10 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views in 2021

Sites To Buy YouTube Views

Have you seen all of YouTube ‘s big channels and videos with millions of viewers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and a lot of likes? If you are just beginning your journey on YouTube, you may be shocked by their scale and appearance.

I BET YOU WONDERED HOW It GOT SO GREAT?  Well, it’s a lot easier to reach the same exposure rate with the best sites to buy YouTube views.

They ‘re offering services that can kick-start your stardom. Anything that just could make you go high. Ordinarily, we agree you would like to do video marketing. But do you really have time to run standard, worn-out promotions, and wait months before your numbers increase? We all know, the breeding ground of musical (and other) video fame is YouTube.

YouTube is how, day by day, the film industry, brands, PR companies and even creative ‘like tobes’ are achieving progress. All of them put so many videos out there, however, that it’s hard to get yours noticed. You just have to be sharp and need  to get fast views. We are sure that the sites mentioned below will help you out-

Here is the list of some popular website to increase Youtube views:



Viralyft is a website where you can get multiple services for different social media platforms. These services will make your content go viral. Having content go viral can have lots of benefits since you get hundreds of thousands of people viewing your video. Viralyft supports popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify and SoundCloud.

There are different services for each of these platforms like you can buy subscribers for your YouTube channel, views for your YouTube video etc. So, you can grow on multiple platforms just by using this one website if you like the services that this company provides.

The company promises fast delivery. Customers will not have to wait for multiple days to get the order delivered. The rates of the various services have been kept cheap. Your safety and privacy are taken care of with utmost professionalism. If you are looking to boost the appearance of your video then buying views can help.

Viralyft has many packages for YouTube views. At the starting price of $6.99, you can get 1000 views. These will be real advert views and can take anywhere from a day to three days to deliver the views depending on the order quantity. But generally, you will get same-day delivery. You can also reach out to the customer support team which is always there to help clients.



Another company that has services for boosting your social media marketing on popular social media platforms is ViewsExpert. It claims to be the trending way to increase your online popularity on social media platforms. On the website of ViewsExpert, you can expect to buy services for YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Twitter and Facebook.

You can buy subscribers for your hour channel and views and likes for your videos. The website lets you target viewers based in the US. The process to purchase the services is very simple. Select the relevant social media platform. Next, select the service and then the quantity based on your budget and strategy. Pay for the service and wait for the company to deliver you the order.

There are many packages made for YouTube views. You can purchase 1000 YouTube views for $6.99. There are other packages as well. The costliest package is priced at $373.99 and provides you with 100k views. The delivery of the views takes a day or two to be completed. It depends on the quantity of your order. For lesser quantities, the delivery is quite fast. These views will come from all over the world. You can buy US specific views as well. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help resolve your queries.


stormviews - website for youtube viwes

StormViews YouTube views service is excellent. They were able to produce 1,459 views within 24 hours, after ordering 1,000 YouTube views from the client. It also boasts a 58 percent retention rate which is considered above average. Of all these views, 553 were originating from unique users.

The delivery had been smooth for a package of that size. Bigger orders such as the 1 m view package may take up to 25 days to get full service. For other companies in the same industry, that is a normal thing. You can send your payments via American Express, PayPal, credit cards, and select cryptocurrencies (i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin).

They offer subscribers from around the world who are 100 per cent real humans and verified users, according to StormViews. The minimum rate is 8, $which can be used by 100 subscribers to grow your YouTube channel. We attempted to order 100 of the company’s subscribers and they ended up sending 239 subs to our channel – more than double our initial order.

Based on the metrics, most of the subscribers paying came from India, Turkey and the United States. There are 6 packages for YouTube subscribers to pick from. Their lowest package is the $8 for 100 subscribers while the highest package includes 5,000 subscribers, priced at $349. Many StormViews YouTube Solutions isn’t restricted to views. The company also provides other assets like bonds.


vihatrading - website for youtube views

One of the most reliable websites we are inclined to encounter, the net website provides social media services based on performance. This means you’re going to get a well-analyzed personal service that helps you improve your reach through social media. They deliver YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Linkedin and Vimeo services. If you choose to plug into your business via YouTube, then Vihatrading might be  a great investment for you.

This should make it easy to improve your reputation on YouTube even when various channels are keeping up with your needs while booting at a reasonable value. This computing system is the manufacturer priced at rock bottom on this list. The website to boot provides safe purchases through PayPal and was easy to produce until quality followers and views came up.

Follower Packages provides services in YouTube views, Instagram followers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers among others. One thing and everything beneath an umbrella you like. They hear shopper demands and consequently deliver only that which is highly appreciable from any location.


Nemo views - website for youtube viwes

NemoViews.com is the most reputable websites we’ve experienced, providing the best level of views on the industry. This ensures that you will provide a well evaluated customized service that will help you boost your ranks on social media and through your platform. They will help increase your credibility on YouTube and on other platforms at the best prices according to your needs.

