How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram?

Endless scrolling through Explore, double-tapping on aesthetically pleasing posts, tapping your way through stories is a part of over 500 million people’s day. Therefore, making Instagram one of the best social media networking websites especially for building awareness and recognition of your brand or business, gain a loyal following, and build a community that underpins your business.

The reach of your Instagram account is the cardinal force that ought to drive your brand into prominence and recognition nowadays but with the introduction of Instagram’s algorithm that chooses which photos and videos will rank high in users’ feed based on interest, timeliness, and meaningful interactions the reach of several brands has receded.

In response, numerous brands and influencers are leveling up on their Instagram strategies to beef up their Instagram reach. While increasing your reach on Instagram, you will stumble upon its two types i.e. Organic Reach and Paid Reach.

Organic Reach 

The first i.e. Organic reach is relatively difficult to achieve as one will have to pour hours’ worth of labor into creating original content which resonates best with your audience, using trending hashtags on posts and stories, and using several other foolproof strategies that will aid you to appear high on your follower’s feed.

One reason why organic reach is subsequently a better way of boosting your reach on Instagram is that it is advantageous when it comes to elevating your conversion or engagement rates on Instagram. Here is a list of ironclad strategies that will help you optimize your Instagram account in a way that boosts your reach.

  • Optimal Timing 

Analyzing the peak time to post should be a child’s play if you have an Instagram business account as Instagram Insights gives you an in-depth look into your account and also tells you the time your followers are most active or engaging. Once you have identified the best time to post, you can schedule your posts accordingly and boost your initial round of engagements. Doing this will ensure you relatively higher engagement and furthermore push your post higher in your follower’s feed or the explore section.

  • Post-User-Generated Content (UGC)

One of the best ways to get noticed and further engage your audience is by posting User-generated content. This not only gets your page tons of authentic content that builds social credibility but also gives your audience an interesting way to interact with your business.

Encourage your audience to post pictures or videos while using your products or services and tag your page or even add a custom brand hashtag. Give them a further boost by featuring the best pictures posted by your followers on your page. This is a great way to not only promote your products to a larger audience by engaging your audience but a great way of boosting engagement rates.

  • Use Hashtags & Geolocations 

Hashtags dominate everything on Instagram and hence increasing your reach is rather synonymous with using the right hashtags. By using the help of a social media monitoring tool, find the most trending hashtags, and don’t forget to add them to your post.

You can also make up your own hashtag that resonates with your latest collection or products or your brand in general and ask your followers to use it any time they devour themselves with your products or services.

This will help a larger audience discover and engage with your content, ultimately increasing your reach on Instagram. A similar theory revolves around geolocation, as when you mention a location in your story or post, anyone who searches for that location, comes across your content.

  • Post Consistently 

Do not misinterpret this and post 20 pictures in a go. Think strategically and spread out your 20 posts over a course of two weeks or maybe even three weeks. What is absolutely essential is that you regularly post so that people continuously interact with your brand and don’t necessarily forget about it or replace it for your competitor.

Apart from being consistent, you also have to be smart and post a variety of content rather than being monotonous. Like you can post a mix of video, reels, IGTV videos or photos with original content that not only resonates best with your audience but is also informative and promotional.

  • Upload Stories 

Now that we’ve talked about posting pictures and videos consistently, let’s talk about uploading stories. Instagram Stories are vital to show a more personal and humanistic side of your brand.

You can do that by recording some behind-the-scenes footage of your workplace or having a takeover by a celebrity/influencer or by simply running a competition or by simply getting creative and fun with your flawless selfie game.

Research shows that more people interact with a brand after seeing their stories as it is a unique yet simple way to get some additional exposure for your brand. Similarly, Instagram live streams can also shed light on your brand’s visibility and give it more engagement and exposure.

Paid Reach

Paid Reach

The second i.e. Paid reach as the name implies is where you purchase custom Instagram ads or hire brand ambassadors to sponsor your products or content. If you are an upcoming brand or business, this is obviously a much easier and faster way of increasing your reach on Instagram. Even if you are a rather prominent brand, you can use these strategies to further grow your social media presence. Here is a list of paid sure-fire strategies that increase your reach on Instagram.

  • Instagram Ads 

Instagram ads are not only used by local and upcoming brands but also globally renowned brands to promote their products or services through posts or stories that are directly visible on the feeds of their target audiences.  Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram, all its advertising is managed by Facebook’s Ads Manager, so you get years of expertise ahead of you.

With this, you can directly customize your plan according to your target audience, budget or type. These paid posts or stories are distinctively marked by a “Sponsored” label and they often also include a call-to-action button like, “install now”, “call now”, “buy now” and many more.

  • Collaborate with influencers 

Several brands and businesses across various social media websites collaborate with influencers for promotional purposes. An influencer is paid for posting pictures and videos while using the brand’s products or services on their stories or creating a sponsored post for it.

Whether your account is about popular niches like Fitness, Fashion, Travel, or maybe even Cooking, you can land a decent partnership with a famous influencer who will help your page reach great heights. This entire process is relatively expensive and may even cross the initial budget but it is highly effective as people tend to follow the footsteps of celebrities and influencers.

  • Hire Brand Ambassadors  

Visual storytelling is an art that can help you sell your products as well as help with your online presence. This entire process can be made easier by hiring a brand ambassador who will promote your brand on their page. The only difference between a brand ambassador and a collaborative influencer is that a brand ambassador has signed a contract declaring a long-term relationship with that company.

Several businesses and brands prefer hiring brand ambassadors with whom they can have a solid partnership with and have them promote their products or services over a subsequently long period of time. You can make things easier by posting ads on Instagram stories with the sign “brand ambassador wanted”, so that people and influencers come to you for work.

The reach of your brand or business on Instagram can help you reach great heights and boost your online presence indefinitely. It is a rather tedious task to increase your reach organically on Instagram but it is very beneficial for your brand’s future endeavors. On the other hand, paid promotions are easier and just as good but in the long run, organic reach is better for your brand’s online presence.

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