How to Use Instagram for Business in 2021?

How to Use Instagram for Business

Its 21st century and the world has changed a lot. Businesses too have seen a plethora of changes and a lot of it can be attributed to the emergence of the internet and digital age. There was a time when only big corporations and a place with huge assembly lines were considered a “business.”

Everything else was sort of “self-employment.” But the internet has empowered such people who used to be in the latter category by providing them with exceptional tools at their disposal. The internet has made a common “self-employed” man to a”businessman.”

Instagram had a big role to play in this transition. It’s not that Instagram started this, but it has surely accelerated the process of this business culture that we see today. Who would have imagined a few years ago that even one person’s businesses could generate a million dollars in revenue and someone with the least amount of money could have marketed his company in a way he can today.

Instagram and other social sites like twitter, youtube have surely empowered the entrepreneurs of today. Nowadays there is also a common business of being an influencer on these sites and they have surely helped such individuals who have a considerable amount of reach to earn some extra money and in some cases even led them to establish influence as their sole occupation.

How Has Instagram Disrupted The Traditional Business Model?

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A Business needs customers and that comes through marketing. There was a time when huge billboards and posters were considered marketing, then came the era of televisions and radios and nowadays it’s about sites like Instagram. And Instagram has a better penetration rate than all of the above combined.

Instagram has revolutionized the industry like never before. It’s a general perception that Instagram is just for the promotion of business but Instagram in its own being has proved that it can be a viable business too apart from being a marketing mechanism.

Statistics show that sites like Instagram are 70 percent more effective and penetrative than the traditional means of marketing and 50 percent cheaper. A lot of people who started through Instagram got into careers like editing, modeling, acting, etc just by showcasing their talents on Instagram.

A lot of people started doing things over on Instagram that made them famous influencers. A lot of people hacked Instagram marketing in such a way that they became exceptional marketers and advertising Experts on Instagram.

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More than that, one can easily connect with celebrities on Instagram and ask them for help, advice or promotion. One shoutout from a celeb and you can become famous overnight. The website has exceptional potential which can still be exploited to a huge extent.

How to use Instagram for business:

Although using Instagram for your business is quite the same as using it for a personal life in many respects but still there are a few pieces of advice that one should definitely consider when using Instagram for business.

#1. Making an Instagram business account

Instagram for Business

is as easy as it can be. You can either make a separate account or you can even convert your existing personal account to Instagram business whatever the case may be.

#2. Find your customer

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If you identify your customer first, it becomes very easy to target them and market your product because you don’t have to find your target groups afterward.

Try to figure out a specific customer group that you are also a part of. It’s good to start thinking about your habits and then building from there. What are your likings and dislikes and then find a successful topic or topics on which you can provide good quality content?

#3. Select your niche.

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What you can contribute to or in what area you can make people more knowledgeable about. What’s your niche? A Niche is a topic(s) or a theme etc. on which your whole business is going to be based on. Do you like making food? Do you like photography? Can I deliver value in that??

#4. Posts

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Posts are essential to any business on Instagram. If you won’t be posting then what’s the point of making a whole page of that. Initially, you have to post frequently as that will generate a considerable following for you while you’re new on the platform and will help you build a follower base.

#5. Follow

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Follow people and ask friends and family for help. You may ask other influencers or celebs for help and if luck favours you, they might help you out.

#6. Market strategically

Instagram Marketing Strategy

The most important part is to market strategically. A lot of people make this mistake of just posting the links on their Facebook and other accounts but I’d rather suggest you to initially send personal messages to people and your followers.

#7. Follow people from your niche

Follow people from your niche  and ask them to promote you. Find relevant groups on Reddit, Facebook etc. And share your ideas there.

#8. Use hashtags and tags


Use hashtags and tags more often. Make a list of good hashtags from online sources on what kind of hashtags are most followed and viewed in your niche and then use them in your posts.

#9. Time your posts

time to post

It’s very important for good engagement. Time your post so that it reaches the maximum number of people at a time. Ideally, the time would be on weekends and during the afternoon and night. But it may differ depending on your audience. Take feedback through ‘insights’ and use it to your advantage.

#10. Interact with your audience

Interact with your audience on a regular basis. Learn from them. Whatever feedback they are providing, you must work on that. Also, ask them what they want to see. Instagram provides a lot of such tools. Polls, announcements, stories, etc can be used by you to increase engagement.

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#11. Collaborate

Collaborate with other creators. If you’re a video editor, you can work with an actor or a writer. If you’re a chef, you can work with a food company to promote them. It’s about how well you can collaborate with people. This will help both of you.

Instagram has a huge potential. In years ahead, it will be much more important to use it for marketing. We are already transitioned to a digital marketing era from the traditional one. Make sure you learn along the way about various other tactics of marketing and maneuvering your business.

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