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Taking a business online is the best way to expand the brand’s reach and also therefore, grow one’s earnings and earn recognition and fame. Whether you are a social media influencer, a beginner looking to make your career entirely in the digital world or an already established business on the altars of going digital, social media is the go-to platform for creating your brand image.

However, even if you have great content for the audiences, without proper marketing and without targeting the right audience, your brand will easily be shadowed over by others in the vast world of social media. This is where social media service providers come into play.

About FollowerPackages is one such provider of social media marketing and management services for your business. It is one of the oldest social media service providers, having about 50 years of experience in the industry. They help individuals and businesses establish their brands in a short span of time by directing traffic from real and credible social media users.

They help to deliver followers, likes, views, subscribers, etc.. on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Once the numbers start scaling on your social media handles, your brand will begin to gain credibility and eventually attract more organic accounts to follow your brand – and this time, exponentially! Their digital marketing services are highly competitive and strategically customized according to the varying requirements of the brand.

Features of

If you wish to take your brand across to millions in a short span of time, then go no further than, as this social media marketing provider is extremely user-friendly, custom-priced according to your budget and will increase your online presence overnight.

The features of services availed from this social media service provider include:

  • Competitive Prices: If you are planning to start out low, with a modest budget in your pocket, or you are equipped to spend a few extra bucks, has got you covered. They have a wide range of social media packages, starting from as low as $10 however, without compromising on quality and consistency. Therefore, you can gradually begin to grow your followers, without creating a hole in your pocket.  As and when you begin making revenue digitally, you can choose for a higher priced package.
  • High Retention Traffic:Many a times, after buying likes, followers etc.. from certain social media marketing websites, the traffic begins to fluctuate or shows a steep drop after the payment process is completed. But with, this will not be the case.They drive organic traffic towards your social media channel, solely from quality accounts of real social media users. Their effective marketing tools bring in traffic from people who share the same interests with those that your business offers and therefore, the results are long lasting and will not disappear.
  • Rapid Delivery: Timely deliveries are of utmost importance when you have to release an offer, declare an event or sell a product for a particular occasion. For this, you can rely on the rapid, on-time delivery of services by this social media marketing website.Their turnaround times are some of the fastest in the industry. Once you initiate the payment, they begin working on the marketing campaigns, most suited for your brand and that is all! You can expect to see the results reflected in no later than a day or two.
  • 24/7 Customer Support:During or after placing an order with, should you face issues with deliverables, quality or retention, their extremely approachable customer service system is always accountable to you. They will get you through the entire process with minimum hassle and zero worries.

Services Offered and Pricing has plenty of services and packages to cater to your individual business requirements. They provide premium quality views through pay-per-click ad campaigns, promoting your blogs, channels, pages etc.. on popular public forums and through sponsored content. Therefore, all the traffic coming to your page is 100% organic, from real people and not from automated robots.

The services provided by includes the following:

Buying YouTube Views and Likes

YouTube is one of the greatest social media platforms for gaining recognition, building a fan base and earning a revenue out of it. However, monetization of YouTube channels is possible only after you hit a certain number of views and watch hours on the channel.

This is where you should look out for social media service providers like With this website, you can opt for buying 5000 to 50000 views and from 150 to 1000 YouTube likes for your channel.

The delivery time ranges from 1-7 days depending on your selected plan. With guaranteed results and premium quality likes and views, you are all set to gain vast exposure and unlock the true potential of your brand.

  • Price Range for YouTube Likes: $20 – $79
  • Price Range for YouTube Views: $29 – $175

Buying Instagram Followers and Likes

In today’s time, there is no better platform to promote yourself, your brand or your craft online than Instagram. Instagram marketing is indeed, a full-fledged job profile in some organizations and this speaks volumes about the popularity of this social media platform.

Several emerging online influencers and amateur artists buy Instagram followers to gain credibility and make a revenue to keep heading towards their chosen career paths.

From, you can buy anything ranging from 1000 to 10000 Instagram followers and 500 to 5000 Instagram likes for very reasonable prices. Plus, you can split the likes on up to 12 photos or videos on your channel. The assured turn-around time varies from 1-7 days.

  • Price Range for Instagram Likes: $10 – $49
  • Price Range for Instagram Followers: $19 – $119

Buying Facebook Likes and Post Likes

Buying Facebook Likes

The popularity of Facebook is not unknown to anyone who chooses to venture into the digital world. It is one of the earliest and the biggest social media platforms till today. To become popular in  a short span of time, you can Facebook page likes and post likes from at affordable prices.

With this, your products, content and services will reach across thousands of people overnight. They deliver likes through PPC campaigns and therefore, they are 100% authentic and sustainable. You can buy a minimum of 500 and up to 3000 Facebook likes and from 100 to 1000 only posts likes from this website. Delivery is rapid and you can expect to see the results reflected in 24 hours to 7 days.

  • Price Range for Facebook Likes: $25 – $80
  • Price Range for Facebook Post Likes: $10 – $79

Buying Soundcloud Plays and Likes

It is needless to say that Soundcloud is the most sought-after social media platform for music enthusiasts and upcoming music professionals. Several celebrities have been born through the Soundcloud community.

If you have true talent and potential, then all you need to do is build your following on Soundcloud to get recognized by labels and fellow musicians. The more plays on your tracks, the more optimized your search rankings and the more chance at success!

From, you can buy premium Soundcloud plays ranging from 1000 to 20000 and buy Soundcloud likes starting from 100 and up to 1000. With hassle-free processing, you can expect the deliverables in less than 5 days.

  • Price Range for Soundcloud Likes: $10 – $55
  • Price Range for Soundcloud Plays: $10 – $55

They also provide custom packages, for if you do not want to choose from the above list of services. All you have to do is send them an intimation and their team of experts will contact you to follow-up.

Steps to Buy a Package from

Follow these five simple steps given below to purchase an ideal social media marketing package for your business, and get ahead with a hassle-free and seamless process to becoming famous!

  1. Go to their website and select the social media platform that you want to promote your business on (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Soundcloud) from the navigation bar.
  2. Select whether you want to buy likes, followers, views, plays etc.. from the options available.
  3. Choose the most suitable plan from the given list, according to your budget.
  4. Enter the URL of your page/video or username in case of Instagram in the space provided.
  5. Complete the payment through a secure checkout process and from your preferred method of payment.

And there you go! In a matter of hours or days, you will get the recognition that you’ve always aspired for. You will see the results reflected on your social media handles as the numbers rapidly escalate.


So, whether you are a musician, blogger, artist, social influencer or an entrepreneur looking to sell your products or services online, is the place to be at. The services from this social media marketing website come with a promise of long-lasting results, authenticity, reliability and 100% discreteness and anonymity. They deliver organic traffic to build the credibility of your brand so that it attracts social media users naturally and on an exponential rate. Plus, you need not worry a tad bit about the safety and legality of the entire procedure.

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