Buzzoid vs. Kicksta: Which is Better in Their Service?

Buzzoid vs. Kicksta

Instagram is the most popular and most used social media network in contemporary times and its significance is not unrevealed for any regular Internet user. Millions of users on this social network, share photos, videos and other visual content each day.

From individuals to businesses and influencers, the opulence of people on Instagram, from all around the world, has made it a potential marketplace for businesses to showcase and sell their products, for brands to get more recognition and followers and personal branding for influencers. 

In this backdrop, and to gain greater ground in the digital competition, Instagram marketing services have popularized over the last two decades, with several emerging businesses or brands relying on it to kickstart their trajectory on social media.  

Instagram marketing includes services such as buying Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, etc.. in order to increase your presence online. However, with so many social media marketing tools & service providers in the market, it can become daunting to choose the right one, which is reliable and authentic and which will bring traffic to your accounts from real social media users.  

Below we have compared two such social media marketing service providers – Buzzoid and Kicksta – both of which offer Instagram growth solutions. In this article, we will review these services on the basis of their exclusive features, the services offered by them and the prices to help you find which of the two, would be more suitable for you.  

 About Buzzoid 

about buzzoid

Buzzoid is among the most sought after Instagram marketing services in the industry today and has been operational since the time when Instagram was first launched. It offers users with Instagram followers and likes, delivered to them in minutes of placing an order.

With lightning-fast delivery and guaranteed quality, Buzzoid is one of the most prominent Instagram marketing services that one can avail. When you use promotional services from Buzzoid, you only pay for the stuff that you want to see reflected on your accounts – with no extra or added costs at all.  

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 About Kicksta 

About kicksta

Kicksta is one of the most powerful organic growth tools for Instagram, that has been featured in celebrated publications including Forbes and HuffPost. Powered by a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology, they generate traffic that is 100% real and authentic.

Services from Kicksta come with a promise of no spam, no artificial bots, and no fake follower accounts. This means that your Instagram account will witness pure organic growth if you choose marketing services from Kicksta.  

Features: Buzzoid vs. Kicksta 

Both these Instagram growth services have excellent and useful features to kickstart your journey on Instagram. With each of them, you can boost your presence multifold on social media. Read on below to know which is more suitable for you or your business:  

 Quality and Reliability 

Buying followers that come and drop from your account is like purchasing air for money. Therefore, in order to maintain the quality and credibility of one’s business account on Instagram, buying followers that retain and engage is of utmost importance.  

  • When purchasing a plan from Buzzoid, there is not much for the users to do. Once you place an order for your selected package, you will see the results reflected on your chosen account within minutes. That said, it also means that as users, you do not get a say in the kind of Instagram profiles that will be directed to your accounts. Therefore with Buzzoid, factors such as authenticity, credibility, engagement rate, retention of the traffic can be questionable.  
  • Kicksta, on the other hand, allows the users to select the nature of profiles they want to see on their business accounts. Unlike Buzzoid, it engages with the audience on your behalf by following their pages and liking their Stories, Posts, etc.. You can use tools from Kicksta to target profiles, hashtags, or even locations and filter out the profiles that appear fake, such as those without a recognizable profile photo. In other words, with Kicksta, quality is the top priority and is assured.  


Analyzing the traffic coming to your account and optimizing your profiles based on that is the key to a successful business. Analytical data such as where your followers are coming from, how are they interacting with your page, and daily changes in these insights is a powerful tool to optimize one’s business regularly.  

  • After you buy a service from Buzzoid, you will be able to see only the increase in your likes, followers, views, etc.. on your Instagram account. You will be able to track the growth (or decrease) in these numbers without any analysis of whether these profiles are engaging with your account or not.  
  • Kicksta offers users a comprehensive dashboard wherein you will see the daily insights about change in followers, engagement, from where you are getting the maximum follow back ratio, and which targets bring in the best interaction and results. With these statistics to back your business, you can optimize the plans that you purchase to generate maximized potential.  

