How to Start Instagram Business Accounts?

Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram is the contemporary cool – more than a billion users worldwide are using Instagram for personal and professional purposes and there can be no better reason to deny the fact.

This photo and video sharing app, which was taken over by Facebook, is perhaps, the prime outlet today for sharing great visual content in the form of Posts, Stories, and short videos in the form of Instagram Reels.  

From celebrities to businesses to individuals, practically everyone is using Instagram. In this context, there are potential possibilities as to how businesses and brands can use Instagram and in fact, prosper from doing so. Read on to know everything about Instagram Business accounts.  

Why Should You Use Instagram for Business? 

Instagram for Business

Let us look at some statistics first :

  1. 60% of Instagram users claim that they discover new products on Instagram. 
  2. 200 million + people on Instagram visit at least one business profile each day. 
  3. 1 out of 3 most-viewed Instagram Stories is from business accounts. 
  4. There has been an 80% increase in time spent watching videos on Instagram. 

The statistics give a clear picture of how businesses are blooming and thriving on Instagram. Over 25 million companies and brands are already using Instagram for business and there can be no better testimony to why you should instantly take your business online.

Instagram has revolutionized the traditional forms of marketing, selling products, and customer interaction. Social media users come on Instagram to socialize, connect, and explore exciting visual content. Plus, Instagram hosts over a billion users posting some or the other form of visual content through Posts, Stories, IGTV, or Instagram Reels on a daily basis.  

This has opened up a potential and profitable marketplace for businesses to advertise their products, market their brand, and interact with customers. Moreover, with Instagram integrating and supporting more and better selling and shopping features, taking businesses on Instagram can do no harm than good.

Not only has the Instagram business model accelerated sales multifold, but has also led to better customer feedback and lower investments in marketing campaigns.  

Instagram users are always looking for a more personalized experience when they interact with a brand they follow. Companies around the world have utilized this particular behavioral statistic to make a shift from the corporate, strictly professional, or the faceless version of their brand to a more personal and an up-close interactive one. And this has truly changed the face of how top businesses operate.  

How to Start an Instagram Business Account? 

instagram business modal

To start an Instagram business account is as easy as creating a normal profile on any social media network. It is as quick and easy as it sounds and is completely free. Follow the four simple steps given below to start an Instagram business account from scratch.  

  1. Download and Launch the Instagram mobile app. If you do not already have the app, download it here for AndroidiOS, or Windows 
  2. Sign up to create your account. Enter your email address and tap the ‘Next’ button. You can also sign up for an Instagram account using your Facebook account. For doing so, click on the ‘Login with Facebook’ tab that you see on the screen. By signing up on Instagram using your Facebook account, you can connect your Facebook Business Page with the Instagram business profile.  
  3. Choose your username and password and fill in your other profile information to set up your Instagram personal account, which can then be converted into a Business Profile. 
  4. Set up a free Business Profile. Within the Instagram app, go to Settings and then scroll down to select the option that says ‘Switch to business account’. When you have a business account, you can add pertinent business information such as opening hours, a business address, and a phone number. 

How to Change a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Profile? 

If you already have an Instagram account, you can effortlessly convert it to a Business account. Just follow the six easy steps given below and get started with Instagram business accounts in no time.  

  1. Launch the Instagram mobile app and Log in to your personal Instagram account. 
  2. Tap the ‘Profile’ icon to go to your personal profile on Instagram. 
  3. Now, tap the three lines icon at the top right corner of the screen and then click on the ‘Settings’ option. 
  4. From the drop-down list that appears, tap the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ button and then click on the ‘Continue’ button. 
  5. To set up your Business profile for free, add the required contact information. Your Instagram business account should ideally include pertinent information such as an email address, a phone number, opening business hours or a physical address or all of these details. 
  6. Now tap ‘Done’ and you are all set to start posting great content with your exclusive Instagram Business account. 

What do you Get with an Instagram Business Account? 

Instagram Business accounts come with added advanced features as compared to personal profiles, that are ideal for the purpose of branding, showcasing, selling, and evaluating your profile’s performance all the while.

Some of these features are listed below: 

  • Get Insights: With Instagram business accounts, you can get real-time metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform throughout the day. Also, you can get insights into your followers and how they interact with your posts and stories, such as how many people are viewing your profile, new followers, number of website clicks, impressions, and so on. Plus, these insights also allow users to compare weekly statistics for better optimization. 

  • Get Discoverable: Personal Instagram profiles can be made private or public since they might contain your individual data such as personal information, photos, etc.. If you are using private accounts for business, it kind of limits your brand’s reach. This is because only the people whom you follow would be able to see what’s on your profile. Business accounts on Instagram on the contrary, are by default Public. This means that new users can discover your account when they are exploring similar content on Instagram. In other words, Instagram’s business accounts make your brand discoverable and therefore, increases its potential audience and visibility for better branding.
  • Let People Know About You: With Instagram Business accounts, you can add relevant information about your company, such as business hours, location, and phone number. This helps your audience and followers know how to contact you or where to reach you if your business has a physical location. You can hyperlink this information in the ‘Contact’ button at the top of your Instagram Business profile.  

