How to Grow Your Facebook Account Organically in 2021

How to Grow Your Facebook Account Organically

If you want your business to be a hit online, learning how to grow your Facebook account organically is the first step towards success. Social media sites are not such big hits for no reason at all. In fact, the biggest reason behind the success of multiple brands and companies is social media itself.

The amount of time and attention users pay on such Social networking sites is incomparable. This is why it is easier to generate a lot of traffic for your site from here.

The harsh truth is that without a solid social media presence, one cannot hope to stand ground in the e-world. Generating traffic and translating it into leads takes a lot more than good content these days. A successful Facebook page, that posts regularly, draws audiences and grows organically, plays a major role, for example. So, perhaps this is a good point to start.

What do you mean by growing your Facebook organically?


Although it is easy these days to follow illegal means and shortcuts to gain multiple followers, that actually does more harm than good. When you are paying for followers, all you get are fake ones.

They will not be interested in your content, won’t share your posts enthusiastically, and will not contribute towards its success. Neither does pay distribution to ensure that people are going to take up your content seriously.

Organic reach, on the other hand, refers to the number of people engaged with your content without any paid promotions. Therefore, these are the people who have either shown genuine interest in your page or the kind of content you produce.

This is the reason this set of people is more likely to engage directly and higher with your content. However, growing this organic reach on Facebook to be able to generate substantial traffic is not very easy.

With the number of brands and businesses that have taken online for every niche, it is pretty difficult to make a mark. Besides, Facebook ensures that its users are shown content relevant to them. To be able to grow your Facebook account organically, these are the tricks you must learn to master. Are there any sure-shot tips to follow? Yes, and we have some for you.

Here are the 11 best-kept secrets if you want to grow your Facebook account organically in 2021:

Research, research, and more research!


The first step in order to grow your Facebook account organically is to understand your audience. The only way you can do this is by good research. You might have already chosen your niche after a good deal of thinking and analysis. However, promoting the same on social media successfully is a different ball game together.

The first important point is the need to understand what could excite your target audience. Considering the same niche, different content creators are bound to come up with different ideas.

You need to analyze what kind of content would stand out. This depends a lot on the market demand, the current trends as well as the lack of some potential trends. Therefore, a good deal of research and analysis is the best place to begin.

Understand the Algorithms of Facebook Newsfeed

facebook algorithm

For a post to appear on someone’s news feed, it takes a lot more than just good content. The kind of content a Facebook user sees on logging on to the platform has a complicated backstory. Facebook always keeps a tab on the user’s friends and their activity, the kind of engagement the user shows with the same and what kind of engagement.

Besides, Facebook also keeps a watch on negative feedback, posting frequency and relevance. The ultimate target Facebook wishes to achieve with its special ‘algorithm’ for the news feed is enriched user experience. This is exactly what content creators need to work upon as well.

This already paints a clear picture – working on your content with some extra effort is essential. You cannot leave everything to automation. Besides, promoting more content is not equal to getting higher engagement.

Therefore, the simple idea is to focus on a small target band, create tailored content for them, and maintain engagement. The more you try to break down Facebook’s news feed algorithms, the easier it is to understand the do’s and the don’ts. This can help you grow your Facebook account organically.

Building a firm presence online

online presence

There is no doubt to the fact that a business can become a success only by a strong online presence today. This presence need not be all over the face, but it needs to be strong and impressive. The first step is to ensure that you have a solid footing on the major social media sites; Facebook is one of them.

There are a few things you can do for this to work in your favor. Firstly, you need to ensure it a specific target audience you are catering to. Next, you can use the research and analysis you have done on this target audience to channel your posts or promotions. You can invite people who like your posts to also come and like your page.

Although page likes are not a direct portrayal of a Facebook page’s success, it does display your level of popularity. You can link your page with your accounts on other social media platforms for more engagement and interest.

Consistency in posting content

Consistency in posting content

One important reminder for you would be to show consistency and punctuality in posting content. The truth is, no matter how much you strive to make your page popular, without consistency and creativity you are going to end up nowhere. The idea is that all your posts are not going to be massive hits, but some might.

It is for these occasional blockbusters to be more probable that you require consistent posting. Besides, there is the added advantage of people always seeing some post or the other from your side on their feed on logging in. There is, however, no room for compromising creativity.

After all, consistency will only increase your chances; it is creativity that will create any chances at all. This makes it crucial if you want to grow your Facebook account organically.

Keep post frequency suited to the audience

Keep post frequency

Having talked about consistency, it might seem that deliberately repetitive posting of content is ideal. Let us tell you, it is not. It depends a lot on your target audience really. You need to ensure that your content as well as your target audience is suited to frequent posting.

Let’s say, for a page that shares a lot of one-liner trivia and facts. Posting content frequently is a good idea because people will be intrigued without having to analyze much.

