How to Use Instagram Reels To Create Best Content?

Tips to Use Instagram Reels

There is no counter to the popularity of Instagram as a leading photo and video sharing social network, where millions of users around the world post and share visual content of all niches, all day long. Moreover, with Instagram rolling out new improvised features ofttimes, surfing Instagram has now become easier, better and unquestionably more fun than ever.  

One such latest feature rolled out by Instagram only recently is Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels are short video clips of 15 seconds, set to background music that the users can record and share as Instagram Stories, Explore Feed, and on the all-new Reels Tab on their Instagram profiles. This latest feature is now available in over 50 countries including the United States.  

If it sounds anything like TikTok, that is because it is! With the ban of TikTok in India and a possible ban in the USA, Instagram Reels is now the new cool where users can create fun and engaging brief video content – the concept is very similar.  

The recording of the capsuled clips can be done right from within the mobile app. Instagram Reels also offers users with a set of creative tools to create engaging short videos, edit them by adding audio, text, special effects, stickers, and more and then share them with their followers easily on Instagram. 

Instagram Reels – What is on Offer? 

Instagram Reels can potentially be a highly utilitarian feature for brands, businesses, visual content creators and influencers to engage any audience that visits their profile because of its short 15-second span. Not only can businesses post sneak peeks and behind the scenes of their brand, but can also create teasers for new product launches, through this brief wonder of 15 seconds. 

Instagram Reels content can be shared to Explore and Stories. When you add a reel to Instagram, you can also choose to post it in your Feed. By default, all the reels you create will also appear in a dedicated section of your profile by the same name.

Instagram gives Reels a dedicated landing spot at the top of the Explore page called the ‘For You’ page. Once you tap the first reel at the top and access it from the Reels feed, you will start seeing a scroll of Reels from popular and trending accounts on Instagram, mainly depending on what you are following, your popular searches, etc..  

Instagram Reels also offers several editing tools; these include AR effects, speed controls, the option to align multiple clips for cleaner transitions, stickers, and a library of video effects and background audios to choose from. As a business, you can avail this feature to level up your social media game by effectively using this space for better brand storytelling and presentation. Read on to know more about how to make the best use of Instagram Reels content.  

Instagram Reels for Business

Several giant brand names and influencers on Instagram, have already been using Reels from day one. If yours is an up and coming brand, now is the time to grab the opportunity to be the first creators on Instagram Reels and engage most of the contemporary audience – people who prefer quick and easily digestible content. Besides, brands can collaborate with new creative talents to experiment with Instagram Reels content that they create.  

Moreover, Reels sit on the Explore page – a place in which more than 50% of Instagram accounts use every month. If your reel is shown on this page, you have a greater chance to get your brand across to new followers. There is true, no end to how creative you can get with Instagram Reels content.  

If you are already using Instagram for your business, giving Reels a try is only a win-win situation. As a business, you can avail this feature to level up your social media game by effectively using this space for better brand storytelling and presentation. Read on below to know more about how to make the best use of Instagram Reels content and use it for honing your social media strategy: 

Flaunt Products 

Indeed, one cannot deny the value of creating stunning graphic photos for Instagram, for an appealing thumbnail is what first leads followers to check out the products on a profile. With an amazing range of video filters and effects that come with Instagram Reels, you can now showcase a catalog of your brand’s products.

Moreover, as mentioned before, Instagram Reels content appears on the Explore page, which means that your reels would be accessible by the users who do not follow your account as well – and this is good news, for you are potentially attracting new Instagram users to your profile with Reels. Plus, you can use hashtags, text overlay, or descriptive captions to let people know clearly what your brand is all about.  

Post Happy Customer Stories 

When people see your product actually being bought and used by real persons, it gives your brand a human connection and credibility. Therefore, using Instagram Reels to post customer testimonials and reviews can be of twofold advantage – one, it shows that people are actually buying your products and two when customers share their experiences of using your product, it gives others a fascination to purchase your brand’s products.

So, whether you are launching a new collection, or wanting to showcase a current one, head to Instagram Reels to generate more awareness and audience. When you personalize your brand, it assured leads to better sales and improved trust. After all, what is a successful business if not more happy customers?  

Create Product Teasers Ahead of Launch 

Piquing interest in what is to come is among the best ways to drive traffic on Instagram or in fact, on any other social platform. With Instagram Reels, you can now do this in a quick and concise manner.

When you post product teasers ahead of its launch, it is a general tendency that people will head to your profile on the day of launch to check out the actual product or collection. Not only will this increase traffic, but also lead your followers to check out past products.

You can also give your audience pre-order discounts, or other early bird offers to motivate them to buy the products. Get your customers excited about what’s coming! You may share little glimpses of future products or some exclusive information and your sales are sure to reach sky heights. 

