Buy YouTube Subscribers: List of 10 Best Sites to Buy In 2021

Sites to Buy Youtube Subscribers

If you do not live in an early man’s cave, then chances are that you stream videos on YouTube, for it is the leading video streaming platform of today, used by billions of people across the world. Plus, with the rise in the popularity of YouTube, influencers, startups, and businesses in all niches are coming on-board this platform as part of their social media marketing strategies. And therefore, like every other social network, YouTube has its fair share of competition when it comes to getting discovered and popular on the platform. Especially if you are just starting your journey on the platform. A good way to start your journey on YouTube is to buy YouTube subscribers that are real, authentic, and engaging to kickstart your organic promotions and to make your marketing campaigns more efficient than ever.

Gaining fame on YouTube is harder than one might think it is which is why sometimes we must be smarter and maybe wicked so we can gain that limelight we rightfully deserve. Buying Youtube subscribers is one of the smart and wicked tips which can help you boost your channel more than you can boost it by being a nice guy.

So, if you are looking for the best site to buy YouTube subscribers, we have saved you the hassle of rummaging the Internet, in this exclusively curated handpicked list that will show results that work.

Here are the Top Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers:

#1. Views Expert

Views Expert - buy youtube subscribers

Let’s start this article with the newest site in the house. Views Expert is quite new and yet it is gaining fame and loyal users at a rapid pace. It is highly recommended that you try this site at least once as their packs are quite interesting when it comes to YouTube. Of course other than YouTube, they provide services for SoundCloud and Spotify but Views Expert is the best when it comes to YouTube packages.

In YouTube packages they provide Views Packs, Likes Packs, Subscribers Packs, and Comments packs; while for Spotify they provide Play packs and Follower packs likewise for SoundCloud they provide Likes Packs, Follower Packs, and Play Packs.

Their YouTube packs are reasonably priced and their cheapest pack would be their Views pack, which comes at $4.99 for 1000 views and their biggest pack (Read: costly) is also in the Views category which comes at $629.99 for 200,000 views.

The buying process is quite simple, you just need to add your Channel/ video link on the package you’re purchasing and pay for it via PayPal. You’ll receive your package within 2-3 days or earlier.

You might have a hard time finding it on Google so simply click on the link provided above. Do note they don’t sell views or likes for Premium Videos.

#2. Viralyft

Viralyft - best site to buy Youtube subscribers

In today’s online world everyone is looking to post content that can go viral. The main reason behind this is that viral content increases your visibility by a lot and you gain a lot of reaches. Viralyft is a social media service provider that has services for a bunch of important social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can buy services like Instagram auto likes, Instagram followers, Instagram views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube views, YouTube likes, Facebook page likes, Spotify plays and followers, Twitter followers, and SoundCloud plays and likes.

So, if you end up enjoying the services and the support provided by this company you can make it a sort of one-stop destination for all the various social media marketing needs that can help you boost your online presence.

The company claims to have many features which you can get the advantage of if you do business with it. The delivery is quite fast. You do not have to wait for very long to get the high-quality results that you have paid for. The prices are quite competitive and have been kept low to ensure businesses with tight budgets can use the services provided.

You can expect rock-solid results which are meant to boost your presence and, as the company claims, will not put the safety and security of your account or social profile at risk. Viralyft uses SSL encrypted payment gateway to provide customers with a secured channel to pay through. The packages that the company sells will help the clients reach their true potential on social media platforms.

Viralyft believes in providing good support to its customers. You can always get your queries cleared by the 24/7 customer support team. You can also reach out to them for custom orders. You can buy global subscribers for YouTube from Viralyft. The packages start from $10.99 for 100 subscribers.

#3. StormViews

Storm Views - buy youtube subscribers

Storm Views was founded in 2018, even though they are new in-game, they are providing excellent services. The plans that they offer are safe and quick.

You won’t have to wait for your subscribers, and the good thing about Storm Views is that you can decide the speed of the subscribers, likes or comments. It will eliminate the chances of you getting blocked because of too many actions. With Storm Likes, you can even choose your targeted audience on the basis of age, gender and country.

They promise that their services are 100% genuine and they take full responsibility if they aren’t. Storm View’s services are known for their trustworthiness and top quality. But the sad part is that their prices are quite high but if you compare it with the transparency that they offer, I’ll say it’s worth it.

They offer 3 standardized packs, 50 subscribers at $9.99, 100 subscribers at $19.99, and 250 subscribers at $29.99. You can even opt for a customized subscriber package. These guaranteed 100% genuine subscribers can take your channel to the next level.

#4. Famups

Famups - best place to buy youtube subscribers

Yet another reliable source (and I daresay the best one) where you can buy genuine likes, views, comments, and subscribers for your YouTube channel. If you’re a blooming channel, then you must try famups as their planning guarantees your long-term success.

There’s another reason why you should opt for Famups and that is its services. Famups is the one-stop solution for all your social media accounts; it provides services for Instagram, Facebook IGTV, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter (marketing made easier eh?).

Famups packs are cheaper than Views Expert by a fraction, and their smallest pack (Views pack obviously) costs $4 for 1000 views; while their biggest (and costliest pack) falls at $620 for 200,000 views (Yet again views).

Do note that famups Views packages are split into two–the US views packages and Rest-of-the-world Views packages. Jokes on them as the US package costs more than the normal Views package.

Both Views Expert and Famups are similar and I recommend Famups, if you’re marketing on several different social media sites, while I recommend Expert Views if you’re sticking only to YouTube.

#5. Famoid

Famoid - best sites to buy Youtube subscribers

Famoid is a software development firm based in Delaware and established in 2017. Famoid is an interesting firm as apart from the Social media services, it also provides essential software to its clients and which is why it stands out among its competitors.

Famoid also provides services for YouTube and apart from that it also provides services for Facebook and Instagram. But the services offered are quite less (barely there) when compared to the services they offer for Instagram.

Famoid are highly recommended as they pride themselves in taking security over anything else and which is why all their likes and subscribers provided are 100% real and the chances of getting smacked (United States of Smash) with a ban are quite low (Read: Nonexistent).

Their services for YouTube are quite costly and their starter views pack costs $12.95 for 1000 views! While their biggest and the costliest Views pack is of $1899 95 for 500,000 views (I know insanity).

#6. Fast Lykke

Fast Lykke - grow subscribers

Fast lykke is a third party company that can help you gain more limelight on YouTube. They have been providing their services since 2009. Fast Lykke provides genuine support that you’ll need to boost your subscribers. They even guarantee that the subscribers that you’ll get from them will help you grow your business.

