How to Use Twitter for Increasing Your Business?

Twitter for business

Twitter is a giant in the technology industry. Ever since its inception, it has emerged out to be one of the leaders in the technology community. Its simple to use interface, minimalistic design, robust backend mechanisms and the 280 (earlier 140) characters used to communicate your idea really stood it out from its competition.

The most important of it is its reach and the ability to connect one person to another which is the innate quality of nearly all social networks. It is simply an exceptional product which has made connectivity easier and faster. It has replaced traditional sources of information by producing information faster and in a more effective manner.

The simple and yet most splendid thing about these social networks is their ability to spread ideas. And that’s precisely they are being used by companies and individuals alike to propel their businesses further in a positive direction. Social sites like Twitter have a huge potential to exploit and their reach, as well as an influence among the people, visits USP. 

The best thing about twitter is its character limitations to write any information. 280 characters (initially 140) are needed to communicate your ideas to your audience. Simple yet sophisticated.

This twitter ensures that the reader or the audience only gets to read or see what’s necessary. In today’s day and age, where being busy has become synonymous with being successful, people are using their time judiciously and hence twitter has an edge over its competitors as it delivers its ideas in exactly that format. 

How Twitter Works?


Twitter has been in the limelight for a while now and it is said that “nearly everyone who’s someone uses it.” And there is truth to that statement. Nearly every celebrated personality is on twitter. It has become a way for them to communicate with their audience and fans, to market their products, and to share their ideas. Actors, musicians, athletes, musicians, they are on twitter for those reasons only.

Twitter works on the simple user to the user interface. It doesn’t allow for fancy photo filters, a long video uploading service or anything. What it does is that it allows users to make a post in 280 characters or less (including hashtags) and then posting it on which other people can reach or reply on like a thread. Due to its expansive fan following and user base, Twitter has made its place among the people.

How to Use Twitter for business?

Use Twitter for business

  • Twitter’s primary purpose of existence is to spread ideas. And brands usually do use twitter for marketing their products, providing information about their events and latest development, etc. But that doesn’t mean that twitter is just for marketing. No. Twitter can be explored and exploited to a great extent. The usual and most frequent usage of twitter is marketing. You can market your products and events or anything for that matter on Twitter. The most important is to keep it short and crisp and then use adequate hashtags and tags to popularise that post.
  • You can check for popular hashtags in the search column and you’ll see that there are a lot of hashtags that are having millions of posts. Use them. But keep them relevant to your posts. Another use is of tags to tag people directly but make sure you don’t tag a lot of people or tag them unnecessarily.
  • Make use of direct messaging. You can explore direct messaging to a wonderful extent. Direct messaging can be used in conflict resolution, providing specific services, or even for targeted traffic. For example, there are always some customers that complain often and it’s better to resolve their queries using direct messaging.  It allows for a direct approach to resolving a customer query without letting the spread of complaints and containing it. Also, it allows for elaboration for both you and your customer and hence can help him effectively manage a situation.
  • Interacting with your audience is a very important and impactful skill. It allows for instant feedback and one to one interactions that can be used by anyone. You can also interact with other people that can be your potential customers. You may also interact with influencers to take your marketing game to a whole new level with influencers promoting your product.
  • Use tools by twitter-like polls, videos, and gifs. These things are also helpful to engage your audience as well it provides a way to know what your customers are looking for. It makes a post much more interactive and lively and eliminates the redundancy due to only words. Apart from that, videos and gifs can be used. If used with skill and after giving adequate thought behind it they can prove to be a helpful resource as you don’t have to be a photoshop wizard to use them.
  • Live tweets are also a very good way to get some valuable traffic onto your page or involve your audience in a process. Nowadays, one can see live tweets on nearly every TV show or event wherein audience members can connect to that event without actually being present there. Live-tweeting is popularly used in the arena of interviews of late-night tv shows where the show gives a chance to its viewers to interact with the guest and ask questions or anything about them or for them. This allows for a very lively environment. 

In closing, it’s very important to know about how to use these sites effectively and more importantly, ethically. A lot of people don’t pay much attention to what sort of content they are putting online and who’s consuming it.

Hence, it’s very important to know that whatever we are choosing to upload on any site whatsoever is ethically good and doesn’t harm anyone. Using social sites like twitter is imperative in today’s day and age to promote and accelerate the progress of your organization. It has replaced the rules of marketing by changing the game altogether.

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