10 Best Tools for Facebook Growth in 2021

Best Tools for Facebook Growth

Facebook is one of the largest social networks, with billions of users all over the world. As its popularity continues to traverse an upward trajectory, taking businesses and brands on Facebook promises a profitable outcome.

Facebook marketing and promotions are, therefore, can be as significant as physical advertising campaigns for brands, for they can bring your business closer to the audience who might be interested in avail of your products or services.

Not only do Facebook marketing tools generate more followers and increase engagement, but also will reflect a significant surge in sales in the long run. Be it a Facebook ad campaign, analytics, and automation or browser extensions to even creating an online store on Facebook, marketing tools for Facebook growth can prove to be highly beneficial for your business or brand.  

Professional social media marketers are always on the lookout for new, innovative tools for Facebook growth and marketing. Whether your goal is to reach a certain number of followers for your Facebook page or to drive an ad campaign to hyper-target relevant audience, the following are the best Facebook marketing tools to help you fulfill your next social media goals.  

 Here are Best Tools for Facebook Growth:


Agora Pulse

This is one of the best tools for Facebook growth and optimization, which comes with powerful built-in features for easier social media management. With this tool, you can manage multiple Facebook pages, manage all conversations from a single Inbox, organize, schedule and upload content, oversee a unified calendar for all your Pages, track your fans and mentions, and a whole package of interesting features to help you optimize and grow your Facebook community.   

AgoraPulse works as a Facebook Marketing Partner, which means that their services are always upgraded with the best practices to keep you rising on Facebook. You can also take advantage of the free tools offered by AgoraPulse – Facebook Page Barometer to analyze your followers and engagement and swiftly benchmark your page and compare it with others, and AdsReport Ad Reporting for analyzing the performance of your Facebook ad accounts as well as your individual ad campaigns.

Get it as a mobile app for Android and iOS.  



Buffer is one of the most popular apps for social media management and marketing and can be ideally used as a Facebook marketing tool as well. With simple yet effective social media tools, Buffer comes with a promise of bringing authentic engagement to your business page on Facebook.

This easy-to-use Facebook marketing tool enables businesses to schedule and publish posts, analyze performances, and manage all their accounts in one place. This is helpful when you want to spend less time but deliver content consistently to your audiences.  

Plan and schedule social media campaigns, and generate super beneficial insights to test performances with this social media tool. Buffer is indeed, much more than a scheduling tool, for it is also a Stories planner and Hashtag generator and would also come in handy to generate custom reports on posts and stories analytics, suggest content for first comments, create a shoppable Facebook feed and much more.  



One of the best tools for Facebook growth, DrumUp comes with multiple features of utility to generate more leads for your social media channels. with an automatic content schedule, repeat posts, and relevant content suggestions, DrumUp offers plenty of management and marketing resources for Facebook.

With this tool, you can search fresh, top content relevant to your industry, get hashtag recommendations and repeat schedules, utilize Chrome extensions to discover new content and schedule posts, keep track of engagement on your social media channels with exclusive DrumUp analytics.  

DrumUp offers a variety of plans tailored to suit your budget and requirements. For example, they have different levels of plans like Starter, Pro and Small Business which you can select according to your business size and budget.

Then, they have varying plans for different services such as social media management, content curation, content marketing, content discovery API and employee advocacy etc..

It is also available as a mobile app for Android and iOS 


Cut out as much as 90% of the time that you would otherwise spend on doing repetitive tasks with this brilliant tool for social media marketing.

To boost your presence on social media, eClincher offers highly utilitarian features like scheduling posts, Auto-posting of recycled content, free media libraries, unified social media Inbox, actionable analytics integrated with Google analytics and integration with popular social media networks and third-party applications such as Canva, Zendesk and many more.  

What makes eClincher unique is their 24/7 live chat customer support system through which you can resolve all your concerns and queries. Features from this Facebook growth tool allow users to keep track of their mentions and monitor hashtags and keywords.

They offer a Basic, Premier, and Agency Plan starting from $59 with a whole range of features to level up your social media. Also, you can opt for a 14-day Free Trial for each of these plans.

You can also download it as a mobile app foAndroid and iOS. 

Facebook Business Manager 

Facebook Business Manager 

This is an exclusive Facebook marketing tool curated by Facebook itself for businesses advertising on the platform. With this tool, you can manage ad accounts, Facebook pages and the people who work on them – all in one place. And it is completely free to use!

If you require the use of multiple ad accounts, or need to assign permissions to multiple people working together on a project, and also, need business-level reporting, insights and analytics, then Facebook Business Manager can be your go-to aid.  

When you sign in to Business Manager, you can see alerts and insights about the Pages and ad accounts that matter the most to your business.