It’s not just youtube, they provide services for other social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Spotify as well. They offer various packs like 100 YouTube subscribers at $16; 200 subscribers at $30; 500 subscribers at $60; and so on. Much like the other sites here, Fast Lykke provides subscribers that are real persons with real profiles.

There are plenty of options for likes, subscribers, comments, views, and USA views. They start working right after you place your order, But it takes days depending on the number of subscribers. And you can use PayPal or credit card to purchase your package. If in case you face any difficulty, you don’t need to worry because they offer after-sales services and there’s the 100% money-back guarantee too.

#7. Get Real Boost

Get Real Boost - buy subscribers

Get Real Boost, just as the name suggests, it boosts the engagement on your social media sites. You must be thinking, Is it legitimate? Well, if it wasn’t, why would it be here on this list? They provide their services by keeping the social media platform’s algorithms in mind.

Their social media experts share your video with their networks and website partners to help you gain genuine subscribers who are interested in your niche (like influencers). That’s how they offer their services without using any bots, tools, or software.

They promise to offer organic subscribers who’ll watch your videos for the longest time and hence boost your videos rank. They offer 100-5000 subscribers with their pack ranging from $15-$355. Other than youtube, if you want, they also have services for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud. They can easily help you with engaging the target audience.

#8. Follower Packages

Follower packages are one of the best places to buy genuine likes and views for YouTube at a reasonable price tag. Follower packages are a performance-based social media services provider that believes in the “snowball” effect–that is giving the followers and likes a small push so that they keep on rolling.

Followers packages help you gain more credibility and popularity that you deserve and make it easier for you to stand out from your competitors. Followers packages boast its social media experts that can help you make your business (especially) or personal profile trending overnight.

They also assure you with a timely delivery (which has been alleged as the fastest in the industry), safe methods, and results you can trust, top-notch customer services, you get all of this at a highly affordable and competitive rate.

Speaking of affordable rates (which aren’t that affordable) their YouTube packs start at $29 for 5,000 views and end at $175 for 50,000 views. Meanwhile, their likes pack starts at $20 for 150 likes and ends at $75 for 1,000 likes.

I know that it’s costly but would you rather be stingy or spend bucks on a quality product that would boost your business?

#9. Socialpackages

Up next is Socialpackages. It is a social media service provider that claims to be the number one source of social media promotion. The company says that people who are looking to become social media superstars can check out the various services that it provides. Socialpackages makes it easier for its clients to grow on popular social media platforms which include YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and Facebook.

The followers, plays, likes, views or subscribers that you buy from Socialpackages are all of good quality and will help you reach your true potential online. The company prides itself on providing services which are used by high profile clientele all over the world.

A lot of focus has gone into making the experience smooth and fast for customers. The delivery time has been reduced to ensure that clients can get their services delivered from a few minutes to a few hours from the time of purchase.

Socialpackages promises that all its services have been curated in a way to give the clients the best results. The likes, subscribers and views that you get come from the highest quality users. The prices are competitive and the company has focused on not compromising quality while trying to keep the rates affordable.

When you decide to order a service from Socialpackages the process is very simple.  Choose the platform you want to boost your presence on. Now, choose the service you want i.e. likes, views, subscribers etc. Once you have chosen the service, it is time to choose the package i.e. the quantity you want and the price according to your budget and strategy. Now, choose a payment method you are comfortable with and pay for the service. Now, just wait and watch the service delivered to your profile or content as applicable.

#10. Venium

Let’s take a look at the next service provider on the list which is Venium. Venium understands social media promotion and provides services to help clients with their social media marketing. The company has understood that when it comes to promotion and digital marketing complicating things may not be the best approach.

This is the reason Venium had decided to help clients grow their businesses using simple ways that are effective and efficient. It is the need of the hour to be smart and relevant. Going around and round and looking at complicated solutions does not work. This is why the business approach of the company is to be straightforward.

To get good results from any service provider you have to work with a company that actually wants to help you succeed. Venium claims that its approach is to genuinely help its clients to achieve the success that they are looking for. The company believes in providing services to its clients that can help them achieve the greatest results.

The company has been in the field of online marketing and promotion for almost two decades now. They have more than 55 employees who have been able to help over 265k customers by providing them with top-quality services. Currently, the company are working to better the experience of their clients.

Venium is creating a mobile app for smartphones which will make it easier for clients to track their orders, get important notifications and purchase new services via their phone. Venium has services for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

If you are looking to buy YouTube subscribers from Venium then the price is $8.99 for every 100 subscribers that you buy. These subscribers have Google verified accounts and they are YouTube and AdSense safe. You also get live tracking for your order.


Getrealboost has been around for quite some time in the social media marketing industry and has helped thousands of clients with their social media goals and needs.

The business approach followed by the company so to ensure that the clients can purchase services that are of premium quality at affordable prices and with these services the company will be able to make the clients’ social media marketing convertible and convenient. The company claims that whenever you are buying any stats from it be it likes, views, followers, etc. you can expect them to come from real and genuine accounts from all over the world.

Getrealboost also claims to be a trusted source when it comes to purchasing the best quality services which are genuine and come from real accounts. The company is built by a team of experts who may have come from different walks of life but have solid expertise and experience when it comes to social media marketing.

They have been quite successful in their respective fields and are not providing their expertise to the customers to help them build their online presence. Getrealboost tries to support as many popular social media platforms as they can. Currently, they provide services for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

The company has been working in this field long enough to understand that the system can be very tough for small businesses and newcomers to be able to make a breakthrough. This is why the services have been priced at affordable rates so that customers do not have to pay a lot from their budget while trying to boost their social media strategy. The price for 100 YouTube subscribers on the website of Getrealboost is $15. The company promises fast delivery and the subscribers are from all over the world. You can contact the support team, who are available 24/7 if you have any queries.


One of the ways to ensure that you get the best results when it comes to purchasing social media services to boost your online presence is to work with a company that knows what it’s doing and has a team of experts who are ready to use their expertise to help you out.

Fastlykke is one such social media service provider that has a team of experts who have been in the marketing and promotions industry for more than two decades. They have huge experience and decent expertise when it comes to social media marketing as well.

Fastlykke is dedicated to providing its best to each of its customers. When you work with them you can be assured that the services you are buying are of good quality and will help you boost your social media marketing strategy.