This website is one of the lowest priced cloud services but it doesn’t sacrifice on consistency, this mix ensures it’s available to almost everyone! If you’re looking for the best quality views and you like video at the best possible prices, then this is the clear choice!

Flourishing YouTube and more YouTubers emerging from every corner of the world, it ‘s extremely hard to attract viewers to your videos and get more views. Therefore, more and more users are choosing to buy views on YouTube in order to raise their fan base and bring their popularity image out there. Its noted that purchasing a view helps to improve the channel’s authentic development while watching.

NemoViews is a website designed to help maximize Youtube Views for paid users, in the easiest way. It also offers services such as (views and subscribers) for many other websites.

They offer true human opinions, and not bot opinions, according to the website. That is what many companies and producers of content enjoy about the web – particularly people who want to do their work before as many people as possible.

Media Mister

media mister - website for youtube views

Media Mister is a full-service social media networking and development organization that can assist you across many different social media platforms and several different activities to participate in. From Instagram and Facebook to YouTube, there aren’t too many things that Media Mister can’t do for your online growth. They claim to have helped as much as 50,000 separate individuals on their website, which is a perfect road to recovery.

Packages which we believe are fair and inexpensive. With your subscription list, fans, views, posts, and reviews, you can get support and they can do all. They have a high retention rate, a fast turnaround time, and good customer support, making them one of the best in the business.

They have a fantastic level of delivery and can offer up to 1 million views over 25 days, which we think is a great amount. This will look nice and organic against your account. Also, they accept many different payment forms, from PayPal to credit cards. They support Bitcoin and other alternatives for cryptocurrencies.


1000followers - website for youtube viwes

Buy1000Followers has been in operation since 2013, during this period offering a range of social media marketing tools on different channels. This covers Snapchat, Facebook , and YouTube, as well as the Instagram apps we ‘re going to review here.

Their website is fairly basic, and in the text you can note some grammar errors, but they are a reliable business that performs what they say. They have fans, regular fans, shares, feedback, opinions and reviews to take a closer look at their Instagram services. You can target those from India, or Arabic speakers, to further customize your worldwide followers.

The first contact line is their live chat, this is not staffed 24/7. You may use it to leave a follow-up message for them later. If you really want an answer right now, then you can try their Skype on Followers1.com. Their other contact forms are email at support@buy1000followers.co, and their mailing address at 395001 at A-123 Pipload, Surat Gujarat. Their customer service is answerable via email


geta follower - website for youtube views

GetAFollower is a US-based digital marketing agency specializing in engaging social media accounts for their customers. GetAFollower was founded in 2010, claiming they can turn their clients into a social media celebrity. The company’s website is elegant and new, and all of its sponsored websites and resources are available from home.

Their order procedure is quick and you don’t even have to sign up. Upon choosing a service plan and inserting the relevant URL to your social media site, you simply need to type in your billing information and pay online with your credit card, PayPal, or CoinPayments. GetAFollower also allows cash and check fees, but it would leave you ineligible for refunds. Orders can’t be personalized since the services come packaged.

To get customer service from the company, you can either fill out the form below the Contact Us tab, or chat with a live human. GetAFollower says the high quality social media messages they receive come from real individuals and active accounts. GetAFollower supports follower services for many sites, including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter post
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+


marketing heaven - website for youtube viwes

The Marketing Heaven is a UK-based social media promotions service. They offer different services on YouTube including video views, favorites, and feedback. The company claims to maintain an extensive network of social media users promoting your YouTube videos, allowing you to obtain views of good quality.

What we like about the YouTube views service from The Marketing Heaven is that you get separate plans for country-specific, international views. For each category the packages they offer are sizeable and will meet specific needs. The company says all of the views come from real people through promotions they engage in.

Their customer support is overwhelming, their live chat panel being unusable, and having slow responses to messages. This is offset by their fairly good policies on refund and retention. Marketing Heaven is an ok option for good-quality, targeted views for your videos, but before making a decision you may want to look at more of our top view providers.

The Marketing Heaven was founded in UK in 2014. Their goal from the outset was to provide numerous resources for social media promotions. For Twitch, they have different deals for foreign and country-targeted video views. They’ve got likes , shares and comments too. Twitter is the other channel they work for, and YouTubers who tweet would love them.


buy cheap followers -website for youtube viwes

BuyCheapFollowersLikes is a social media marketing company, registered in India and active in business since at least 2013. Their website is easy to navigate but the text contains some strange grammar. They take care of their customers, with sound policy of refund and retention. Compared to other firms their rates are pretty good. Plans for YouTube can be found alongside Twitter, Instagram and Twitter.

At BuyCheapFollowersLikes we ordered 5,000 YouTube Views to see if they could deliver their service as offered. Overall we were very pleased with the order, which came in full and on time. The average percentage viewed at 98 per cent was also very high.

