How to Grow Your Twitter Account Organically?

Grow Your Twitter Account Organically

The world of social media is the only world we are living in these days. With the kind of mad competition online businesses have come to be engaged in, it becomes increasingly important to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The only way to make a mark these days is by running a super hit campaign on the top social media platforms, Twitter being one of them. Therefore, the question of how to grow your Twitter account organically assumes a whole lot of importance.


A secret key to being a social media sensation, especially on Twitter, is often overlooked. This key ingredient is organic growth. In the blind quest for followers and likes, people often opt for schemes that allow them to purchase the two. The bland result that ensues is zero engagement, zero growth and subsequent failure. How to grow your Twitter account organically is, therefore, the more suitable question. Let us help you discover that.

Here are the top eleven best ways to grow your Twitter account organically.

More engagement – Reply and Retweet

retweet and reply in twitter

One of the key ingredients that make a Twitter account an instant success is the ability to hold casual conversations with followers. No wonder, even the biggest celebrities, costliest brands, and vastest businesses have begun resorting to this practice. Brands like Zomato and Amazon Prime broke the internet with their fun banter on Twitter recently.

Amid such buzz and activity, participating in such conversations and bringing yourself into the light is important. This can be easily done with the help of two simple steps – Replying and Retweeting.

Yet, these are the two practices many newbies on Twitter tend to ignore when trying to grow their account organically. Try to think of replying and retweeting as the efforts that you are making to make yourself look not just approachable, but also active and engaged with your followers on Twitter.

Biggest brands and celebrities often take to Twitter to reply to tweets where they have been tagged in. What it does is add tons of sparks in the Twitter audience, who also become eager to get such replies from professional handles. This increases engagement with your content. Besides, it also brings you in a positive light, increasing visibility and regard.

You can also use the Retweet feature to share a relevant tweet related to your area of expertise. You can add your insights, comments and opinions. The more “give and take” you do, the higher are the chances of growing your Twitter account organically.

Being consistent in terms of content

As much as it is important to be creative, without consistency you cannot hope to grow your Twitter account organically. It is important to realize that anyone using Twitter wishes to see new and interesting information. A brand or individual that lives up to this demand, by being consistent in delivering great content, can do well on the social media platform with ease.

In this context, one can easily follow the 80/20 rule when posting content. the information has to be a priority, therefore, 80% of your content needs to revolve around providing informative feed to the Twitter user and keep them interested. The other 20% could be promotional content and the like. In this way, you are neither hampering your chances of keeping followers engaged, nor let go of any chances of advertisement.

Plan down to the detail

stick to the planning

If you want to grow your Twitter account organically, planning to the last detail is a crucial stepping stone. Content on Twitter needs to be engaging, punctual, blended and relevant. To be able to tick all the boxes well, it is very important to be well-organized in the first place.
To begin with, you can schedule your content and tweets every week. Depending on what kind of niche you are working on, your tweets must revolve around the latest trends, the hottest topics in news and on Twitter. Any fun challenges, trending topics and hashtags must be part of your campaign.

Apart from scheduling content, there also needs to be a focus on retweeting and replying practices. You can allot a separate slot of time for these. As already discussed before, these two steps are necessary if you want to grow your Twitter account organically.

Next, the patterns to your tweets are highly relevant. Learn how to alternate between text and visual content. This is to make sure that audiences are attracted to your posts because of engaging graphics. You can do a little research before penning down your tweets when they are not casual conversations. Using impressive quotes, incidents, legendary events and historical occurrences add an element of interest, provided the content is relevant to your niche.

Use relevant hashtags on trending topics

Twitter Hashtag

Anyone acquainted with Twitter and its ways must know the importance of the “hashtag”. Using relevant hashtags can help you reach the right people and create the wanted impact. Besides, Twitter is always abuzz with trending hashtags. Using them to your aid while posting creative will generally always work in your favor.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes extra and use hashtags that are not just appropriate but also interesting. Twitter allows you to have a glimpse of the top hashtags doing the rounds on your country’s as well as the global platform. What you need to make sure is that the tags suit your post and the idea you wish to convey.

You can also hashtag your company name or page so that it gains popularity among audiences. Brands resort to using trending hashtags even when the topic is not exactly befitting to their niche. All it takes is a dash of creativity and a little tweaking to accommodate the hashtag and trend to your tailored content.

Ignite interesting conversations

Twitter is the place to have the right conversations about anything these days. Compared to other social media platforms, several important announcements, discussions and notices are issued on Twitter by several individuals, organizations and brands.

Therefore, if you wish to learn how to grow your Twitter account organically, you need to follow this simple step. Based on the trending topics catching the most attention on Twitter, you can spark an interesting conversation in your thread. You could tag individuals and brands, asking for their opinion directly.

Besides, using the practice of replying to other’s tweets, you can also retweet notable ones and add your comments. Practices like these have the potential of igniting an interesting conversation thread. Users will automatically find your tweet on the top of their feed.

If you are a brand, you can launch and promote products using the same technique. All you need to make sure is that your tweet doesn’t sound too ‘promotional’. It is best to keep tweets as personable as possible.

Playing the influencer game strongly

twitter influncer-jpg

Influencers are the real game on social media these days, aren’t they? From small to big brands, businesses and labels, everyone seems to be flocking to influencers to keep their social media hype abuzz.

Therefore, one of the must-dos to grow your Twitter account organically would be to associate with an influencer. Influencers are generally always available for various kinds of collaborations. All you need to do is get in touch with them or their team and explain your ideas to them.