Fastlykke is quite observant of the growth of social media platforms. It understands that due to the exponential growth and exposure of social media platforms it has become content-saturated and it is difficult for businesses and individuals who are just starting on their social media journey to get noticed.

This is why the company had used all its core knowledge about the industry and has developed methods and techniques to provide clients with credible results at prices which they can afford without breaking the bank. Fastlykke claims that once you get the desired results from the services that it provides you can build on it and start growing on the platforms organically.

Fastlykke urges its customers to give their best on their end and use the company’s services as a support to boost their online promotion. It claims that the promises it makes to its customers are not fake as only high-quality alternatives and best techniques are used to provide clients with organic growth rather than fake or bot accounts. You can take the company’s recommendations for buying YouTube subscribers for your channel. We suggest you contact them and get all the info before making any purchase.


Themarketingheaven wants its clients to let them take care of all the social media needs that they have. With the exponential growth that social media platforms have seen these days, the competition is at an all-time high. So, if you are looking to ahead of the competition and leave them speechless then you can opt for the services provided by Themarketingheaven.

The company suggest you not to spend hundreds of dollars of your hard-earned money on split testing new approaches as you can get services of premium quality from this company and boost your online presence on various social media platforms.

The company has not been in the industry of social media marketing for a long time but for the time they have been active the company has been able to help over 2970 clients and have completed over 7000 campaigns.

It has also provided 650k social media signals each month. When you visit the website of the company you can find three types of campaigns on the home page. The first is the social media campaign which contains all the services provided by Themarketingheaven. You can buy services for YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can even buy traffic for your website.

The other campaign that the company provides is the YouTube campaign. YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and is the second most popular search engine. You can buy YouTube views for your videos and subscribers for your channel. The company says that if you want to build a lasting presence in YouTube then you need a good subscriber base. You can buy subscribers for your YouTube channel by just providing the channel URL. The services are not that cheap but the quality is guaranteed. For over 100 subscribers the price is $47.


As the name of the company suggests you can buy services for social media marketing from Buysocialmediamarketing. It is a company that has different social media services for clients worldwide. You can get services from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These services are meant to help you grow online.

The company has been providing services to thousands of customers over the years and every day the new customers are coming in to buy the services. Buysocialmediamarketing understands that it may not be easier for people to get good-quality services at cheap prices because there is always a compromise between quality and affordability.

But the company has worked towards providing its clients with services that are of top quality and do not take a big chunk of your budget. This means that small businesses and individuals who are looking to start their social media journey can get good services without having to worry a lot about the price.

By working together with the clients Buysocialmediamarketing promises to help them develop a good number of fans who will then help you grow organically by making more people interested in what you are promoting be it a product or service. The company takes responsibility for the safety, security, and privacy of the customers.

A secured payment gateway is used for monetary transactions. Your account password or any access to your account will not be required to utilize the services. If for some reason the company is unable to deliver to complete the order you can ask for a complete refund or get another service which has the same price. The customer support team of the company is ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help answer your queries and clear your doubts. You can buy YouTube subscribers, views, likes and comments from the website.


Socialboss is a social media marketing marketplace. One of the main features of this service provider is the number of different types of services it provides and the number of social media platforms that it has services for. It provides services for over 20 social media platforms the most popular of which are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, Spotify, SoundCloud, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

So, if you use a service that Socialboss provides and you end up liking it i.e. you like the quality of the service and the quality of the customer support team then you won’t have to look for any other service provider to supply you with the stats you need to boost your online presence since the company covers almost all popular social media platforms.

You do not have to worry about not getting the order delivered or receiving incomplete order. If you do not get what the company promises you then you can get a full refund. This guarantee is applicable for 30 days from the day of purchase. Socialboss wants to make everything easy for the customers.

They have a bunch of payment methods for the ease of customers. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay or Gpay. When you work with Socialboss the privacy of your personal data and all the info of your account is guaranteed by default. The company uses Smart Delivery Technologies to protect your account from any risks.

If you have doubts or questions the company urges you to contact its 24/7 customer support team. The results you receive are of high quality. The ordering process has been simplified to enable you to purchase a service in a matter of minutes. So, if you need a team of experts in your side providing you with innovative social media promotional solutions then check out Socialboss.


SubPals is a social media service provider that is most popular for the YouTube services that it provides. You can find premium services for other social media platforms on the website of SubPals like Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitch. But as we mentioned the crux of its popularity goes to the various services it has for the YouTube platform.

You can buy YouTube likes, shares, views, subscribers, YouTube video SEO, YouTube channel evaluation, YouTube graphic design, YouTube watch hours and much more.

So, basically, if you are looking to fast track your growth on YouTube and boost the efficacy of your social media marketing strategy then you can check out the various services that SubPals provides. But what makes all this even better us that you can use the platform of SubPals for free YouTube marketing. It is designed in a way to help you skyrocket your YouTube channel to a higher level for free!

Using the free option the customers can get over 10 new subscribers daily for free. All this is possible due to SubPals’s innovative network. The free service is simple to use. You just need to utilize a couple of minutes of your time to get over 10 new subscribers every day. What basically happens is that SubPals has a network of YouTubers who want to grow their channel and subscriber base.

So, people who are using the platform of SubPals for free marketing can join the network and exchange stats. You can subscribe and like the videos that you are provided. It takes around a minute to complete these tasks. Once you have completed liking videos and subscribing to said channels you are done. Now, you just have to wait for your subscriber count to increase by 10 for free. You can of course invest in buying high-quality subscribers as well. The starting price is $20 for 50 subscribers.


If you are looking for the cheapest services then one of the service providers that you can check out is SMM-World. It claims to be the largest and cheapest when it comes to SMM panels on the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy Instagram likes, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or any other social media services you will get some of the cheapest rates out there on the market on the website of SMM-World.

The platforms for which this company provides services are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitch, SoundCloud, Spotify, and LinkedIn. So far, the company had been able to serve over 37k clients and have completed over 159k orders.

The main goal of this company is to try and remain the cheapest service provider in the market. You can get services for as cheap as $0.13 for every 1000 stats. This does not mean that it will start compromising on the quality of the service that it is providing because of the quality of the service is not good i.e. the stats that you receive are not of top quality then doesn’t matter how much you spend it will not be beneficial for you. SMM-World tries its best to instantly deliver the services to its clients. If it cannot deliver the service within a few minutes of you purchasing the service then the company tries its best to deliver it within the hour.

