7 Best Sites To Buy Youtube Shares in 2021

sites To Buy Youtube Share

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms. It is very easy to use, accessible, and lets you share your content with the world. If you are entertaining enough and your content is relatable there’s a chance that you will make it big on YouTube.

But the problem is that there are many people who are equally good and are trying to capitalize on the growth of this platform. This has drastically increased the level of competition on this platform. This is why a good and solid digital marketing and social media campaign can help you maximize your growth and enhance your presence on this platform.

There are many service providers that provide services for YouTube to improve your online promotion. YouTube shares can help you gain more audience to encourage other people to share your content and increase engagement.

There are many companies which provide this service and today we are going to take a look at a few of them. But as always to research well before making any purchase.

Here are the Best Sites To Buy Youtube Shares:



QQtube - buy youtube shares

There are many service providers who provide services for YouTube and Qqtube is one of them. The variety of services that it provides for this platform makes it one of the foremost social media providers which support clients from YouTube.

It has been 7 years since the inception of the company and over these years it has served a multitude of clients and gained a lot of experience dealing with different clients and scenarios. It is a company that understands the need to evolve and upgrade to ensure the best possible service for the clients. This is why the company constantly keeps on changing to meet the current scenario and keep up to date with the algorithms and terms and conditions set by the platform.

Oftentimes, what happens is that there is a sort of wholesaler who sells social media services. Many websites use these wholesalers to sell these services for a greater price to clients. This can raise the price of the service. Also, the transaction might not be smooth. But this is not the case with Qqtube. The company is a direct supplier of YouTube views, likes, comments, shares, subscribers etc.

This means that there is no middleman involved which makes the service cheap and smooth. One of the main features of this company is that it provides a variety of YouTube services. We all know that for the overall growth and best online promotion we need to hit on multiple facets. This is why Qqtube provides a bunch of services.

These services follow the terms and conditions set by YouTube and so your account is safe. The price of YouTube shares on Qqtube is $1.80 per 1000. You have to order a minimum of a hundred shares. The delivery rate is 300+ shares every day. If you want faster shares the price is the same but the minimum order is 500 shares. 


Media Mister - buy youtube shares

MediaMister is a popular company that many people have been using for gaining momentum on social media platforms. The company provides services which can help you achieve growth for your social profiles on various social networking sites.

If you want to start an online campaign or digital marketing to advertise your brand or business the best way is to hit as many social platforms as possible. MediaMister understands this which is why when you go to the website of the company you will find a range of services pertaining to various different social media platforms designed specifically to improve engagement and drive traffic to your social profile.

Some of the platforms that you can expect to find services for on the website of this company are YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter etc. These days due to ease of access ability of the platforms the level of competition has become very high. This is why the company promises that the services which you might need to get an edge over competitors can be found on the website.

The process of digital marketing for social media marketing can be very complicated and so any service providers like MediaMister mix the process as simple as possible so that clients do not have to waste a lot of time to get the growth that they are looking for. Not everyone has a big budget. Most of the time companies have very limited budgets when it comes to online promotion and good digital marketing.

The company understands this and claims to provide high-quality services at affordable rates. It does not want a short relationship with clients by just selling the services but rather wants to be involved in the long-term growth, success and prosperity of the client.

YouTube shares can be very good for increasing engagement on your videos and channel. If you are looking to buy YouTube shares from the website, MediaMister.com, then the price range is $2 to $149 for 50 and 1000 shares respectively.


YTMonster - buy youtube shares

The next company on this list YTMonster. This is a company which provides services exclusively for YouTube and if you have been looking for such a service provider then you can head on to the website of the company and check out the services it has for YouTube. Although, you can use this website as any of the other social media service providers by buying the appropriate packages and getting the relevant stats or you can choose the other way.

This other way is meant to help the clients connect with other YouTubers and thus interact and engage with each other to grow together. If you wish to do so you can use this website completely for free by just interacting and engaging with other YouTubers gaining credits in that process and using these credits to improve your own stats.

This can help you increase your visibility in an organic manner. You can reach more audiences this way. So, you can understand that this is sort of an exchanging platform where a community of YouTubers is involved and they help each other grow.

Generally, there is always a sense of doubt regarding the genuineness of subscribers or likes that you can buy from other service providers. But here the chances of getting bot accounts or fake followers is drastically low because all you are doing is exchanging likes, views, subscribers etc.

