Buzzoid Review – Is it Good Option for Instagram Marketing?

Buzzoid Review

In the past five years, there has been a major influx of local online businesses. A study shows that in the year 2019 retail e-commerce transactions worldwide amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars.

Out of all the social media services, Instagram is not only a social networking platform to interact with your loved ones or meet new people but also among the top online business platforms for not only local business but also global luxury brands.

In such a vast online global market, a new business ought to go unnoticed without the required marketing services. Without the necessary engagement rates and followers, your dream to have an online business empire can come crashing down.

Buzzoid has been around since Instagram was first launched, giving it over 12 years of experience in social media marketing. The service has established itself to become a user friendly and reliable social marketing tool.

The platform provides instant, good quality likes, views, and followers for a very reasonable price. Moreover, the platform guarantees to provide the following other from real, active Instagram users. Investing in this tool will not only improve your online presence by increasing your followers and engagement rate but also attract more audiences.

Best Sites like Buzzoid:

Name of Site Rating Avg. Price Range
#1. Social Packages 4.8 $7 – $100
#2. Viralyft 4.7 $2 – $500
#3. Views Expert 4.5 $1.99 – $450
#4. 4.3 $1.39 – $250
#5. 4.1 $1.25 – $300

Features of Buzzoid:


Need a fast and hassle-free increase in your account’s growth? Buzzoid has your back. The tool is reliable and user friendly and comes with some attractive and essential features that will glam up your Instagram account. Check out the list of all it’s features.

  • User friendly

Who doesn’t like a simple and straightforward website to do all the work for you! All Buzzoid requires is your username. That’s it! You don’t need to provide any sensitive information about yourself or your password to see your numbers rise. Once you enter your information and submit your form, you start receiving notifications within minutes from real users.

  • Genuine likes and followers

Unlike other social marketing tools available in the market, buzzoid guarantees and provides genuine likes and follows from other Instagram users who are targeted to your content or niche. This not only increases your engagement rate but furthermore grow your online presence and your brand. It also guarantees a 100% retention rate for these followers. 

  • Fast delivery

Spending a copious amount on social media marketing apps and not seeing instant results is huge dismay. Buzzoid claims to have the fastest delivery of followers and likes in the market. Within an hour you will receive all your likes and followers from real-life Instagram accounts.

  • Easy refund

Used buzzoid but aren’t satisfied with their services? You have nothing to worry about as Buzzoid has a very easy and efficient refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the delivery or quality of your order, you may request a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

  • 24-hour support

Do you have several questions about the website pestering you at night? Do not worry because Buzzoid has 24-hour customer service. You can reach them at the on-page contact form or on their following email address or on their customer service phone number that is  (703) 752-6168.

Services provided

buzzoid services

Buzzoid provides four very straightforward and standard services.

  • Buying followers

As a marketing tool, Buzzoid’s most popular service is ‘buying followers’. On social media, that is the fastest way of establishing your brand and ensuring a certain level of credibility to your audience.

The bigger the audience, the better influence you will have on the newer followers. The tool allows you to choose a certain number of followers from a wide range of affordable and genuine packages.

  • Buying likes

Instagram’s algorithm registers likes and the posts with higher likes are inevitably shown on the explore page. To escalate your audience organically and with ease, you need likes on your posts so that they are seen by a larger audience. Not only that, but higher likes also manipulate the minds of the potential buyers into thinking that your work is bona fide.

  • Buying views

Similarly, higher views on videos determine it’s reach and popularity. Videos with higher views are displayed on the explore pages and hence are seen by a larger audience. Also, higher views on videos add to your level of credibility.

  • Managed growth

This relatively intuitive tool lets you put all your marketing needs on autopilot. It is amongst the leading organic tools for providing real connections that boost sales, brand awareness, paid partnerships, and credibility. The package includes features like hashtag targeting, location targeting, growth statistics, etc.


The pricing and various packages for the previously mentioned services are listed below.

  •  Buying Instagram followers

buy instagram followers - buzzoid services

There are six different packages to choose from while buying Instagram followers.

  • For 100 followers the price is $2.97.
  • For 250 followers the price is $4.99.
  • For 500 followers the price is $6.99.
  • For 1,000 followers the price is $12.99.
  • For 2,500 followers the price is $29.99.
  • For 5,000 followers the price is $39.99.

For every package, regardless of the price, they provide genuine followers, 24/7 support, and fast delivery.

  • Buying Instagram likes

buy instagram likes - buzzoid services

While buying likes for your Instagram account, you get a choice between eight different packages.

  • For 50 likes the price is $1.47.
  • For 100 likes the price is $2.97.
  • For 250 likes the price is $4.99.
  • For 500 likes the price is $6.99.
  • For 1,000 likes the price is $12.99.
  • For 2,500 likes the price is $24.99.
  • For 5,000 likes the price is $44.99.
  • For 10,000 followers the price is $88.99.

For every package, regardless of the price, they provide genuine likes, an option to split likes on multiple pictures, including video views, instant delivery, and 24/7 support.

  • Buying Instagram views

buy instagram views - buzzoid services

There are six default packages available to get Instagram views.

  • For 500 views the price is $1.99.
  • For 2,500 views the price is $6.99.
  • For 5,000 views the price is $14.99.
  • For 10,000 followers the price is $24.99.
  • For 25,000 followers the price is $49.99.
  • For 50,000 followers the price is $74.99.

For every package, regardless of the price, they provide genuine views, instant delivery (starts within 60 seconds) and 24/7 support.

  • Managed growth

managed growth

It has a rather simple and straightforward package that provides features like 500-2000 real engaged, monthly followers, hashtag targeting, growth statistics, and much more with a 100% refund guarantee. The price for this package is $149/month.

Is Buzzoid safe?

In recent times cybersecurity has become an essential part of our daily drudgery. With every click on the internet, a shiver runs down your spine and you contemplate whether your device has been infected by a virus.

With the safety measures taken by Buzzoid, you don’t have to get worked up about either getting your data compromised as the login does not require you to give any sensitive information or about not getting your followers delivered on time.

Also, the services provided by the platform stay within the terms and conditions laid out by Instagram.


In this digital age, new online businesses are manifesting out of thin air every single day but it doesn’t take them long to fizzle out. Buzzoid has been buzzing new businesses and brands to success with a glorifying experience of 12 years in the social media marketing field.

We hope this review provided you with enough information about Buzzoid and it features. Please contact us with your suggestions or questions because we would love to hear from you.

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