If you have questions about the process that the company uses and other doubts regarding the services and prices then you can contact them by clicking the contact us option that you find on the website. But there a couple of things about the services which you need to be aware of. You cannot use some services for example on monetizes videos. The company mentions it on the services but we suggest you contact them and see if the services that it provides fit well with your strategy.


Slicksocials promises to boost its customers’ social status by providing them with authentic, assured followers, likes, and views. A good service provider always strives to be consistent when it comes to the quality of the service that it provides. Slicksocials claims that whenever you buy any service from them you can be assured that you are getting results which are of top quality.

The company has services for many of the most popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, SoundCloud etc. When you do business with this company you can be assured that you will get safe and guaranteed growth. Slicksocials urges its clients to not gamble with their business when it comes to online marketing and promotion.

If you are looking for head-turning, premium quality results then you can entrust your social media marketing needs to Slicksocials. The company has been delivering social media services for quite some time and over the years of it being active the company has served more than 25,000 clients and has completed over 500k orders.

Slicksocials claims that it will only take a client 4 steps to become famous. You have to join the Slicksocials member list which is currently 25k members storing. You can choose a payment method you are comfortable with and make a deposit and add to your funds. You can place multiple orders at the click of a button.

You are all done just wait and see the stats roll in. The company has served clients all over the world, 178 countries to be exact. Once you register on the website you get access to the free live chat system. You can get your doubts cleared and queries answered using this system. The prices have been kept as affordable as possible. You can buy YouTube subscribers from Slicksocials. The price for 100 followers is $3.99.


Up next is Instant-Famous and as the name of the company suggests the services that you find on the website of this company can help you gain fame instantly. The company understands the field of marketing. All a person needs to do is create a buzz and gain people’s attention. This has been going on for ages. During the 20th century, a TV or newspaper ad was enough to get your attention.

But now the playing field has changed and some of the most important places to get a buzz going are social media platforms. If you have cracked the code to succeed in online marketing on these platforms then success is guaranteed as more people will see your products or services which means more interested parties who are likely to convert to your customers.

Instant-Famous believes that if you have a clever social media marketing plan then you have an opportunity to build an audience on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. The services that this company provides will help you boost the efficacy of your strategy and help you improve your online presence.

The company has received positive feedback from most of its customers as it plans to deliver services that are only of good quality. So far Instant-Famous has delivered over 63k orders and has satisfied over 39k customers. The company’s customer support team is live on WhatsApp 24/7.

So, customers who have queries or doubts can reach out to them on the number mentioned at the bottom of the website. You can find a bunch of services for YouTube. You can buy YouTube views, likes, comments, shares, favorites, and subscribers. If you are just looking for organic promotion then that service is provided by Instant-Famous as well. The cost of 100 YouTube subscribers on is £8.96.


Managergram is another social media service provider that has services for various popular social media platforms. You can find services for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Reddit. For each of these platforms, Managergram provides multiple services to help you grow your online presence on the platform.

For example, you can buy Facebook likes and Facebook automatic likes, you can buy YouTube views, subscribers, and likes. There are services to buy TikTok followers, TikTok views, and TikTok likes. Some of their most popular services are for Instagram. You can buy Instagram likes, Instagram automatic likes, Instagram followers, Instagram comments, Instagram video views, and various IGTV services.

The company claims to work hard for its clients to help them grow on the platform they desire. It provides a 30 days money-back guarantee. So, if the order is not fulfilled or you are not completely satisfied with the results that you get then you can reach out to them. You will get a 100% refund if your money.

The company claims that the relationship that it builds with the customers is more important to them than the transactions. Opting and paying for a service on the website of Managergram is very easy. For example, if you were to choose a plan for youtube subscribers then you have to select YouTube subscribers services from the top navigation bar.

Then choose a package that suits your strategy when it comes to the quantity and the budget. The cheapest pack costs $10. It is a monthly subscription pack where you get 100 subscribers every month for just $10 per month. The delivery of the order will start within hours of purchase. These will be real YouTube subscribers and you will get dedicated client support throughout. So, if you are looking for a subscription plan for YouTube services then you can check out Managergram.


Buysocialpack believes that by using the services that it provides to its clients they do not need to start their social media journey from the zeroth level. If you start at a higher level then you can reach your goals much faster. The company has a bunch of services for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, Pinterest etc.

You can also buy real visitors to increase your website traffic. This traffic is Google analytics supported and AdSense safe. The company really cares about the safety and privacy of the customer’s accounts like it is their own. When you pay for any service it takes place through a secured gateway and the platform used for the payment is PayPal.

The company has been working for some time in this field and has been able to deliver over a million orders to its customers. Buysocialpack has worked towards reducing the delivery time for the orders. The delivery of most orders can start within 10 minutes from the time of purchase.

In some cases, it may take a day but not more than that. You can choose the platform that you want to improve your presence on and then look for the specific device. Now, choose the quantity which fits your strategy and budget well and proceed to checkout. Fill out relevant info on the checkout page and pay for the service.

You can buy a bunch of YouTube services for your YouTube channel and YouTube videos. There are likes, views, comments, custom comments, and subscribers. The price of 100 subscribers on Buysocialpack is $3.99. The company claims that these subscribers will have high retention rates but will be delivered at a slow rate.


Nemoviews is a company that is focused on providing YouTube services to its clients. You can buy YouTube views for your videos and subscribers for your channel to boost the appearance.  Nemoviews says that for people starting out it might be difficult to attract users to watch their videos. But when you utilize the services that this company provides you will be able to promote your videos and attract new real viewers and increase the engagement rate on your video.

Nemoviews is focused on optimizing its process. It only uses the most effective marketing techniques, methods, premium networks and sponsored placements to help promote your content to get you good quality engagement on your content. The steps to start a campaign to grow on YouTube takes a few minutes.

First, you have to choose a plan and then customize it according to your strategy. Once you have done that you now have to pay for the campaign. Nemoviews can take anywhere between 8 to 24 hours to create the custom campaign for you and then you just have to wait for the stats to come rolling in. On the website, you can choose a pack of 50 YouTube subscribers for $8.49. The company guarantees high retention for the subscribers.


Will I Get a free trial Before Buying?

Though most service providers who provide social media services to its customers do not provide any free trials there are a few companies who will let you try out a service for free where you can get a small amount of stats delivered to your content or account and you can then decide whether or not the service is worth it.

Now, depending on the service provider you choose to work with you may have to do a little task before you get your free stats. The tasks aren’t anything big or time-consuming.