Customer service responded immediately to our inquiries, responding one by one to all our complaints. They do have good money-back and maintenance plans in case a issue occurs. BuyCheapFollowersLikes services are recommended if you are looking to up your social proof on YouTube.

Social Marketeers

social marketeers - website for youtube views

Located in Surrey, UK, The Social Marketeers is a marketing company that has developed to offer not only social media increasing services but also web design, pay-per – click and online reputation management since its launch in 2010. This company offers services for a quite amazing number of platforms, more than any website we’ve ever seen.

They deliver YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter , Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Amazon, IMDB boosting tools and there’s much more to it than that.


Here at FanBump, it is believed that organically growing your account is the best solution for Instagram growth in the short and long term – not inorganically buying followers from a service like Media Mister. That is why we created our service, and why we love hundreds of customers! Their service is simple:

Each month they present your account to tens of thousands of relevant users.The result is that each month the customers get 200-1k real and engaged followers.

FanBump does not use box or bogus accounts to improve your Instagram growth. It is an approach to account management that we see with many such services. You start by sharing details about your target market and then you’re matched to an account manager who will create a personalized list of Instagram accounts with common interests.

The FanBump approach relies on your account on human activity, the approach that they are using is safe. However, it’s a risk to give a company access to your account without thoroughly checking who they are and trusting they will behave ethically.


Famups has been in the social media marketing industry helping clients boost all the connections that they play through different popular social media channels. The company has been providing services for social media promotion for a few years and has helped thousands of clients by delivering them the stats they have purchased like subscribers, views, likes, followers etc. Some do the platforms for which you can purchase a service on the website of Famups are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify and Twitter.

Famups promises to host the client engagement on your social profiles by implementing organic ways. The company routinely upgrades itself and uses some of the advanced techniques and digital round maps to drive traffic to its customer’s profiles and accounts. Various digital solutions are being used to help clients gain long-term customers from their online audiences.

You can buy a bunch of YouTube services from Famous. The starting price for YouTube views is $21 for 3000 views. The delivery can take anywhere from 3 to 7 days. It is usually much quicker but that’s the maximum cap. You can get US specific views at the starting price of $7 for 500 views. You will get 24/7 live support.


The next company on this list is very confident of the service it provides its clients. SocialPackages has been in this field for some years and claims to be the best service provider when it comes to social media marketing services.

With the services, it provides for popular social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Spotify you can gain online credibility which you can then use to attract more people to engage with your content and become your followers. You can buy likes, followers, subscribers, views and plays depending on which area you want to receive a boost. SocialPackages has put effort into making the interface of its website user-friendly.

Clients do not have to have a clunky and laggy experience rather they can easily side the smooth and simple interface to order the services quickly. The services are delivered quickly as well. In many cases, you may get the entire order delivered in a matter of minutes or maybe in a couple of hours.

You can buy 1000 YouTube views for $7 ok SocialPackages. These views will be of the highest quality and the delivery will be safe. You do not need to share your password just providing the video URL will be enough. You can contact the customer support team for queries.


Getrealboost is all about providing top quality services to its clients at an affordable price. These services are meant to make your social media marketing convertible, simple and easy and thus help you boost your online presence on popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud. You can buy various services for these platforms on the website getrealboost.com.

This company promises to be a trusted source of social media services. All the stats that you buy i.e. likes, views, subscribers, followers etc. come from real and genuine users. When you work with the company you get the help of a team of experts who are successful in their respective fields.

In this day and age, growing on social media platforms has become difficult due to the amount of competition that one has to face. This is one of the reasons Getrealboost has decided to provide the best quality services at a reasonable price to help small businesses and newcomers to the scene. You can buy YouTube views from Getrealboost. The starting package will provide you with 1000 views for $6. All the packages support fast delivery and the views come from all over the world. The company also provides life-time guarantee on the views.


The next company on this list has been active for over three years. Famoid is an American company based out of Delaware. It sells a variety of social media services to clients and also provides various essential software to the industry. The company claims that all the services that you purchase from its website are of top quality and a client can buy and use them to boost their online presence. It does not want a relationship with the customer based only on monetary transactions but rather a trustworthy relationship which is developed by providing good services which give them the desired results. Famoid believes that it may not be so difficult to become popular on social media anymore by using the services that it provides. The name Famoid is made up of two words. The obvious one being famous and the second one being oid which is short for object identifier. Thus, Famoid is an object which will make you famous. The company provides various services for platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It has packages for YouTube views. For the starting price of $12.95, you can purchase 1000 YouTube views for your video. All the views are real and active and these are also safe and monetizable. If you have queries then reach out to the customer service executives.