Targeting Audience 

One of the most important factors about the audience that comes to your account is whether they are interested in your content, products or services. If not, it will not be long before they disappear. For example, an ideal audience for a fashion influencer profile would be someone genuinely interested in beauty, fashion, cosmetics etc..  

  • Although the Buzzoid website claims that their followers are top notch and of high quality, there is no testament to the fact that they will be from genuine profiles specifically relevant for your brand. Undoubtedly, the numbers on your Instagram business profile will inflate, but if they are not a targeted audience, they might lose interest. As a result, you may eventually see a drop in your Instagram followers or likes.  
  • Kicksta’s exclusive features allow users to target profiles according to location, language, gender, business profiles, etc.. Plus, you can exclude profiles that appear fake such as those without a credible profile picture. By using this feature, there is a better chance that the traffic coming to your account will stay for a long time.  

Delivery Time 

delivery time

When you are releasing an offer for a particular occasion or simply require your deliverables at the earliest for any reason, instant and rapid deliveries can come in handy for your business.  

  • Buzzoid offers instant results and you will see your order of buying Instagram followers or likes or views, reflected to your account within minutes. This can be helpful if you want immediate orders on a particular product or service.  
  • With Kicksta, they take up to 24 hours to process your order, after which you will receive an email regarding the further activity. Also, with this Instagram marketing services provider, you can choose the speed at which you want the followers to reflect in your account – Moderate or Maximum – as per your requirements.  

Safety, Privacy and Security 

Ensuring that your social media accounts are in safe hands is an imperative for any and all businesses. Whether you are an individual influencer, or a team, the privacy is significant and there is no denying it.  

  • Buzzoid does not require the users to enter a password in order to purchase a plan. This means that you can keep total control of your account. You will only have to enter your Instagram username to buy a package. Hence, privacy and security are completely assured.  
  • Privacy is one of the disadvantages of Kicksta, for it requires users to sign in to their Instagram profiles through Kicksta. This means that Kicksta gets access to your account. Also, they like and follow similar profiles on your behalf. This can be problematic if the liking and following of selected profiles does not match your needs. Plus, with Kicksta, you are actually giving someone else the control over your personal account.  

Customer Support 

customer support

It often happens that the results delivered by online marketing services fail to meet our expectations in some way or the other. Having a 24/7 follow up support is crucial to deal with such unexpected errors or problems.  

  • Buzzoid has got your back and will deal with any and all of your concerns regarding the services you purchase from them. Their expert and friendly team of customer interaction is available 24/7 and will help you with any problems that you face throughout and after the processing of your order.  
  • Kicksta offers two kinds of customer support namely – Live Chat Support and VIP Email Support. But unfortunately, both these features are available only for the Premium Plan buyers. This means that unless you buy bulk services or premium plans from Kicksta, you are not eligible for customer support at all. This can prove as a disadvantage.  

Services Offered: Buzzoid vs. Kicksta 

Both Buzzoid and Kicksta have a comprehensive range of marketing services to offer for users that they can avail to promote their business accounts on Instagram.  

 Services offered by Buzzoid 

Using Buzzoid, you can avail the following services: 

 Buy Instagram Followers –  

buy instagram followers - services of buzzoid

With instant delivery and no password requirements, users can purchase followers from Buzzoid at reasonable prices. It offers two types of follower packages – first, High Quality Followers, in which you get followers who have profile pictures but no further uploads on their respective accounts; and second, Premium Followers, which are followers with genuine and active Instagram profiles.  

You can also buy a feature called ‘Managed Growth’ while buying followers from Buzzoid. This service will allow you to put your Instagram growth on autopilot in order to generate real followers and engagement. With this additional service, you will get 500 to 2000 followers each month and those, that are effective, real and engaged.

However, this service is not instant because it is aimed to bring about organic growth to your profiles. This also enables location and hashtag targeting among other features. It is therefore, ideal for use by influencers, marketing agencies etc..  