You may be asked to subscribe to a few channels and like a few videos. You can be done in just a few minutes. Once you are done you will receive your subscribers or likes or views etc. But there are some service providers that will just ask you to enter your email id and then provide your channel link or video URL (depending on what free trial you have opted for) and that’s it. You will receive your free subscribers or likes.

Will it help me earn more?

To be direct buying subscribers will not help you earn more. This service is not something you can directly use to earn more. What you need to understand is how you can make money on YouTube.

We have done a detailed discussion on this topic below. We suggest you check it out. Basically, you earn money by monetizing your video, getting sponsors, affiliate marketing, or promoting your product or service. To be able to earn more money you need to have more subscribers and viewers who are loyal and supportive of you.

Of course, you can buy a bunch of subscribers for your channel and it will improve the appearance of your channel but these subscribers are not there to engage with your content or buy your products. They are just gimmicks who are there to increase your subscriber count. That’s it. So, just by buying subscribers, you won’t earn more. You have to organically grow and gain more loyal subscribers to be able to earn more. You can use buying subscribers as a tool to visit your strategy to grow on YouTube which will then help you earn more.

How to Buy Youtube Subscribers?

Buying YouTube subscribers is very simple. All you need to do is find a decent enough service provider which has the service that you are looking for. Now, all you need to do is select the service and choose the quantity which you are looking for and the price is within your budget.

Now, just purchase the order using the payment method you are comfortable with. Once that is done all that is left is to wait for the subscribers to be delivered to your channel. But the step which will take the bulk of your time is the first one. It is not easy to find a good service provider.

There are a lot of scammers out there waiting to make money off people who are desperate to grow on social media. You have to beware of them. We always urge our readers to reach out to the service provider they are interested in and understand their process and get all doubts cleared before making any purchase. You can use the list we provide as a sort of signpost.

Does it have any options for Targeted Audience?

Most service providers will not provide any options for targeted audiences. When you buy subscribers for your channel from these companies you will get subscribers from all over the world. These subscribers will be random. But there are some companies that do provide you with some options to get targeted subscribers.

You can select based on gender or location. Many companies have an option to let you buy subscribers who are from the US. But in general, if you are looking to buy subscribers then chances are you will not be able to get any targeted subscribers. We suggest you contact the customer support of the company to get an idea about this.

Why Do You Buy Youtube Subscribers?

Social media platforms have become so popular that many people have been actively using them to earn money and also make a career out of being a social media influencer. This has made a lot of people desperate to become popular on social media. But it is not easy as hundreds of thousands of people are trying for it.

This is why there are social media service providers who provide services to people who are looking to improve their appearance online and visit their credibility. Buying YouTube subscribers is one such service that you can buy from a service provider. It helps improve the appearance of your YouTube channel and boost your credibility. It can help in promoting your channel. People will see that you already have a bunch of subscribers and would want to subscribe to your channel as well. It is a sort of herd mentality that is observed a lot in social media.

How can I Track my Subscribers?

This depends on the service provider you are working with. There are many service providers that provide live tracking for the service that you have ordered. With this feature, you can track the subscribers that you have bought. If your service provider does not have a live tracking feature then we suggest noting the subscriber count before you purchased the service and then keep a tab on how many subscribers you received after the purchase. This way you can approximately track your subscribers as well.

Is it Illegal to Buy Subscribers on YouTube?

YouTube does not have any problem with paid promotion. You can pay people to subscribe to your channel and there will not be any problem. But the problem arises when you are not careful in selecting your service provider. There are multiple scammers out there looking to cheat desperate people and make money.

What these scammers do is, lure innocent people by promising them thousands of subscribers for a few dollars. Once you purchase the service you will receive thousands of subscribers but all of them will be from fake or bot accounts. This can cause problems for you. YouTube does not like fake accounts and regularly deletes these accounts.

So, after you have purchased thousands of fake accounts to subscribe to your channel YouTube will remove them and you will lose most of the subscribers you bought in just a few months or less. Also, if YouTube notices that you are getting thousands of fake subscribers then they might ban or suspend your channel. So, be very careful while choosing a service provider.

Will Your Video Be Removed?

Buying subscribers will not have any effect on your video as long as the subscribers you have bought have real accounts. If YouTube finds out that there are thousands of bot accounts subscribed to your channel then it might take action to remove, ban, or suspend your channel.

This is the reason we always urge our readers to be very careful while purchasing any sort of service to improve their presence on social media. Only use these services if you really think that it will be helpful to your strategy and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the same. Otherwise, you can use paid promotion and other ways to market yourself and grow on YouTube.

Will Your Account be Banned?

If you are not careful in your choice of service provider then your account may end up being banned or suspended by YouTube. You have to understand that while there are decent service providers out there who provide genuine subscribers to their customers there are many scammers out there who are just looking to make money off of desperate people looking to become popular on social media platforms like YouTube.

What these scammers do is that they run click farms and lure people by promising thousands of subscribers for just a few dollars. The deal sounds very promising to people who purchase the subscribers. Everything looks fine at first as you receive the thousands of subscribers that you paid for. But what really happens is that these subscribers come from a bot or fake accounts which YouTube regularly removes from the platform.

This will result in you losing the subscribers that you purchased and thus, your money went to waste. Also, YouTube does not like fake subscribers and if it finds out that your channel has received thousands of bot subscribers then your account may be banned or removed or suspended. Be very careful from whom you purchase the subscribers. Contact them beforehand and learn about their process and the safety of their method before making any purchase.

Can You Really Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Yes, you can buy real YouTube subscribers. There are many service providers who have various packages for people to buy YouTube subscribers to increase the subscriber count of their YouTube channel. You may not be able to buy subscribers who actually have an interest in your channel and will engage with your videos.

This is because buying subscribers is just a gimmick used to increase the subscriber count of your channel. They only help in giving you some credibility which can help you with your promotion strategy. But they do not add any real value, in terms of growth or engagement to your channel. To buy YouTube subscribers you first have to look for the best place to buy YouTube subscribers.

Once you have found a service provider you are interested in you to have to contact and get your queries answered. Make sure that their services are safe. Once you are sure about the company just choose the package and pay for it. You will get your subscribers within a few minutes or a few hours depending on the website.

Does Buying YouTube Subscribers Really Work?

You can buy real YouTube subscribers but whether or not it will work depends completely on how good your promotional strategy is. This is because buying YouTube subscribers in itself will not help you grow. Because it is just a tool or gimmick which only adds to your subscriber count.

