How to Make SoundCloud Private?

How to Make SoundCloud Private

SoundCloud is the largest global community of people who share a common love of music. From celebrated musicians to up and coming artists or bands, and to the people who simply know the joy of listening to music, SoundCloud is a common musical platform for all.

This music streaming and audio distribution network has today become the music creators’ go-to destination to discover trends, acquire a following, and even generate a decent earning from their tracks.   

On this platform, you can discover new music, or get your music discovered by labels; you can connect with fellow fans who share the same taste of music as you, or create your very own fanbase; you can collect music you like to listen to in one place, or self-composed and curate your own beats and tunes.

Most of all, you can share tracks, podcasts, etc.. – which you like or those that you have created yourself – with people from around the world.  

However, like most other social media networks, SoundCloud to has its fair share of competition. Especially if you are an emerging artist, it may so happen that your self-composed tracks are misused or duplicated by others.

To avoid such a possibility, SoundCloud offers users with an option to make SoundCloud private for themselves.  

Is it Possible to Make SoundCloud Private?  

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No. Making your SoundCloud Profile completely private is not a possibility with the current version of SoundCloud. There will always be certain information that would be publicly available to anyone who visits your profile.

This includes details such as your Soundcloud profile description, profile artwork, website links, your likes, reposts, comments, followers, etc..  

However, to ensure the safety and privacy of your original tracks, SoundCloud provides a feature to make your Tracks or Playlists Private. This means that no user will be able to listen to your uploaded tracks without your explicit permission.

When you upload or post a track as ‘Private,’ it means that these tracks would not show up on your Public Profile or in the Search Results. Only you will have access to these tracks through your SoundCloud profile.  

How to Make Your SoundCloud Tracks and Playlists Private? 

 Making your Tracks and Playlists private on SoundCloud is easier done than said. With this social network of music enthusiasts, users can change the privacy settings of Individual tracks, Multiple Tracks, and Playlists to Private. Read on below to know-how.   

  • Make Individual Tracks Private on SoundCloud 

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If you are uploading a new track or adding a new song to your playlist, you can easily change its privacy settings to ‘Private.’ Sign in to your SoundCloud account and go to the Track whose privacy setting you wish to change.

On the new page that appears, click on the ‘Edit’ option represented by the pencil icon. Now, in the Basic Info subsection, select the bubble next to Private and save the changes to make your track private.  

  • Make Multiple Tracks Private on SoundCloud

make multiple track private - SoundCloud

SoundCloud allows users to edit the privacy settings of multiple tracks at once. For doing so, first sign in to your SoundCloud account. Click on the Upload button towards the right of the navigation bar. Your Tracks page will appear on your screen.

Now select the tracks whose privacy settings you want to change by checking the checkboxes given against each track. Now, click on the Edit button and select the ‘Privacy and Tags’ option from the drop-down menu that appears.

Again, in the Basic Info sub-section of the Edit page, select the bubble next to Private and save the changes to make multiple tracks private, all at once.  

  • Make Playlists Private on SoundCloud 

playlist private - sound cloud

Making Playlists private in SoundCloud is an extremely easy process. Just sign in to your SoundCloud account and click on the ‘Library’ button on the navigation bar.

Now select the Playlists tab on the new page that appears. Select the Playlist whose privacy settings you want to change. Now go to the Basic Info tab of the Edit page and select the bubble against Private to make your desired Playlist private.  

However, please note that if your playlist is public, but the tracks within it are marked private, any SoundCloud user that is not logged in through your account will not be able to view these tracks. To make these tracks visible, make the playlist private and share its unique secret link with your selected recipients. 

Private Sharing on SoundCloud 

private share

 SoundCloud is the only music streaming and distribution service that offers an innovative feature called ‘Private Sharing.’

Using this feature, the users can share their tracks privately to the contacts they want, through a ‘secret link’ Private sharing is used by millions of SoundCloud creators every day to collaborate with other creators, share brand new music with a record label or publicist, or offer fans an invite-only first listen to their latest track.

This is just one of the ways that SoundCloud gives creators control over how they can share their original work with the world. In this way, you can even get feedback for your self-composed tracks before its actual release.   

Why Should You Make SoundCloud Private? 

private SoundCloud

 There are a plethora of reasons as to why you should make SoundCloud private. When you make your tracks or playlist private, only you can have access to them. No other SoundCloud user will be able to see it on your profile or discover them in search results. This can prove beneficial in the following ways:  

 Create Personal Playlists –  

If you use SoundCloud simply to listen to your favorite music, then making your playlists private is a great option for you. You can add music from any and all artists or albums around the world. (sans any judgmental faces!) 

 Prevent Duplication or Misuse –  

If you are an up and coming music artist, influencer or a music curator, then your work may be used without credit or compensation. Making tracks private allows you to put it across to agencies, labels or trusted fanbase first, before sharing it with other SoundCloud users.  

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 Get Authentic Feedback Before Release –  

For instance if you are collaborating with a musician for your upcoming album, then sharing tracks privately prevents the possibility of leaks. Only your trusted contacts will be able to access the tracks that you share with them through the secret link. In this way, you can get genuine feedback from your acquainted, real-life community for your work. 

 Organize your Work Safely –  

The feature to make SoundCloud private can really come in handy for it allows creators to upload and save their music in one safe space. This way, you would not need to surf through scattered audio files each time you are looking for a specific track. Plus, you need not worry about leaks, or plagiarism.  


To make SoundCloud private is to ensure that your tracks are not landing in the wrong hands. When uploading a new track, it is always a better idea to first share it with trusted followers or your acquaintances to avoid duplication or mishandling of the music that you have created by yourself.

And SoundCloud allows you to do this very conveniently. For instance, if you want your friends to hear your music first before it goes live, then go no further than this exclusive feature offered by SoundCloud. You can now choose who can listen to your songs and when, and search for them within SoundCloud, to extract the best potential of your self curated music.  

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