How to Get Your YouTube Channel Verified?

Everybody is familiar with YouTube, the world’s leading video sharing service. This article is mainly about the method of getting verification badges on YouTube channels.

As you know that verified accounts make a lot of money, you’ll have to do that to earn a fortune. A verified channel implies that channel is the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure.

Before going ahead, it is important to understand the requirement of a verified channel on this popular platform. You may have come across channels that have a verification badge (which is represented by a blue tick). Clearly such channels bear a checked box to the right of the brand’s name. This checked box is called a verification badge.

Who is Eligible for a Verification badge?

If your channel has got 100,000 subscribers, it will be considered for verification. Well, sounds like a herculean task owing to the immense competition at this platform. As soon as gain 100,000 subscribers, you can request YouTube for a channel verification.

Verification is necessary especially for prominent personalities as it gives legitimacy to your channel. Unfortunately, it does fetch you any special features or perks. Still, it gives a sense of pride and a reason for customers/users for trusting your brand or company.

Trust is an inherent part of the relationship between a service provider and a client.  

Conditions for channel verification:

  • Authenticity: Your channel must be genuine and must represent the real creator, brand, or entity it claims to be. The YouTube team checks different factors to help verify your identity including the age of your channel. They may even ask for additional info or documentation. You should use a unique channel name that portrays your identity and the type of content you publish.  
  • Completion: According to this rule, your channel must be public (privacy settings) and bear a channel banner, description, channel icon, and content. Above all, it should be active on YouTube. Those who are fond of beautiful graphics/content may customize their channel art and layout for a personalized feel.

Don’t ever try to impersonate another creator or brand, lest you’ll lose your chances of verification.

 The Step-by-Step Guide to Get Verified on YouTube

 After fulfilling the criteria of 100,000 subscribers, you can apply for this process. Here is a simple guide that will explain each step in a brief manner.

1. Visit Google’s support page

Click the link to go on Google’s support page.

Google's support page

2.  Click ‘Contact flow’

You will be able to find this link under the ‘Eligibility’ section (It has a lightbulb next to it and the text is highlighted in grey color).

3. Choose ‘Email Support’

Now, you’ll reach a page where you can ‘Email support.’ Click on that link and fill out a form.

4. Fill out the form

YouTube has made the whole process easier by including a specific question that asks ‘Is this a request for a verification badge?’ Say, YES, immediately.

5. Submit the verification form

Finally, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours for an email from YouTube informing whether you’ve been verified or not. You’ll notice the checkmark symbol in a few days if you get verified.

Tips to stay verified on YouTube

 Certain tricks may give you an edge over your competitors on YouTube. These are:

  • Building your brand

Entrepreneurs should link their website to channels. This will increase your credibility and who that your brand is valuable. Further, it also helps during reviewing as YouTube will consider your channel worthwhile. You need a strong brand and prestige to get the verification checkmark.

  • Showcasing your expertise

Well, this attribute directly relates to your professional and/or other skills. For instance, you may have written a book, spoken at an event, or collaborated with other businesses?

Mention anything that’s worth noting in your profile. The same goes for your video content. There is an exception to the 100,000-subscriber rule if a brand is highly reputed or strong

  • Not getting in trouble

Well, you know that violation of YouTube policies or account suspensions will certainly thwart your chances to get verified. You should avoid any black marks on your record. Just follow the rules and everything would be fine! After all, social media watchdogs are too strict nowadays.

  • Regularly posting high-quality content

 This is something that is stressed almost every day by experts on social platforms. Never go for shoddy videos. Upload content regularly (some people resort to uploading on weekends which is not a great idea).

If possible, upload something relevant daily. However, it is strictly limited to the genre of your channel. You need to look reputable and dependable for getting a verification badge.

Things to ponder

Well, there are some points that should be noted by the channel creators.

Information regarding extra features:

As said above, the holders of verified channels are not entitled to awards, milestones, or endorsement from the company. Further info on awards can be learned from YouTube’s Creator Awards program.

  • Your channel will stay verified unless you change its name. In case you do this, the renamed channel won’t be verified, and you’ll need to reapply.
  • Any violation of the Community Guidelines or the YouTube Terms of Service will lead to termination of channels as YouTube reserves the right to do so.
  • Verify your channel today to include your account in the long list of exceptional channels.

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