These new subscribers will not engage with your video content and are not interested in your channel either. They are just here because you paid for the subs. So, what’s the use of them? Well, it is all about credibility.

Having more subscribers will give you more credibility and might make it easier for you to attract more people to subscribe to your channel. But it also depends on the content you put out on YouTube.

If your content is not entertaining and interesting then doesn’t matter how many subscribers you buy it will not be of any help to you as your channel will not grow. So, work out a strategy and make sure it aligns with your goal. Once you have a set goal and a strategy you can go ahead and experiment with buying services to boost your strategy.

How Does Buying YouTube Subscribers Work?

Buying subscribers for your channel will help you to increase the subscriber count of your channel instantly. This will gain you some credibility and might help you in attracting more people to subscribe to your channel.

Buying subscribers will not directly help with your growth. You need to have a good promotional strategy to ensure that once you have bought the subscribers you are able to use it to your advantage to attract new audiences to your channel.

Service providers usually have a network of registered users on YouTube. When you pay for the subscribers the service provider will just ask the network of users to subscribe to your channel in return for some benefits which may or may not be monetary. This is how you will get more subs on your channel.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Subscribers?

To be safe while buying YouTube subscribers you need to know the best way to buy YouTube subscribers which is to be really careful about the service provider you choose. Once you have chosen a decent enough website to supply you with subscribers more than half the work is done.

To ensure that your service provider uses methods that will not harm your channel or account we always urge our readers to contact the company and get all your doubts cleared. Ask them how safe their method is and will your channel or video be banned or removed. Only if you feel that the company is being honest about their method and it will not be harmful to your account, you purchase the service from them.

How long They will remain?

In an ideal scenario, the subscribers that you buy are supposed to remain for a lifetime. Many service providers promise a lifetime guarantee for their subscriber package. But it may not be completely true. There are many reasons why an account may cease to exist and if the account of the subscriber you paid for ceases to exist then you will experience a drop in your subscriber count.

This drop can be drastic if you have bought a lot of bot subscribers because YouTube regularly deletes bot accounts from their platform. You can end up losing all your paid subscribers if they are all bots. But in general, most decent service providers can guarantee a 70 to 80% retention rate. You need to contact your service provider beforehand and ask the retention rate before making any purchase.

Is there an option to select a specific gender?

It is very hard to find a decent service provider who provides targeted subscribers. There are some companies which may let you buy targeted subscribers based on location and gender but it may cost you a lot and also there is no guarantee that these subscribers will be interested in your content and engage with your videos by liking and commenting.

Buying subs is just a gimmick to increase your subscriber count to gain you some online cred to attract people to subscribe to your channel. The paid subs are not going to add any real value to your channel. If you want subs who are actually interested in your channel then you have to do paid promotions on YouTube or work with a company that will help you organize a promotional campaign.

Some Guides Related to Youtube Subscribers

Pros and Cons Of Buying YouTube Subscribers

YouTube has been growing since the time it was released to the public. It is a video sharing website where people could upload video content which would then be visible to people around the world. The concept caught on and in a few years, it became really popular. Google noticed and bought it and then it experienced exponential growth.

Today YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms and also is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. A lot of people became really popular by uploading content on YouTube.

If used correctly YouTube can become a good source of income and fame. This is why hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are trying to become popular on YouTube. This has given rise to many social media service providers who provide various services to people promising to boost their presence on YouTube.

One such service includes customers buying YouTube subscribers. This is one of the tools that people can use to strengthen their strategy and sort of improving their chances of attracting people to their channel.

But as we know that any tool has both advantages and disadvantages. If the advantages fit well with your strategy and the disadvantages do not affect it much then only this tool should be used otherwise other ways are there to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategy. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of buying YouTube subscribers so that you can make an informed decision.


First, let us look at some of the pros of buying YouTube subscribers.

  • Credibility

One of the main advantages of buying subscribers or any other kind of stats, be it views, likes, comments etc. is to show other users that you are credible. Today, millions of videos are uploaded every day on YouTube by hundreds of thousands of channels. So, how can you get yourself noticed? Of course, you have to make good video content but still for many people to subscribe to your channel they need a bit more than good content. They need to know that other people are doing it too.

Yes, this is a sort of herd mentality that is common on social media platforms. A lot of people do not like to walk untrodden paths. They are comfortable going places where others have already gone.

If you already have a bunch of subscribers then it may prompt people to subscribe to your channel as well since others are doing so. Once they subscribe your subscriber count increases and your credibility grows much more and it attracts more people. This is known as the snowball effect where gaining credibility makes you attract new audiences who subscribe to you increasing your credibility and thus attracting more people.

  • Instant Boost

Another benefit that comes from buying subscribers or buying other social media services is that you can receive an instant boost which can help your strategy. Most service providers promise that they will deliver you the service you paid for within a few minutes or a few hours of purchase. So, let’s say you paid for 1000 YouTube subscribers.

You will receive them within a few minutes of your purchase or at worst a couple of hours. It generally does not take more than that unless the quantity is huge. This means that if you decide in the morning that your social media promotional strategy needs some boost and buying subscribers can help then you can choose a good service provider and order your subscribers and get the boost in the morning itself or maybe in the afternoon. So, you can move on to other stuff that requires your attention. A lot of users use social media services because the delivery time is less.

  • Affordable

Buying YouTube subscribers is mostly an affordable way to boost your presence on the platform. Generally, the cost of a hundred subscribers varies from 8 to 30 dollars. So, if your budget allows you that kind of leeway then you can easily host your subscriber count by a few hundred. There are a few service providers who provide really cheap YouTube subscribers.

You can get 1000 subscribers for nearly a dollar. But we strongly suggest you reach out to the service provider and understand their process and whether buying these subscribers will be safe for your channel.

There are many websites that can help you gain free subscribers as well. These websites have a huge network of YouTubers. Basically, what you have to do is subscribe to certain channels that the website tells you to and like a couple of videos.

The entire process takes a few minutes to complete. Once you are done you will receive a certain number of subscribers,10 or more, by the end of the day. So, if you do it every day of the month you can gain over 300 subscribers for free. You should reach out to the service provider to know how many subscribers you can get in a month.


There are some cons linked with buying YouTube subscribers and you should know about them before purchasing the service.

  • No Engagement

One of the biggest disadvantages of buying subscribers is that the subscribers that you get are only subscribing to your channel because you paid for it. These subscribers are in no way interested in your content. There’s a good chance that they do not even speak the language that your video has.