You could ask them to tweet about your product, in a personal way instead of sounding like an advertisement. There could be a photoshoot or video-based collaboration for promoting your products or ideas. You could also create a special series of Tweets with the influencer in focus. It would take a little imagination, but there are so many ways of playing the influencer game right.

The results are obvious. Due to their huge popularity and fan following, any social media activity of an influencer gains immediate visibility. This is something to gain from. You can use the wider reach of the influencer to expand your impact zone. This helps to grow your Twitter account organically in no time.

Promoting your content and Twitter handle

Just because you want to soar to popularity on Twitter doesn’t mean you don’t use other social media platforms well. Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be used positively to promote your Twitter handle and it’s content.

Cross-platform promotion is quite in vogue these days because the average internet user tends to have at least 2 or 3 accounts across different social media platforms. This makes it easier for individuals and organisations to weave their audiences together. Say, you post a picture on Instagram. You can always add your Twitter bio in the caption below, or post a snapshot of your interesting tweet itself from time to time.

Besides, you could have all the information related to your varied social media presence in your bio across platforms. This way, interested people can direct themselves to your Twitter account organically from your Instagram or Facebook page. You must make it mandatory to embed your Twitter profile button to your website or page if you are a blogger or e-commerce company and so on.

Create a profile that matters

Social media is abuzz with millions of profiles, isn’t it? Why do you think a particular user would be tempted to follow you instead of the hundreds of similar pages he can opt from? This is the question you need to be asking yourself when planning and expanding your Twitter profile.

The profile needs to appear as a welcoming and engaging one even without reading the content in detail. This has a lot to do with the appearance and individuality your account radiates. With so many handles being managed through bots, the one thing which sets an account apart is “being human”.

The right place to begin is the profile picture. Considering you are not a brand or company, your profile picture must be clean, smart and depicting your personality. If you are a brand or a company, the profile picture has to be the logo. You can always use free and paid online tools to create a logo that describes you and your brand the best.

Besides, the profile also needs to underline relevant tags and keywords that describe your befittingly. The idea is to have a complete overview by looking at your profile in one go. Adding your location information helps in attracting more people in your vicinity.

Another important tip would be to pin the best tweet of yours to the top of your page. This could be one that contains an image or a link or simply a quote that describes you best. Getting verified is another plus if you want to grow your Twitter account organically. It has come to be associated as a status symbol these days and is a must if you wish to stand out of the crowd.

Never buy fake followers

It is easy to fall for the fake follower trap if you are looking to grow your Twitter account organically. Tons of websites offer fake followers, mostly bots, by paying to their services every month. Many accounts, including big brands and celebrities, are known to be following this practice.

Yet, if you choose to grow your Twitter account organically, this is a big no-no. Why?

Well, firstly, buying fake followers does nothing beyond increasing the number of followings on the short-term. As these are not active accounts, they are not going to engage in your content at all. It will be like you are playing cricket against a dead wall.

Besides, they will neither promote your content nor appreciate it. All of this can happen only with the presence of genuine followers who participate in your conversations and take them ahead. Twitter is not the place for winning the game based on likes alone if you know what we mean.

Follow other accounts

If you expect people to follow you, you have to initiate it sometimes. Without being extremely random in your picks, try to follow accounts that bear some similarity to yours. Use the values of intent and relevance to follow people and pages across the platform from time to time.
Simply keep in mind that you are not following people to unfollow them a couple of days later. That certainly feels very annoying and people will simply unfollow you the very moment they realize your intentions. Therefore, instead of following people at random, it is advisable to follow those accounts that you genuinely feel interested about.

The result is that this increases your visibility on Twitter. It is not just the people who you follow, but also those associated with their pages that might end up following you. This practice yields even better results when the pages or accounts you follow are of the same or related niche as yours.

The Content Matters

The Content Matters-jpeg

At the end of the day, no matter how many hacks and tips you resort to, if you do not have solid content, none of these will help. Twitter has increased its character limit to 280 from 140. However, managing hard-hitting content even with this increased limit is no cakewalk.
Depending on your niche, you can choose to use or not to use humor. Funny tweets certainly are quite trendy on Twitter, but they do not always come without negative reactions. Therefore, it is a wise choice to assess carefully the risks you are ready to take before typing that tweet down.

Whether humor is embedded in your tweet or not, wit must always be. After all, to be able to utilize the 280 characters to their full potential, to be able to mean a lot by writing less, and to promote yourself without sounding desperate to require wit.

From time to time, you can run Twitter’s analytics tools to assess what your audiences prefer and what they don’t. This can form a strong basis for any further modifications, eliminations and improvement in your content strategy. It is better to keep a tab on the engagement, reach and impressions of your content regularly to monitor what is working for you and what is not.


Twitter has emerged as one of the top platforms for business growth and advertising today. After all, it manages to bring together people, groups and businesses who can express themselves with brevity and often humor. No wonder, how to grow your Twitter account organically must be bothering you more than ever. After all, the entire world is on Twitter these days, even your competitors.

From small to big businesses, celebrities to budding artists, student societies to government organizations – everyone is trying to make it big on Twitter. This often translates to a higher level of competition among those who are struggling to make their online presence felt. Let this not tempt you to fall for traps of paid fake followers, though. For someone who is looking to establish a successful online presence, natural growth is not just encouraging but also inspiring.

Although it can seem a little daunting and time-taking at first, patience and persistence is the key when trying to grow your Twitter account organically. With the bunch of tips and hacks we have suggested, we hope you can end up gaining thousands of followers soon enough!

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