The next company on the list is Venium. This is a company which understands social media promotion and has been linked with this field for almost 20 years. Over time it has gathered enough experience and expertise to provide the client with the services they need to improve their presence on various social media platforms. The company has a team of more than 55 employees who have helped over 265j customers and have provided them with services of good quality which brought them the desired results. Venium cares about the user experience and you can soon order via the Venium app available for both iOS and Android.

Venium likes to keep it simple when it comes to social media promotion. It believes complicating things might not be the best approach. Keeping things simple might be more effective and efficient in these cases. This is why Venium claims to be straightforward in its approach when it comes to social media marketing. The company provides services for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify. You can buy YouTube views from Venium at the cost of $5.99 per 1000 views. The company mentions it provides country targeted views as well. These views will be YouTube and AdSense safe. You get live tracking and the view will improve your video rank.


Fastlykke is a company that knows what it’s doing and has a team of experts backing it to help the customers with social media marketing by providing services that can help boost their online credibility on various social media platforms. These experts have been in the field of marketing and promotion for over two decades and are going to use their expertise to help the clients. Fastlykke assures you that when you purchase any service from its website you will get top-quality likes, views, subscribers, followers etc. depending on what you buy.

These stats will help you gain the desired results. The company has been observing the social media industry for years and understands that most newcomers face difficulty in getting ahead of the crowd. So, the services it provides are affordable with no compromise with the quality.

Once you get the desired credibility after purchasing the services you can use your promotional strategy and entertaining and attractive content to build on the credibility and attract an organic following. Fastlykke sells YouTube views as well. You can check out the recommendations on the website for the best places to purchase the views. For more queries, you can contact the support team.


Currently, most of the popular social media platforms are content-saturated. Millions of people are using these platforms and hundreds of thousands of them want to become famous and make these platforms a source of income. This is why the competition is high. Themarketingheaven is a company that provides its clients with various tools to help them grow on social media platforms and leave the competition speechless.

You can get ahead of the crowd using these services. The company says that using its services are much cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on finding out and split-testing new approaches. It has only been a few years since the company started providing the services but has satisfied almost 3k clients and delivered over 650k social media signals monthly.

When you head to the website you see three campaigns Viz. Social media campaigns, YouTube, campaigns and Twitter campaigns. If you want YouTube views for your videos then you will have to choose YouTube campaigns. You can either buy international views or go for country targeted views. International views are more affordable and the delivery is faster. These will be from real users and fully confidential. These views cost $14.97 for every 2000 views. Country targeted views have a slower delivery speed and cost $14.99 every 1000 views.


It is obvious from the name of the next company that it sells services related to social media marketing. Buysocialmediamarketing supports four different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The services for these platforms will help you grow online.

The company claims that they have satisfied a lot of customers over the years many of whom return for more. It is also getting new customers regularly who are looking to purchase the services to boost their online credibility. Buysocialmediamarketing does not want to break the bank of its customers.

This is why all the services that are present on its website are very cheap. But cheap does not mean that the company compromises with quality. You will still get good quality services at affordable rates. The company is willing to help and work with its clients to help them gain many fans which can then attract more people organically helping the counter promote their product or service.

The safety, security and privacy of your data and the monetary transactions are taken care of by the company. You can buy YouTube views to boost the appearance of your video and attract more people to it. The starting price for YouTube views on Buysocialmediamarketing is $7.99 for 1000 views. The delivery will start in 12 hours. Reach out to the support team to clear your doubts.


Socialboss is a company which serves as a marketplace for various services that people need to boost their social media marketing. When you visit the website of the company socialboss.org you can find that the company provides services for over 20 social media platforms. So, you can find services for almost all popular social media platforms on the website. Some of the popular platforms omg these are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, SoundCloud, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So, check out the various services that Socialboss provides for the platforms. Who knows if you end up liking the quality of the services, the customer support that it provides then you may make it your one-stop destination for various social media services.

The company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers. So, if you received a partial order or did not receive your service you will get a full refund. The payment methods available are Visa, MasterCard and to make it easier for clients you can also use Apple Pay and Gpay to pay for the services. The customer support team is available round the clock to help customers with their queries. You can buy YouTube views on socialboss.org. The starting package costs $3.49 for 500 views. The video must be available to all countries.


SubPals provides services for a lot of social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify etc. But it is mainly popular for the services it provides for the YouTube platform. You can buy multiple services to improve your presence on YouTube. The company provides YouTube channel evaluation, YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, YouTube likes, YouTube watch hours, YouTube comments, YouTube shares, youth embeds etc.

You can even use a trial for free YouTube views. These services will help you boost the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategy and grow faster on YouTube. You can use the free subscribers option, to get around 10 subscribers daily you just have to do a few tasks for 5 minutes and you will get 10 new subs. For free views, the site will direct you to goviral.ai where you can get free YouTube marketing.

