How to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically in 2021

How to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

Instagram has emerged as one of the top platforms for business growth and advertising today. After all, it manages to bring together people, groups and businesses without the lurking around of annoying ads.

Perhaps this is why it has become difficult to gather and maintain a following on the platform these days. No wonder, how to grow your Instagram account organically must be bothering you more than ever.

From small to big businesses, celebrities to budding artists, student societies to government organizations – everyone is trying to make it big on Instagram. The frantic quest for followers and a recognizable presence surely drive some to follow malpractices like buying them illegally.

However, for someone who is looking to establish a successful online presence, natural growth is not just encouraging but also inspiring.

Here are 10 tips to grow your Instagram account organically in 2021:

1. Cater to your target audience

target audience

The best Instagram pages are those that cater to a particular niche. Often, one might endeavor into the Instagram world after having established their business or start-up. Yet others choose to first propagate their ideas and then take it up as an e-commerce venture.

Whatever your calling, the target audience always holds a lot of importance. Therefore, the first step to take to grow your Instagram account organically has to be good background research.

There is no point lurking around people who are not interested in your idea whatsoever. Researching and targeting your niche audience will help increase post engagement and draw other genuine followers to your page in no time. So, how do you do that?

  • Stats are the key. Using statistical analysis to understand the age group, gender, background, and location of your target audience is very important.
  • Research can help you in estimating the kind of posts the audience is feeling more drawn to, or the time duration when they show maximum activity.
  • Competitor research is another important aspect, especially the successful ones. It not only teaches you where you are going wrong but also gives hints about what they are doing right.

2. Plan down to the detail


Whoever believes that Instagram is all about random posts all round the day has never understood the Insta game at all. To be able to attract more attention and grow your Instagram organically in 2021, planning and strategy are very important. You need to maintain lists of upcoming posts and stories, any patterns and routines as well as any messages you are trying to put forth.

Keeping an eye on trends is another important factor. Making sure that your posts can blend in with the latest trends lends them a higher chance of appearing in people’s feed. Therefore, noting down ideas, planning posts accordingly and keeping an eye for detail is of utmost importance.

Some other benefits of planning out your content are:

  • You run a lesser risk of running out of content and ideas. This is because you are assigning some time every day to strategies and to-dos.
  • It is a better way of maintaining congruence and consistency in your posts.
  • Planning everything beforehand also prevents you from getting stuck into loopholes and controversies on the Gram.

3. Be consistent yet creative

You must have come across these two words wherever you try to learn how to grow your Instagram organically. The truth is, no matter how much you strive to make your page popular, without consistency and creativity you are going to end up nowhere. Why? Let us explain this a bit.

You must already have been stalking some of the most successful Instagram pages by now. If you haven’t, let us drop a clue. Not all posts of all accounts are blockbusters. This holds especially true for the ones that have just started. What you need to do, therefore, is to keep posting quality content consistently. There is, however, no room for compromising creativity. After all, consistency will only increase your chances; it is creativity that will create any chances at all.

Let’s try to wrap these up in a few pointers.

  • Just make sure you keep posting quality content frequently, best if following a routine for it. learn to stick to that.
  • Over time, doing a little background research will also help you determine what time is best for a new post to be put up, what kind of posts are working well for you and so on.
  • Never let go of your personal or signature style. That is what sets you apart.

4. Stick to a theme for identity

Creating a unique identity, whether on Instagram or the real world, is no cakewalk. With Instagram, however, the game is a little simpler. One of the tricks you could use is to create and maintain a particular theme for your posts.

Sticking to a theme for your posts, even if for every particular period, helps in more ways than one.

  • First, it allows the audience to associate directly with your content.
  • Secondly, it guides you whenever you are creating a new post for uploading without the worry of a new template.
  • Besides, you can also use the photo theme to spread awareness, a message or an idea.

The Pride color scheme has recently gained a lot of attention on social media, for example. Using the color scheme in all your posts for a few days can send out a positive image to certain audiences. This can play a role in growing your Instagram account organically in 2021.

5. Use a variety of relevant hashtags

hashtag - best way to grow your instagram

Anyone acquainted with the social media platform knows that hashtags are a must for public profiles to grow. Using relevant hashtags can help you reach the right people and create the wanted impact.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes extra and use hashtags that are not just appropriate but also interesting. For this purpose, you can use some of the best hashtag generator tools as well. Instagram allows a limit of 30 hashtags per post. However, even if you happen to use 9-10 at a go it would still serve the purpose well.

  • What you need to make sure is that the tags suit your post and the idea you wish to convey.
  • You can also hashtag your company name or page so that it gains popularity among audiences.
  • Keep in mind that the explore feed differs from person-to-person but always revolves around some important heads – dogs, travel, books and so on.

6. Use cross-promotion techniques

Cross-promotion is an increasingly popular and successful technique being employed by many on Instagram. The idea is simple – coordinate with accounts similar to yours for a give and take symbiosis. Both the accounts can mention one another in their stories, giving their respective audiences a reason to follow the other. This way, a larger pool of becoming can become familiarized with your content. Besides, you are still catering to your target audience.