  • Know Your Audience: Reaching a target audience is perhaps, as important for a business as delivering the right kind of content. Instagram Business accounts let you track locations, age range, and gender of your followers. Plus, it shows you the day and time they are most active on Instagram. This is a pretty actionable insight as you can schedule your posts at that very time of the day for maximum engagement. You can access these analytics in the ‘Audience’ tab of your business profile. 
  • Promote Instagram Posts as Ads: With an Instagram business profile, you can set up, run, and track ad campaigns – just the same way as with Facebook ads –  by using the powerful advertising tools offered by Instagram for researching, targeting, and creating visually appealing ads. Once you have set up a business account on Instagram, you can also promote your posts as Instagram Ads from within the app. 

  • Add Links to Instagram Stories: If you have over 10000 followers on Instagram, you can add links to your Instagram Stories with Instagram business accounts. This will allow you to direct your followers straight from your Instagram Story content to whichever landing page you choose – all within the Instagram browser – which is great news as you are in fact, creating a direct route for sales and brand engagement! Plus, it will allow your audience to shop and checkout right within the app. 
    Moreover, one of the most recent features rolled out by Instagram is the ability for users to tag products directly within an Instagram Post. This almost game-changing update means that with business accounts, you can now share content with direct links to your product pages or e-commerce websites, making it super easy for the users to click through, engage with products, and hit buy without much ado.  

The Process After – Strategize, Optimize, Engage and Evaluate 

Once you have set up an Instagram business profile, it will begin to reap results only with a winning Instagram strategy and timely optimization of your profile.

Whether it is creating the right content, reaching your target audience, or engaging with them, it is how you work through your Instagram business accounts that will make all the difference to your business. Read on to know how you can make the best use of the features that come with Instagram business accounts.  

  • Define Your Audience: As mentioned before, it is of utmost significance to determine who buys from you. When you know what kind of audience comes to your business profile, you can better strategize the content that you would offer them. If you are a startup, do some thorough competitor research to specifically define and know your audience.   

  • Commit to a Regular Posting Schedule: When it comes to content, consistency is the key. Once you start building a considerable following on Instagram, your followers will expect to see posts from you on a regular basis. You want to keep them aware of your brand and engaged with your content without overwhelming them to the point that they tune out or unfollow. The key factor is to be frequent and consistent, but not cramming your audience’s feed with your content.  

  • Optimize Your Profile: You can extract the best out of Instagram Business accounts by nailing the bio to convey your brand identity in a short space, adding your Brand Logo (preferably the one that you use for other social media profile) to help people find you, add a website link to convert leads to potential sales, adding a Call to Action button to direct users to shop from your catalog or contact you. When you have a neat and organized profile that gives users a clear picture of what your brand is all about, they are more likely to follow you.  

  • Create Great Content: There is no underestimating the value of great content. After all, what you post is what reflects the values and identity of your brand. The more compelling your content, the more leads it will generate – and this is proven. You can get as creative as you want with your business profile – be funny, witty, and engaging to attract new followers. For example, you can post live videos, memes, challenges, product teasers, and use other creative ways to sell on Instagram. Also, you can optimize your content by using Instagram Reels, Stories, IGTV, etc..  

  • Design and Edit Photos Like a Pro: No matter how great your photos are, you will likely want to edit them before posting to Instagram. Consistent editing is the best way to maintain your unique brand aesthetic and make your images recognizable. Use the in-built features of Instagram or use great photo editing apps to nail the visual aspect of your Instagram business accounts. 

  • Be Consistent With Your Brand Theme: Create a unique visual aesthetic for your brand and be consistent with it, all through your posts. This helps the audience to recognize and remember you in the long run. Since Instagram is all about visuals, building a unique and appealing thematic identity can do the trick for you. In fact, your brand thematic should be consistent across all social media networks for maximum recognition.
  • Build a Close-Knit Community: As mentioned above, people come to Instagram to socialize and connect. And given the billions of users already using the platform, it is extremely likely that a community relevant to your brand already exists on Instagram. All you need to do is to find them. One of the ways to do so is to engage with the audience and also with the brands that they already follow. Participate and engage to make your presence known to the people who will potentially be interested in your content. Most of all, engage and interact with the audience that already exists on your profile and let them know that you value them.  

  • Form Partnerships: With the Influencer wave on social media, the whole face of business marketing has taken an about-turn. If your brand is to exist and prosper on Instagram, you must collaborate and build partnerships with influencers or even other similar brands to thrive together. Even small brands with limited budgets can use influencer marketing by working with micro-influencers – people with a smaller but dedicated following.

  • Optimize What Does Not Work: With Instagram business accounts and the powerful and actionable insights that it delivers, you probably have a pretty great idea of which campaigns, posts, hashtags or links are working most effectively. Now, in order to maximize the potential of your Instagram business account, it is imperative to act on these insights. Do not be afraid to change what does not work and improve what does. Track the analytics regularly and update your Instagram strategy to keep your Business account performing like a pro. 

  • Refine Your Strategy From Time to Time: Like every other social media platform, Instagram to keeps updating its algorithm to effectively optimize the user experience on the app. Fortunately, with Instagram insights and statistics in your hand, you too can test which among your marketing strategies have stopped or started giving fruitful results. As and when you learn what works best for your target audience, refine your strategy to give them what they look forward to. You can also do this by extensive competitor research.  


This article is an all-inclusive guide on how to start Instagram business accounts and everything that you can do with them in order to create a unique brand image and voice. With Instagram business accounts, there is true, no end to the creative possibilities and to the ways in which you can engage your audience all the while.

So get started and create a solid Instagram strategy for your business account to reap the infinite blessings of the massive wonder called Instagram.

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