So, these subscribers are just a gimmick to improve the appearance of your channel. If your video were not getting good views before buying these subscribers won’t help because they will not be watching your videos and so, the ratio of subscribers to views will below.

This means that your channel will not be receiving any actual growth. Your fans will not grow and even if you buy thousands of subscribers the engagement rate on your videos will be poor which you don’t want. These subscribers are just hollow numbers that are added to your subscriber count. Now, only if your promotional strategy is good you will be able to boost your growth by buying subscribers.

  • Bad Reputation

Even though buying subscribers, likes, views or comments is a popular method that a lot of people use. This means that you always have to worry about being found out. Most good social media service providers take responsibility for the privacy of your data and will keep everything anonymous but there are a lot of ways that people can find out that you are buying followers. It has happened multiple times before with many influencers and it has not been good for their online reputation or credibility. So, you have to be very careful when it comes to buying subscribers. You cannot only improve upon one stat as people will start suspecting something fishy. For example, if you have thousands of subscribers but your videos can’t even pull a hundred views then it can lead them to believe that you are buying stats.

  • Scammers

The internet is full of scammers who are looking to make a quick buck out of people’s desperation. What many scammers do is use click farms to provide customers with thousands of subscribers for just a few dollars. So, a great deal, right? No. These scammers only provide you with fake subscribers. Fake accounts are annoying for social media platforms like YouTube. So, YouTube removes these fake accounts regularly from their platform. So, what happens when YouTube removes these accounts? Well, your subscriber count starts dropping and soon after a month or so you will find that more than 70 percent of the subscribers that you paid for are gone. Also, if you receive a bunch of fake subscribers in a matter of minutes or hours then YouTube will take notice and might even ban or suspend your account.

So, now you have a fair idea about what to expect when buying subscribers for your channel. First, you need to have a goal in your mind. Next, we suggest that you create a marketing strategy to promote your channel and videos. This strategy should align with your goals. Once you have the strategy and goal in place you have to find out if there are services you can use to fast track the growth of your channel.

There are many services that YouTube provides like paid promotion. You can go with that or look for other services like buying YouTube subscribers. If you feel that the cons of the service do not affect your strategy badly and you can use the advantages of this method to visit your growth then go for it. Otherwise, we suggest you look for other methods to improve your presence on YouTube.

Full Guide: How to Make Money on YouTube?

In 2005, three developers came up with the idea of creating a video-sharing platform where people all around the world can share videos by uploading them to the platform. The videos uploaded will then be visible to anyone in the world.

The trio created this platform and that was the beginning of YouTube. Google understood the potential of YouTube and bought it in 2006. Since then the platform has seen exponential growth so much so that people can now become professional YouTubers. Popular YouTubers are as big as pop stars, rockstars, or celebrities of our generation. Currently, YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine in the world.

Since the platform has such a big potential to provide people with a career that can be lucrative and possibly bring popularity, people all over the world are trying to upload their content and make it big on YouTube.

This has made the platform content-saturated and it is difficult for people to get noticed and gain enough subscribers and views to make some money out of being a YouTuber. But what one has to remember is that there is still a huge demand for new, entertaining, and good-quality content. We decided to discuss a bit on how one can make money on YouTube so that people who are just starting out can understand the source of income and how to grow on YouTube.

How to Grow On YouTube?

To be able to make any money on YouTube one needs to gain some good following on the platform. You need to have a good number of subscribers and your videos should pull in a good number of views, likes and comments. If you are able to gain all this then you stand the chance of making money on YouTube. So, let’s understand what things one can do to grow on YouTube.

  • High-quality Video

If you are serious about making a career as a YouTuber or even if you are looking to do it part-time then you have to focus a lot on the quality of the videos that you put out. All YouTubers who have made a career on YouTube have always focused on making high-quality content. This does not mean that you have to buy big expensive equipment. But it also does not mean that you can go completely cheap. For shooting your videos you can use an iPhone. A lot of YouTubers who are big now used their iPhone to shoot the videos.

If you have a good camera android phone even that will work. Yes, it may take a lot of time to make everything look good in the editing software but you have to put in that hard work. Also, you have to invest in a microphone and record in a place where your voice is clear. If you like to shoot videos outside then consider getting a collar mic. The entire aim is to make sure that the video that you upload looks good in terms of lighting, colour palette, sound and everything. The better the quality of your video the better are the chances of people sticking to watch it completely.

  • Research Your Target Audience/Niche

One of the first things that you should do when starting your YouTube channel is to understand what your niche is. Are you going to be a science channel, an educational channel, sketch comedy channel, music channel, commentary channel, etc? You have to figure out in which niche you belong to.

This is very important because once you know your genre you will know what kind of videos to create and who your target audience is. Once you know your audience you have to find out what kind of content they like.

Look at other popular YouTubers in your niche who have thousands of followers and bring in thousands of views. See how their audiences react and what kind of videos they like. This will help you tailor content which your audience will enjoy. Knowing who your channel is possibly going to attract will help you narrow down your marketings and content strategy.

  • Be Consistent

One of the main traits of popular YouTubers is that they upload regularly at least in their starting years. Most popular YouTubers still stick to a schedule that they follow religiously. This allows their fans to know what to expect and when to expect it. Also, it has been observed that people who upload regularly at least 3 to 4 times a week are more likely to get more views and subscribers than people who upload sparsely.

This in no way means that you will be sacrificing the quality or entertaining values of your video for quantity. If you do that then doesn’t matter how many videos you upload you will not grow on YouTube. So, you have to be very consistent and keep up the quality of your content. This will be very difficult but you have to understand that you have to put in some effort if you are looking to make YouTube your career.

  • Interact With Your Audience

One way to grow on YouTube is to keep the audience you already have. You have to keep them entertained and make sure they support you and are loyal to you. If your current subscribers start losing interest in you then you will start losing your follower base and it will be difficult for you to grow.

One way to keep your subscribers supportive of you is to make them feel included in what you are doing. Interact with them in the comment section. Be grateful for positive comments and appreciate critical feedback. A good way to connect with your audience would be via q&a sessions.

You can give a post on various social media platforms for your followers to ask you any questions or give any suggestions for the next video. You can then answer their questions and look through their suggestions in a video. Your audience will like to communicate with you. You can also do a live q&a session to interact with your subscribers.