 Buy Instagram Likes –  

buy instagram likes - buzzoid services

Users can buy likes packages for Instagram by availing quality services from Buzzoid. Like the above service, Likes from Buzzoid are categorized into two kinds – High Quality Likes and Premium Likes. While the former assures an instant boost in numbers, the premium package ensures quality likes from real people with no possibility of a drop and a 30 day refill guarantee of likes.  

They also provide users with options to split likes on different posts. Plus, in order to make your account appear credible throughout, the likes packages from Buzzoid come along with an equal number of views. You can also select the speed at which you want the likes to be delivered. 

 Buy Instagram Views –  

buy instagram viewes - services buzzoid

Views are the best way to get noticed on Instagram and Buzzoid does precisely that – it gets you noticed. When you buy video views from Buzzoid, you will see instant results reflected in your account in a matter of minutes. You can buy quality views from Buzzoid at extremely affordable costs and you would not be asked to enter your password.  

 Services offered by Kicksta 

services offered by kicksta

Kicksta has a slightly different approach as compared to other Instagram marketing service providers. When you sign up with Kicksta, instead of buying a plan, you will be asked to provide a list of target Instagram accounts that have the kinds of followers you want to attract to your own profile. (Pro Tip: At this step, you should look up to your competitors, influencers in your niche, and complementary brands to generate a more nuanced list). 

Then, Kicksta’s AI-powered software will “like” one or two photos from all the users that are following the target accounts of your list. Those users will receive a notification that you liked their photo and will be intrigued to take a look at your profile. Because you are targeting accounts similar to yours, it is highly likely that those users will also like your brand and will perchance begin to follow you. 

While many other Instagram growth platforms offer additional services, such as following users and commenting on your behalf, scheduling content in advance, and even sending direct messages to people, Kicksta does not do anything more than liking posts on your behalf. Therefore, their approach is considerably more organic and more authentic as compared to Buzzoid.  

Plans and Pricing: Buzzoid vs. Kicksta 

There are plenty of plans to choose from when you buy from either Buzzoid or Kicksta. Read on to know more about them.  

 Packages by Buzzoid 

buy instagram followers - services of buzzoid

Buzzoid has a comprehensive range of plans that you can choose from according to your budget and finances. The plans are all tailored to fit the requirements of all sizes of businesses – startups and large businesses.  

  • Price for 100 to 5000 High Quality Instagram Followers : $2.97 – $39.99 
  • Price for 500 to 5000 Premium Instagram Followers : $11.99 – $84.99 
  • Price for Managed Growth : $149 per month 
  • Price for 50 to 10000 High Quality Instagram Likes : $1.47 – $88.99 
  • Price for 50 to 250 Premium Instagram Likes : $3.49 – $12.99 
  • Price for 500 to 50000 Instagram Views : $1.99 – $74.99 

 Packages by Kicksta 

kicksta pricing

There are two basic packages offered by Kicksta. These are –  

  • Standard Plan – This is priced at $49 per user per month and comes with moderate growth speed video onboarding and 10 targeted likes. However, this plan does not make you eligible for customer support, advanced targeting or blacklisting.   
  • Premium Plan – This plan is priced at $99 per month and is a great deal more profitable to choose, than the previous one. Apart from the features of the previous plan, you also get access to VIP email support, live chat support, 40 targets, advanced targeting and maximized growth.  

 In addition, you can also contact them for bulk orders. Plus, if you do not get what you like or the results fail to meet your expectations in any way, Kicksta offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, without any questions asked at all.  

Conclusion :

Although both Buzzoid and Kicksta are the leading names when it comes to Instagram marketing services, selecting the ideal one, which aligns best with your business requirements is of utmost importance. However, one should always keep in mind that both these services do not comply with Instagram’s policies and can land your account in trouble if Instagram detects any kind of spam.

Rest assured, services from Kicksta and Buzzoid have generated proven results, so if you wish to purchase likes or followers for Instagram, then these can be your go-to destinations (Disclaimer: Only at your own risk).

So, if you are coming to the digital world with a set budget and less knowledge of social media marketing, the above comparison and review of Buzzoid vs. Kicksta will help you choose the best one, out of the many Instagram marketing services available today.  

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