Credits are sort of cash on this website which you can use to gain more views, likes, shares etc. Credits can be earned by interacting with other YouTubers’ channels, videos etc. If you do not want to like other videos or follow or subscribe to other channels then you can directly buy credits which you can then use to gain the required stats.

Once you have these credits you can start a campaign for your own channel. If you wish to directly buy YouTube shares then the price is $6 for every 1000 shares.


Woorke services - buy youtube shares

Social media marketing is just one part of a form of digital marketing. Though it is hugely effective, building an all-round online presence can be very beneficial in the long term. Woorke is a company that does just that. the range of services that you will find on the website of this company is meant for complete digital marketing including social media marketing.

Many businesses, brands, and individuals have used the services on this website to kick start their online campaign for maximizing growth. You can find social media services, development services, and SEO services on the website. The website is kind of comprehensive which you can use to avail of the multitude of services available there. A popular service that you can find on the website is ‘buy email’.

Woorke has various appropriate email accounts which companies can buy as their official email address. More than a million email accounts have already been sold by this company. The Asia services which you can find on the website are also good and can help you improve your ranking. Other services like conversion services or dedicated hiding etc. can also be found on the website.

A good and interactive feature of this website is the client portal. This can be used to keep a track of your orders and chat with the support team if anything goes wrong or if you want to resolve your queries. If you are interested in just social media services then some of the platforms for which you can expect to see some tools and methods to improve your online social growth include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, Discord, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.

It can very easily become your one-stop solution for social media marketing needs if the services are satisfactory for you if you are comfortable with the company. You can opt for services in two ways. The first is a one-time order. This means you pay for the service and you receive it just once.

Another method is to subscribe for a service on a monthly or weekly basis so that you do not have to go through the process of selecting a platform, opting for services, etc., and thus save a lot of time. There are three packages for YouTube shares on Woorke.com. The targeted package costs $5.50 for 50 shares. Worldwide packages cost $4.99 every 50 shares and drip feed service costs $5.99 for 50 shares. For the last one, you can choose the drip speed.


AppSally - buy youtube shares

Appsally is a bit different from other companies when it comes to social media service providing. Rather than just supply you direct stats which many other companies do, Appsally is more of a campaign based service provider. There are a plethora of services present on the website of this company that can help you up to your game and boost your digital marketing strategies.

Appsally is a marketplace for growth. This is because the company’s website is curated in such a way so as to maximize the amount of growth that a client can receive. There are many hyper-growth companies that use some of the best marketers in the industry. When you work with Appsally you connect to a multitude of such marketers. As mentioned before, the company is a bit different from other service providers.

You might not initially get the features of the website of the company as it is different from others. The company does not just provide social media services but rather gives a complete package, for example, other services like SEO to improve your online rank and growth. You can also get services that help in influencer marketing, reputation management, etc.

This ensures that if you find the services satisfactory and are comfortable with the company then you can find every service you might need to boost your online presence. Once you head on to the website of the company you might not get direct packages but rather you get a search bar. On the search bar, you can search for the platform that you wish to get services for.

Now, you have to select the marketing mode. For example, if you are looking to get YouTube shares then you have to choose ‘boost engagement’ service. After this, you have to select your budget. The company also gives your claims about any earlier campaign with the same budget and the results that have been achieved to give you an idea of what you can expect. The services are completely legal, safe and follow all the terms and conditions set by the various platforms.


subpal - buy youtube shares

If you are looking for a company that provides services for multiple popular social media platforms then you can check out the website of SubPals. This is a company which has been booming a lot lately and claims to provide services of good quality which attracts more clients.

The social media platforms for which you can expect to see services on the website are YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Spotify. The company has got a range of services for each of those platforms which have been designed specifically to give the clients a chance at maximizing their growth online platforms.

Over the years of its existence, this company has served thousands of customers and have provided satisfactory services to them. The company claims responsibility for your privacy, safety and security. 256-bit encryption is used for payments to prevent any problem. The site does not need any sensitive information from the clients, only those which are publicly available like your channel name, URL and email.

No password is needed. The company has a couple of free services that clients can use to get a taste of the services that the company provides. You can get free subscribers after you have subscribed to 10 channels and like 10 videos. The company has a few packages for YouTube shares as well. The cost of 100 YouTube shares on the website, SubPals.com, is $10. The maximum YouTube shares that one can buy is 10k shares for $250.

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