  • Optimize Video For YouTube Search

One way to grow your channel on YouTube is to ensure that as much as possible that people are watching your videos. One way to increase the visibility of your content i.e. to ensure that more people are able to find your video is to improve its ranking. Putting optimal titles to your videos can help rank them better.

This means that when a user searches for a keyword and if that keyword is present in your video then it will come in the search results. How high it ranks in that search result depends on other things like views, likes and comments as well. Try to include a keyword naturally to your video title. You can also put keywords in your video description. Putting appropriate tags can also help you rank your video higher. But just don’t put irrelevant tags to try and get more views as it can backfire.

  • Keep At It

Okay, the last tip is not technically a tip but rather an encouragement of sorts. Becoming a popular YouTuber is not easy. After all, a popular YouTuber gains both fame and money. So, it has to be hard. But most popular YouTubers had to work hard for years before making it big. So, don’t give up. If certain things are not working out as you are expecting them to then don’t worry just keep at it.

Know what your goal is, formulate a plan, and stick to it. If something doesn’t work then analyze the feedback and understand why that thing didn’t work out. Then tweak your plan accordingly and keep making good content. It is not a short sprint but can be thought of as a marathon. So, you have to keep at it and be consistent to get ahead. All the best!

Sources of Income on YouTube

Now that we have taken a look at some of the ways one can grow their subscribers on YouTube and increase the engagement rate on their content it is time we understand how one can make money from YouTube. There are a lot of ways that one can make money on YouTube. Basically, whatever way you choose it will have something or the other to do with your popularity as a YouTuber and your big subscriber base. But we will be focusing on four of the most popular methods that YouTubers use to earn money on YouTube.

  • Monetize Your Videos

One of the first ways that most people will start earning any cash from YouTube is by monetizing their videos. By monetizing your video you agree to allow Google to play ads on your videos. You make Kirby when people watch the ad on your videos. More the number of viewers you have the better are the chances of more people watching the ads and you make a bit of money off of it.

This is why we first went through ways you can grow your YouTube channel. There is another reason that you need to grow your account on YouTube. You can only monetize your videos if you have clicked in 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and have over 1000 subscribers. If you fulfil these criteria then YouTube will approve your request of monetizing your video and you can make money from the ads that YouTube will place in your video.

  • Sponsored Content

The next way to earn money on YouTube is by doing sponsored content. So, basically, you have to get a sponsor who will pay you to create your videos on YouTube. So, why will they pay you to create content for YouTube? Well, because you are going to promote this brand’s or business’s products or services on your channel.

The content does not have to be about the said product or service but you have to mention it in your video. You must have seen a lot of YouTubers doing sponsored content on YouTube. Many YouTubers promote VPNs, discount providing services, web hosting companies, and many more. The main criteria for getting a sponsor is to have a good and loyal subscriber base and a good engagement rate on your videos. What the sponsors basically want is for you to promote their product or service on your video in the hopes of gaining customers from your subscribers.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another source of income that a lot of YouTubers are using to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side. What it entails is putting a link to a certain product or service in the description of your video and asking your viewers to use the link if they are interested in purchasing said product or service.

So, when any interested person uses your link for the purchase then you end up earning a small part of the revenue that the company makes. What we suggest is to only put affiliate links of products you genuinely use. If you are a painter whose channel is based around painting then you can put links of the equipment you use while painting.

If you are a photographer you can put the link to your camera, lenses, stands etc. Once you have the link in place, urge your viewers to use the link if they are looking to buy that product or service and be transparent about it being affiliate links and that it will support your channel if they use the link.

  • Promote Your Product Or Service

A lot of YouTubers who have created their channel based on certain skills that they have cultivated and used as a professional have created courses that they have on their website or other networks. If any interested viewer is looking to learn that skill then they can buy your course. Similarly, a lot of YouTubers have started creating their own merchandise which they sell to their followers and gain revenue from it. So, if you have a good engaging subscriber base then you can try this path out.

These are some of the ways in which you can earn money on YouTube. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.

How to premiere a video on youtube?

YouTube has been upgrading itself since its conception. It has been adding new features to optimize the platform and make it much more fun and flexible to use. Many of these features have helped YouTubers promote their content better. In 2018, YouTube decided to add a new feature to the platform. This feature allowed YouTubers to premiere their videos. This meant that YouTubers can now upload their videos to YouTube and then schedule its release. Yes, you do not have to upload and publish your videos instantly but rather you can schedule a time when your video will be automatically published and viewable to the public. But how does it help your cause? Well, once you schedule a video you get access to a video premiere page. This is the same page where people can watch your video once it is published.

So, you can now promote your video and share this page across various social media platforms urging your followers to be there for the premiere of the video. There are a bunch of advantages when it comes to premiere a video on YouTube. You can generate hype or buzz about your video even before it is published.

This way your fans can be there when the video is published which will bring in a good number of views as soon as the video is published. Another advantage of premiering is that you can watch the video alongside your followers and connect with them in the comment section. Though the premiered video can be watched, liked or commented on from any device be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop the video can only be scheduled to premiere at a certain time on desktop. Now, let us take a look at what you need to do in order to premiere a video on YouTube.

  • First, you need to go to your YouTube channel and click on upload. You can also use the link
  • Now, you have to select the video on your device that you want to upload and enter the relevant video details. There are some constraints on the format of the video when it comes to premiere a video on YouTube. You cannot premiere a 360/vr180 video. Also, an output greater than 1080p is not supported by YouTube for premiering a video.
  • You can premiere the video instantly i.e. as soon as the video processing is done. For this, you have to click on save or publish. Next, click public and then choose the option set as the instant premiere.
  • As mentioned before premieres can be scheduled to be published at a later time. For this, you have to click schedule and then enter the date and time you want your video to premiere. Now, just click on set as the premiere and click on done or schedule.

Once you have scheduled your video to premiere at a certain time a public watch page for the premiere is created. As soon as the video gets to publish it will be available for watching on this watch page. If your subscribers have selected the bell icon to get tune-in notifications then they will be notified 30 minutes before the start of the premiere and then notified again at the start of the premiere.

If you are eligible for monetizing your videos on YouTube then you can earn money from the video you are premiering. You can serve automatic pre-roll ads during the premiere of the video. However, midroll ads are not allowed when the video is premiering. But once the video is premiered i.e. it has been published and completed streaming then midroll ads can also be served just like in any other video.


There are plenty of others, but these 7 are trusted by me as I’ve personally tested them. Of course, there might be other good sites, which if you know and want me to test them, drop a comment.

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