Hublaagram Review: Social Media Service Provider

Hublaagram Review

It’s emotionally gratifying when you see a lot of users on Instagram watching you and engaging with your posts, isn’t it? Also, for those looking to expand their business, any platform literally likes and follows, it will boost your fame, attract advertisers, meaning: money.

There are many third-party services that cater to your need for fame, Hublaagram is one of the most popular names you’ll find when you’re looking for Instagram’s popularity grow services.

iOS edition of the program counted 10+ million installs. That being said, this article will be merely a review of Hublaagram. I’m going to assess it for you and see if it really does live up to what it claims to be!

What is Hublaagram?

Hublaagram is an Android supported application. As mentioned on their website, it’ll be available for iOS soon. Hublaagram offers free Instagram views, fans, and feedback, by simply pressing a link. You may also switch to ‘VIP Priority’ that helps you to obtain service like a car. This ensures that whatever you share would immediately earn, without warning, likes, and feedback in the span of a few minutes.

Curious to know how Hublaagram functions and why shouldn’t we suggest it? To begin with, it is very challenging to find reliable details about this device, because they have several separate websites that market a range of apps.

Which website is true, is not obvious. It even seems to be going by the tag Hublaa Helper. Hublaagram’s method is a little different from what I might learn from. What the program does is share operation with other users, including fans, shares, and feedback, every 10 minutes.

You may opt, for example, to send your followers to the website, and only accept followers from other people who add their followers.  In other terms, the Instagram operation is like a crowd-sourced tub. You put down something, and you bring out something. That’s the main definition, as far as I can say.

How one can use Hublaagram’s services?

Here is a comprehensive guide on how you should use the Hublaagram app. Begin by installing the Hublaagram APK. 

  • Logging in

You may need to enter your Instagram name and password to sign in to Hublaagram service. You can also set your profile to ‘Free.’ It can be achieved conveniently by privacy adjustments on your profile. When your profile is set to ‘Personal’ the provider can not access your Instagram page. After signing in, you may be asked to type a security code to make sure you ‘re not a bot.

  • Picking your favorite option

Choose differently, based on whether it’s the number of shares, supporters, or feedback you would like to collect. There are three icons named ‘Instaliker,’ ‘Instacomment,’ and ‘Instafollow.’ You’ll have to wait for a while before the program selects your chosen choice after choosing your preferred alternative.

You’ll get followers/likes/comments updates after other people have made them. The program can use your username to automatically like/follow/comment back on accounts that have contributed to increasing the amount of your likes/comments/followers.

  • Privacy policy

You have to keep in mind that this is a case where you are giving away personal details, this is your username and password for Instagram. Hublaagram also provides access to the IP address of your phone and the location of the computer. This also includes cookies, although they are mainly ads-supported.

  • Disabling the service

When you have been a customer of Hublaagram and now you no longer want to use it, just update your Instagram password and uninstall the query. The identity is no longer connected to the company.

So, is Hublaagram worth it?

worth it

  • Fishy website

It’s very basic; it’s just plain suspicious. When you visit their website you will figure out that certain external ties are damaged or not functioning. The only link which is legal is the access connection to their APK. There are apparently connections to Chrome and Firefox plugins in Hublaagram, but they’re all disabled after trying to access them as well. Their website is stable encrypted but their ‘VIP Access’ bundles are ‘out of stock’ anyway, so you won’t really profit from their safe payments platform or something.

  • Meaningless likes/comments/followers

Today, the service’s all about volume than price. Those with meaningless agendas would possibly pursue you, have had little to do with you. It’s only a collection of indispensable followers/like. To the Instagram addict, it may also seem hollow searching for actual success and glory. If you are a company, it would be especially detrimental to you because your articles that attract comments that are unrelated to the service/product you have. Wrong input will negatively impact the overall brand/business. Likes, feedback, and supporters may arrive from users not even involved in your image. It’s going to be a simple, superficial way to achieve popularity and you risk losing your account.

  • Very risky

Let me warn you that something that includes your personal details is way too dangerous to handle. Instagram has also recently attempted to phase out the usage of bots such as Hublaagram, among several others. When Instagram finds your conduct questionable, as in accumulating in a short span such large amounts of followers/likes/comments, your account that inevitably be removed, which is rather the opposite of your original aim of increasing your brand. One problem is that; as ad-supported by Hublaagram; it may seek to sell your email address to such advertisements, which could lead you to be bombarded with spam.

What’s the cost?

hublaagram pricing

You also wonder how much it costs to do Hublaagram. Since there are several websites (and all of them list specific resources and prices), it is difficult to get a straight response on the quality. The main exchange program is free from what I might claim but the Autoliker costs $20/month. The Autoliker sends your newest articles with fresh views, that’s it. Look at this one:

  • $5 – Basic plan
  • $15 – One-off
  • $10/month

The thing is the ties to the sign-up button don’t even work. Once you press on them nothing happens.

Final conclusion

At this point, we think it’s fairly clear that Hublaagram is not safe to use, and you shouldn’t link any of your social networking sites with these services. If you have a business that promises to be able to give free followers on your Instagram, there is a very strong probability that they will be able to exploit whatever data you have and potentially steal your account.

The clear drawback of this business is that they clearly infringe on the rights of Instagram. They want to be informed about companies like this because now that they know what warning flags to search for, you can pick an option above board.

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