10 Best Places To Find Influencer Online In 2021

Places to find Influencer online

According to a list generated in 2017, it was scrutinized that the earnings of the top social media influencers is up to 3 lakh dollars per year which is a very high amount. Now you must be thinking what exactly a social media influencer is?

They are the bloggers that use social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook etc to post their contents/blogs and receive the recognition due to their well built fan-following base. Other than social media platforms available to Find Influencers online, there are many online platforms where one can increase his/her followings.

Overall we can define that influencer marketing is the one where we use influencers for marketing. We can also refer to the influencers to be a kind of motivator who motivates the mass through their blogs. We have a very wrong pre-created perception that only celebrities have the power to do this type of marketing as they have their tremendous inbuilt fan-following base and need not to struggle for gathering more of the followers, but this is not exactly the case.

Anybody can become an influencer if he acquires all those qualities that withstand to motivate a huge crowd through his writings. Along with the selling of the product, we also use this for performing brand awareness.

If you are unable to find a suitable platform for showcasing your blogs or unable to influence a large crowd then you have arrived into the right place. For your convenience,

We Have Listed Below The Best Places To Find Influencer Online :

Instagram Explore Page

In the ocean of social media marketing, the Instagram Explore page is like gashing a spot on prime-time TV on your target customer’s commute. In easier terms, it helps you to meet face-to-face with your targeted audiences and can earn you a huge amount of additional engagement apart from your follower base.

The Instagram Explore page is a great platform to build up your networks as well as to get firing ideas for real-time content curation. Emerging on the same page as the search function, it showcases different interesting posts for every user from even those accounts that they have n’t followed, based on their previous likes and interests.

The moment when the users engage with your posts, then your blog has a good chance of showing up in the Explore Page of their followers, creating a chain-reaction that can help in creating a brand. On today’s date, Instagram hosts about 800 million monthly users.

The Instagram Explore Page is basically an evolution of the “Popular” page which was introduced much previously than that the Instagram app was created. Unlike today’s newly created Explore Pages, the Instagram Explore Page content doesn’t focus on the specific interest of an individual user.

Whenever your content is shown on the Instagram Explore page, there’s an increased chance for you to develop new connection points as well as create connections with many previously unconnected users.


We live in a world where thousands of bloggers try to influence the people through their blogs and contents. As a consumer or the end reader it becomes quite difficult to make the decision which blogger should be followed. So, being a blogger you need to be very influential in your writing in order to be chosen by a number of followers.

Buzzsumo is one of the most useful sites for finding great content that performs the best. It helps to collaborate with the influencers who really matter. There are many marketers who blindly rely upon this site for collecting content that have a good weightage. Basically the deals with four key components – Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring.

It is one of the best research and monitoring tools that functions in a very sorted manner. One can find the contents that are frequently shared on the various social media platforms. The fantastic advantage of this tool is that you can know your competitor’s search so that accordingly you can make changes in your content.

All you need is just to create your account on Buzzsumo.com (log in if your account is already created) and then search by any topic or any domain name under the “Web Content”. For further convenience, you can filter your search according to the provided options. As a whole, it helps us in doing research about a particular topic from the marketing point of view before writing about it.



You may be a YouTuber, a blogger, a trader, or a photographer, you can make money on the Izea platform. The was established in 2006 with the aim of providing a marketplace and expanding with its creators. Making frequent use of the Izea marketplace is a cost-effective, expandable, and predictable way to execute influencer marketing campaigns.

The platform is basically launched to pay the bloggers for creating content for several brands. You just need to create an account on the platform so that you can enjoy its functionality.


Socialbakers is a global social media marketing company offering a marketing Saas platform called the Socialbakers Suite. Well known brands like McDonald’s, L’Oreal, and Desigual use this platform for social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, VK, and Pinterest. Socialbakers were launched as Facebakers on October 13, 2008 by Jan Rezab, Jiri Voves, Lukas Maixner, Martin Homolka later renaming it into “Socialbakers”.

Finding the trustworthy influencers for the audience has never been easier but with the help of this  AI-driven establishment the first step towards success is quite ensured.

The AI system analyzes your audience and suggests influencers based on their priorities. You will be always working with the influencers you know upon whom your audience relies and also can find exactly the preferred influencers that you have been looking for on Youtube and Instagram.

The search is as specific as you need to be and it doesn’t let you squander your budget on influencers that are faking their benchmarks. Its system is capable enough to instantly spot any fraudulent activity that can harm your fan-following as well as your content’s originality.

One can get all the tools required to identify artificially inflated metrics. All you need is just to add influencers to your custom lists with a single click, add notes, and integrate across several departments.

Google Advanced search

It is important to remember that it will take time to really find special and potential influencers that can go with your products or services.So you are advised to not to stop at the first few searches.

If you really want effective and appropriate results for your searches then you have to deep dive into the several search sites. If you are willing to execute your influencer strategy manually, then you need to spend several hours on the searching process.