The company has a network of YouTubers who are looking to grow on YouTube as well. SubPals uses this network to provide its clients with the views, likes, subscribers etc. that they have purchased. You can buy YouTube views from subpals.com for the beginning price of $20 for 1000 views. The company claims that it is safe and private and the refill is guaranteed.


SMM-World is one of the cheapest service providers out there. The company says it is the largest and cheapest SMM panel on the market. You can get services like Instagram Views, Instagram followers, LinkedIn followers, Spotify plays, Twitter followers, TikTok followers, TikTok likes YouTube views and many more.

All the services can be purchased at a very cheap price. SMM-World has been active for quite some time and has completed over 159k orders for around 37k clients. The company promises that even though the services are cheap it does not compromise on the quality of the service. It will try to deliver the services as quickly as possible so that the clients do not have to wait for long to get the boost they are looking for.

There are some services for YouTube promotion as well. You can buy YouTube views from the website. It costs $0.32 for every 100 views. The process of the order will be instant and you can split the views between multiple videos. The company promises to provide real views. You do not need to provide any YouTube access or password. Only the URL of your video is needed. For doubts, you can contact the support executives.


Another website that provides tools for enhancing a client’s social media marketing is slicksocials.com. The company wants to boost the social status of its clients. It wants to achieve this by providing authentic and genuine services when it comes to likes, views, followers etc. You can get services for YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram and other popular social media platforms. The company promises safe and guaranteed growth to its customers by head-turning results of premium quality. So far, Slicksocials has delivered and completed around 500k orders and has helped over 25k clients.

For purchasing a service you have to register and join their community of social media users. After registering you have to add a payment method and then add funds to your accounts which you will be using to purchase service. Now, you are all set to buy the services. You can buy multiple services at the click of a button. Slicksocials serves clients from all over the world. The free live chat system is available after your registration where you can ask your doubts. The cost of YouTube views on the website is $0.99 for 1000 views. To protect you from drops you will receive extra views for each order you place.


Instant-Famous is a company that claims that its services are meant to make you famous on social media quickly. The company has good knowledge of the social media marketing industry. If you want to grow on social media and attract more audience whom you can convert to your customers then all you need to do is create a buzz around your content and profile to attract more people. The social media platforms for which the company provides the services for are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Cracking the code to succeed in online marketing can help you get more eyes on the product or service that you are looking to sell. Instant-Famous claims that most of its customers are satisfied by the quality of its services and have given positive feedback. Over 39k customers have been served and satisfied with social media marketing tools.

The company has closed over 63k orders. You can always contact the customer support team on WhatsApp. The cost of YouTube views for 1000 views is £6.99. These services are meant to boost the efficacy of your social media marketing strategy. You can use these views to better promote your videos and attract more users to watch your videos. The company also provides YouTube organic promotion. If you do not like buying direct services you can go to this service.


If you are looking for services to skyrocket your growth on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and many more.

The company promises to be genuine in its efforts and wants to work hard for its client’s satisfaction. The company wants to build a relationship based on trust with its clients and not just based on monetary transactions. You do not have to worry about losing your money if you do not receive your order or end up receiving partial or incomplete orders. The company will provide you with a full refund.

This guarantee will be available for 30 days from the time of purchase. So, you can always reach out to the support team if there is a problem with the orders. The process to choose and pay for a service on managergram.com is very easy. You have to select the platform and choose the service you want.

Then choose a package based on the quantity you are looking for and your budget. Now, choose a payment method and pay for the service. Managergram will do the rest and deliver you the service. The site is most popular for its Instagram device but a lot of people use it to buy YouTube services like YouTube views. For $10 you can get 1000 real views for your video. The company promises high retention. You can check out the website for more packages.


If you are looking to start your social media journey then chances are you might be starting from the base level. This can make it difficult and more time-consuming to rise ahead of the competition.

Buysocialpack is a company that provides various social media marketing services and believes that these services can help its clients start their social media journey at a higher level and that this will help you reach your goal much faster. Some of the popular platforms for which you can get services and grow are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, Pinterest and many more.

If you are looking to Jodi the traffic on your website then you can purchase a service for that as well. The company promises that this traffic is Google analytics supported and safe. All your data is kept private and monetary transactions are secured as the company uses PayPal as one of the payment methods. Over a million orders have already been completed by Buysocialpack.

Whenever you purchase a service you can be assured that the delivery will start within a few hours. In most cases, it only takes around 10 minutes for the delivery to start.


The last company on this list is a company that is fully dedicated to providing services for YouTube. If you are looking to grow your channel on YouTube and gain lots of subscribers and views then you can use the services provided by Nemoviews to give your YouTube promotional strategy a boost.

The company believes that for new users it might be difficult to make people watch their videos. This is because you might not have enough views or engagement to attract people. By using the company’s services you can promote your videos much better and attract new viewers. The entire process is meant to be optimized for better results.

