different payment forms, from PayPal to credit cards. They support Bitcoin and other alternatives for cryptocurrencies.


Buy1000Followers - buy like dislike

Buy1000Followers has been in operation since 2013, during this period offering a range of social media marketing tools on different channels. This covers Snapchat, Facebook , and YouTube, as well as the Instagram apps we ‘re going to review here.

Their website is fairly basic, and in the text you can note some grammar errors, but they are a reliable business that performs what they say. They have fans, regular fans, shares, feedback, opinions and reviews to take a closer look at their Instagram services. You can target those from India, or Arabic speakers, to further customize your worldwide followers.

The first contact line is their live chat, this is not staffed 24/7. You may use it to leave a follow-up message for them later. If you really want an answer right now, then you can try their Skype on Followers1.com. Their other contact forms are email at support@buy1000followers.co, and their mailing address at 395001 at A-123 Pipload, Surat Gujarat. Their customer service is answerable via email


GetAFollower - buy like dislike

GetAFollower is a US-based digital marketing agency specializing in engaging social media accounts for their customers. GetAFollower was founded in 2010, claiming they can turn their clients into a social media celebrity. The company’s website is elegant and new, and all of its sponsored websites and resources are available from home.

Their order procedure is quick and you don’t even have to sign up. Upon choosing a service plan and inserting the relevant URL to your social media site, you simply need to type in your billing information and pay online with your credit card, PayPal, or CoinPayments. GetAFollower also allows cash and check fees, but it would leave you ineligible for refunds. Orders can’t be personalized since the services come packaged.

To get customer service from the company, you can either fill out the form below the Contact Us tab, or chat with a live human. GetAFollower says the high quality social media messages they receive come from real individuals and active accounts. GetAFollower supports follower services for many sites, including:


Twitter post






MarketingHeaven - buy like dislike

The Marketing Heaven is a UK-based social media promotions service. They offer different services on YouTube including video views, favorites, and feedback. The company claims to maintain an extensive network of social media users promoting your YouTube videos, allowing you to obtain views of good quality.

What we like about the YouTube views service from The Marketing Heaven is that you get separate plans for country-specific, international views. For each category the packages they offer are sizeable and will meet specific needs. The company says all of the views come from real people through promotions they engage in.

Their customer support is overwhelming, their live chat panel being unusable, and having slow responses to messages. This is offset by their fairly good policies on refund and retention. Marketing Heaven is an ok option for good-quality, targeted views for your videos, but before making a decision you may want to look at more of our top view providers.

The Marketing Heaven was founded in UK in 2014. Their goal from the outset was to provide numerous resources for social media promotions. For Twitch, they have different deals for foreign and country-targeted video views. They’ve got likes , shares and comments too. Twitter is the other channel they work for, and YouTubers who tweet would love them.


BuyCheapFollowersLikes - buy like dislike

BuyCheapFollowersLikes is a social media marketing company, registered in India and active in business since at least 2013. Their website is easy to navigate but the text contains some strange grammar. They take care of their customers, with sound policy of refund and retention. Compared to other firms their rates are pretty good. Plans for YouTube can be found alongside Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.

At BuyCheapFollowersLikes we ordered 5,000 YouTube Views to see if they could deliver their service as offered. Overall we were very pleased with the order, which came in full and on time. The average percentage viewed at 98 per cent was also very high.

Customer service responded immediately to our inquiries, responding one by one to all our complaints. They do have good money-back and maintenance plans in case a issue occurs. BuyCheapFollowersLikes services are recommended if you are looking to up your social proof on YouTube.

Social Marketeers

Social Marketers - buy like dislike

Located in Surrey, UK, The Social Marketeers is a marketing company that has developed to offer not only social media increasing services but also web design, pay-per – click and online reputation management since its launch in 2010.

This company offers services for a quite amazing number of platforms, more than any website we’ve ever seen. They deliver YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter , Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Amazon, IMDB boosting tools and there’s much more to it than that.



Here at FanBump, it is believed that organically growing your account is the best solution for Instagram growth in the short and long term – not inorganically buying followers from a service like Media Mister. That is why we created our service, and why we love hundreds of customers! Their service is simple:

Each month they present your account to tens of thousands of relevant users.

The result is that each month the customers get 200-1k real and engaged followers.

FanBump does not use box or bogus accounts to improve your Instagram growth. It is an approach to account management which we see with many such services. You start by sharing details about your target market and then you’re matched to an account manager who will create a personalized list of Instagram accounts with common interests.

The FanBump approach relies on your account on human activity, the approach that they are using is safe. However, it’s a risk to give a company access to your account without thoroughly checking who they are and trusting they will behave ethically.



NemoViews.com is the most reputable websites we’ve experienced, providing the best level of views on the industry. This ensures that you will provide a well evaluated customized service that will help you boost your ranks on social media and through your platform. They will help increase your credibility on YouTube and on other platforms at the best prices according to your needs.

This website is one of the lowest priced cloud services but it doesn’t sacrifice on consistency, this mix ensures it’s available to almost everyone! If you’re looking for the best quality views and you like video at the best possible prices, then this is the clear choice!

Flourishing YouTube and more YouTubers emerging from every corner of the world, it ‘s extremely hard to attract viewers to your videos and get more views. Therefore, more and more users are choosing to buy views on YouTube in order to raise their fan base and bring their popularity image out there. Its noted that purchasing a view helps to improve the channel’s authentic development while watching.

NemoViews is a website designed to help maximize Youtube Views for paid users, in the easiest way. It also offers services such as (views and subscribers) for many other websites.

They offer true human opinions, and not bot opinions, according to the website. That is what many companies and producers of content enjoy about the web – particularly people who want to do their work before as many people as possible.


YouTube is an extremely common marketing platform for advertisers, since advertising video has a huge effect on customer decision-making in buying. Current research from the Pew Research Center illustrates the value of YouTube as a key outlet for advertisers seeking to target content audiences.

In recent years the platform has grown in popularity overall. Pew’s report shows that roughly 2 in 3 adults (68 percent) were using YouTube as of Q2, up from less than half (48 percent) in early 2016. Pew’s separate data also indicates that it is the most widely used platform among U.S. adults and tends to use less than many other social platforms.

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