Partner with Influencers or Other Brands 

Promoting your business or its products through someone who already has a considerable following on Instagram, is a win-win situation for both, the influencers and the brand. Establishing partnerships with Instagram influencers to promote your products on Instagram Reels is also one of the most contemporary ways to sell on Instagram.

Also, you can use the Instagram Reels space simply to announce collaborations as well. Plus, it establishes credibility and trust among your existing followers, while attracting new followers of course.

If you are just starting out, then investing in micro-influencers can do the trick for you. The idea is of a collaborative effort so that both can grow in scope and reach. Just make the affiliation feel as natural as possible and there you go. 

Post Demo Videos, Use DIY Tutorials

DIY Tutorial

A majority of customers buy products that have a crystal clear message or use. Let your customers know precisely why your products are unique and what are some unique ways to use them. By posting demo videos or tutorials on Instagram Reels, you not only ping interest customers to take a look at your products but also possibly buy them.

Be it makeup tutorials, DIY outfit ideas, interesting recipe ideas, skincare routine, art and craft, workout videos or a day in your life videos – there is no end to creativity on Instagram Reels.

For instance, if you sell apparel,  then you can show your customers various outfit ideas or tips to style a skirt for instance. Brief demo videos as Instagram Reels are beneficial as they reveal how exactly a product has to be used and this can be the game-changer for your business. 

Announce Sales or Instagram Only Promotions 

If you offer exclusive discounts or sales, solely for the users who follow your Instagram, then it is sure to drive your product sales. But if you announce sales or offers on Instagram Reels, then it promises a great deal better output, for as mentioned before, Instagram eels content is visible to the users who have not followed your account per se.

Add the discount or promo codes as a text or image in Instagram Reels to encourage users to check your profile to avail the offer and they might even follow your account in order not to miss out on more future discounts and offers. More organic followers mean more engagement and therefore, better search rankings in the Instagram algorithm.  

Announce Contests, Challenges or Giveaways 

give away

Creativity is what everybody loves and the short 15-second space of Instagram Reels gives room for trying out creative content ideas more than ever. When you post challenges, contests, or giveaways, you are directly engaging with your followers (and potential new followers). Giveaways have a proven track record of driving more traffic as people are lured into getting a prize.

Also, since Instagram Reels is a comparatively newer feature, the challenges that you post have a good chance of going viral provided you already have a considerable following on your Instagram profile. Plus with Reels, the endless scrolling can literally hook the users in for viewing super engaging short video content.   

Create exclusive GIFs or Memes of Your Brand 


User engagement on an Instagram profile determines how popular it is going to be in the long run. Better the interaction and engagement, better your business profile is favored by the Instagram algorithm.

Creating memes and GIFs in Instagram Reels space is a proven way to enhance interaction and engagement from the audiences. When you do so, you give your audience something that they can relate to, but also simultaneously let them know about your brand, a particular product that you sell or about yourself if you are an influencer.

Following this, it is highly likely that they will explore your profile for more such funny and witty content and in the process, get a glimpse of your products, etc..  

Reveal Behind the Scenes 

Instagram Reels are the place where you can be most creative and what better way to show your audience, what goes behind creating your product? Posting behind the scenes videos of the processes involved in manufacturing or curating a product is a proven way to engage more audience.

Plus, when you do so, you give the audience a testimony that your products are sustainable and produced via an environment-friendly means. This builds customer trust, authenticity, and meaningful customer relationships, which is the never-failing formula for success.

When more people see how you create your products, the more impressionable they become of your brand and will possibly buy your products. You can also use the Instagram Reels space to showcase a day at your workplace, a fun prank that happened at the office, etc..  

Add Engaging, Witty Quotes to Music 

The best way to attract followers to your Instagram business profile is to nail the caption – and what better way than to post something fun and witty on Instagram Reels that gives your audience a good laugh? With quotations, there are numerous creative possibilities that can do the trick for your business.

For example, you can use funny and witty prompts encouraging the followers to any call to action, (and not necessarily pitching your products in all of them!) such as asking them to visit your website, or watch a trending video, read an article or look through your new product collections, etc..

This will encourage people to engage more with your other posts and Stories on Instagram, giving your business a personal human connection. Posting unique, captivating captions indeed makes for a great idea for Instagram Reels content.  


So wait no more and avail the chance to become the first of Instagram Reels content creators while you still can. Not only do Instagram Reels give your business or brand the space to reach across to more new followers, but also create a unique brand image through creative storytelling.

Simply stay genuine and do not extra crowd space with overt advertisements, for remember – Instagram Reels are more centered around fun and engaging content. This can exponentially boost your audience engagement and significantly alter your Instagram statistics for the better.

Be original, qualitative, and most of all – fun, and bring out a unique and extraordinary aspect of your brand to light and with this, you are set to creating a solid digital presence on Instagram.

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