The company uses various marketing techniques, sponsored placements and premium networks to promote your content thus, helping you gain the engagement you paid for.

The steps to start a campaign to grow on YouTube takes a few minutes. First, you have to choose a plan and then customize it according to your strategy. Once you have done that you now have to pay for the campaign. Nemoviews can take anywhere between 8 to 24 hours to create the custom campaign for you and then you just have to wait for the stats to come rolling in.


Will I Get a free trial Before Buying?

You will get a free trial before buying given that the service provider you have chosen provides it. Most companies which provide social media marketing services do not provide a free trial for YouTube views. You have to buy the cheapest package to check out the service quality of these companies. But there are companies which mention that they provide free trials. You can go through the above list as we have mentioned a few companies which do provide free trials.

Will it help me earn more?

Yes, some of the companies do mention that the views are monetizable. Also, the views are mainly meant to provide you with enough credibility to be able to promote your videos in a better way. What generally happens is that most people do not want to invest time watching videos that have less engagement in terms of views, likes or comments.

So, to attract then you can buy views for your videos. This may make them curious as to why your video has so many views and they may click on it. But of course, the quality of your content matters a lot otherwise you won’t be able to retain your viewers. Once your video is getting a lot of views you will be able to earn money by monetizing your videos and getting sponsors. To know more you can check out our guide on how to earn money below the FAQs.

How to Buy Youtube Views?

If you are looking to purchase views for your YouTube videos then first you have to look for a good service provider. This is a crucial step and will consume most of your time.

To choose a good service provider you can use our list. But before making any purchase contact the service team of the companies you are interested in and get all your doubts cleared. Ask them the process they use to supply the views and how safe it is and various other crucial questions. If a company is transparent about its process and you like the services it provides then you can go ahead with it. Next, you have to choose YouTube as the platform on the website.

Then select YouTube views as the service you want to purchase. Now, you will be asked to choose from multiple packages. Choose the package which best suits your strategy and budget. All that is left to do now is select a payment method and pay for the service. The company will do the rest and provide you with the services within a few minutes to a few days depending on the number of views you purchased.

Does it have any options for Targeted Audience?

Yes, some companies provide options for targeted views. You can select views based on country and gender. Most companies which provide targeted views generally provide an option to select US specific views. In general, you will be able to purchase views which can come from anywhere around the world. So, before purchasing a service you have to make sure that your video is available in all countries.

Why Do You Buy Youtube Views?

There are a lot of reasons why one can buy views. It is all about social media promotion. If you want to grow on YouTube you will likely face a lot of competition mostly because millions of videos are uploaded every day. So, how can you get people to watch your videos? In general, most people would only watch videos of their favorite YouTubers or videos which have a good amount of engagement in terms of views, likes etc.

So, if you want to attract people to watch your video then you can buy views and attract them to watch your videos. Buying views will boost the credibility of your video and will make people curious as to why your video has so many views and they might click on it. Having more views can also improve the rank of your video on YouTube searches.

How can I Track my Views?

Most sides provide clients with a live tracking feature which they can use to track their order.

Is it Illegal to Buy Views on YouTube?

No, it is not illegal to buy views on YouTube. You can pay people to subscribe to you or watch your videos. YouTube may ban or shadowban your account if you receive a lot of bot subscribers or bot views.

Will Your Video Be Removed?

Unless you get a high inflow of bot views on your video in a short amount of time buying views will not get your video removed. YouTube may ban or suspend your account for bot views but in general, videos are only removed if it contains graphic content or copyrighted material.

Will Your Account be Banned?

You can get banned on YouTube if your videos receive a bunch of views from bot accounts or your channel has a lot of bot subscribers.

Can You Really Buy YouTube Views?

Yes, you can buy YouTube views. You can follow the FAQ on how to buy YouTube views.

Does Buying YouTube Views Really Work?

The efficacy of buying YouTube views depends entirely on your promotional strategy. If you are not able to capitalize on the credibility that you gain after purchasing a bunch of views for your video then it might not help you grow on YouTube. If you buy views from real and genuine accounts that are safe and monetizable then these views can boost the rank of your video and also help attract more people to watch your video as they might be curious to see hey your videos have so many views. Buying views in itself will not be very effective and you have to use it as one of the tools to boost the effectiveness of your strategy. Also, the quality and entertainment value of your video matters a lot.

How Does Buying YouTube Views Work?

A lot of companies have networks of YouTube users. So, when a client purchase views for their video the company broadcasts to its network to like the video of the client in return for some kind of incentive. Another method that many companies use is promotion. These companies use email blasts or social media promotions to promote their client’s videos to attract attention to them and gain more views. There are many scammers which provide views via bot accounts.

Is it Safe to Buy YouTube Views?

