How to Make Money on Instagram?

How to Make Money on Instagram

A photo may say a thousand words but it also makes more than a thousand bucks now. Instagram is solely based on imagery and has now become the most popular photo-sharing social media website.

With the relative rise in Instagram users to and with that a high rise of influencer marketing. Additionally, a high rise of local e-commerce websites, freelancers, social media marketers and so much more has been seen. There are over 25 million businesses connecting with their audiences via Instagram but you don’t necessarily need to have a business to make money.

Instagram has now become a platform that does not only facilitate conversations between people or connect you to people from across the world but also help you earn some additional money online.

For a person holding an account with thousands of followers, this concept may seem rather familiar but for someone who has only 1K followers, it may seem a little vague or blurred and out of the box.

What if we tell you that you can make money on Instagram with only 1k followers? Well, have some faith in us as we’ll give you all the tips and tricks you require to easily make some money on Instagram.

Become an Influencer


The term “influencer” is thrown around rather casually and has now become synonymous with the word “trendsetter”. Through a psychological perspective, people are incredibly receptive and relatively more drawn to influencer marketing.

Businesses use this to their leverage and affiliate with influencers who will in turn promote their products and services on their profiles in exchange for compensation.

You can become an Instagram influencer today and choose from a list of popular niches that hit your interests like Fashion, Travel, Fitness, or maybe even Cooking. All you’re required to do to land a valuable partnership with brands is to have a sizable following and the ability to take captivating images.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing food, venturing to the far corners of the planet, or assembling vogue outfits, you need to tell your story on Instagram with a photograph of the completed item.

An influencer is ideally required to either affiliate marketing i.e. pursuing people to buy more products of the brand and subsequently receiving commission for every purchase a person makes or you can get paid for using the brand’s products and creating sponsored posts.

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Become a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is different from an influencer in a way that it has a rather long-term relationship with the company. Brands usually prefer having a solid partnership with influencers who will promote their products and services over a period of time or maybe even indefinitely.

Companies want a larger crowd drooling over their products and hence they hire brand ambassadors. The reality of the situation is that you may often come across ads on Instagram with a “brand ambassador wanted” sign all over it.

In order to land that role, you need a subsequently large following but most importantly, you need to have an aesthetically pleasing profile that would attract people in the first place. The ability of visual storytelling is an art that needs to be mastered to become an influencer or a brand ambassador.

Establish an eCommerce Store

With over 500 million users online on Instagram every day, Instagram can be a great marketplace to sell your products directly to your target audiences. As Instagram is all about virtual storytelling, here all you need is a photograph to vouch for your brand. To give a more humanistic or personalized touch to your brand, upload user-generated content on your page.

There are two advantages to this: people will promote your brand for free just to get a chance to be featured on your profile and your profile would seem more genuine to potential customers.

From stationary to makeup products to second-hand cars to furniture, you can sell anything on Instagram and get several hits from potential buyers or even generate sales. All you need is a business account on Instagram and a product catalog that you will feature on your page. A business account would let you take advantage of the “Instagram shopping” that has been recently introduced.

Promote or Sell Your Freelance Services

Promoting a freelance service on Instagram may seem a little unorthodox but with the revolutionization of the digital space, anything is possible.

Instagram is a virtual hub for artistic people and it is a way for them to truly express themselves.  With the series of several lockdowns throughout the country, several makeup artists, writers or fitness experts have conducted paid masterclasses or one on one sessions with their clients.

Selling your freelancing services online, especially on Instagram is the best way of earning money. Transform your page into a virtual portfolio that shows people how you work or the experience your services provide or what exactly you do.

Whether you are a photographer or a dog trainer or a hairstylist, promoting your services online by showcasing your work is the best way of generating buzz for your work and building potential clientele.

Offer Your Social Media Expertise

Handling social media websites is an absolute task for an upcoming local business as it doesn’t have the necessary followers to jack the sales. Also, newbies don’t completely understand social media websites and their complexities. There are numerous features offered by Instagram that can be leveraged to boost sales, increase reach, and engagements.

Only a person with true expertise can understand this and actually boost your online presence. Working as a social media expert is a rather challenging and time-consuming job as one cannot just undermine the competition and make a brand stand out overnight. However, businesses are willing to pay thousands for this position.

If you have a knack for social media marketing and can put in the time and skills to actually boost a profile’s visibility on Instagram, why not use this to actually grow a brand and simultaneously earn money?

Organize Contests or Giveaways

The sense of urgency and competitiveness would drive engagement to your page like never before. Several influencers collaborate with different brands to organize giveaways where they ask their audiences to follow their page, as well as that of the collaborative brands.

First of all, this ensures followers to both the pages and also a great deal of engagement on the page. If you are an influencer, you will get paid by the brand to organize a giveaway and if you are a brand, you will get a rather broadened promotion of your products or services.

Additionally, you can also organize an online paid contest like a photography contest or a poetry contest or a cooking contest or a dance contest. You will in turn end up earning more than you are offering as a cash prize or a gift prize.

Paid Product Reviews 

People require a sense of authenticity and trust in the brand before buying any products from it. Several brands use this to their advantage and offer to pay generously for doing a product review for their product on Instagram.

Reviews basically consist of appealing and highly attractive images along with short captions describing your own experience while using the products.

So, if your profile is related to photography, you can review a new ring light or a new camera or if it is related to makeup, you can review products of different brands like Lakme or Maybelline. Just make sure the products you are reviewing are aligned to your niche, otherwise, it may not look as authentic and would definitely look out of place on your profile.

Make Instagram filters

With the introduction of filters on Instagram stories, several personalized contents are flooding time and again on stories. As over 500 million people watch Instagram stories every day, it is a great space for brands to promote their products. But to genuinely overthrow the competition and stand out among millions of other brands, brands resort to other fun means to engage their followers like making custom face filters for stories.

This is a great opportunity for digital creators to promote their work to a larger audience by creating customized face filters for Instagram stories. The world is your limit and the face is your canvas, so make filters that put butterflies or tacos or bunny ears or high-end makeup on your face using the filters.

The application, “Spark AR Studio” allows users to create free AR filters for Instagram Stories. Several brands have in-house designers who create filters while others are on the lookout for digital creators who would customize filters for their upcoming campaigns or promote their products.

Instagram is a shrine for every brand and business looking to expand their clientele but it is also one for every person looking to make a couple more bucks while pursuing their interests. It is a platform that provides people a center stage to explore their talents and further promote it in a way that is beneficial to them.

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