How to Create an Album on SoundCloud?

Create an Album on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a global community of musicians and music enthusiasts, who can create, upload and share audios or can simply enjoy listening to their favorite music. Gradually, this music streaming platform has acquired millions of users worldwide on a monthly basis and has even launched new and talented artists.   

With the most diverse catalog of musical content, SoundCloud has a musical culture of its own. On this platform, millions of artists can connect with each other, share music tracks and podcasts, and even get recognized by music labels and bands.

Here, one can find music that exists nowhere else on the Internet. It is, therefore, not only a place to listen to new and original tracks by emerging artists but also to explore music from different parts of the world that matches your taste and interest.  

One of the extremely useful features of this music streaming and audio sharing platform is that the users here can create and release their very own curated playlists as Albums, EPs, Singles, or Compilations.

If you are an up and coming music influencer or artist, looking to get recognized and share your music across to the world, then this feature is the one you should be using. 

What are SoundCloud Albums? 

Sound Cloud

 SoundCloud Albums are the latest feature by the music streaming platform, which allows users to collect or curate and then share their favorite music for the world to listen to. This feature is similar to creating a playlist on SoundCloud; the only difference is that it acts like a more official way to put across your favorite tracks’ collections or self-composed music for the listeners.  

In other words, if you just like listening to music, then you may create a ‘playlist’ of your favorite songs from various artists for yourself. But, if you like to curate and compose music and want to share it with others, the ideal feature for you, would be to create an Album on SoundCloud – just as celebrated music artists and record labels do.

In this way, emerging artists can market their music through an ‘official release’ on SoundCloud. The Albums that you create and release will then show up under the ‘Albums’ tab on your SoundCloud profile. 

How to Create an Album on SoundCloud? 

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 To create an album on SoundCloud is an extremely effortless process. Follow the four simple steps given below to compile your favorite songs or create a collection of your self-composed tracks.  

  •  Sign in to SoundCloud or Create an Account 

To make an album on SoundCloud, one is required to have an account on the music streaming and audio distribution platform. Sign in using your login credentials or if you are a new user, Sign up for a free account on SoundCloud. Create a unique and impressive profile to attract attention from potential listeners.  

  • Create a Playlist 

For creating an album on SoundCloud, one needs to have a collection of tracks on their profile in the form of a Playlist. At this point, you can either add songs from a specific artist or album to your playlist, or you can upload your self-composed music in your playlist.  

  • For Compiling Tracks –  

For compiling songs from other artists into a Playlist, all you have to do is go to your preferred song and select the option called ‘Add to Playlist’. From here you can add a specific song to an existing playlist or click on ‘Create New’ to create a new playlist to add the song to, according to your preference.  

  • For Uploading New Tracks – 

To upload your own tracks as a Playlist, click on the ‘Upload’ button present right next to the Search bar. Click on the ‘Choose a File to Upload’ option and now, you can upload multiple tracks or drag and drop the audio files on the screen to create a playlist. Make sure to check the box below to allow the uploading of multiple files simultaneously.  

 Once all the tracks are uploaded, you can optimize the Playlist for better discovery by editing the tracks individually or in bulk.  

  •  Save the Playlist and Edit the Playlist Type 

Once you have uploaded or added your preferred tracks to your Playlist, add a suitable Title for your Playlist. At this point, you can make your Playlist discoverable for other SoundCloud users by changing its privacy to Public. Now, click on the ‘Save’ button to save the playlist.  

To change your Playlist to an Album, go to the Playlist’s Edit page to edit the Playlist Type in the Basic Info sub-section. Now, select the ‘Album’ option from the drop-down list that appears to change your Playlist into an Album on SoundCloud.  

  •  Set a Release Date and Save the Changes 

With SoundCloud, you can set a Release date for your Album. This means that you can select as to when your Album should go live and be accessible and discoverable by other SoundCloud users.  

After you select a suitable release date in the Edit Playlist section, you can also add or edit additional information or optimize meta data such as genre, additional tags, descriptions, and so on. This will make your Albums more optimized in search rankings.  

Once your Album is ready and released, it will appear under the ‘Albums’ tab on your SoundCloud profile homepage, where SoundCloud users from all over the world will be able to access it and like, play, repost the same 

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Why Should You Create an Album on SoundCloud? 

 If you are an emerging music artist or an influencer who is looking to get recognized for their music compositions, then creating an album on SoundCloud is the best way to do so.

It not only gives you a taste of how celebrated musicians and labels record and release albums but also generate a fanbase for your music. There are plenty of other reasons as to why one should create an album on SoundCloud and some of them are listed below: 

  •  Organize your Music More Compactly 

An album on SoundCloud can help you to bundle up similar and related tracks based on genre, style, etc.. into one packed place. With music tracks that are organized better, you do not have to worry about navigating through ocean-loads of audio files each time you are looking for a track or the case with the listening audience! 

  •  Enhance Listening Experience for Auditors 

When specific tracks are grouped together in one place, it becomes easier for the auditors on SoundCloud to access it. In this way, it enhances their listening experience and so, they will come back to your profile more often, rather than looking for single tracks each time. And more the people coming to your profile, the more visibility you get.  

  •  Get Better Exposure 

When you create and officially release your Albums on SoundCloud, you are also signing up for more visibility, following, and popularity among SoundCloud users worldwide. They will be intrigued to check out your new music more often.

For added benefit, you can create release teasers on your other social media profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.. so that more people are aware of the release. This will increase your audience on the day of the release of your Album and even convert them to regular listeners.  

  •  Increase in Sales 

If your SoundCloud account becomes eligible for monetization, you can also generate revenue through your albums on SoundCloud. When listeners subscribe to your original music or you opt for Advertising, you can earn a decent amount out of it.

When you create a playlist on SoundCloud, you are organizing your music in a much better form, which is why users will be keen to return to your Albums again and again. The more they play your tracks, the more sales you get.  

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Conclusion : 

So, if you are passionate about creating new music, then go no further than this global community of musicians, artists, and all the people in love with music. To create an Album on SoundCloud is to share your music all across the world, among the people who care about it – and that, in a compact, organized and optimized manner.

Here, you can discover new artists and get discovered by the famous ones, connect with fellow fans from around the world and be a part of all-new and different music culture.  

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