It is safe to buy YouTube views if the service provider is decent and provides you with views from real and genuine accounts. Real and genuine looking accounts are not a problem for YouTube and thus, your views will be safe and can even help you boost your video rank. But if you get a bunch of views from bot accounts then it can be a problem as you will end up losing all your views since YouTube deletes fake accounts from its platform. So, you will end up wasting your money. Another problem that can occur is that if YouTube detects a huge inflow of bot views, likes, or subscribers to your video or channel then you might get banned or shadowbanned. There’s also a chance of things looking fishy if you do not balance out the engagement on your video and the subscriber count. This may hurt your online reputation if people find out about your purchasing views.

How long will remain?

If the views that you have bought from a company come from accounts that are legitimate then there’s a high chance that the views will remain for a long time. But there are a lot of scammers who just want to take your money and provide you with views from fake or bot accounts. These accounts are annoying to YouTube which is why it regularly deletes these accounts. When these accounts get deleted you will lose your views if the views came from these accounts. YouTube deletes hundreds of thousands of these accounts and you might end up losing all your views in a few days or months if all the views that you purchased are fake. So, we suggest you contact your service provider and ask about the retention rate of the views. Do not trust a provider that has a low retention rate even if they promise to refill your views.

Is there an option to select a specific gender?

Some websites may allow clients to select views based on gender. But in general, you will only get random views from all over the world without having the ability to target a specific location or gender. If you want to target a specific audience then you have to work with a company that can help you promote your content online by various promotions and advertising techniques to attract interested people to watch your videos.

Guides Related to Youtube Views

Pros and Cons of Buying YouTube Views

Currently, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Millions and millions of people use YouTube daily and for many YouTubers, it has become a means of livelihood. Becoming a popular YouTuber can give you a sort of celebrity status and you can earn a lot of money. This is why hundreds of thousands of people are trying to become popular on YouTube. So, the competition is very high and it makes it very difficult for newcomers to get ahead of the crowd.

This is because there are a lot of companies that have started providing help to people looking to grow their channel on YouTube. These companies provide a variety of YouTube services which can help boost a person’s strategy and help them grow faster. You can buy YouTube, subscribers, YouTube views, YouTube likes, etc.

YouTube views are used to increase the view count of your YouTube video. There are many websites where you can buy YouTube views from real users. Today, we will be taking a look at what are the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. This can help you understand if you should invest in views or not.


Let’s start with the positive aspects of buying views for your YouTube video.

  • Credibility

If you buy real YouTube views then it gives you some sort of credibility. More credibility means more people will be interested in looking at your content. Most of you have probably experienced this that you generally try to watch videos by your favourite YouTubers or videos which have lots of views. In general, we do not want to invest time watching a video which has fewer views. This is where if you Buy real YouTube views it can help give your video some credibility. People might be curious as to why your video has so many views and might decide to watch it themselves.

  • Quick Boost

Buying views provides a quick boost that you can capitalize on and promote your videos better. If you were to use completely organic methods then you might have to invest much more time. Many companies will deliver you the views in a few hours. So, you can benefit from the service on the same day that you ordered it. So, you do not have to wait for days to be able to gain views on your video. Also, many companies provide views that can boost the rank of your video on YouTube search. So, buying these views can quickly boost the visibility of your video.

  • Affordable

Buying views or any other social media services to help with your social media marketing is very cheap compared to various other tools for promotion. Of course, the efficacy of these services depends a lot on your promotional strategy but still if used correctly you can grow quickly on YouTube without spending much. For around $7 to $8 you can get around 1000 views for your video.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of buying YouTube views.

  • Lack of Actual Engagement

Buying views does not guarantee engagement. Yes, when you buy views the view count of your video will go up and it will increase the engagement on your video by the amount you bought but the users who are viewing your video will not stick around to watch your other videos or subscribe to your channel. For actual growth on YouTube, you want people to be interested in your content and actively checking out your videos and subscribing to your channel. But when you buy views then it means that the users watching your video are only doing it because you paid for it and not because they are interested in your content. So, they will not help you grow on YouTube on their own. Everything depends on how you use the credibility you get after boosting the view count of your video.

  • Bad Online Reputation

Most users will not take kindly to finding out that you are buying views or other stats to boost your presence on YouTube. It will be very bad for your reputation if people find out about this. So, whenever you are buying views you have to be very careful as to not let anyone suspect what you are doing. So, you may have to buy a bunch of different stats like subscribers, likes, comments for multiple videos to balance the stats out so that it looks less fishy. This is because people might get suspicious that your videos have lots of views but you do not have many likes or very fewer comments or subscribers.

  • Fake Accounts

Scammers are out there trying to scam people desperate to grow on YouTube. These companies run click farms and provide bot views, likes, and subscribers. If you get a bunch of views from bot accounts then it can be a problem as you will end up losing all your views since YouTube deletes fake accounts from its platform. So, you will end up wasting your money.