But thanks to the google advanced services, there are a handful of built-in Google advanced search options that can make your search process easier and quicker. This happens very rarely that you find all your required elements in the first page of your search results. You have to go for a deep search in order to find your required hidden elements.

For a more accurate and more wide range of search ideas, check the dropdown search suggestions that Google offers as you start typing in the search bar, as well as that appears at the bottom part of each search engine results page.

Google search tools are magical little shortcuts that aim at making your searches more appropriate and targeted, and more likely to convey the results you want. One should use Google’s built-in search settings to obtain even better results.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are nothing but the free notification service supplied by Google that tends to send emails to subscribers who summons up the search activity around search terms. All the later news articles or other useful web content contained in the search term is appended in a Google Alert. Users can use the functionality of setting notifications that may appear daily, weekly or monthly.

The Google Alert service sends emails to the user when it comes across new results—such as recently added web pages, newspaper articles, blogs, journals, or scientific research papers —that properly fits into the user’s search term(s).

In 2003, Google launched the Google alerts services which were created by  Naga Kataru and one can find his name on the three patents for Google Alerts.

Many marketers have signed up for Google Alerts and use it for getting the most obvious results. You too are advised to give it a try and actually you will be saving a lot of your precious time.

Ones Instagram Mentions

An influencer can be a Blogger, a celebrity, an industry expert, a Lifestyle brand, or a Social media personality. It’s very essential to take your time exploring different Instagram pages that are equivalently related to your business and whose followers line up with your audience that you have targeted.

You just need to go to the Explore tab and search by a suitable keyword to find capable candidates.Once you come across with an interesting account, then the next task is to look at the suggested accounts that are shown next to the account’s Follow button. Create a list of at most 20 accounts that you are willing to target, especially focusing on ones with more than 100K followers.

The more accurate and large the account’s fan base, the more happening your campaign is likely to be. Once you are cleared with  a list of suitable influencers, the next step that you should take is to go and approach them.

Instagram pages that are evergreen to the advertising opportunities literally make it convenient for you to generate contact with them. Thus , it is one of the best platforms where the influencers can find exciting campaign opportunities.

Instagram Hashtags

Are you capable enough to identify which keywords and hashtags should be used in your searches? This may seem to be easier, but let it be cleared that a single wrong usage of your hashtags can depart many of your audiences by leaving a bad impression on them.

Instagram is a wide platform that emerges with a large number of opportunities and is considered as one of the fastest-growing platforms. Hashtags can become the most efficient tools to pull out the required audiences if utilized properly. According to recently published data, Instagram acquires more than 300 million active users each day.

Firstly, you need to make it clear to yourself exactly what you hope to gain with your Instagram campaign, and based upon the requirements you should use the most appropriate hashtags. If your aim is to drive back people offline to an event or your local store, you need to choose your campaign strategy accordingly and wisely.

Various large brands use Instagram every day to increase awareness without taking much care of direct sales. If you are targeting in direct sales, then you need to plan a strategy to reach potential customers. But if your goal is just to increase your fan following then accordingly you need to plan up your strategies and tactics.

The way how you interact with your followers matters the most and is also measured as one of the important aspects of your campaign. Deciding on the tone of delivering the message is equally important. Most companies prefer to interact with their targeted audiences in a friendly style, but the opposite also can work in a fruitful manner.

At Special Events

We should all be utilizing influencer marketing tactics for promoting our events. Influencer marketing has become tremendously trending in the past few years, mostly owing to the rise of social media. Being more commonly used to endorse products or services, influencer marketing can also be a fruitful tool for promoting any event.

Brands that work with influencers can increase their online popularity and boost up its engagement. Establishing an influencer marketing campaign that pivots around an event can deliver the recognition you require.

Your partnership with a trusted and potential influencer can help you attract your targeted audiences who may have never heard about your works before but share your interests.

They are more willing to pay attention and try to discover out more about your event if they hear it from a well-known reliable source. In 2017 itself, more than 120 million Instagram users took action to learn about particular businesses.

With this data, you can imagine how much recognition you can gain with a well-implemented influencer marketing campaign for your events.

In your Store or Business

Although most of the businesses have already acquired the strategy of influencer marketing still many of them are unknown to this scheme. A well known pre-recognized store can become a huge influencer marketing business. If one is having a large store or business then this too can become a worthwhile platform to let the influencers trade with them.

Let’s take an example and know how exactly this can be done – A person can write effective blogs but due to lack of availability of the proper platform he/she is unable to practice the task.

If he/she ties up with a store or business which has already gained popularity online as well as in offline systems, then the unidentified blogger can get its own recognition by becoming the professional blogger of that particular store/business. In this way both- the store owner as well the blogger- gains popularity and can expand their business by following the same procedure.


If you are an influencer who deliberately needs a platform to showcase the talent and expand your business by creating a huge network then you have landed into the most appropriate article that aims in providing you with the best money-making and popularity gaining tools. The above listed are the top 10 places for an influencer to find proper campaign opportunities.

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