How To Increase Your Reach On Facebook in 2021

Increase Your Reach On Facebook

After its launch in 2004, Facebook has pulled itself to be the hub for online businesses as it is the world’s largest social media platform, with over 2.45 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a highly saturated platform where introducing and managing a new local brand or business is a herculean task because of the cut-throat competition.

Within the past few years, several renowned businesses have ceased trading because of the severity of the competition. However, being able to rise above the rest isn’t an impossible task but requires a lot of time, patience and strategy.

The key factor in running a successful online business is expanding your reach, understanding your audience, their social habits and their taste.

Apart from keeping track of your page’s analytics and detailed insights about your audiences, one also needs to come up with ironclad strategies to reach far ends of the world through your page.

While increasing your reach on Facebook, you will come across two types of reach: Organic Reach and Paid Reach.

Organic Reach


The first type of reach i.e. the organic reach is rather tough to accomplish as it requires hours’ worth of patience and brainstorming to come up with creative content that not only resonates best with your audiences but also beefs up your online presence. Organic reach may be tough to achieve but it helps your online presence and also the future prospects of your brand or business.

We are here to make your life easier by taking some of the troubles off your hands as we have come up with a personally handcrafted list of strategies which will level up your reach on Facebook and further optimize your account to help you and your business reach great heights.

  • Content that resonates best with your audience

The holy grail of social media marketing and boosting your reach is creating content that is not only liked by your own audience but it is also unique and shareable. The strategy is fairly simple, the more likes or comments or shares you get, the more is your reach.

Keeping in mind simple aspects like the preferences of your target audience or their reaction to your previous posts take you a long way. Hence, review and analyze the sort of content that is most liked by your followers or content that is relatively trendy at the movement and create content to add to your page accordingly.

  • Experimenting with post formats

Posting the same monotonous pictures or humongous paragraphs worth of information will take your brand nowhere. Social media is an art of storytelling and with that complex form of art, you need to convince audiences to engage with your brand.

You can make your task simpler by using different formats offered by Facebook i.e. photos, videos, note, poll, Q&A, and lists. Rather than posting a simple picture, make your posts more engaging by doing a fun Poll or a Q&A that is relevant to your brand and target audience. You can also add links of various blogs or websites or videos in a post to direct your audience’s attention there as well.

  • Deciding posting tempo 

With the cumbersome task of deciding what to create and post on your profile aside, focus your energies on analyzing when your audiences are the most active and engaging. With a Facebook business account, you will get free access to tons of analytical tools that will help you optimize your profile better.

With engagement metrics, you get in-depth real-time information about when your audience is the most active. With that, decide a time suitable to post and also the frequency of which you post i.e. choose the number of days in a week when you will post something and accordingly choose a time to post. This requires a little effort but it will be downright beneficial to your business.

  • Organize a contest or giveaway

The pleasure one gets from procuring free stuff is unimaginable but the intense pleasure one gets after winning free stuff in a contest or giveaway is much greater. People love participating in such contests or giveaways and we can use this to our advantage.

Introduce a factor in your post where the participants need to like, comment, and share your post to a certain number of people to be a part of it and also ask them to follow your page. This not only boosts up your reach like wildfire and makes your post appear on top of the news feed but also acts like a humongous chain that goes on introducing new participants and potential followers for your page.

  • Post more user-generated content

To state the obvious, people trust the reviews of other ordinary people more than brands or businesses. They find it more authentic and trustworthy as those other people have already devoured themselves with the products or services and can give a legitimate and unbiased opinion.

Similarly, when you post user-generated content on Facebook, it attracts more audiences as they get intrigued by the originality of the content. You can launch a branded UGC hashtag that can be used by your followers or organize a contest where users are asked to post photos or videos related to your brand. You can further encourage the audience by giving them the incentive of being featured on your official page.

Paid Reach 

The second type of reach i.e. the Paid Reach is comparatively simplistic and straightforward. For an upcoming business, this is an absolute essential as initially working for hours and not seeing quicker results can be disheartening or even heart-breaking.

Several renowned brands also take the additional help of paid reach such as Sponsored Ads, hiring brand ambassadors or collaborating with influencers to further their online presence and reach. These three foolproof strategies can never do you wrong.

  • Facebook Ads 

Facebook’s Ads Manager is the most advanced and powerful social media advertising agency. Because of years of expertise, the manager has perfected its a task by giving users the option to customize their ads accordingly.

From choosing the target audience, the target location, budget, and format, you have the entire authority to tailor your Ad according to the needs of your business.

These paid posts are distinctively marked by a “Sponsored” label and often include a call-to-action button like, “learn more”, “call now”, “buy now” and many more. These Ads are highly effective to achieve an initial boost in the reach of a profile of an upcoming brand or to even achieve a subsequent boost on the reach of a well-known brand.

  • Hire Brand Ambassadors  

Every major brand has a brand ambassador who is paid a fairly great lump sum to endorse their products as well as help with their brand’s virtual presence.

If you are a business willing to invest your money in hiring a brand ambassador who will promote your services and products over a long period of time, we will say dive head first in this entire process as it will boost your sales and reach over a subsequently long period of time.

Rather than headhunting for brand ambassadors, let models and influencers, and even ordinary people approach your brand by posting ads with the sign “brand ambassador wanted”.

  • Collaborate with influencers 

Hiring a brand ambassador can be a little steep on the budget hill but collaborating with glamorous influencers for short-term promotional purposes is just the right amount of financials and glam. The job of an influencer is to post pictures and videos while using the brand’s products or services on their posts.

Their posts are often labeled “sponsored” or “paid promotion” but the cascading response received from this strategy cannot be compared to any other.

People tend to follow the footsteps of celebrities and influencers and continuously try to copy every single thing done by their idols; whether it’s something as basic as a hair mask or a little complex like a phone brand.


The reach of your brand or business on Facebook can be easily achieved with multiple likes, comments, and shares and it is up to your meticulous planning and strategies on how to achieve that.

It is a subsequently herculean task to increase your reach organically on Facebook but it is very beneficial for your brand’s future endeavors. On the other hand, paid reach and promotions are rather straightforward and just as good but in the long run, organic reach is better for your brand’s online presence.

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