If you are starting, however, do not expect to be able to convince the biggest pages to cross-promote you. You can choose to collaborate with accounts that have equal or slightly more popular than yours. The idea is to mutually benefit and expand your scope. Here’s what you can do.

  • You can share their posts in your stories for viewers to take a look.
  • Occasionally, you can hold interactive live sessions with your audience in collaboration with the other account. This can help generate more active responses.

7. Run contests and giveaways

give away - best ways to grow your instagram

One of the most popular ways of garnering the attention of audiences far and wide is by holding online contests. Several accounts host frequent contests, such as every one or two months, and choose people to gift items from their merchandise. For a “Bookstagram” account, this could be a contest to give out free books. For an e-commerce or educational website’s Instagram page, the contest could be meant to gain free coupons and attractive discounts.

The key is that anyone would want to try their luck for gifts when you aren’t charging them anything for participating.

How does this help? Well, think of it this way. All you need to do is give out one or two free books or clothes or coupons or other items. However, the number of people participating in the contest would be much higher – in hundreds or even thousands. If you can think of a way to leverage this number for the benefit of your account, the results can be amazing.

Let’s see how to work this out.

  • One clever way of using contests to grow your Instagram account is by asking the participants to perform specified actions.
  • You can enlist a certain number of tasks they need to complete to be eligible for the giveaway.
  • Asking them to promote and share your account personally also means higher engagement.
  • You can ask them to invite their friends to follow your page.
  • They can be asked to tag your account in their posts or stories.

Your target must be to be able to harness as much attention as possible. However, you cannot compromise with the giveaways and prizes. Certainly, you do not wish to be called out as a fake account or a spam page.

8. Make use of the ‘Stories’ feature

stories - best way to grow your instagram

Instagram stories are way more popular than their counterparts on other social media platforms. The reason lies, perhaps, in their beautiful interface and integration with the other features of Instagram.

Instagram stories are the first thing any user gets attracted to when they open the app. People would not like to scroll endlessly, yet they would love to keep swiping on stories for updates.

This is why making use of the ‘Stories’ feature is crucial if you wish to grow your Instagram account organically. The editing and text feature Instagram provides are great.

Yet, we would recommend you have your template for creating unique stories. You can use InShot, 8mm, and more apps to create exclusive video stories. For stories with pictures, StoryArt and Canva are some of the best finds. There are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Apart from the appearance and feel of the story, the frequency of posting them is also very important.
  • Adding too many stories would simply make people want to skip your entire series altogether.
  • Analysis of the peak traffic time will lend you an idea of when users prefer browsing through Instagram. You must make sure you post your stories a little before this time.
  • The content of the story has to be planned differently – there can be more texts, humor, aesthetically laid out graphics, and some way to redirect audiences to your account.
  • Hashtags and location can help you reach out to a wider ambit of Instagram users.

9. Bring in collaborations with influencers

An influencer is someone who can influence prospective buyers of certain goods and services by promoting these items on their social media accounts. Influencers have huge fan followings on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. They could be celebrities, product reviewers, and websites. Most often, influencers collaborate with multiple brands and promote them – a practice that has come to be known as influencer marketing.

To grow your Instagram account organically, you can consider collaborating with influencers online.

  • Most influencers describe in their Instagram bio how to contact them for collaborations and advertisements.
  • All you need to do is approach them with your idea, the way, and means of collaboration desired, and certainly the monetary negotiations.

Collaborations with influencers is a fair investment, considering they have a wider reach – thousands and millions. Audiences look up to them and try to emulate them in every possible way.

Therefore, it is a good idea to have them promote your product or service. Influencer marketing is the perfect choice for fashion and decor lines, book-box labels, travel agencies, and the like.

10. Try to feature on popular pages

Given your niche, there are bound to be some Instagram pages that are extremely successful. It could be a successful travel page, a popular ‘bookstagram’ account or a photography page with a huge fan base.

Although you might not be able to collaborate with these popular pages, you can always be featured. Here is how it works.

  • There are several pages in each niche that are happy to accept requests of featuring.
  • They might share one of your posts on their feed or story and tag you.
  • This can generate curiosity and awe in the viewer’s mind, who would be prompt enough to approach your page immediately.

This might sound similar to cross-promotion, yet the advantage is that the accounts you are approaching are well-established. Many popular channels occasionally feature photographers and bloggers from around the world. If you are looking to grow your Instagram account organically, getting featured on such pages must be a target for you.


Instagram is the place to be and grow if you want a steady foot in the online marketplace today. Consider the fact that people tend to spend more time on social media sites than in markets and malls. Therefore, the best way to promote your idea and products would be to weave a successful online presence.

Success on Instagram, however, comes directly from a higher number of followers. This is perhaps the reason why people resort to illegal means for the same.

However, if looking for genuine followers and potential buyers, it is important to grow your Instagram organically. It will take some time, beyond doubt, and it will take in a lot of effort and time. However, it is the process that is going to reward committed audiences and positive fame on this widely popular platform.

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