For an educational platform’s page, however, things are different. With a lot of content embedded in each post, too many posts are only going to hamper the user’s analytical and memorizing capability. The next step they could take would be to stop following you.

A tab on the time of posting

A little research and diving into statistics will tell you when your target audience is most active. You can also understand when they are more likely to be watching videos, like your content, or simply scrolling past.

Use this and another data Facebook provides to decide the best time for posting content. You could post new content at the same hour or hours every day.

You could also choose certain time frames when uploading new content online. This little practice ensures helps you grow your Facebook account organically because of more positive engagement.

Collaborating with other Facebook pages

Cross promotions and collaborations are a great way of ensuring that your content stays within your target circle, yet gains a wider approach.

You can try hunting down pages similar to yours on Facebook – trust us, there are going to be plenty. Reaching out to these pages and asking for cross-promotions and collaborations is nothing new in the Facebook world.

Cross promotions also pave the way for more pages approaching you for the same favor. If you are starting out, however, do not expect to be able to convince the biggest pages to cross-promote you.

You can choose to collaborate with accounts that have equal or slightly more popular than yours. The idea is to mutually benefit and expand your scope. Facebook stories and post captions are a great way to share collaborative posts these days.

Running contests and giveaways

give away

One of the most popular ways of attracting more audiences to your website is by holding online contests. Several accounts host frequent contests, such as every one or two months, and choose people to gift items from their merchandise.

For a book-lovers page, this could be a contest to give out free books. For an e-commerce or educational website’s Instagram page, the contest could be meant to gain free coupons and attractive discounts.

The key is that anyone would want to try their luck for free gifts when you aren’t charging them anything for participating. How can these contests benefit you if you are the one spending money? Well, hosting such contests and giveaways is a great way of ensuring more and more people reach your website from your Facebook page.

This also increases the chances of them sharing your website and page in the future, if you hold frequent, genuine giveaways. People are always keen on sharing such presents on their stories, or you could directly ask them to.

You can even host such small giveaways every month so that people keep running to your website to check them out. You can promote these giveaways instead of distributing your content directly. Your target must be to be able to harness as much attention as possible.

Using Hashtags for growth

facebook hashtag for growth

Facebook drafts their users’ news feed on the basis of the content they are interested in, or are accustomed to. Hashtags have a huge role to play. Anyone acquainted with the social media platform knows that hashtags are a must for public profiles to grow. Using relevant hashtags can really help you reach the right people and create the wanted impact.

All you need to do is spend a few minutes extra and use hashtags that are not just appropriate but also interesting. What you need to make sure is that the tags suit your post and the idea you wish to convey.

You can also hashtag your own company name or page so that it gains popularity among audiences. Keep in mind that Facebook’s news feed differs from person to person but always revolves around some major and minor heads. Try targeting these keywords.

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Always Try to Stand Out

It is a fact that no matter what the niche, creating an absolutely unique page is difficult. However, this is not entirely impossible. Whatever your niche, a little background research can tell you what had made it online and what hasn’t.

You can use this to your own benefit. By making sure your content takes an angle of your niche that is so far unexplored or lesser-known, you are already doing a great job.

Next, your presentation technique, your way of engaging users on Facebook, and your individual style can help foster this aim of standing out. No matter what your domain, this is something you must always strive for.

Create Content that is always apt

One thing the content creator must never fail to look out for is the latest trend. Users on any social media platform tend to engage more with news or feed that is in keeping with the latest buzz.

Therefore, a person is more likely to engage in patriotic posts when a national event is approaching. They are more likely to be interested in politics when the country elections are due.

Being able to channel one’s content based on what’s and what’s not is a great way of receiving better engagement. In a way you are making sure that your posts appear in a number of news feeds.

Yet, you need to make sure you do not completely deviate from your niche. So, let’s say you own an online bookstore and the latest trends, say a cricketer’s retirement, don’t actually sound so good for you.

All you need is a little tweaking and thinking out of the box. You could be posting about cricketers and their autobiographies. You could focus on the particular cricketer and a book about him. This practice makes sure you are neither losing out on trends, nor on your niche.


Hitting it right on Facebook is what you need to do if you want a steady foot in the online marketplace today. Consider the fact that people tend to spend more time on social media sites than in markets and malls.

Therefore, the best way to advertise your website or online business is by creating enough buzz about it on the social media giant, Facebook.

Success on Facebook, however, comes from higher engagement and more traffic generation. This is the reason some people choose to resort to paid distributions and even illegal means.

However, if looking for genuine followers and potential buyers, it is important to grow your Facebook organically. It will take some time, beyond doubt, and it will take in a lot of effort and time. However, it is the process that is going to reward committed audiences and positive fame on this widely popular platform.

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