Plus, with this free tool, you will be able to add everything connected to your business – ad accounts, people and Pages – all in one place and gather the target audience, content, visuals, and other super-useful information that others in similar industries are using and accessing.  



With this tool, you can literally make social your superpower. With a diversity of features that allow you to schedule and publish content, to track effectiveness in real-time and keep a note of which is among your top-performing content.

A most preferred among professionals, Hootsuite organizes all your social media content on a single collaborative calendar and the conversations in a single Inbox, for all channels.  

Hootsuite delivers solutions on a global scale and specific insights that you need to succeed with social media. It’s open platform lets users integrate with tools that they already use, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Adobe. Also, Hootsuite users can create ad campaigns, generate and assign tasks and assignments, learn industry-related skills and so much more.

Whether you are managing a small team or multiple large business groups, Hootsuite is the Facebook marketing solution that you have been looking for. 


Pagemodo is among the favorite tools for creating a powerful social media presence. With a trust backup of over 3 million professionals, this Facebook marketing tool comes with several useful features and services to level-up your Facebook pages and all its aspects.

With Pagemodo, you can manage and create your ad graphics in their very intuitive design studio, reach your audience with simplified targeting tools, and optimize future Facebook ads with user-friendly analytics. Plus, all these features are tailored to fit your social media marketing budget.  

Also, by using Pagemodo, you can create customized Business Profiles on Facebook, collect leads with custom tabs and buttons, design and schedule your posts, find content for posts and easily market your sales and events.

They have three different plans for various business sizes – a Basic Plan ideal for Startups, a Pro Plan for emerging businesses, and an Agency Plan, best suited for corporate giants and marketing agencies. However, if you are not sure about the services, you can try them out first with a Free Trial.  

Short Stack 

Short Stack 

One of the most sought after social media optimization tools, Short Stack is a one-stop-shop destination for all kinds of digital solutions for Facebook and other social networks. It is one of the most powerful Facebook marketing platforms using which you can create unique landing pages, run social contests, send emails, and analyze results.

They offer you tools that are sure to get the job done. There is plenty of scope for customization and personalization as Short Stack allows complete flexibility to create your own styling features, as per your brand’s overall design.  

With integrated features such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords, Short Stack provides highly actionable insights. Even if you are a beginner to social media marketing, using this tool, you can easily build fun, effective and stunning interactive marketing campaigns without worrying about the technology that goes behind them.

Other significant features offered by this tool include Marketing Automation, Email marketing, Email Analytics, Facebook Contents, Giveaways and Sweepstakes, Custom domains, templates and a whole lot of other features for you to boost your Facebook following.  

Social Pilot 

This is a trusted social media marketing tool that offers several digital solutions for Facebook growth and promotions. Social Pilot is a complete all-in-one package – it is a social media manager, a scheduling tool, a social media Inbox, an analytics tool and what not!

The best feature that this tool offers are powerful, actionable social media analytics. With this, you can make data-driven decisions to improve engagement and finetune your social media strategy. Also, you may download and share ready to present social media reports in PDF format with the convenience of a click. 

In the Social Inbox, you can easily engage with messages, comments and posts on your multiple Facebook pages in real time. Collaborate with teams and manage clients, discover and publish popular content with Curated Content, RSS Feeds Automation, Bulk Uploads, manage and track Facebook ads – there is absolutely no end to the social media optimization features offered by Social Pilot.

Get this mobile app for Android and iOS. 

Zoho Social 

While you are occupied working on generating super quality content, let your social media channels keep busier by using this automation and marketing tool. Zoho Social brings all your social media insights and analytics, conversations, content into one place for better observation and optimization. 

Schedule unlimited posts, monitor what matters and create custom reports to analyze your social media performance with this extremely efficient marketing tool for Facebook and other social media platforms.  

Flexible scheduling times, a unified content calendar, a monitoring dashboard, best-in-class social media analytics, with Zoho Social, you can be sure to boost your Facebook presence and increase the rate of engagement with genuine, authentic followers.

They offer multiple plans for Individuals and Businesses and for Agencies. The prices are extremely affordable and you can also avail a Free Trial. For a more hassle-free experience,

Download it as a mobile app for Android and iOS. 


Facebook Marketing is a sure shot way to gaining brand popularity and recognition when used strategically. The above-mentioned tools for Facebook growth and marketing can highly come in handy, especially if you are new to social media marketing.

Not only will they increase your brand’s following by generating traffic, but also take care of your ad campaigns, scheduling time tables, designing posts, Pages and post analytics and automation. Doing so would save you several valuable hours that you would otherwise have manually spent on these tasks each day. So, make optimal use of these Facebook marketing tools to reap the results in a flick of time.  

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