How to Make Money on YouTube in 2021: 6 Easy Steps

How to Make Money on YouTube

Money Making is an art. That’s why there are only a few artists that can do it properly. It’s not that non-artists can’t make money and they will be financially weak for the rest of their lives.

No. What I mean is that its a skill, an art that can be learned, and once you’ve mastered it like the back of your hand, you can do almost anything and make money out of it. It’s easy, effective, and most importantly doesn’t require a degree from a reputed college or anything. Anyone can do it.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic shocked the global economies, the money now is restricted to certain areas only. These areas are the industry that still is performing exceptionally well and will not fade out anytime soon.

These industries are evergreen and no I’m not talking about ‘mechanical engineering’. It’s the online world that’s still booming and seems neatly untouched and unaffected by the pandemic. And if you were to ask me about which industry is and still going to be a ‘money-making machine’, I’d surely bet on YouTube.

Statistics give a clear picture that ever since the pandemic hit and the countries have gone into total lockdown, YouTube has an exceptional increase in its viewership. And this viewership is actually how one can make easy money on YouTube.

Youtube and Money

Youtube and Money

Youtube is a prime video watching service. It has all the features of a successful business. It is clear in its outlook, it can provide you with a video of anything and it has a very, very large user base.

It has basically everything for everyone. And that is its universal selling point. But how does one earn money from Youtube? Well, creators upload videos which if viewed gives them an opportunity to place ads in their videos which in turn share a small percentage with the creator.

Over time, these views accumulate and so does the creator’s share and then it gets paid to the creator via online transfers. It’s that simple. But how can you make money on YouTube? It’s simple.

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How to Make Money on Youtube?

You have to start by making an account. If you are reading this and you know about youtube, I can presume that you do have one. If not, you can create one for free by signing up for a Gmail account

  1. First and foremost, Identify your consumer group. What I mean by that is you have to consider the target audience before making a video. I’d advise you to think about yourself. What type of group or groups do you relate to and what are the specific needs of that group. For example, If you’re a physics teacher who wants to teach physics online, your target audience will be physics students and not anyone else.
  1. The second step is to identify your niche. You can’t just be uploading videos that are not based on a specific topic. Surely there are channels that cover a wide range of topics and niches but the creators of those channels have put their time developing their niche(s) one at a time. Identify what you can provide to the world. Although you would get a fair idea after step 1 still if you have any doubts you can consider this step. 
  1. Start making videos with basic stuff. Don’t invest in a DSLR and mics and other technical stuff like software etc right on. What if you don’t want to do it as a career or maybe you don’t enjoy it after a few videos. Then that equipment would be a bad investment. I’d rather recommend to focus on making your content better and not worry about the technical issues and minute details. Make your products better. Use a basic mobile phone with a basic tripod or you can even ask a friend for help.
  1. Don’t worry about the competition. Rather make your product impressive and make your content worth watching. No one wants to learn physics from a professor whose voice and teaching methods put you to sleep. Instead, develop a better methodology. Make your videos interesting and entertaining. 
  1. Market your videos and your channel. And here too, don’t invest in paid marketing. Do that only when you feel that that’s credible. Otherwise, use Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites to market your videos. Use paid advertising only when it’s necessary.
  1. Interact with your audience. Take their suggestions and feedback and improve upon it. Make videos that are what they are asking for. Go by the old saying, “Customer is god.”

When Will the Money Come?

Don’t worry. Initially, you won’t be getting any money but it’s only after you have developed a considerable fan following or viewership that brands approach you. One can use Google Adsense. It’s a tool developed by Google that helps you to generate money using ads.

After you have got a good list of credible subscribers and viewers, then you must use Google’s Adsense and using that you can put small ads into your videos which when watched by the user can provide you with a minute share of money and if the user clicks that ad and buys the product of the company, you will again get a share.

Youtube is splendid in working and doesn’t worry about how you will get the money. Rather, focus on your product and videos and you will surely get wherever you want to.


In closing, the most important thing is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to the YouTube business. A subscriber might wait for a good no of days for your video and if he or she doesn’t get that or like that, they might unsubscribe.

No one wants that. You try to keep your videos good and up to the mark. The feedback of your audience really helps in that. It’s important that you also don’t miss an opportunity to market your channel.

It’s only that which can ensure that your subscriber base increases. Also, if you don’t get the results you want, don’t be disheartened. Continue working on your videos and I’m sure you’ll get good results.

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