Another problem that can occur is that if YouTube detects a huge inflow of bot views, likes, or subscribers to your video or channel then you might get banned or shadowbanned. So, there’s a risk involved which is why you have to be careful while choosing a service provider. Always contact the company and get your queries answered before buying any service.

You have seen that there are both positive and negative aspects of this method. If your strategy can handle the cons and can take advantage of this method as well then you can go for it. Just remember the best way to buy YouTube views, which is to search for a good provider and contact them and discuss their process, safety, retention rate, and other doubts. If they are honest and transparent then you can choose them. You look for the best place to buy YouTube views and get the boost you need to promote your videos better.

Full Guide: How to Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube is probably one of the most recognized social media platforms across the globe. The platform was created some 15 years back when three developers decided to create a platform where people around the world can share videos and watch them. In just one year this concept caught on and soon the platform became popular. Google understood the potential of YouTube and decided to buy the company. Today, there are a lot of YouTubers who are famous worldwide and earn a decent living making videos on YouTube. If you have millions of subscribers you are a broadcaster. But a lot of people do not have a good idea about how to make money on YouTube. We decided to discuss the four most popular ways that YouTubers are using to earn money on YouTube. So, let’s get into it.

  • Monetizing Videos

This is one of the basic ways in which many YouTubers earn money from their videos. When you monetize your videos Google will play ads on your video and when people watch the ads you will make a bit of money from it. This is why to be able to earn money on YouTube you need to have a good subscriber base as well as good engagement rates on your videos. The more viewers you pull in the more you earn. But you can’t monetize your videos easily. Google will only allow you to use this feature after it has verified that your channel meets the requirements for monetization. Your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers and it should have pulled in over 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. If you meet these requirements you will be able to monetize your videos and make money.

  • Getting Sponsors

Another way to earn on YouTube is to get sponsors to pay you to promote their products or services on your videos. These videos are called sponsored videos. Basically, you make your videos in the same style and them as you do but in one part of it you mention the brand which has sponsored you and then urge your viewers to check out the products or services made by the brand. Many YouTubers promote VPN service providers, domain hosting companies, etc. To be able to get sponsors your videos need to be able to pull a good amount of engagement in terms of views, likes, and comments. The company needs to see that your audience is loyal to you and if you promote the service or product a percentage of your viewers will purchase it.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another method to get some money from your YouTube fame. For this, you need to provide affiliate links to products or services in the description of your videos. You can then ask your viewers that if they are interested in buying that particular product or service then they could use the link you provided. When anyone purchases via your affiliate link you get a small percentage of the revenue earned by the company. We suggest you only put links to products that you use in your daily life. For example, if your channel is about photography you can provide affiliate links for the equipment you use. If you make cooking videos you can put links for the knives, pan, spices, etc. Also, be transparent about it and let them know that they will be helping the channel by using the links to make a purchase.

  • Your Product Or Service

The last way to earn money on YouTube that we are going to discuss are you promoting your services or products. A lot of YouTubers sell their merchandise which can be clothing items. If you are an expert on a topic and you think people can learn from you and benefit them you can create an online course and promote it on YouTube. For example, if you are a professional photographer then you can make an online photography course and ask your viewers to purchase the course if they are interested in improving their photography skills.

As you can see all of these methods require you to grow a good subscriber base on YouTube and have good engagement on your videos. Your viewers need to be loyal to you. So, focus on creating good content and having a set goal and a good promotional strategy.

How to premiere a video on youtube?

YouTube added the premiere video feature in 2018. It gave YouTubers the ability to schedule the publishing of their video. When you premiere a video on YouTube you can set a time for its release or publishing and then use the premiere page to promote your video. This page is the same page where your video will be available to watch once it is published. Below are the steps you need to follow to premiere a video on YouTube.

  • First, you need to upload your video. Go to your channel and click on upload.
  • Choose the video that you want to upload from your device and enter the video details. As of now, output greater than 1080p is not supported for premiered videos. Also, 360/vr180 format videos cannot be premiered.
  • If you want to instantly premiere the video then just click on save or publish. Once done you have to click public and set your video to instant premiere.
  • To schedule the video to be premiered at a later time you need to click on schedule. Now, enter the time you want your video to be published.
  • Now, just click on set as a premiere and click on done or schedule.

You can monetize your premiere video. But only pre-roll ads will be played during the premiere of the videos. Midroll ads are available once your video has completed its first streaming.


There are just 3 ways to get views on YouTube:

  • Organically speaking
  • Control YouTube Ads (on and in-stream)
  • Buy views (buy views straight away)

The perfect situation is a mixture of 1 and 2, but that doesn’t mean there’s no option 3. Above, we have given a lot of major companies and famous YouTubers buying shares, followers, likes, tweets, etc. If you are looking to increase the involvement of your viewers, or simply get more followers, be sure to go through our article above.

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